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II 116TH CONGRESS 1ST SESSION S. 1288 To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide tax incentives for increased investment in clean energy. IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES MAY 2, 2019 Mr. WYDEN (for himself, Mr. SCHUMER, Ms. STABENOW, Ms. CANTWELL, Mr. MENENDEZ, Mr. CARPER, Mr. CARDIN, Mr. BENNET, Mr. WHITEHOUSE, Ms. HASSAN, Ms. CORTEZ MASTO, Mrs. FEINSTEIN, Mr. DURBIN, Ms. KLOBUCHAR, Mrs. SHAHEEN, Mrs. GILLIBRAND, Mr. BLUMENTHAL, Mr. SCHATZ, Ms. HIRONO, Mr. HEINRICH, Mr. KING, Mr. K


amount for any taxable case of a qualified emissions from such facility tion as the secretary facility in the production production from the facility property in the taxable property for any taxable rate at the facility

Sources: IHS Markit

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Priority/ Function Areas:   Business & Industrial
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Goals:   calculate consumption levels   add following section   bear same ratio   provide energy percentage   review allocated credits   insert following percent   add lowing clauses   specify methods procedures   register adjustment factor   make similar rules   apply allocate election   describe equal amount   mean recent revision   begin cent amount   insert effective date   introduce lowing bill   establish safe rates   use higher value   grant deduct option   produce greenhouse gas   apply replacement credit   qualify total amount   produce eligible fuel   insert following sentence   mean used facility   use carbon capture   issue conforming amendments   amend revenue code   refer amend bill   redesignate graphs b   add production credit   include foreign income   divide heat rate   apply temporary extension   multiply equal amount   produce gas oil   set safe rate   allow final guidance   produce qualified facility   make irrev election   deliver energy electricity   mean meets organization   include credit facility   include qualified oxide   strike clerical amendment   add following verdate   add following phaseout   apply g phaseout   insert producing person   determine intangible income   follow short title   erated attributable production   qualify energy projects   insert following subsection   produce gas emis   include defined microgrid   include placed facility   submit containing application   round safe rates   publish sets table   strike relating item   add following termination   insert following 3   fuel described table   mean derived fuel   provide provisional rate   insert appears place   heat dwelling unit   meet require ments   follow percent c   conduct additional program   insert placed nally   ensure safe operation   add following paragraph   mean consisting group   make percent b   apply qualified dioxide   redesignate following subclause   establish safe rate   regard made amendment   use overpayment rate
Measures:   equal centage   such country   crude oil   succeed year   erect ed   relative warming   subparagraph a   global warming   safe operation   subject project   clean fuel   project level   qualify penditures   such program   investment credit   such tax   combine section   efficiency deduction   industrial emission   ing hydrogen   thermal energy   electric drive   such property   trical production   general subsection   plicit price   average production   general clause   define boundary   provisional rate   useful energy   replacement credit   percent b   anticipate rate   harbor rate   fie software   greenhouse gas   qualify plug   qualify facility   connect infrastructure   accredit party   internal revenue   strike e   qualify equipment   new vehicle   strike amendment   consumption levels   low clauses   advance program   eligible verdate   project credit   such contractor   such years   residential property   newable resources   interconnect sys   intangible income   credit s   such vessel   overpayment rate   serting section   such mination   tax income   resi dence   substantial reconstruction   sion rates   certain cases   emis rates   eligible cooperative   efficient buildings   strike iii   lated income   conform amendments   same extent   applicable contractors   electric vehicle   personal property   strike section   les amount   lated person   advance facilities   test income   follow phaseout   qualify vehicle   foreign oil   such treatment   cubic feet   new credit   strike coal   native fuels   strike amendments   subsection h   annual computation   baseline residence   such date   personal company   single entity   net consumption   clerical amendment   detail methods   qualify section   large disturbances   strike mixture   qualify percentage   consolidate return   second year   qualify software   special rules   such person   global income   high value   eligible contractor   ga oil   qualify oxide   year c   such claim   such fuel   energy percentage   follow credit   alternative vehicle   qualify production   