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G:\M\16\MCKINL\MCKINL_132.XML ..................................................................... (Original Signature of Member) 116TH CONGRESS 2D SESSION H. R. ll To advance clean power technology development and use through innovation and clean energy standards, and for other purposes. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Mr. MCKINLEY introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on llllllllllllll A BILL To advance clean power technology development and use through innovation


buildings for which tax year or the date year following the date system means a power program under this section department means the department section or the date date of the federal building means a building

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Priority/ Function Areas:   Business & Industrial
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Profiles:   each demonstration   the types   a pump   the risk   all persons   the secretary   the amount   any industry   c technologies   eli system   this clause   sec models   a applicant   a project   a property   all portion   cusersbmsengerappdataroamingsoftquadxmetal70gencmckinl_13 ure   the centers   the fuel   b models   the table   the cost   the btu   the purposes   the source   the trator   a centers   a practices   the program   a credit   the person   the heater   a taxpayer   the laboratory   any pump   the use   the pump   a component   this section   the clarification   department table   the rules   any plant   the phaseout   cusersbmsengerappdataroamingsoftquadxmetal70gencmckinl_13 gm16mckinlmckinl_132xml   the system   a building   the building   sec establishment   the challenges   the construction   the sale   a amendment   priate system   sec electricity   the factors   sec validation   the general   the certificate   cusersbmsengerappdataroamingsoftquadxmetal70gencmckinl_13 tests   the scale   the amendments   the factor   cusersbmsengerappdataroamingsoftquadxmetal70gencmckinl_13 plants   sec utilities   a blend   the rate   sec purposes   the hydrogen   the components   a development   a force   a definitions   the authority   the taxpayer   the facility   sequestra tion   any nent   the safety   a entity   a owner   the credit   the progress   the activities   the impact   a return   cusersbmsengerappdataroamingsoftquadxmetal70gencmckinl_13 enhancement   tional methods   a plant   the determination   a manufacturers   any heater   f definitions   any energy   solarready zone   the retary   the part   a range   the price   cusersbmsengerappdataroamingsoftquadxmetal70gencmckinl_13 technologies   the force   the tion   a actions   ble credit   quali hydrogen   the production   the applicant   the department   the cap   the equipment   the paragraphs   it consumption   any type   the amendment   the energy   the kwh   any expenditures   the function   the support   the pro   a secretary   the costs   the section   the builder   the tons   the owner   any facility   a research   the term   sec support   the percentage
Goals:   deploy broad range   integrate dioxide pipelines   include largescale plants   insert following qualification   add advanced systems   develop stated coefficient   represent significant change   constitute effective date   receive tax credit   include g power   provide establish plan   generate provided tricity   precede taxable year   add following rule   mitigate unintended leaking   use capture credit   shall relevant recommendations   asses research efforts   include advanced technologies   modernize nuclear commission   re energy projects   consider other factors   shall utilize technologies   gain operational data   add produced electricity   pump industrial heat   determine applicable credit   conduct assessing study   identify research questions   expand purchasing requirements   develop qualification processes   superconducting nologies magnets   insert following subsection   stream permitting process   expand tax credit   lished market viability   build building owner   mean pilot project   add following clause   conduct public workshops   qualify performancebased credits   take clerical amendment   cover verse types   undergo rulemaking retrofits   identify markets industries   establish provide program   create integrate roadmap   expand completed work   add following section   mean produces facility   measure source energy   generate thermal electricity   enable step change   mean building energy   use described resource   mean equal amount   provide protection agency   add following development   mean produced fuel   pump hydrogen age   meet more one   establish procurement goals   reach initial cap   carry sequestration demonstrations   support solar power   generate renewable certificate   use carbon oxide   use rise building   transitioning largescale demonstrations   add carbon utilization   understand technical viability   develop competitive market   add following paragraph   cost thermal cycling   provide annual return   add following support   provide summarize reports   integrate sequestration sites   change surface elevation   apply controlled group   address research needs   analyze technical feasibility   use product fuels   regulate owned assistance   boundary term site   submit renewal application   determine gross receipts   produce separate stream   use heat pump   