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Contents Acknowledgments Foreword JOHN PODESTA Introduction ONE The Business Model Data, Algorithms, and Platform Growth TWO Data The Harvesting of All Knowledge THREE Algorithms The Commercialization of Bias FOUR Platform Growth Capitalism Consuming the World FIVE A New Social Contract The Case for Radical Reform Notes Index ix xv 1 23 65 127 163 199 249 253 277 Ghosh_Terms of Disservice_a,b, i-xviii_1-295.indd 7 Ghosh_Terms of Disservice_a,b, i-xviii_1-295.indd 7 3/23/20 3:12 PM 3/23/20 3:12 P Brookings , acknowledgments foreword john podesta , foreword john podesta introduction , radical reform notes index , platform growth capitalism consuming , contents acknowledgments foreword john , acknowledgments foreword john , foreword john podesta , john podesta introduction , capitalism consuming the wor 27-Oct-2021 auto-generated