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NGSI Methane Emissions Intensity Protocol Final Draft Natural Gas Sustainability Initiative Final Draft | December 2019 Contents Acknowledgments .............................................................................................................................................. 1 Executive Summary ............................................................................................................................................ 2 1. Background ..................................


companies in the transmission equipment in the lng operating within the natural reporting by those companies gas plus the energy emissions from the united reporting means all gathering part of the greenhouse distribution means the distribution

Sources: IHS Markit

Pathway Demo and Download Data

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Priority/ Function Areas:   Business & Industrial
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Goals:   estimate outlined intensity   require technical analysis   calculate throughput companies   include potential sources   use w methods   assess emissions intensity   use calculated emissions   subpart factor counts   store transferred gas   recover gas facility   normalize related fluctuations   use rate calculations   include pipelines equipment   calculate boosting gathering   use flared volume   include fractionate plants   publish emission factors   identify appropriate companies   upset floating vessels   highlight decision points   summarize disclosure elements   boost throughput content   establish clear approach   develop program ngsi   identify natural gas   advance address efforts   develop factors estimates   release protocol version   include workover equipment   gather segment throughput   use estimated sources   report emissions intensity   gather segment emissions   advance protocol ngsi   emit greenhouse gas   communicate voluntary efforts   advance voluntary programs   present final protocol   compare methane emissions   use segment emissions   reduce establishes emissions   operate intensity metric   recognize critical role   use multiplied factor   mean including storage   affect overall profile   operate gathering system   tackle reporting guidance   disclose risk transparency   use methodology ghgrp   provide enables metric   acknowledgment executive summary   use subpart calculation   reflect received feedback   calculate normalized volume   use event counts   provide strong foundation   use utilized factors   report metric tons   support manage efforts   quantify segment emissions   provide comparable points   deploy energy technologies   subpart w source   fuel emission factors   download monthly data   structure reduction goals   contribute disproportionate share   communicate key obstacle   welcome prepares feedback   disclose own estimate   develop emission factor   subpart default value   calculate emissions intensity   subpart calculation method   determine intensity methodology   calculate gas ratio   facilitate strategies shape   receive energy content   operate gathering lines   use default factor   include emissions intensity   calculate associated emissions   reduce potential page   use meter method   use flow data   use emission factor   classify onshore installations   use segment factors   calculate normalization factor   provide used guidance   use methane density   use flow composition   incorporate environmental topics   identify oil condensate   leverage wide range   calculate methane emissions   manage issues methane   leverage reporting protocols   use annual duration   report intensity throughput   cast services iron   include gas equipment   calculate company intensity   use following methodology   include multidisciplinary team   process gas liquids   flare equipment separation   incorporate seeks sources   report described information   subpart segment emissions   lease used equipment   use company factor   list transported volume   develop welldocumented metrics   calculate adjusted throughput   describe final protocol   use tank counts   mean gas equipment   respond potential uses   gravity gathering facility   profile cycle emissions   enable useful comparison   release initial draft   collect natural gas   use segment reporters   advance voluntary approach   subpart valve leakage   produce emissions tons   use throughput b   capture result updates   transport andor gas   use average duration   understand environmental performance   facilitate develop process   subpart w calculation   calculate following sections   cast distribution services   use average length   disclose disclosing facts
Measures:   measure leaks   public commission   spin-dry seals   follow methodology   crude oil   natural injection   residential volumes   continuous improvement   public roadway   meter stations   robust process   unprotected services   consistent sales   global warming   w10a calculation   wet vents   separate segment   find measurements   produce percent   factor estimates   kgcompressor description   deliver intensity   single gathering   future measurements   coordinate effort   robust dataset   common intensity   contiguous properties   associate storage   applicable method   comparable points   emission factors   innovative efforts   primary purpose   kgacid gas   ga compressors   artificial islands   underground storage   additional sources   rent activities   consistent wells   greenhouse gas   exist approaches   measure data   ngsi protocol   emission intensity   standbypressurized factor   steel mains   underground reservoirs   stabilization separation   anthropogenic sources   specific segments   independent segment   industrywide approach   standard content   rateregulated pipeline   measure reduce   tank counts   associate units   float tanks   own chain   local level   customer meters   critical role   commercial customers   meteringregulating stations   separate company   physical volumes   desiccant equipment   consistent year   reliquefy recondensers   gather segment   valve leakage   oil condensate   service counts   exist sources   average throughput   equivalent energy   annual duration   protocol companies   hdd values   subpart w   far input   average length   companylevel intensity   barrel content   consistent approach   segment factors   technical document   applicable calculation   force extraction   consistent intensity   production throughput   public rightofway   key metrics   underground segment   segment reporters   consistent gas   yeartoyear fluctuations   unique volumes   program subpart   cubic feet   average value   significant gas   process gas   clear approach   segment definitions   iron services   process plants   wide range   functional groupings   