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LIBOR Repapering Are you ready for change? IHS Markit is helping financial firms to identify, notify, and amend all customer contracts impacted by upcoming changes to inter-bank offer rates (IBORs), including LIBOR. IBORs are the foundation of countless loan, derivative and fixed income products. Nonetheless, the Bank of England announced that banks no longer need to submit offers to LIBOR after 2021. This set off a cascade of efforts to (in some cases) reinforce or (in most cases) replace the m IHS Markit , ihs markit , libor , contracts , ihs , ihs markit offers , markit , rates , ihs markit products , document , managed , libor change , ibors , negotiation , libor repapering , client , counterparty manager , document negotiation , discovery , ibor repapering including , change , ihs markit is helpi 31-Jan-2021 auto-generated