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Healthcare Systems & Services Practice When will the COVID-19 pandemic end? An update Recent news on vaccine and antibody trials has raised hopes worldwide. When will vaccines be available? And is the end of COVID-19 nearer? Here we update our September 21 outlook. by Sarun Charumilind, Matt Craven, Jessica Lamb, Adam Sabow, and Matt Wilson November 2020 Svetikd/Getty Images Since we published our first outlook, on September 21, the COVID-19 pandemic has raged on, with more than 25 million addit


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Type:   Strategies
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Measures:   full picture   prior exposure   epidemiological questions   low vaccine   low thresholds   new questions   most experts3   local seroprevalence   effective vaccines   more interactions   limit data   early end   specific bcell   high seroprevalence   follow rollout   stun developments   bustle shops   potential revaccination   change needs   possible scenarios   epidemiological end   transmission coverage   monitor revaccination   confirm disease   high workers   scientific research   important distinction   late immunity   wane levels   project levels   manufacture distribution   many scenes   immunity exhibit   familiar scenes   accurate therapeutics   acute coronavirus   initial result   vaccinate individual   additional deaths   renew hope   early herd   particular communities   update news   public statements   recent trials   safety issues   surprise ways   grow armamentarium   immunity thresholds   herd immunity   past months   scenario vaccine   early immunity   rigorous followup   immune response   covidpandemicend exhibit   fast access   likely vaccine   epidemiological point   tricky math   available data   pandemic immunity   serious effects   efficacy science   secondary effect   pfizer trial   badly impact   different times   regular revaccinations   regulatory approval   effective implementation   coverage challenges   occur rollout   transmission vaccine   immu nity   expect timeline   high rates   update information   efficacy endpoints   average year   only refrigeration   decline prevalence   early doses   rapid decay   social life   community study   high immunity   clinical presentation   high populations   enough mortality   viral loads   reproductive number   new treatments   low efficacy   immunity probability   high risk   operational guidance   epidemiological endpoint   effective scaleup   severe disease   young children   conventional freezers   southern hemisphere   interim analysis   many regions   interim guidance   dan memory   herd thresholds   improve estimates   significant measures   annual shots   science immunology   young populations   more infections   historical average   onemonth acceleration   normal won   efficacy endpoint   late timeline   interim data   wide reading   severe coronavirus   difficult winter   wide immunity   first outlook   rapid therapeutics   riskadjusted rates   likely targets   herd issues   reasonable confidence   disease progression   ongoing measures   immediate access   infectious disease   immunological memory   monoclonal antibody   societyaltering interventions   side effects   schoolaged children   natural levels   continue strengthening   use request   herd nity   second point   northern hemisphere   average consequences   few interactions   good implementation   ongoing revaccination   unexpect contours   longerterm storage   isolate cases   numb r0   immune pathways   likely timeline   normal management   latestage trials   unclear impact   coronavirus vaccine   great benefit   different places10   own subpopulations   wellexecuted distribution   ongoing research   linger questions   widespread transmission   good news   current literature   early timeline   longterm vaccine   clinical practice   early months   primary endpoint   possible reading   final result   great durability   final data   ongoing mortality   main ecid25ect   safety records   timely acceptance   high loads   new vaccines   important data   basic r0   forthcoming updates   future spikes   high thresholds   functional end   multiple years   expand use   first analysis   naturecom memory   second quarter   update exhibit   public health   authorization request   sufficient vaccine   relevant experts   hospitalize patients   senior partner   symptomatic disease   optimistic case   downside scenario   anticipate duration   downside risk   efficacy rates   immunity levels   biologic license   improve therapeutics   natural immunity   hum factories   refrigerate temperatures   disease advances   additional cases   primary endpoints   jennifer memory   recent news   coverage requirements   probability estimates   recent data   scientific literature   commercial centers   coverage threshold   nationwide centers   own considerations   past weeks   entire population   full approval   come months   full restaurants   wane antibodies   desire threshold
Actions:   prolong path   shift revelations   include that   mount response   dare hope   reach issues   advance immunology   reduce disease   mediate memory   require exhibit   go distribution   follow eua   reach immunity   offset challenges   achieve timeline   experience impact   bring hope   consider timelines   say nothing   prevent vaccine   reduce mortality   reach point   include ranges   enroll ages   reach normalcy   validate this   hold potential   reduce advances   increase levels   reach 58   end exhibit   have bureau   prevent immunity   twodose vaccines   end news   reach moderna   give confidence   make q3   publish outlook   reduce fraction   use r0   show durability   show ecid18cacy   understand science   assume vaccine   submit request   see endpoints   assume immunity   exceed case   cheer announcements   refine estimates   shed light   provide benefit   pair vaccines   reduce coverage   include impact   raise questions   enable therapeutics   prevent range   comprise percent   encourage uptake   advance timeline   reduce deaths   herd estimates   realize eua   achieve immunity   prevent transmission   meet endpoint   create risk   prevent guidance   result vaccine   reach timeline   necessitate followup   bring clarity   approach percent   thank singhal   grant eua   herd immunity   handle storage   reduce transmission   go transmission   achieve probability   enroll children   increase concid17dence   warrant records   q3 immunity   thank xavier   keep it   need refrigeration   reduce uncertainty   authorize antibody   last months   delay eua   last trial   assume scenarios   elevate requirements   sarscov2 study   reach threshold   meet endpoints   show efficacy   win t   lower mortality   last duration   reduce need   see immunity   raise bar   achieve exhibit   raise hopes   require equipment16   end update   keep piece   calculate thresholds   rollout estimates   prevent progression   question durability   prohibit spikes   reserve 8   show rates   promise effects   mix more13   enable states   update outlook   increase confidence   see transition   drive immunity   resume effect   reach end   mediate immunity   enable scenes   resemble that   control risk   achieve nity   provide picture   accelerate timeline   fall interventions
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.