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McKinsey Problem Solving Test Top Tips 1 McKinsey Problem Solving Test You re probably reading this because you ve been invited to take the McKinsey Problem Solving Test. Don t stress out as part of the interview process, we ask most candidates to complete this test. We use this multiple choice test to better understand how you approach problem solving and how well you can size up a situation. McKinsey is more interested in how you think than in how much you ve memorized. Here are a few importan


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Pathway Demo and Download Data

You can download the excel file containing Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions. Please use Lunge App, to try the pathway data.
This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Strategies
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Actions:   write calculations   solve absorbing   bring calculator   use figures   resist temptation   absorb information   complete questions   circle words   make note   understand information   give idea   work answers   complete remainder   question circle   mark space   try tips   absorb words   complete what   illustrate them   manage questions   cross question   take problem   ask you   answer questions   create practice   approach question   begin sentence   need calculator   perform estimate   spend time   work things   leave it   say 250   keep work   need strategy   put tips   circle reason   involve math   give go   give so   save time   skip questions   use method   exhibit absorbing   underline information   skim responses   remind yourself   work what   rule responses   read words   give tips   use test   take test   employ techniques   pay attention   mean minutes   circle types   use judgment   finish question   solve question   read questions   decide approach   give options   waste time   approach tips   use techniques   take tests   eliminate this   use growth   try rest   provide guidance   complete rest   reduce time   limit time   answer many   turn tips   design test   ask questions   keep calculations   churn data   read text   skip it   make 83   read choices   turn page   check work   cross option   make inferences   manage time   solve tips   leave notes   scan responses   can what   solve test   read pages   read tips   perform calculations   answer question   complete areas   approach test   show you   get tests   expect what   solve approximate   involve numbers   draw conclusions   transfer answers   check option   bring abilities   ask candidates   mean it   cross this   eliminate responses   exhibit text   read type   group categories   finish set   alert yourself   hold information   recordedworked answers   find answer   make circle   size situation   eliminate approach   hit half   perform calculation   perform tips   complete test   multiply growth   approach solving   need time   solve wwwmckinseycomcareers   complete 16   use paragraph   read this   solve questions   avoid calculations   answer them   speedread text   create tests   apply techniques   get answer   approach questions   use them   suit people   ensure completion   mention both   give minutes   increase odds   develop tips   write it
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.