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(c) crown copyright Catalogue Reference:cab/66/31/27 Image Reference:0001 (THIS DOCUMENT IS THE PROPERTY OP HIS BRITANNIC MAJESTY'S GOVERNMENT) 152 CONFIDENTIAL W.P. ( 4 2) 547 25TH NOVEMBER, 1942 COPY N O .^ / WAR CABINET SOCIAL INSURANCES AND ALLIED SERVICES Summary of R e p o rt "by S ir W i l l i am B e v s r i d ge ORIGIN AND TERMS OP REFERENCE The s u r v e y, on which t he recommendations of S ir W i l l i am B e v e r i d g e 's R e p o rt on S o c i al I n s u r a n ce and A l l i ed S McKinsey 31-Jan-2021 auto-generated