demonstrate research capabilities   generate equipment hydropower   insert following 2200000000   add following erty   use compressed air   implement completed retrofit   transfer tax credit   tured carbon oxide   reduce erating costs   mean power system   mean generating unit   have improve ability   include domestic water   post test conditions   add following subsection   include department representatives   time described payment   provide assistance grants   include geological facility   affect licenses standards   adjust paid amount   capture emitted dioxide   add following item   reduce paid amount   receive building incentive   conduct demonstration project   include more projects   meet require ments   reduce demand process   adjust requirements fees   produce produced term   support pilot projects   build term building   create fracture system   mean paid amounts   include nuclear plant   produce dioxide stream   utilize including carbon   insert production storage   utilize described resource   mean single building   improve conversion use   emit including dioxide   use qualified ammonia   fund demonstration projects   refine cement oil   retrofit following amounts   increase commercial viability   identify pipeline routes   understand technical risks   receive cred gvhlc121720121720020xml   mean issued credit   establish organized market   develop comprehensive agenda   conduct consider study   insert gains income   add following sec   reduce energy use   begin based limitation   seek conduct award   perform demonstration projects   demonstrate inject ability   develop innovation models   asses current state   carry development demonstration   transition largescale projects   use equipment stores   meet other licensing   summarize provides report   provide testing capabilities   add following subclause   update homes updating   meet targets estab   improve energy efficiency   exceed equal amount   establish demonstration program   develop demonstration ment   review efficiency levels   sequester tons dioxide   use effective date   introduce following bill   insert following limitation   support generation capacity   build losses energy   add following clauses   store captured dioxide   establish known program   use own tests   operate sequestration facility   provide assesses report   mean power plant   build competitive market   mean water heater   asses global status   conduct evaluate study   undergo deep energy   include efficiency technologies   incur described amounts   test carbon storage   asses major challenges
Measures:   significant change   such workshop   largescale pilots   permit process   such shops   final rules   build owner   new building   commercial participants   geologic containment   fie ammonia   long term   prior years   industrial process   mechanical technologies   annual receipts   steel oil   certain generation   control group   follow qualification   deplete fields   dwell unit   gridscale technologies   con trols   public workshops   ture utilization   initial cap   smart heating   innovation models   undue barrier   paragraph 3ai   gional partnerships   carbon utilization   credit amounts   residential tion   political subdivision   generate unit   associate income   project completion   annual return   utilization efficiency   renewable re   mechanical chemical   industrial emission   solar wind   electricity supply   thermal energy   exist gaps   geologic settings   ronmental indicators   current state   regional benefits   qualification processes   commercial viability   electric input   regional models   such standard   similar projects   such ommendations   thermal cycling   capture technologies   commercial build   economic challenges   significant volumes   late time   qualify facility   indian government   heat pump   internal revenue   strike e   generation capacity   such diversity   anthropogenic source   national recommendations   qualify appliance   storage demonstrations   age technology   mercialscale demonstration   major components   appropriate sites   pipeline system   stor technology   industrial pumps   pilot project   limit application   advance program   applicable law   due date   rigorous cost   surface elevation   demonstration project   nuclear fuel   appropriate assistance   equal percentage   single unit   newable resources   fast act   such election   largescale projects   efficient pump   qualify plant   thermal electricity   zeroenergyready building   pilotscale testing   primary feedstock   ambient temperature   federal energy   transformational technologies   elective payment   advance facilities   purchase requirements   utiliza tion   follow processes   tran formation   new pipelines   induction stoves   geological gas   fossil energy   eligible components   new capture   sponse capabilities   such b   organize market   singlefamily home   commercial products   low technologies   novel uses   cumulative amounts   operational data   energy use   personal property   technical assistance   deep energy   direct technologies   clerical amendment   strike pipelines   substantial improvements   program section   power system   geologic systems   qualify section   development activities   diverse regions   navigable waters   national laboratories   credit program   social qualities   nized market   lated person   conduct studies   mobile homes   relevant recommendations   geologic