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iBoxx USD Asia ex-Japan Monthly Commentary December 2020 Rebalance The December rebalance added 32 bonds to the index. Mainland China and Hong Kong accounted for 29 bonds, making up over USD 13 billion (or 92.7%) of the new notional. Of the bonds removed from the index, four were redeemed in full, three had defaulted in November (all issued by Tsinghua Unigroup) and three were partially repurchased thus becoming ineligible for the index. Only one fallen angel was captured this month. For a deta IHS Markit , bbb bbb bbb bbb , bbb bbb bbb , chn bbb bbb bbb , usd asia ex-japan monthly , iboxx usd asia ex-japan , bbb bbb , chn chn chn chn , asia ex-japan monthly commentary , usd asia ex-japan , bbb bbb bbb gzrfpr , iboxx usd asia , ex-japan monthly commentary december , chn chn chn hkg , ihs markit , usd 31-Jan-2021 auto-generated