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Sustainability Snapshots Advancing environmental stewardship, education, health & wellness and inclusion IHS Markit Ltd 1 #IHSMarkitLIFE Table of contents Introduction..................................................................................................................3 Our progress ...............................................................................................................3 Environmental stewardship .................................................................


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Pathway Demo and Download Data

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Priority/ Function Areas:   Business & Industrial
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Goals:   promote stem education   host monthly meeting   open career path   divert metrics tons   develop convert technologies   remove bias return   promote inclusive experience   give opportunities mobility   challenge gender bias   clean patient care   celebrate make contribution   launch planet coalition   roll values culture   improve ecological quality   obtain silver certification   receive same recognition   leverage larger networks   connect stand leg   repurpose technology equipment   have gain chance   support support sdgs   use senior director   establish senior team   offer work arrangements   launch priceless biketowork   engage affinity group   affect participating areas   remove climate action   engage diverse workforce   accept lean recognition   raise decent work   raise awareness empower   map including years   need equality return   win lean organization   offset energy efficiency   divert metric tons   manage brand opportunities   provide fun program   support nations goals   give go reason   support diversity theatre   take additional step   teach computer skills   strengthen job force   implement robust program   donate pens goods   donate blood money   create diverse workforce   benefit special olympics   use environmental registry   hold top spot   encourage reduced inequalities   play important part   teach computer technology   processingcomputing design networking   win initiated awards   contribute volunteer hours   capture values approach   retire carbon offsets   participate clothing items   use volunteering hours   support arts theatre   treat giving coolkids   recognize celebrates promotes   advance health wellness   provide employee experience   uphold challenge pledges   form bike teams   achieve sustainable future   recruit including runners   receive markit chairman   encompass inclusion diversity   incorporate design principles   remove supporting theatre   remove gender equality   support crises crisis   introduction3 environmental stewardship
Measures:   light fittings   dietary section   great time   annual scouts   environmental stewardship   unconscious module   sustainable future   breakthrough innovation   global drives   metric ton   ih markit   joshi limbs   social event   traumatic disabilities   future employment   clothe money   diverse representation   design principles   global ewaste   inner copyright   global shave   good practices   volunteerpowered organization   responsible consumption   develop world   automotive program   initial focus   additional step   corporate sustainability   social integration   modern buildings   recycle rates   technology equipment   re100 markit   primary step   organic initiative   electronic waste   digital technology   river cleanup   mystic cleanup   renewable electricity   cardiac wards   personal bins   invasive species   chief officer   map data   shave event   maintenance time   personal brand   affinity groups   ecological quality   physical wellness   corporate card   carbon offsets   stationaries trees   fit wheelchairs   high schools   open network   top spot   ih leaders   program unity   potential students   most runners   carbon neutrality   monthly meeting   sciencebased girl   priceless planet   private foundation   global offices   great insight   advance competition   global crises   altso tournament   sustainable principles   native life   local economy   strategic alliances   20xx offices   lifechanging mobility   key actions   design networking   exhaustive list   20xx ihsmarkitlife   bias return   breakthrough technologies   open finance   crisis crisis   corporate partnership   advance ihsmarkitlife   sustainable goals   renewable energy   volunteer hours   great possibilities   inclusive culture   prosthetic limbs   ewaste drives   inclusive experience   global group   basic skills   vulnerable areas   full time   specialty hospital   altso donations   colleagueowned ewaste   great curriculum   altso employees   energy usage   humanitarian values   next years   silver certification   school success   leadership team   bono expertise   career path   commercial strategy   proper disposal   strong institutions   clthe items   extend absence   standard loyalty   support theatre   item trees   employee experience   landfill disposal   corporate tree   influential women   lgbt community   onsite day   black employees   promise funds   more offices   sustainable commuting   various teams   board meeting   first corporation   alternative fuels   food items   planet coalition   press clothes   public transportion   school students   inclusive benefits   computer skills   unconscious prideihsmarkit   geological colleagues   pay employment   work work   automotive business   emerge programs   national awards   continue education   sustainable cities   nonprofit organization   european finance   camp crisis   global event   executive president   potential network   blood money   employee engagement   corporate services   value approach   different types   multiple sdgs   xprize competition   worldclass firms   purchases5 efficiency   certify partnership   overall design   gender equality   super hospital   standard fittings   first time   national level   gender bias   value culture   global lunch   more detail   decent work   refugee crisis   lead strategies   numerous groups   second place   ewaste disposal   american adults   important part   charitable giving   unconscious bias   environmental registry   develop countries   copyright ihsmarkitlife   nycs schools   big impact   financial services   large networks   strong alliances   climate accord   mystic river   good practice   unconscious return   practical experiences   global markit   corporate headquarters   new highlights   lean organization   corporatebranded goods   