sequestration   such date   reduce outputs   structure development   technical challenges   original signature   high education   new process   general rules   geologic storage   electric pumps   potential changes   infrastructure development   regulatory policies   operational conditions   certain public   commercial scale   electric pump   outer shelf   performance standards   industrial technologies   thermal storage   commercial technology   competitive market   special rules   wind energy   geologic facility   act section   zeroemissions program   efficient authorization   hydropower age   tion efficiency   build incentive   geothermal resources   residual zones   internal code   stor age   qualify nuclear   periodic review   great access   clear plant   advance separation   ammonia fuel   fair access   storage validation   federal collection   geothermal technologies   power plants   deep systems   thermal combustion   qualify oxide   governmental unit   gross income   dollar value   regulatory commis   seismic activity   long needs   exist plants   devel opment   advance technologies   safe manner   geo sites   deliver heat   great pounds   federal goals   research activities   great lakes   deep retrofit   applicable amount   fuel types   such amounts   establish expertise   mechanical hydroelectric   exist pipeline   carbon capture   test procedures   resi buildings   prior year   eligible project   electrochemical hydroelectric   production credit   facili ties   environmental pacts   coordinate permitting   qualify tion   enhance recovery   potential industries   environmental licensing   retrofit packages   such taxpayer   turbine efficiency   unique benefits   supercritical process   geological storage   term site   dustrial facility   storage projects   public notice   general services   last day   largescale plant   water heat   chemical hydroelectric   new clause   outdoor lighting   local governments   advance reactors   next years   such government   significant capacity   new paragraph   development demonstration   modular technologies   commercial storage   necessary component   mercial buildings   candidate settings   eligible component   strike income   consistent projects   generation storage   efficient appliance   eligible production   energyinefficient homes   eligible systems   cost sharing   annual workshops   industrial pump   build envelope   require ments   federal support   new e   eligi components   affect waterway   federal requirements   national pipeline   waste carbon   natural gas   regional partnerships   geologic formations   electric power   clean technology   mix gas   facil section   geologic utilities   qualify plants   market viability   regulatory framework   environmental performance   dem onstrations   follow support   raw product   environmental agency   onsite storage   clean technologies   regulatory challenges   residual fuel   unitary pump   strike c   alternative uses   fuelrelated emissions   strike 3ai   environmental quality   nonpower qualities   new onstrations   special rule   robust chain   additional support   new subsection   such plant   solar energy   comprehensive agenda   renewable power   ing paragraph   inland waters   commercial ers   ton dioxide   taxable year   follow clause   foreign tions   ongoing collection   federal permitting   such time   follow criteria   regulatory requirements   enhance technologies   follow clauses   cer tificate   renewable ergy   efficient star   safe dioxide   30percent rate   tax incentive   tertiary injectant   cool ventilation   regenerative fuel   clean energy   such product   able year   new clauses   wood biomass   offshore property   nonhydroelectric dam   necessary scale   plicable licensing   security program   thermal unit   new buildings   largescale demonstrations   firstof projects   hanced project   cial viability   oxyfuel process   utilize technologies   such goals   pro pensity   incremental capacity   develop technologies   efficiency technologies   transpor utilization   governmentowned utility   single b   efficiency levels   appropriate entities   such return   nuclear section   qualify pump   innovative technologies   strike paragraph   direct capture   commercial utilization   follow rule   dioxide pipelines   follow development   research capabilities   recent period   general section   map tools   geologic sites   such change   grate system   ternal code   commercial heat   total emissions   waste heat   fiscal years   industrial facility   energy projects   annual basis   due regard   research needs   environmental impacts   equipment stores   production storage   clear facilities   unitary pumps   commercial pumps   regulatory commission   local scale   such formations   such resource   separate stream   capture dioxide   dioxide stream   same tity   unmineable seams   advance innovation   technical risks   british units   renewable gas   pleted testing   compress air   space heating   solar power   such services   original investment   last sentence   conversion use   qualify project   renewable projects   sequestration sites   fie facilities   mercial dioxide   independent operator   annual reports   commercial ventures   current portfolio   square foot   develop ment   offshore power   short title   cluding suppliers   necessary updates   advance system   test capabilities   significant interest   strike energy   domestic water   general