exist incentives   single operator   exclude amounts   such periods   multiple verdate   qualify vehicles   applicable amount   such unit   plicable percentages   carbon capture   renewable production   new termination   prior year   production credit   nonfossil fuel   fie building   pro duction   geothermal deposit   strike property   applicable rules   geological storage   last day   strike code   such rule   advance credit   special rule   applicable rate   follow termination   new paragraph   eligible organization   mean ing   safe rates   foreign income   qualify residence   new vehicles   require ments   flush matter   residential credit   natural gas   such fuels   integral part   general d   heat rate   thermal section   tertiary injectants   affiliate group   such paragraph   attributable production   such equipment   additional program   strike 25df   foreign corporation   annual level   critical infrastructure   fie residence   meter device   home credit   attributable ment   qualify b   eligible vehicles   new subsection   kilowatt hour   such rates   taxable year   low item   hold company   such expenditure   relate person   certain rules   clean energy   iron ore   unrelated person   primary product   able year   analytic tools   such group   new buildings   such establishment   unused credit   fuel credit   biomass property   large producer   agricultural producers   subsequent year   onetime submission   general section   maximum percentage   foreign base   able percentage   such guidance   marginal wells   new clauses   unrelated carryforward   strike paragraph   new verdate   ticipated rate   such claims   same ratio   follow verdate   corporate income   such condominiums   allowable amount   ocable election   kilowatt hours   foreign corporations   tured producer   derive fuel   same verdate   follow percent   energy projects   such patrons   file return   clear facilities   total amount   qualify ment   tering device   qualify cility   such sale   such production   cent amount   annual emissions   british units   final rate   subsection e   increase investment   general paragraph   such regulations   reduc tion   clean investment   follow subclause   applicable region   net rate   final guidance   certain periods   low income   strike credit   relate group   paragraph verdate   increase amount   prior coordination   net kilowatt   cooperative organization   carbon dioxide   safe rate   informa tion   implicit deflator   fie capture   new item   such corporation   foreign coun   propose reallocation   residential buildings   allowable credits   such persons   nuclear power   certain resources   insufficient quantity   extension modifications   various sions   such individual   dential property   such manner   advance projects   original installation   solar section   strike lignite   such project   such residence   transpor adjustment   thermal efficiency   instal standards   qualify facilities   electrical production   short title   such year   applicable ards   efficient property   qualify property   strike subclause   second generation   such tion   pursuant reallocation   recent revision   new unit   such phaseout   first year   reconstruct ed   safe harbor   third year   new subclause   electrical boundary   third party   10year period   percent c   such rate   condense water   avoid rate   qualify capture   such cility   gross product   small wind   credit phaseout   such applicant   round ed   elec production   new energy   clean bonds   various provisions   great ratio   low bill   environmental protection   dwell unit   such reduction   biomass fuel   qualify amount   temporary extension   company income   follow subsection   manufacture home   qualify investments   follow section   industrial source   tax incentives   follow sentence   similar rules   new plug   new replacement   such term   equal amount   such verdate   such e   45ua section   clean percentage   alternative fuel   general b   alternative mixture   such terms   potential gas   concurrent resolution   physical expenditures   similar types   near multiple   efficient credit   revenue code   onsite preparation   ment factor   taxable years   trade partnerships   gasifi cation   relate persons   strike subparagraphs   proportionate share   residen buildings   gross sales   green rate   annual emis   lating levels   daily production   commercial buildings   strike g   clean credit   general subpart   new sentence   effective date   clean production   distribute storage   renewable basis   emission rate   strike paragraphs   intangible costs   such code   resi property   energy credit   such facility   domestic product   agricultural cooperative   valid criteria   qualify dioxide   follow paragraph   renewable diesel   clean credits   general subject   precede sentence   international code   such expenditures   foreign country   heat value   combine property   lized section   certain facilities   prop erty   single employer   residential