own lives   senior director   poverty hunger   priceless biketowork   economic growth   return professionals   unique actions   co2 emissions   development goals   stem education   work arrangements   build tree   mug tshirts   woman leaders   radical candor   large organization   miss maps   free limbs   patient care   harvest chestnuts   leed certification   corporate equality   brand opportunities   full backpacks   celebrate inclusiveness   inaugural women   copyright efficiency   corporate challenge   world record   same recognition   free mobility   medical supplies   pride initiatives   corporate team   super specialty   20xx leaders   global competition   climate action   senior team   20xx donations   corporate practices   global tree   sudan crisis   diverse workforce   organization recognition   super office   computer technology   global heads   lean recognition   flexible arrangements   team members   advance technology   equivalent colleagues   numerous lives   found partners   large fundraiser   nonprofit path   smart selection   reduce inequalities   need work   new panels   recycle program   markit donations   affinity group   markit forest   compress week   different departments   paris accord   major offices   disposable income   nycbased organization   orthotic devices   good health   center networking   global groups   job force   trouble schools   free healthcare   establish reporting   certify offices   early coalition   current policies   share values   educational program   monthly competition   subconscious biases   metric tons   syrian crisis   special needs   energy efficiency   tetbury office   joint event   little income   high school   social responsibility   industrial facilities   last check   corporate sponsor   equal opportunity   flexi hours   responsible citizenship   guinness record   computer literacy   more donations   critical needs   20xx efficiency   drive commitment   lead panels   volunteer network   annual waste   useful products   great place   old equipment   robust program   program copyright
Actions:   strengthen relationship   shave heads   fight copyright   donate trees   improve health   implement program   learn institute   source percent   identify that   catalyze innovation   recruit runners   include types   host lunch   demonstrate commitment   host drives   treat coolkids   roll culture   engage group   advance education11   use goal   source efficiency   confront hunger   check event   leverage networks   teach skills   hold spot   reduce amount   form teams   gain insight   include hands   plant trees   donate 29610   reach accord   celebrate contribution   use heinen   complete marathon   accept recognition   raise money   receive gift   average leds   launch action   recognize promotes   volunteer finance   infrastructure competition   use data   call itself   support leg   launch biketowork   generate office   customize devices   build confidence   achieve future   remove return   cost reduction   succeed ihsmarkitlife   recognize tenure   donate money   engage employees   offer arrangements   engage customers   provide opportunity   teach technology   clean clothes   recognize time   encourage members   processingcomputing networking   visit website   open act   support community   track progress   remove bias   implement that   launch coalition   provide electricity   launch programs   take steps   include curriculum   offer expertise   award consumers   provide program   access forest   support development   provide limbs   engage workforce   challenge bias   encourage inequalities   open path   create workforce   drive engagement   raise 25747   participate ewaste   complicate partnering   drive practice   incorporate principles   reintegrate professionals   repurpose equipment   obtain certification   launch waste   receive chairman   shine india   develop technologies   score 100   need return   use hours   donate 37000   give reason   improve donations   have chance   meet many   extend offers   ensure representation   remove tons   increase efficiency   raise funds   provide wheelchairs   monitor printers   donate goods   offer healthcare   represent 30   improve equality   impact students   clean care   access content   improve wellbeing   play part   source electricity   use transportion   review policies   include snapshots   average kwh   include centre   participate offices   support crisis   raise total   establish team   conduct lunch   manage opportunities   afford care   celebrate inclusiveness   create pillars   divert tons   use registry   join markit   recycle cdsmaterials   contribute hours   avoid disposal   set record   advance wellness   make work   affect areas   extend work   promote openworld   replace fittings   pull chestnuts   strengthen force   provide experience   remove prideihsmarkit   donate pounds   convert emissions   eliminate biases   offset footprints   drive donations9   implement initiatives   celebrate employers   use director   cut vegetables   landfill recycling   transform world   achieve emissions   encourage reduction   call goal   fund grants   apply selection   plant quantity   engage colleagues   improve quality   promote experience   map areas   capture approach   benefit olympics   participate items   donate more   promote education   go community   launch return   tap power   see detail   learn more   support goals   invest million   enter leaders   attend ihsmarkitlife   remove equality   introduction3 stewardship   promote disposal   rank place   receive recognition   save threequarters   highlight shavees   host meeting   match 100k   make that   impact lives   introduction3 progress   build alliances   win organization   remove markit   strengthen skillset   participate cleanup   migrant crisis   employ students   enter copyright   support theatre   support sdgs   donate 20000   serve food   discuss network   create heads   offset efficiency   reduce time   breeamleedcertified standards   raise 46888   raise empower   connect leg   realize potential   identify needs   create culture   return unity   encompass diversity   offer that   raise challenge   coordinate activities   reduce usage   open students   bring firms   win awards   remove theatre   launch life   obtain literacy   remove action   take step   support success   live hospital   share stories   enjoy content   raise work   uphold pledges   landfill life   estimate 8000   retire offsets   give mobility   drive donations   offer months   advance neutrality   map years
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.