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Next Generation Standards Management with Engineering Workbench The standards management capabilities in Engineering Workbench provide standards users with a powerful new solution to easily find and manage standards, codes and specifications and complete projects on time. This briefing introduces these exciting new capabilities and the value of managing standards in Engineering Workbench for organizations across industry sectors. The value of unified access to technical knowledge. As technologie


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Sources: IHS Markit

Pathway Demo and Download Data

You can download the excel file containing Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions. Please use Lunge App, to try the pathway data.
This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Priority/ Function Areas:   Business & Industrial
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Measures:   exact number   new way   popular document   convenient facets   late reference   competitive advantage   search field   indispensable tool   essential documentation   specific phrase   cloudbased technologies   intelligent box   several languages   ample opportunities   good practices   recent searches   top workbench   deep insights   technical professional   specific sections   content tools   standard table   full portfolio   complex queries   specialize workflow   document number   quick access   key customers   financial institutions   standard view   full pdf   critical analytics   new standards   save content   particular problem   problemsolving workbench   extend workbench   assure compliance   noticeable improvement   information analytics   challenge tools   search criteria   textual builder   generate summary   stream documents   personal screen   relevant information   central repository   revision history   complex challenges   entire document   3600e customercareihsmarkitcom   standard codes   subject matter   wellinformed decisions   productivity enhancements   discovery use   singleclick access   available platform   secure documents   same time   require documents   need standard   technical enterprise   search terms   rapid pace   requirement members   single interface   single alerts   bookmark projects   standard management   next generation   single source   standard users   single box   word search   pin projects   enhance teamwork   complete projects   search queries   strategic priorities   create projects   security plugin   uniform interface   excit capabilities   easy navigation   new document   criterion personalization   use documents   knowledge base   lead institutions   document summary   large document   personal information   first survey   download view   need information   personalization capabilities   technical knowledge   particular challenge   search time   critical information   technical challenges   relevant standards   standard requirements   user portfolio   major industries   easy challenges   personalize workspace   key enhancements   ample capabilities   standard document   boolean operators   browser plugin   new documents   discovery process   technical challenge   advance builder   different fields   more information   trust source   single solution   require document   fast document   large bodies   complex results   new capability   equivalent criteria   project folder   particular subassembly   simplify field   engineer workbench   workspace tool   projectsgraphical exploration   complex research   new capabilities   next level   new ways   continuous basis   common base   enhance technologies   pdf download   powerful ways   specific section   search analytics   reduce risk   single context   vet content   powerful solution   information workflows   list alerts   intuitive interface   search personalization   unify access   single field   major languages   new solution   change world   lengthy documents   operational efficiency   relate documentation   advance capabilities   confident decisions
Actions:   pin bookmark   enter iso   introduce capabilities   retrieve pdf   allow documents   organize documentation   find standards   create annotations   discover standards   add annotations   use document   draw intelligence   create workflows   load improvement   manage portfolio   feature content   provide tool   exclude personalization   create workspace   access information   address challenge   reexecute searches   improve navigation   use source   incorporate technologies   guide you   download pdf   discover use   offer capabilities   bookmark document   meet field   edit documents   provide insights   view pdf   use folder   provide users   add summary   save it   launch plugin   implement requirements   facilitate use   deliver analytics   manage codes   have solution   interact that   discover workbench   stream page   offer opportunities   address needs   perform search   describe standards   use queries   match terms   preserve enhancements   describe practices   allow access   locate information   organize work   combine analytics   exclude criteria   view documents   address challenges   accelerate process   share knowledge   solve tools   distinguish number   filter alerts   use combination   execute search   refine search   participate survey   share materials   seek advice   enter terms   refine searches   reserve 231752507jl0518   open document   drive advantage   drive economies   save searches   manage documentation   use workflow   bring tools   know number   preserve knowledge   take management   build queries   personalize projects   deliver value   use workbench   manage standards   review history   save oneclick   manage workbench   access documents   save queries   recognize number   discover information   track standards   save time   use number   reduce risk   complete projects   view standards   analyze content   provide tools   take advantage   access plethora   map documents   need plugin   make sense   set alert   support download   discover knowledge   reduce time   implement users   use table   fulfill requests   improve efficiency   implement members   introduce value   share folder
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.