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iBoxx SGD Monthly Commentary January 2021 Rebalance Five new bonds entered the index at the January re- balance, inserting S$ 1.3 billion of new notional across the curve. Three insertions were from the Real Estate sector. Only one bond was removed from the index, deleting S$ 170 million of notional. This China issued SGD Real Estate bond was removed as its maturity fell be- low 1 year. Please refer to the bottom left table for rating changes observed at the January rebalance. IBOXX SGD Overall IHS Markit , bonds in the iboxx , index at the january , sgd overall and iboxx , iboxx sgd monthly commentary , ihs markit , iboxx sgd , sgd aaa iboxx sgd , sgd monthly commentary january , iboxx sgd monthly , sgd monthly commentary , sgd real estate bond , sgd , iboxx sgd government index , iboxx sgd aaa ibox 31-Jan-2021 auto-generated