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Rules and Regulations This section of the FEDERAL REGISTER contains regulatory documents having general applicability and legal effect, most of which are keyed to and codified in the Code of Federal Regulations, which is published under 50 titles pursuant to 44 U.S.C. 1510. The Code of Federal Regulations is sold by the Superintendent of Documents. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY 10 CFR Part 1021 [DOE HQ 2020 0017] RIN 1990 AA49 National Environmental Policy Act Implementing Procedures AGENCY: Office of th IHS Markit , act on that information , effect of this document , policy of the executive , proposed changes on agency , authority under the nga , states that the policy , effects of its export , comments on the notice , rulemaking and this final , regulations not consider effects , effects for any proposed , i 31-Jan-2021 auto-generated

Trading the New RFRs, Fair Value Considerations The transition away from the London Inter-bank Offered Rates (LIBOR) is impacting many layers within global financial markets, with banking institutions facing a major change. IHS Markit recorded a series of webinars to help firms navigate the final steps of the transition. In our latest recording, Trading the New RFRs, Fair Value Considerations, IHS Markit experts and industry leaders reviewed some of the challenges relating to fair value calculat IHS Markit , london inter-bank offered rates , london inter-bank offered , inter-bank offered rates , london inter-bank , inter-bank offered , libor , libor transition , layers within global financial , ihs markit , market , ihs markit recorded , transition , global financial markets , ihs markit experts , off 21-Apr-2021 auto-generated