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Cybersecurity factors powered by BitSight February 2018 Research Signals Chief financial officers rate hacking the top external risk in a recent survey, with good reason. High profile cybersecurity attacks dominated the news cycle in 2017, including the Equifax data breach, the NotPetya worm, and the breach of the Securities and Exchange Commission s Edgar system, housing financial reports and other public company statements. Given the pervasiveness of cyber risks, we have partnered with BitSigh IHS Markit , factors such as total , price with an average , research of the bitsight , application of the ratings , factors in our cybersecurity , factor along with industry , rating for the sector , rating of a company , rating and the median , relative to the industry , rating as the data , ratings and the 31-Jan-2021 auto-generated

Sustainable Catering Guidelines 2 0 1 9 R E B O T C O C AT E R I N G G U I D E L I N E S The World Economic Forum is committed to sustainability. Reflecting its Sustainability Policy and Sustainability Strategy 2021, it wants to ensure that food and beverages served at its offices and meetings fulfil this commitment. These Sustainable Catering Guidelines are informed by impact assessments conducted by the Forum. These have shown that catering accounts for 5-10% of the carbon footprint at Forum m WEF , forum and its catering , world economic forum , forum , economic forum , catering , economic forum is committed , catering suppliers , world economic , forum offices , food , suppliers , guidelines , local , sustainability , products , sustainable catering , sustainable catering guidelines , serve 1-Feb-2021 auto-generated

In collaboration with Deloitte Connecting Countries and Cities for Regional Value Chain Integration Operationalizing the AfCFTA W H I T E P A P E R J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 1 Contents Foreword Executive summary 1 Impact of COVID-19 on supply chains 2 Intra-African trade: the status quo 3 Challenges to intra-African trade 4 Addressing intra-regional trade and regional value chains (RVCs) 5 Auto Pact blueprint for industrialization 6 Challenges in the automotive industry 7 Building a regional automotiv WEF , growth across the automotive , markets for the top , trade with other states , production in certain sectors , vehicles with a local , economic value of sez , chain around the manufacturing , pact on the east , markets and these imports , vehicles is the continent , countries such as egypt , parts 2-Feb-2021 auto-generated