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Making lives easier, safer and better ISO STRATEGY 2030 Content ISO President Eddy Njoroge on our new strategy It is my pleasure to share with you the new ISO Strategy 2030, a result of a collaborative effort between our members, partners and all stakeholders. Inclusiveness and finding common agreement on products and services is the lifeblood of standardization and for 75 years, ISO has been at the heart of this process. It is therefore fitting that the vision of ISO for 2030 should be founded


iso and its members standards use the iso iso must get standards iso we are iso iso standards iso iso standards development standards deliver iso standards standards

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Pathway Demo and Download Data

You can download the excel file containing Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions. Please use Lunge App, to try the pathway data.
This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Priority/ Function Areas:   Internet & Telecom  Law & Government  Science
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Measures:   member engagement   primary drivers   potential impact   traditional technologies   national borders   conduct research   international cooperation   right standards   international statement   global markets   shortterm solutions   standard development   market needs   target support   rich experiences   long way   innovation development   important journey   powerful message   global chains   potential opportunities   specific challenges   national standards   member skills   new strategy   member participation   inclusive difference   sustainable drivers   high quality   urgent challenges   increase networking   result products   indispensable role   direct programmes   new subjects   user needs   iso standards   international system   case studies   regional level   global needs   potential subjects   external drivers   different leadership   customizable products   new opportunities   longterm development   inclusive development   current challenges   detail framework   feedback innovation   sustainable standards   responsive action   future situations   continuous improvement   advance innovation   timely way   most impact   membership base   global drive   concrete examples   global agenda   regular basis   competitive advantage   multiple levels   follow pages   future drivers   daily lives   international effort   shift drivers   international drive   sustainable way   knowledge transfer   business collaborates   new challenges   development time   new perspective   right time   right product   leverage technology   virtual formats   digital transformation   advance inclusivity   neutral platform   independent organization   monitor innovation   full range   organizational culture   international standardization   stakeholder expectations   sustainable development   quick publication   priority priorities   iso network   economic uncertainty   foresight activities   innovative priorities   active role   public understanding   next decade   individual rights   broaden engagement   online tools   broad range   relate products   particular group   new technologies   technological innovation   consensusbased standards   great progress   build support   learn tools   broad participation   digital technologies   technical community   qualitative data   own success   key role   value chain   right content   digital infrastructures   same tenets   strategic activities   structure framework   coordinate action   great impact   digital technology   profound changes   external environment   collaborative effort   global drivers   global challenges   whole spectrum   own chain   real value   international iso   international standards   iso strategy   economic growth   widespread use   underrepresented groups   process timeliness   particular leaders   future opportunities   change environment   content iso   major threats   international organization   iso stakeholders   nongovernmental organization   clear strategy   more development   positive impacts   snapshot organization   universal nature   current standards   digital society   concrete actions   new voices   fundamental work   high level   good experts   global solutions   critical needs   efficient approaches   measurement framework   technological developments   standardization subjects   develop countries   future standards   remote learning   welcome difference   vital part   customer expectations   sustainable goals   multiple drivers   right format   culture change   inclusive growth   innovative products   ambitious agenda   emerge areas   diverse needs   next generation   opportunity technology   opportunity partner   new needs   large majority   overall goals   individual company   common agreement   new ways   iso members   social perspective   international inclusivity   opportunity work   diverse perspectives   strategic priorities   global economy   important tools   emerge sectors   positive change   high levels   transformative impact   global context   sustainable one   key tools   public society   crucial component
Actions:   have impact   far understanding   demonstrate impact   meet users   support shift   meet spectrum   analyse innovation   envisage role   capture opportunities   see acceleration   integrate stakeholders   develop subjects   strengthen skills   assess engagement   bring experts   make progress   define priorities   promote activities   strengthen participation   ensure relevance   measure priorities   measure strength   promote benefits   achieve what   construct message   monitor innovation   evaluate work   develop solutions   maintain culture   foster diversity   promote health   attract voices   set ourselves   gather insights   fulfill vision   fulfil mission   encourage participation   use which   anticipate expectations   need standard   support goal   uncertainty evolution   facilitate participation   make most   find agreement   provide solutions   understand context   translate these   build studies   establish trust   use network   predict development   evolve targets   assess members   transform context   realize priorities   seize opportunity   promote innovation   push organizations   adapt intentions   create format   partnershipbuilding efforts   address risks   maintain range   drive evolution   empower people   affect demand   promote research   agree context   change way   measure effectiveness   demonstrate nature   create advantage   find ways   explore role   ensure strengths   experience challenges   evaluate impact   use examples   play role   emerge priorities   improve quality   mean what   set us   find ourselves   show purpose   evaluate prioritizing   support action   affect drivers   realize purpose   achieve priorities   promote standards   consume iso   prioritize needs   promote transfer   achieve standards   consider challenges   deliver solutions   present challenge   deliver standards   accelerate timeliness   identify needs   define purpose   measure success   bring perspective   reflect diversity   identify drivers   bring people   make decisions   outline actions   fit needs   bring network   develop test   share knowledge   demonstrate value   realize mission   support innovation   retain experts   streamline development   seize partner   measure diversity   realize vision   promote development   define 2030   strengthen members   focus resources   provide support   incorporate needs   engage stakeholders   seize work   improve chain   address goals   deliver content   read transformation   measure engagement   measure progress   develop standards   change expectations   achieve sustainability   face humanity   help us   anticipate change   increase engagement   measure time   achieve goals   enable everyone   require effort   collect research   measure visibility   attract experts   use tools   choose product   comprise base   get standards   conduct research   measure use   explore pathways   provide urgency   hear inclusivity   face threats   demonstrate benefits   seize technology   develop framework   position organization   outline show   instigate change   present risks   harness power   putt pressure   address challenges   evaluate success   boost efficiency   want levels   engage experts   monitor drivers   focus efforts   transform world   provide platform   maximize impact   promote acceptance   seize coordinate   provide impetus   anticipate needs   play strategy   use innovate   provide training   encourage use   compromise quality   maximize benefits   bring that   deploy products   step stones   meet needs   enable us   achieve this   foster spread
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.