subpart calculation   stationary equipment   industrywide actions   final draft   total description   second gas   adjust throughput   available metrics   boost upsets   liquid volume   military installations   institutional banks   available guidance   environmental groups   physical contact   single facility   source ghgrp   high value   onshore gas   pneumatic devices   blowdown leakage   compression facility   extensive engagement   only source   compressor source   such installations   average factor   service length   roof tanks   emit segments   residential meters   collective benefits   industryled initiative   estimate segment   cast services   transmission distribution   compression equipment   notoperatingdepressurized isolation   regulate stations   isolation factor   normalize throughput   vtotal volume   multidisciplinary team   continuous subpart   advance technologies   onshore owner   segment intensity   appropriate companies   total equivalent   methane leaks   valuable direction   total basis   ga ratio   transport gas   throughput content   engineer calculations   population counts   meter method   common metric   measure composition   boost throughput   liquify gas   throughput companies   plastic liners   many uses   ga survey   description tons   voluntary framework   annual data   important progress   follow sections   workover equipment   method table   throughput values   voluntary reporting   total mileage   environmental community   crude condensate   follow principles   municipallyowned system   interstate pipeline   voluntary programs   malfunction equipment   cycle emissions   mas basis   potential uses   applicable subpart   report throughput   welldocumented metrics   natural gas   physical property   environmental performance   report methodologies   clean technologies   decision points   supply chain   more detail   municipallyowned distribution   available scorecard   increase application   company factor   default length   default value   segment throughput   produce content   different companies   additional topics   steel services   transmission throughput   crude value   device controller   prefer approach   onshore sum   overarch framework   only method   first quarter   brief description   hdd data   industrial users   portable equipment   governmental organizations   methane density   pneumatic device   reduction goals   initiative shape   distribute gas   unprotected mains   draft protocol   strong foundation   available quality   available table   combine calculations   deplete gas   measure subpart   public agencies   methane content   pneumatic injection   single wellpad   environmental goals   distinct groupings   computer modeling   measurement methods   normalize basis   methodological note   final protocol   routine maintenance   environmental impacts   report guidance   receive content   voluntary esg   default factor   boost emissions   wet units   ngsi companies   consistent pipelines   gasliquid separators   transport intensity   ghg factor   total emissions   boiler heaters   flow separators   future versions   commercial meters   receive gas   social topics   event counts   ga liquids   normalize companies   environmental issues   phmsa s   energy content   constructive companies   intensity methodology   wet seals   specific factors   stack ghgrp   regional level   transport volume   original location   residue gas   degas vent   average duration   individual companies   intrastate pipeline   consistent approaches   strategic firm   flow data   equivalent intensity   exist programs   heavy hydrocarbons   blowdown ghgrp   extensive process   rigorous analysis   environmental defense   white paper   nonselfpropelled equipment   alternate method   desiccant dehydrators   segment emissions   key elements   ga composition   quantification table   sole discretion   consistent mmbtu   fuel usage   hhv value   own estimate   datum companies   future protocol   boost segment   public workshop   produce liquids   improve measurement   warm potential   ecng estimate   extensive outreach   overall protocol   actual counts   receive vliq   onshore segment   cumulative data   blowdown factor   environmental regulations   technical analysis   separate lines   useful comparison   subpart methods   actual emissions   calculation method   numerous companies   innovative programs   distribution facility   intensity metrics   ga facility   measure value   multiple pipelines   follow extraction   normalization factor   residential customers   military properties   annual rate   associate gas   available document   produce eng   report protocols   emission data   business strategies   future updates   standard feet   environmental protection   key obstacle   common ownership   several coalitions   disproportionate share   wwwepagovnatural factor   underground facility   vent volume   flare volume   nonseparator equipment   lease activities   annual reporting   pipeline separators   boost values   private companies   process facility   environmental topics   innovative detection   available methane   liquefy gas   voluntary metrics   current efforts   centrifugal measurements   onshore petroleum   actual count   factor reporters   similar types   boost system   low factor   intensity table   broad community   voluntary initiative   ga storage   subsurface storage   average volumes   direct measurement   single basin   exist protocols   interest segment   only survey   methane emissions   receive eng   environmental organizations   specific processing   energy equivalent   relative emissions   onshore equipment   similar operations   vent ghgrp   annual throughput   ngsi approach   vary output   relative throughput   hydraulic fracturing   principle structure   cast iron   measure calculation   compendium table   specific company   new protocol   previous documents   specific companies   single state   blowdown vent   list sources   standard value   only methods   transmission compression   high potential   intensity metric   monthly data   challenge program   state hdd   nonnormalized appendix   wet seal   equipment equipment   total volume   voluntary approach   usage records   key points   produce volume   boost transmission   atmospheric storage   regulatory language   3rd edition   combustion units   boost equipment   emission factor   leak survey   additional elements   consistent methodology   good estimates   unlit flare   storage vessels   intensity calculations   individual source   normalize volume   meter equipment   gather lines   own operations   current scope   customize analysis   standard methodology   unit compressors   voluntary efforts   ga equipment   process distribution   operate devices   emission source   segmentlevel intensity   interest stakeholders   executive summary   wwwepagovnaturalgasstarprogrammethanechallengeprogramonefuturecommitmentoptiontechnical document   nonprofit organizations   major users   intensity target   potential sources   distribution services   independent system   artificial island   equivalent percent   voluntary sustainability   rise importance   environmental objectives   previous emissions   future option   exist methodologies   diverse purchasers   wet compressors   common control   vliq barrels   actual contact   consistent feet   dehydrate method   corporate methane   common metrics   disclosure elements   industry leadership   produce gas   energy technologies   double counting   raw gas   common tools   metric tons   emission emissions   underlie factors   boost element   estimate emissions   initial draft   day values   degas vents   local company   onshore plants   spreadsheet calculations   multiple segments   rent equipment   receive liquids   voluntary goals   financial community   volumetric basis
