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auto-generated 31-Jan-2021
Special Reports China: Will China join the CPTPP trade agreement? A look at how China joining the CPTPP could create significant momentum for a wider free trade agreement across the Asia- Pacific region (page 6) Upcoming PMI releases 16th December: Flash PMIs (US, UK, Eurozone, Japan, Australia) 4th-5th January: Final Worldwide Manufacturing PMIs 6th January: Final Worldwide Services PMIs 7th January: Detailed Global Sector PMIs Global PMI data showed the economic recovery losing momentum amid r


ahead of next week china already a member data out of china russia us and china china and any cptpp cptpp cptpp trade agreement december united kingdom gdp china

Sources: IHS Markit

Pathway Demo and Download Data

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Priority/ Function Areas:   Business & Industrial
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Measures:   industrial recoveries   steady flow   new data   wide network   action plan   global recovery   large group   strong focus   retail spending   broad experience   stayathome measures   nfib gauges   sector output   mega trade   industrial construction   upcoming week   additional inflation   incidental damages   comprehensive agreement   major agreements   rise pressures   busy week   final decision   producer prices   recent months   next week   potential shock   such reform   monthly numbers   high indications   early stage   large agreement   priority area   limit markit   big economies   interest rates   economic strategy   policy decision   ih markit   economics markit   regional initiative   usual dump   strong rebound   recent agreement   trade liberalization   economic week   many states   far negotiations   business sentiment   solid recovery   many governments   common platform   political parties   monetary policy   disinflationary trend   original access   online trade   regional agreements   initial force   economic preview   key releases   wide economy   far cut   technical standards   current account   far wave   final quarter   wide chasm   diary events   transpacific partnership   comprehensive partnership   partial recovery   trade flows   price data   protection trade   own economies   mark variations   tpp deal   soe reform   detail production   economic shock   accession negotiations   trade agreement   regional flows   protract period   economic release   strong investment   confirmatory signs   small data   tepid distancing   far information   thanexpected result   prior consent   necessary reforms   momentum sentiment   regular basis   industry services   important challenges   great guidance   production figures   dynamic region   longterm strategy   many chapters   asiapacific region   rapid expansion   pandemic spending   sweden inflation   giant deal   final estimate   many economies   combine market   chinese government   add exports   giant agreement   special reports   pandemic conditions   first week   intellectual property   first nations   gdp numbers   chief economist   national week   third quarter   consumer expectations   significant benefits   public sectors   policy debate   regional trade   global trade   liability duty   pandemic programme   longterm provision   stateofart agreement   initial bounce   key events   new sales   social distancing   nontariff barriers   large number   demand gains   new architecture   multilateral agreement   far stimulus   outright deflation   rise cases   successful entry   high policy   indian industries   great competition   significant momentum   economic commentary   fourth quarter   special focus   transition period   financial sector   new loans   independent companies   more stimulus   forward guidance   great concern   favour tools   equivalent market   target rate   large economies   domestic demand   soe reforms   last months   higherquality rules   recent tightening   current restrictions   prelockdown spending   cptpp standards   grow importance   asiapacific governments   solution section   many industries   brexit talks   industrial figures   key area   several releases   downside risk   big perspective   machinery orders   asiapacific agreements   considerable concerns   notable uptick   register trademark   advance liberalization   japanese spending   improve access   exist members   advance segments   strong growth   modest recovery   central bank   more pmi   late date   advance agreement   second quarter   cptpp agreement   monthly dump   inflation data   broad trend   weaken performance   37th summit   update supply   economic growth   economic conditions   late data   noticeable momentum   gdp result   weak income   remain members   substantial agreement   several nations   upcoming increases   industrial production   key metrics   upward pressures   japan prices   past years   original nations   member nations   chinese data   crucial ingredient   great proportion   national output   far liberalization   effective containment   downside risks   asiapacific liberalization   annual rate   positive initiative   industrial output   quick succession   asian nations   environmental standards   many areas   unauthorised use   cptpp grouping   trade agreements   rcep membership   total gdp   more information   free trade   far clues   upcoming releases   likely policymakers   similar concerns   environmental protection   rcep deal   economic partnership   significant challenges   economic forecasting   original framework   large role   key catalyst   india decision   advance rcep   new plan   negotiation rounds   many decades   significant roadblocks   preview week   jobless claims   oct inflation   next decade   economic trends   regional partnership   preliminary talks   industrial data   heavy losses   private sector   more economy   domestic concerns   japan orders   special damages   release calendar   global sector   bilateral ftas   geographic scope   possible stimulus   trade deal   key role   price inflation   expand measures   far step   positive outturn   retail sales   industrial updates   asiapacific economies   large deal   farreaching progress   strong upturn   threeyear plan   liberalization framework   persistent weakness   drive force   industrial balance   past decade   official week   regional liberalization   mega fta   recent peak   great access   exist agreement   rise numbers   property reform   future liberalization   economic meetings   economic recovery   wholesale inventories   netherland inflation   common framework   good result   tariff liberalisation   few months   economic benefits   tariff barriers   market access
Actions:   suppress gains   discuss possibility   take office   copy distributing   improve protection   adapt economy   create agreement   include chapters   join fta   modernize economy   show continuation   sustain jolts   show signs   signal uptick   gather sentiment   create momentum   express interest   report prices   leave door   boost exports   deliver result   raise spectre   suggest recovery   lose momentum   cover membership   provide clues   span region   provide ecb   license use   improve competitiveness   so standards   introduce competition   stress risks   open negotiations   liberalize flows   create market   meet standards   announce decision   deliver easing   make membership   comprise nations   include period   publish expectations   open talks   show output   provide support   undertake reforms   boost gdp   raise fears   form potential   make lot   launch plan   extend scope   create rules   join agreement   support sales   cover services   reduce tariffs   support growth   release figures   play process   email economicsihsmarkitcom   surround rate   show growth   head calendar   scrutinise data   take years   intensify debate   lead liberalization   form agreement   approve accession   watch talks   relate data   stage recovery   meet it   join cptpp   join look   struggle week   join deal   agree economies   join decision   confirm rebound   include group   merge cptpp   issue numbers   reduce barriers   experience recovery   expand scope   boost implementation   pave way   create platform   join grouping   go liberalisation   take effect   negotiate deal   trigger progress   reflect concerns   relax rules   create framework   drive wave   deliver access   ratify agreement   see possibility   strengthen rounds   dismantle barriers   raise risk   pas proportion   face roadblocks   ratify cptpp   experience upturn   follow bounce   strengthen trade   close chasm   encourage nations   sustain recoveries   boost flows   report data   reflect membership   create potential   concern fed   distribute transmitting   s flow   set rates   receive report   show recovery   visit section   leave us   sell prices   see rise   permit inflation   license markit
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.