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iBoxx ALBI Monthly Commentary December 2020 Rebalance *Semi-Annual Modified Duration The latest rebalance saw 32 bonds entering and 23 bonds leaving the overall index. For a detailed breakdown of insertions and deletions, please refer to the Appendix. The individual market weights of iBoxx ALBI are changed this month and are reflected in the chart above. The next scheduled change will be on 28th February 2021 (the March rebalance). The index duration is unchanged post rebalance at 7.00 years. W IHS Markit , albi monthly commentary december , iboxx albi monthly commentary , albi monthly commentary , monthly commentary december , ihs markit , iboxx albi monthly , commentary december , albi monthly , iboxx albi , hkd , monthly commentary , copyright ihs markit , markit , ihs , semi-annual modified durat 31-Jan-2021 auto-generated

Cybersecurity factors powered by BitSight February 2018 Research Signals Chief financial officers rate hacking the top external risk in a recent survey, with good reason. High profile cybersecurity attacks dominated the news cycle in 2017, including the Equifax data breach, the NotPetya worm, and the breach of the Securities and Exchange Commission s Edgar system, housing financial reports and other public company statements. Given the pervasiveness of cyber risks, we have partnered with BitSigh IHS Markit , factors such as total , price with an average , research of the bitsight , application of the ratings , factors in our cybersecurity , factor along with industry , rating for the sector , rating of a company , rating and the median , relative to the industry , rating as the data , ratings and the 31-Jan-2021 auto-generated

iBoxx USD Asia ex-Japan Monthly Commentary April 2021 Rebalance Forty-six new bonds were added to the index in April. Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and India added 33 new issuances, making up over USD 15 billion (or 70.5%) of the new notional. Of the 31 bonds removed from the April rebalance: three bonds were either called or repurchased one bond traded flat of accrued in March one bond had its maturity extended and its coupon set to become partially paid-in-kind There was one fallen angel capt IHS Markit , iboxx usd asia ex-japan , usd asia ex-japan monthly , usd asia ex-japan , iboxx usd asia , bbb bbb bbb bbb , asia ex-japan monthly commentary , usd asia , ex-japan monthly commentary april , ihs markit , usd asia ex-japan index , bbb bbb bbb , bbb bbb , asia ex-japan monthly , bbb bbb bbb caspea , 22-Apr-2021 auto-generated