Actions:   identify gas   advance efforts   communicate progress   receive eliq   affect profile   end content   highlight points   use calculations   recognize leadership   estimate intensity   deploy technologies   use b   use throughput   subpart methods   promote approaches   mean storage   use accounting   unload controller   report throughput   facilitate process   lease equipment   include import   include intensity   streamline efforts   release version   calculate table   incorporate advancements   use composition   develop factors   manage gas   address intensity   end users   guide structure   structure goals   quantify emissions   fix leaks   include methodology   protect mains   gather upsets   improve approach   boost facilities   include equipment   float tanks   provide guidance   include sources   fractionate liquids   calculate gathering   subpart method   reduce page   update factors   mean equipment   add volume   operate hdd   estimate throughput   rateregulated pipeline   use volume   report year   use records   emit gas   provide points   list volume   include methodologies   include compression   collect gas   capture updates   cumulative data   vent survey   exclude meters   subpart w   own that   report elements   download data   report tons   report companies   boost equipment   handle streams   asses opportunities   contain pipeline   help advance   facilitate shape   support reporting   calculate factor   calculate protocol   use counts   supplierrelated onshore   disclose transparency   download hdd   sum emissions   report information   nonseparator equipment   subpart centrifugal   boost operations   drill factor   make assumption   gather mishaps   subpart accounting   aggregate emissions   revise may   classify installations   transport content   convert gathering   subpart leakage   use method   identify condensate   stack units   operate system   acknowledgment summary   identify portion   subpart methodology   support use   boost intensity   take aim   summarize elements   balance process   reciprocate cfr   develop protocol   communicate emissions   detect reduce   calculate ratio   develop estimates   use companies   receive mmbtu   produce mmbtu   provide reference   boost sum   establish gathering   subpart source   calculate sections   use emissions   release draft   subpart emissions   incorporate sources   represent data   normalize page   reciprocate glycol   normalize fluctuations   allocate guidance   leverage protocols   report page   liquefy compressors   reciprocate vents   provide metric   subpart calculation   require analysis   calculate companies   tackle guidance   purchase gas   provide foundation   tackle methane   recover facility   enable comparison   move gas   receive comments   recognize benefits   respond uses   present protocol   include emissions   reference description   include team   include storage   receive barrels   hit mark   develop guidance   use density   subpart survey   disclose estimate   communicate data   gather emissions   convert throughput   operate intensity   calculate equivalent   advance ngsi   include capture   recover gas   subpart page   calculate it   advance approach   cast services   make progress   use length   incorporate protocol   publish factors   insert description   track performance   subpart compressors   recognize role   operate lines   contact president   calculate emissions   operate one   develop emissions   use count   use modeling   manage methane   seek approach   accelerate actions   advance programs   communicate efforts   insert scfhournumber   use usage   vcomm 4   describe protocol   provide methodology   assess intensity   meet objectives   calculate intensity   support companies   develop ngsi   report intensity   develop metrics   use calculation   operate protocol   seek input   follow release   enable companies   receive content   provide calculations   incorporate topics   use reporters   normalize throughput   track programs   calculate throughput   use sources   use protocol   subpart counts   calculate volume   protect services   exclude upstream   receive volume   hold series   estimate emissions   gather throughput   gather separators   communicate obstacle   equalize receipt   disclose facts   boost means   normalize volumes   report factor   report that   use gas   use values   improve quality   set bar   represent facets   subpart value   promote improvement   compress dehydrate   welcome feedback   land island   advance range   use methods   reflect feedback   operate that   use goal   fuel factors   use duration   operate metric   identify companies   provide direction   use measurement   address segments   develop factor   transport gas   store gas   flare separation   subpart facility   establish metrics   determine methodology   establish approach   evaluate regulations   reduce emissions   support development   quantification table   use factor   use table   process liquids   convert counts   contribute share   support efforts   describe approach   announce target   allocate emissions   upset vessels   release paper   use ghgrp   adopt definitions   review page   address issues   manage issues   accelerate programs   develop a   incorporate guidance   produce tons   cast iron   summarize approaches   boost content   address concerns   profile emissions   use methodology   vent storage   use w   include plants   manage tracking   understand impact   asses companies   understand performance   stack cfr   request information   develop recommendations   use s   leverage range   boost method   use factors   estimate accounting   use mains   compare emissions   gravity facility   include gas   deliver gas   use data   boost throughput   incorporate type
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.