credits   harbor rates   enact ment   qualify investment   advance project   adjustment factor   eligible investments   qualify erty   subsection verdate   such credit   general e   eligible fuel   alternative credit   applicable erty   retary production   renewable credit   nonbaseload rate   same meaning   annual levels   follow provisions   applicable grid   relate income   emission rates   such electricity   vehicle credit   precede year   pro gram   qualify bears   such secretary   allowable c   enhance credit   transpor fuel   mental production   respective interests   principal residence   individual credit   same manner   geothermal section   such excess   cooperative corporation   double benefit   such section   structural nents   central unit   secure storage   thermal units   foreign ex   ment credit   nonfossil combustion   tangible property   such system   ownership interest   combine system   10year credit   new section   metric tons   such amount   qualify idence   exist buildings   such forms
Actions:   produce 45q   strike item   divide amount   insert 3   follow sec   mean amount   insert act   add paragraph   low 49a1c   insert sentence   specify amount   use which   erated production   amend verdate   determine income   apply elimination   bear sep   strike 0042   redesignate b   provide incentives   avoid rate   add amount   exceed certification   mean erty   strike riod   determine amount   mean a   submit application   construct residence   insert percent   add termination   redesignate e   include production   strike percentages   refer bill   take a   specify procedures   add credit   strike term   include portion   qualify projects   insert periods   revoke ant   heat unit   round rates   own vidual   mean property   bear ratio   allow guidance   strike coal   sell fuel   introduce bill   establish gram   regard amendment   insert sep   cover periods   provide percentage   end repeal   include requirements   redesignate subpara   strike cept   insert b   include microgrid   reallocate credits   take verdate   substitute verdate   insert 2020   produce gas   determine credit   begin ning   strike paragraph   insert verdate   follow c   file petition   insert term   redesignate 49a1c   exceed group   qualify credit   produce barrels   amend i   divide 0042   follow termination   qualify limitation   use burning   begin amount   mean revision   insert table   provide forms   redesignate graphs   use hydrogen   adjust factor   disclose identity   hicles a   meet procedures   mixture 1   clude income   redesignate h   take effect   insert ary   follow i   apply credit   strike uary   insert person   cluding building   meet ments   amend graph   mean fuel   mean person   mean group   strike ore   calculate levels   apply allocation   add ing   insert comma   maintain supply   apply dioxide   produce oil   conduct program   insert d   insert 1   follow credit   insert nally   add verdate   allocate i   establish rate   reduce level   substitute calendar   insert 2021   treat ed   insert income   use value   incre production   deliver electricity   invest credit   make percent   issue amendments   include ity   include income   deter mines   heat water   meet criteria   produce verdate   sell electricity   withstand disturbances   scribe a   set rates   mean organization   add phaseout   insert the   grant option   redesignate f   insert subject   end inclusion   include tion   receive stores   make certification   file secretary   add lowing   insert subsection   produce fuel   follow title   generate hour   determine a   include oxide   transport oil   improve ments   multiply amount   use wind   strike period   establish rates   strike 2017   use rate   strike percent   improve allowance   provide rate   meet needs   mean units   fuel table   insert place   use capture   amend code   round rate   assemble title   publish table   end verdate   pay ment   insert ore   file return   apply phaseout   read allowance   receive notice   cure storage   give terms   add clauses   make share   interconnect property   produce facility   place system   place fuel   low paragraph   include either   apply election   strike amendment   set rate   make rules   insert tion   insert lowing   apply extension   strike 2018   contain tion   alter fuels   insert mixture   produce b   insert 43b3b   add section   make election   sell amount   insert ii   own percent   ensure operation   register factor   take amount   describe amount   designate apportionment   amend a   produce electricity   insert elimination   insert date   meet applicant   exceed tion   receive certification   establish program   redesignate paragraphs   publish rates   mean facility   make b   produce emis   place project   disclose nt   review credits   issue guidance   add 45u   place definitions   redesignate subclause   include reconstruction   divide rate   include facility   qualify amount   cr facility
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.