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Retail and Organization Practices The diversity imperative in retail Consumers are expecting more from brands than ever before, and the cost is high for retailers that don t take action on racial equity, diversity, and inclusion. by Tiffany Burns, Diana Ellsworth, Emily Field, and Tyler Harris January 2021 Lara Belova/Getty Images The time has come Today s crises, like the deaths that fuel the calls for racial equity, are not new; however, the responses to the crises are unprecedented. People in


consumers are more diverse consumer is more diverse diversity is a matter percent of us consumers responses to the crises diversity lara belova getty images getty images the time

Sources: McKinsey

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Strategies
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Goals:   represent dedication commitment   retain best talent   deploy internal actions   sustain tracking progress   understand current place   reflect customer base   deploy bias training   execute business owners   use merchandising prowess   drive transparency accountability   lead jumps way   take percent pledge   use unique capabilities   move matters needle   see strong connection   put diverse aesthetic   create equitable world   turn store managers   run perceived campaigns   lead com pany   share business case   set bold aspiration   create brand trust   increase diverse channels   build reflects workforce   perceive potential employer   create inclusive environment   retain diverse talent   create road map   use fact architect   support equity initiatives   launch smartphonebased app   set clear goal   acknowledge own point   retain demonstrating customers   establish dedicated team   set increase aspiration   develop road map   make transformational moves   educate businesses women   define desired outcome   sell processes protection   increase inclusion diversity   invest effort time   leverage relationships footprint   mark notable difference   mirror customer bases   revamp training forbes   mean better responsibility   make purchase stores   signal change commitment   conduct comprehensive review   create authentic link   budgete allocation tools   diagnose starting point   examine own facts   win defined mckinseycom   require execute time   damage sales reputation   use track record   make racial discrimination   win inclusion matters   make purchase exhibit   achieve societal impact
Measures:   more time   several implications   percent pledge   racial representation   brand trust   great diversity   black consumers   internal strategy   global artists   current customers   racial inequality14   incremental steps   own words   store tion   advertise ment5   diverse teams   key metrics   top leaders27   racial initiatives   pulse checks   mix race   dedicate team   good sign   retail rethink   face business   racial diversity   customer bases   impair customers   aspirationback perspective   diverse body   profile photos   new customers   diverse slates   consumercentric businesses   executive positions6   reactive action   lead companies   track record   internal commitments   look companies   chinese model   engage owners   front lines   dedicate focus   track progress   process protection   large retailer   capabilityforward perspective   retail consumers   fact architect   financial outperformance   first situation   black colleges   luxurybrand boycotts   current place   retail business   bottom quartile   blackowned businesses   well meaning   imperative interviews   young consumers   inclusive workspace   unconscious training   first platform   bias training   strong connection   dedicate effort   racial discrimination   engage managers   global workplace   follow investing   corporate employees   report trust   ing actions   shop ping   business case   purchase exhibit   top quartile   organizational barriers   diverse candidates   achieve change   potential employer   financial benefits   racial actions   store managers   detail spreadsheets   senior team   center stage   great baby   chinese consumers   first retailer   retail store   american names   internal actions   source channels   bold commitments   racial equity   inclusion matters   relationship footprint   meaningful initiatives   total population   fivestep approach   open positions   minorityowned businesses   italian food   business decisions   diverse channels   internal workshop   unknown person   own facts   large brands   con cerns   inclusive environment   transformational moves   current state   momentum progress   real commitment   monthly workshop   real benefits   customer interviews   sustain progress   diverse women   retail stores   societal impact   external strategy   average percent   equity initiatives   social media   racial protests   qualitative base   black employees   inclusive mindsets   multi products   external commitments   annual impact   asset protection   grave misstep   retail change   black communities2   recent protests   practical implications   comprehensive review   new film   good talent   unprecedented people   retail companies   meaningful impact   desire outcome   retail touchpoints   macho racist   naviga tion   desire aspiration   right product   wide scale   smartphonebased app   own point   assumption protection   authentic link   retail environment   business owners   black lives   representation numbers   personal experiences   ethnic diversity   african names   solid ment   regular checks   strong partnerships   black race   allocation tools   customer base   social responsibility   customerfacing company   internal fronts   objective body   unique capabilities   report discrimination   enough applicants   vestep approach   excel spreadsheets   foster trust   internal change   young generations   diverse talent   unretouched photos   recent actions   merchandise prowess   cultural products   social justice   shortterm actions   clear metrics   powerful tools   base architect   clear goal   unique change   black applicants   nonwhite discrimination   first commitment   aspirationback strategy   audio descriptions   road map   start point   diverse leaders   start place   bold aspiration   top talent   round source   tie achievement   civil rights   white leaders   bold moves   associate partner   black representation   notable difference   large movement   equitable world   relevant missteps
Actions:   set aspiration   report progress   share case   reflect values   achieve tions   launch initiatives   make exhibit   hold percent   achieve strauss   win customers   conduct checks   change actions   educate women   take 5   aid shopping   deliver progress   release film   make stores   require assistance   close space   outperform those   support initiatives   use those   establish team   cultivate talent   shape future   cv health   craft strategy   use architect   retain millennials   create link   ensure progress   block progress   connect actions   reserve 24   hear cost   pursue partnerships   see it   practice investing   gain momentum   define outcome   spot missteps   examine facts   architect series   achieve it   understand place   fix s   ask them   meet changemakers   sell protection   address cerns   acknowledge point   take perspective   identify shaping   provide space   provide spreadsheets   aren t   stage protests1   increase representation   think what   hire talent   signal commitment   launch campaign   match that   increase channels   revamp forbes   diagnose point   close gap   provide example   solve problems17   build platform   develop actions   urge customers   prioritise culture   build trust   achieve impact   offer example   include mix   deploy training   ing responsibility   measure success   build diversity   develop map   communicate rationale   budgete tools   solve diversity   sell practices   represent commitment   offer descriptions   turn job   invest time   make commitments   drive accountability   share baby   rent home   turn managers   win battle   spread word   waver authenticity   exhibit 3   learn this   hire percent   appoint touchpoints   set goal   conduct interviews   reflect base   purchase article   fuel calls   believe what   mark difference   make discrimination   track progress   damage reputation   advance change   retain customers   mirror bases   educate employees   make moves   create trust   increase number   improve diversity   find product   aid tion   mean responsibility   fight racism   make purchase   shape actions   lead way   turn back   lead pany   move needle   win t   show model   take approach   use capabilities   deploy actions   take pledge   require time   share numbers   issue statements   build quantitative   end relationships   understand barriers   demonstrate diversity   take stage   use record   like brands   put money   take action   build pipeline   make mistake   recognize need   double representation   spend money   make it   retain talent   eat food   move organization   turn ping   emphasize importance   establish foundation   put photos   experience discrimination   use prowess   deploy companies   ask themselves   execute owners   put aesthetic   sustain progress   face discrimination   require effort   leverage footprint   measure perceptions   pledge donations   see connection   feature photos   create accountability   thank karuvelil   make percent   take actions   translate words   accept pledge   build workforce   create environment   perceive employer   create world   achieve change   launch aria   use exhibit   create map   dedicate percent   increase diversity   fix it   take time   run campaigns   require slates   conduct review   share data   do it   lack mindsets   expect more   hire practices   grow business   launch app   achieve mission   win mckinseycom   consider questions   win matters   measure inclusion
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.