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Global dividends in 2021 4 January 2021 Global dividends expected to grow 6.5% in 2021 Executive summary Global dividends in 2021 should grow by 6.5% year over year, putting the overall payout in 2021 just under the pre-COVID-19 levels of 2019. This growth will be driven by continued lifting of restrictions, accelerated growth as the vaccine becomes more widely available, and clearer visibility for businesses as they make capital allocation plans. The Asia Pacific (APAC) region will lead the di IHS Markit , companies within the sector , kingdom from which companies , top of other sources , dividends in the europe , markit at its december , dividends for the year , companies in the oil , companies across various sectors , banks and the oil , dividends from the sector , dividends in this sector , secto 31-Jan-2021 auto-generated

Global Dividends Insights According to IHS Markit, the recovery in dividend payouts is expected to vary across regions in 2021. In this report our Dividend Forecasting team share their insights in dividend levels and dig a little deeper into the makeup of the expected recovery. Dividends in the U.S. are expected to fall 0.7 percent this year, a slight decline from last year, on declines in the banking and oil and gas sectors. While not expected to surpass 2019 levels, dividends in the Eurozone a IHS Markit , dividends in the eurozone , markit owns all ihs , insights according to ihs , ihs markit , dividends , emea amer apac slight , ihs , markit , global dividends insights , aggregate dividends , ihs markit ltd. , emea amer apac , emea dividends expected , hong kong , amer apac slight decline , aggreg 21-Apr-2021 auto-generated