secretary   small projects   largescale plants   regional partner   commercial contracts   quan tities   human health   boundary site   enhance system   power plant   dioxide storage   cumulative amount   definition table   follow subclause   ergy retrofit   follow capture   unconventional reservoirs   broad range   general rule   performancebased credits   correspond actions   geothermal system   residential ings   carbon dioxide   market industries   fracture system   average number   emerge technologies   hydroelectric dam   sequestration demonstrations   residential buildings   public entity   nuclear power   ity section   mental restoration   such retrofits   commercial markets   new item   available pumps   newable projects   follow bill   geological transports   advance projects   renewable energy   such owner   federal challenges   necessary permits   exist facilities   such act   efficient pumps   low systems   fire systems   hydroelectric power   solar section   45u electricity   certain technologies   average buildings   family building   regional challenges   target estab   effi ciency   commercialscale projects   such manner   eligible b   such year   efficient use   follow item   hydrogen age   such form   qualify property   competitive cost   federal standard   consistent facilities   transportation systems   low rise   combine cycle   certify buildings   commercial construction   public health   tax credits   costeffective penetration   onsite energy   renewable efficiency   qualify blend   ga emissions   technical viability   renewable certificate   debt financing   zeroenergyready buildings   continuous months   information sharing   recent requirements   nuclear reactors   industrial dioxide   tax credit   federal programs   applica tion   hydrogen fuel   tablish technology   follow areas   trade structure   uniform factor   primary dioxide   harmful sequences   square feet   geological facility   ga facility   advance process   integrate projects   new disposal   heat ventilation   economic zone   grid modernization   suitable stream   new demonstrations   dem onstration   utilityscale participants   green gas   flexible load   tial relationships   build energy   new subclause   applicable regulations   commercial building   offshore partner   sequestration facility   federal management   con sisting   hot water   advance systems   annual rate   fossil fuel   fiscal year   activity bonds   qualify ammonia   private section   environmental protection   standby standards   ancillary services   geographic diversity   commercial plication   capture stores   secure rights   last period   carbon oxide   electric heaters   governmental entities   zeroemissions credits   low projects   such report   private sector   follow section   follow categories   advance nology   interagency force   demonstration projects   subject limit   cold climate   commercial heaters   electricity standard   financial strength   technology performance   builder c   federal agencies   carbon storage   standard procedures   applicable department   tribal government   similar rules   tablished submit   follow subsection   technical feasibility   thermal technology   such term   equal amount   scale factors   procurement goals   dustrial pump   dential buildings   private business   private activity   propose center   residential building   share information   new practices   own assistance   basic engineering   fugitive source   physical infrastructure   fossil fuels   economic changes   reasonable cost   follow amounts   public interest   current efforts   new construction   pose project   rate index   recommend changes   supercritical research   clean electricity   financial assistance   specific sources   qualify hydrogen   taxable years   legislative changes   step change   geologic reservoirs   applicable credit   such period   engineer reservoirs   offshore facility   thermal wave   efficient credit   nuclear commission   recent year   federal procurement   follow disposal   industrial processes   lizing property   enhance research   saline formations   commercial buildings   capabili ties   pilot projects   geological survey   effective date   verse types   maximum extent   single employer   cap utilization   rec ommendations   national system   general subpart   commercial ings   such center   qualify entity   resource adequacy   clean standards   major challenges   residential build   black start   such sources   average home   geothermal wind   commercial water   high temperature   new velopment   geologic services   commercial pump   con sequences   qualify sites   follow limitation   territorial seas   advance power   consistent utilization   national academies   potential routes   such entity   such code   nuclear plant   cement oil   such facility   export energy   uous months   environmental safety   cer tainty   geologic facilities   such technologies   electric grid   enhance oil   capture oxide   corpus tions   such age   such type   such projects   sequestration demonstration   qualify dioxide   hydropower projects   recoverable waste   ating unit   general subject   nuclear property   clean credits   nuclear energy   title purposes   high rise   international code   energy factor   same project   unintended leaking   offshore equipment   follow paragraph   industrial carbon   financial factors   global status   geologic seques   relate challenges   