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Alteryx Usability and Testing Agreement This Alteryx Usability and Testing Agreement ( Agreement ), including any attachments or terms incorporated by reference, governs your participation in the Alteryx Usability and Testing Program ( UX Program ), whereby Alteryx conducts surveys and questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, and tests of current and new designs, features, and functionalities for certain Alteryx products (each, a Usability Study ), during which participants will interact with


functionalities or other materials agreement and your participation agreement by either party products and any alteryx studies and all alteryx program and all licenses functionalities for certain alteryx program and any usability program or any usability

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Pathway Demo and Download Data

You can download the excel file containing Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions. Please use Lunge App, to try the pathway data.
This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Priority/ Function Areas:   Business & Industrial
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Technical & Management Services
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Measures:   write notice   more information   usage data   protective order   applicable laws   third b   individual entity   product services   such information   revise version   publish policy   irrevocable right   international sale   proprietary notices   postal language   key codes   follow officer   reasonable care   workmanlike effort   special damages   follow types   copyright claim   usability studies   identifier country   alteryx forums   prior authorization   maximum extent   sensitive information   profile photo   kind feedback   federal courts   internal purposes   subject matter   termination notices   remain provisions   international law   medium information   derivative works   specific tools   identify information   designate participant   confidential hereunder   report results   periodic questionnaires   design features   alteryx code   relate technology   current designs   product direction   personal information   sufficient notice   write consent   such rights   such entity   functionality product   confidental information   such data   reverse engineer   administrative agency   feature product   legitimate interest   governmental body   execution delivery   underlie property   logo copyright   applicable law   time stamp   intellectual property   entire agreement   test results   prohibit content   express consent   nonpublic features   particular purpose   personal data   current decisions   personal types   legitimate purposes   nonexclusive license   current agreement   third party   financial pricing   sole purpose   unlawful void   secret claim   appropriate relief   such term   authorization codes   such designs   technical specifications   such damages   nonpublic information   material information   available policy   software code   legal entity   voluntary participation   prior consent   such party   unreleased products   username country   confidential iii   alteryx emails   saving goodwill   alteryx materials   social media   necessary extent   such revision   follow sections   prior agreements   same arise   sole discretion   nontransferable license   certain products   authorize agent   trademark copyright   subject terms   commercial release   actual builds   full power   confidential information   source code   individual credentials   unrelated emails   record media   unique credentials   purchase decisions   certain data   nonsublicensable license   medium media   general product   exclusive jurisdiction   login credentials   certain information   provide thereunder   physical mail   secret trade   royaltyfree right   legal officer   unenforceable reason   record participants   potential enhancements   affect party   limit license   chief officer   trade company   reasonable assistance   federal law   security law
Actions:   set terms   arise ownership   administer studies   alteryx materials   disclose information   accept terms   create credentials   regard feedback   contain features   impair rights   apply a   disseminate materials   keep it   provide assistance   receive alteryx   make works   result care   publish version   provide us   provide alteryx   display perform   survive termination   release codes   take tools   concern party   carry delivery   disclose it   sell resell   make changes   distribute feedback   permit alteryx   receive emails   function information   use cases   request consent   initiate that   govern agreement   commercialize feedback   violate law   disclose data   grant hereunder   make decisions   give alteryx   purchase services   disclaim representations   select the   outline direction   limit foregoing   support products   provide access   govern participation   represent a   view agreement   violate laws   suffice participation   violate claim   provide hereunder   discover code   collect data   commitment law   have jurisdiction   provide compensation   include code   alteryx rights   comply studies   give notice   anticipate goodwill   assign agreement   conduct surveys   make copies   supersede agreements   offer products   affect validity   include information   use data   use materials   derive reconstruct   include content   constitute waiver   deliver product   sell data   decompile decode   register privacy   incorporate feedback   impair nothing   provide asis   carry provisions   alter copyright   create works   give feedback   include log   use results   write content   access materials   sell securities   offer program   seek order   comply disclaimer   prohibit person   access program   limit disclosure   terminate agreement   focus groups   permit act   develop product   accept agreement   take forums   name country   communicate information   bind entity   use terms   administer program   constitute acceptance   send notices   develop improving   evaluate feedback   include stamp   reproduce license
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.