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Platform for Shaping the Future of the New Economy and Society Chief Economists Outlook 2021 JA N UA RY 20 21 Cover photo by hakan-nural on Unsplash Chief Economists Outlook 2021 This quarterly briefing builds on the latest policy research as well as consultations and surveys with leading chief economists from both the public and private sectors, organized by the World Economic Forum s Centre for the New Economy and Society. It aims to summarize the emerging contours of the current economic envi WEF , state in the global , organized by the world , government and in global , governments of the united , measures for an economic , states to the world , economists at the world , chief economists outlook , unsplash chief economists outlook , sources world economic forum , world economic forum , chie 1-Feb-2021 auto-generated

central secretariat Information for visitors ISO/CS Starling Hotel Hotel Everness Rte de Pr -Bois M venpick Hotel 68 Rte de Meyrin 53 Holiday Inn Express Centre Blandonnet Rte de Vernier A v. L o uis-C a s a Crowne Plaza Hotel Hotel D. Rte de Meyrin Warwick Hotel International Organization for Standardization ISO Central Secretariat Chemin de Blandonnet 8 Case Postale 401 1214 Vernier, Geneva Switzerland +41 22 749 01 11 central@iso.org @ www.iso.org Where we are Our offices are open from Monday ISO , secretariat ch. de blandonnet , standardization iso central secretariat , iso central secretariat chemin , express centre blandonnet rte , hotel hotel everness rte , hotel meyrin vernier blandonnet , iso central secretariat , iso starling hotel geneva , plaza hotel meyrin vernier , inn express cen 6-May-2021 auto-generated