own utility   advance project   unique capabilities   dwell units   begin section   trade partnership   research development   cial scale   total tons   carbon sequestration   efficiency measures   ready homes   pipeline routes   droelectric project   federal incentive   bon dioxide   first period   nuclear commis   commercial heater   federal law   develop products   eligible system   more projects   early deployment   register architect   technology development   such generation   stantial resources   gross value   economical tities   pro gram   ergy efficiency   allowable credit   large volumes   coastal waters   relative basis   federal program   state coefficient   thermal units   annual efficiency   heat pumps   give location   capture credit   biomass power   additional systems   term building   protection agency   research efforts   erating unit   offshore wind   test conditions   continental shelf   apply engineering   double benefit   deep retrofits   industrial heat   such component   gener unit   short purposes   hot gas   energy certificate   hydroelectric projects   advance leak   federal regulations   offsite energy   tangible property   equal year   large sources   significant length   exist ence   capture section   place storage   follow credits   cool capacity   commercial application   source energy   research agenda   secure storage   wholesale sale   task force   renewable plants   certifi cation   exist building   governmentowned diox   commercial operation   water heater   new section   commercial deployment   such credit   geological formations   public utility   energy efficiency   rapid capabilities   appropriate funds   geo electricity   own tests   hanced program   peak process   demonstration program   longterm questration   exist partnerships   british unit   modular technology   metric tons   multi building   acceptable volumes   tran portation   storage technologies   federal state   gross receipts   clusive zone   power market   energy systems   advance onstration   zeroenergy building   cede types   international eligibility   newable efficiency
Actions:   add systems   mean dam   conduct gram   insert pipelines   consider variety   enable storage   conduct 3   build energy   sell payment   achieve goals   use storage   develop processes   use tests   provide replacement   provide agency   superconducting magnets   add paragraph   identify industries   include packages   establish market   incur amounts   mean department   enable development   introduce bill   represent megawatt   mean amounts   add sec   demonstrate ability   expand credit   take regard   modernize commission   use electricity   use payment   use tion   support modernization   add f   induce activity   eat center   test integration   produce sisting   determine production   consider goals   give priority   transfer credit   insert reform   determine credit   insert qualification   commercialize utilization   establish goals   test technologies   issue amount   use wind   develop agenda   advance development   revise levels   conduct program   add utilization   challenge report   develop demonstrate   demonstrate technologies   compromise ciency   create system   conduct workshops   require criteria   mean project   identify routes   establish supercritical   asses challenges   prove procurement   transitioning demonstrations   identify gaps   establish innovation   support opment   mitigate leaking   affect standards   monitor changes   define gvhlc121720121720020xml   insert paragraph   shall 1   develop ment   address gaps   mean market   include information   use production   gain data   conduct study   support portation   strike period   store tons   regulate system   mean heater   mean system   summarize activities   address lenges   limit sequences   insert sec   include which   require sharing   store volumes   include plants   determine necessary   prevent retirement   generate tricity   treat a   integrate pipelines   issue award   reduce ergy   adjust fees   boundary site   add clauses   add erty   cure storage   ensure protection   mean facility   contain ships   update updating   insert storage   carry section   reduce use   add subsection   make dam   receive credit   reduce ventilation   provide return   summarize report   implement subsection   cover types   use utilization   build definitions   meet ments   represent scale   fund demonstrations   identify questions   mean amount   reduce amount   shall assess   insert extension   precede year   enable change   mean a   re projects   validate information   store table   receive credits   include projects   apply subsections   generate certificate   intrabuilding systems   retrofit amounts   extract tities   mean energy   include stoves   validate factors   lished viability   include power   carry projects   seek award   produce term   add support   determine receipts   expand work   develop coefficient   submit which   reduce process   meet quirements   mean building   decrease emissions   test storage   induce assess   identify that   determine coefficient   reduce payment   evaluate uses   include water   mitigate pacts   separate product   convey qualities   use measures   provide award   capture am   promulgate rules   award a   asses capacity   improve procurement   make election   blend product   show promise   insert 2200000000   cost cycling   require limitations   support technology   seek grant   receive 1017   strike paragraphs   add clause   enable improvements   sell offsite   support projects   prioritize grants   update homes   capture dioxide   export energy   ing period   time payment   utilize carbon   claim 3   require borrower   reach cap   pump heat   exceed support   generate hydropower   use hydroelectric   implement retrofit   post conditions   insert subsection   build building   improve efficiency   follow injection   address challenges   accept volumes   use date   establish issuance   mean ity   produce facility   mean injection   mean credit   cluding plants   submit claim   consider factors   appropriate formation   have ability   determine that   meet licensing   use rule   review levels   pay owner   assemble purposes   elect application   use methodology   use credit   stituting dioxide   mitigate impacts   alcoholbased biomass   impose a   satisfy requirements   use fuels   naturallyoccurring iii   insert clause   include representatives   cover cost   meet criteria   carry demonstration   provide heating   accept dioxide   increase viability   exceed 250000000   store dioxide   largescale gvhlc121720121720020xml   secure a   develop market   file waiver   provide certification   mean unit   begin accepting   seek support   provide assistance   include response   qualify plant   add electricity   renew term   capture oxide   involve dioxide   shall technologies   add section   generate energy   meet one   carry demonstrations   ceed term   generate allowance   amount 1   manufacture factor   tered dioxide   improve use   undergo retrofits   evaluate applications   regulate projects   take amendment   support development   enable technology   relate election   submit application   amount buildings   build 1017   scribe gvhlc121720121720020xml   produce that   revise pumps   apply a   provide plan   submit report   implement report   generate electricity   insert 2013   develop procedures   support questration   utilize fuels   operate centers   share secretary   take effect   conduct project   provide grants   perform projects   discuss potential   establish ability   receive gvhlc121720121720020xml   receive incentive   develop models   provide support   integrate sites   insert income   produce power   refine oil   use capture   mean tificate   insert limitation   create roadmap   perform gvhlc121720121720020xml   use oxide   deploy range   improve quality   improve sharing   mean plant   build owner   include those   add item   devote resources   adopt ommendations   use building   deliver energy   store energy   use stores   pump age   understand risks   asses efforts   begin limitation   fund projects   lizes fuels   constitute date   balance supply   determine fate   perform ance   stream line   maintain recommendations   fuel product   fund studies   include facility   support activities   achieve reduction   support power   insert construction   qualify credits   establish program   identify formations   extract heat   carry program   strike 12year   mean gvhlc121720121720020xml   convey systems   carry development   carry activities   transfer exclusions   support use   apply group   produce stream   achieve sequestration   insert january   demonstrate schedule   submit mation   expand requirements   test scale   mean ratio   lower emissions   mean fuel   operate center   implement authority   operate facility   monitor operations   receive guarantee   implement section   include technologies   identify technologies   insert 20year   demonstrate interaction   standard 2019   provide tainty   evaluate interactions   verify gvhlc121720121720020xml   asses state   provide capabilities   provide reports   understand viability   fire cycles   provide changes   provide percent   receive 2020   need turbines   demonstrate capabilities   file application   undergo energy   measure energy   make cation   maintain agreements   support capacity   evaluate tion   encourage gvhlc121720121720020xml   use ammonia   require changes   enable financing   use dures   utilize resource   asses potential   terminate 1   use en   re sharing   neering authorization   transition projects   enhance technologies   insert following   assess barriers   stream process   address needs   add development   carry subsection   provide a   strike 3ai   support landbased   store carbon   use resource   asses status   provide report   provide information   use air   exceed amount   shall recommendations   receive stores   regulate assistance   establish system   change elevation   make date   support cilities   maintain tools   add subclause   strike 2013   scribe capabilities   receive grant   specify coefficient   impact completion   award grants   establish pable   adjust amount   pay some   analyze feasibility   determine considerations   authorize increase   build market   use sources   reduce costs   remove i   tured oxide   add rule   use incentive   shall onstration   meet estab   ing application   make payment   reduce emissions   ensure access   include plant   determine which   require ments   meet requirements   avoid gvhlc121720121720020xml   obtain permits   predict monitoring   insert ii   emit dioxide   represent change   equip that   include 1   insert period   sequester dioxide   ensure safety   develop uses   secure reservoirs   end calculation   use pump   include en
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.