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GRID MODERNIZATION PLAN FOR PUERTO RICO Prepared for: Central Of ce for Recovery, Reconstruction and Resiliency TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary .......................................................................................................................... v 1. Introduction ................................................................................................................................ 1 2. Energy System Overview ......................................................


design of the islandable damage during the storm design for eight islandable control via the derms program will be critical recommendations from the hurricane future goes beyond design systems and the implementation service to the medical

Sources: IHS Markit

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Priority/ Function Areas:   Business & Industrial
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Profiles:   governor office   this plan   the designs   the sources   doe recommendations   the information   rico product   a structure   a issue   that facilities   this systems   all construction   the analysis   the outage   this lines   the costs   the replacement   newport partners   td systems   the objective   that projects   the hurricanes   the trajectory   the sections   the repairs   grid communication   this regulations   the transformation   the facility   the population   a grid   which capability   this utilities   the stage   this devices   the boundaries   department funding   the island   a plan   this events   that attack   rightsof way   the appropriation   the substations   the ppoa   the provision   the improvements   the majority   an substations   a examples   the implementation   rico experience   which areas   the system   the grid   the budget   the act   c2 cost   this partnerships   this concept   rico generation   prepa system   the proliferation   the selection   a pipeline   all liabilities   this categories   a fault   this approach   any effort   the discipline   the programs   the implication   the delivery   the categories   new facilities   both water   the document   the governor   the option   a program   a declaration   each grid   this facilities   the density   the fsru   a process   the plan   the data   the organizations   the cost   the gas   that lines   the airport   humacao upgrade   the use   this section   ee programs   it system   the mapping   a intent   the crew   the projects   a gas   the changes   this list   the estimates   the application   the goal   the center   the activities   the storm   the investment   the integration   the regulation   no programs   a reconstruction   this opportunities   june system   the recommendations   that units   the hardening   summit principles   a plant   the load   the ability   the reports   this challenges   the units   each system   the network   the vision   the meter   the firms   the upgrades   the concept   the expenditures   fema funds   this centers   a majority   the actions   the lowlands   rd centers   all facilities   any state   the evolution   u recovery   the assessment   this enhancements   a range   the funding   the facilities   this poles   the failure   the district   the rotation   the state   this program   prepa representatives   this transformation   a facility   this type   all investments   this portfolio   rico system   the remainder   this projects   coa design   a technology   the generation   this areas   the group   dr plan   the power   the coast   this practices   the assets   the devastation   the inspection   the distribution   the centers   humacao district   the number   ie plants   this upgrades   the line   any portion   the demographics   the step   ie reclosers   a scenario   the standards   the automation   irp count   this attack   the level   the controls   the focus   the consequences   the team   the systems   the fleet   this study   its functionality   the location   a justification   this technologies   cor3 functions   a surge   each project   the items   the circuits   a system   this amount   gi justification   the utility   that amount   the need   grid fragmentation   the initiatives   the generators   the details   this capabilities   the lines   the building   the section   district substations   the geography   humacao substation   the process   c6 cost   a population   the equipment   the customer   the inspectors   the infrastructure   the terminal   a carrier   the board   a rollout   the purpose   dr programs   the table   the prioritization   the agency   the list   the staff   the impacts   the rest   the views   the historian   the estimate   the extent   prepa plan   the design   october table   that estimate   this insulators   the impact   this rule   a method   the irp   this recommendations   this networks   a lack   this assets   the capability   this technology   the effort   a planners   scada communications   this vision   the pmo
Goals:   include reduce modernize   target hit areas   improve systems reliability   define modern grid   meet goals shortterm   launch help program   replace link source   support infrastructure identification   raise promote awareness   include conditioning equipment   provide secure source   suffer due damage   create portfolio standard   include management systems   review sustained damage   secure required funding   use system codes   develop w luminaires   leverage system technologies   represent substantial repair   conduct hosting study   underlie spend requirements   adopt best practices   process elements organization   represent reasonable estimate   centralize operations improvements   restore damaged components   mitigate restoration efforts   imply endorsement recommendation   install solar pv   lead stakeholder process   sustain category standards   deliver more reliable   include extending ranges   include networks fiber   withstand proposed design   adopt completed reports   inform innovative path   exceed devastated inches   fulfill sector courses   implement modern tariffs   ensure resilience reliability   retrieve major difference   evaluate small wire   identify critical areas   install storage systems   ensure reliability safety   implement security protections   impact whole island   recommend increased use   recommend integration costs   incorporate resource technologies   utilize combustion engines   develop expenditure forecast   provide restore assistance   accommodate robust expansion   infrastructure key priority   enact reduce measures   recommend energy courses   reduce operation costs   build operating model   implement islandable grids   enable integration communications   integrate mentioned systems   respond maintain affordability   interconnect generation assets   provide following capabilities   implement security monitoring   establish viable system   provide substation feeds   accommodate indicate requirements   support supply facilities   secure physical systems   ensure stability voltage   provide aid backup   process performance descriptions   need management programs   implement decentralized grid   present unprecedented opportunity   automate security processes   isolate disturbances microgrids   reduce electricity bills   adopt structured process   use tree wire   harden operating procedures   provide precise view   command price premium   support billing centers   include limited ability   provide aggregated summary   optimize energy transfer   transform power system   confirm effectiveness functionality   provide high level   evaluate overall technology   achieve outlined vision   require supply infrastructure   convene system summit   reduce key purpose   improve operational efficiency   transform current state   follow design standards   install such example   develop biomassfired plant   optimize generation fleet   support load infrastructure   develop final list   fare made prestorm   design future grid   accommodate power flows   withstand wind forces   enable generation system   integrate systems derms   install service connectors   asses appropriate strategy   provide control dimming   include expects investments   need customer density   conduct impact study   provide following excerpt   meet verify delivery   protect pertinent information   isolate trouble area   retain best resources   finalize reliability projects   provide detailed breakdown   improve capacity resiliency   play large role   withstand built winds   bill month meters   achieve broader transformation   develop necessary support   operate distributed grid   switchyards sect reconstructionhardening   strengthen power grid   substation investment areas   convene working group   provide historical data   accommodate line upgrades   build secure architecture   identify remove fix   manage collaborative process   implement hardware software   include testing evaluation   provide efficiencies advantages   develop incent program   include identified investments   create islandable grids   deliver quality results   require reconfiguration extension   include major transition   meet upper standards   include recommended courses   include police shelters   publish recovery plan   upgrade district description   limit monitor ability   cover solar capacity   enhance resiliency reliability   stabilize voltage voltages   figure power authority   support recovery vision   mandate coupled changes   install lift connectors   accommodate additional clearances   develop dedicated program   provide transmission system   harden distribution system   use current values   span tops ridgelines   remove line tags   enable energy resources   provide reliability resiliency   withstand associated winds   support biomassfired technologies   avoid conducting violations   improve fault isolation   achieve strategic objectives   achieve recommended section   use precertified inverters   need detailed plan   provide system flexibility   conduit submersible transformers   accelerate future state   sustain highlights damage   require cooperation collaboration   reinforce lines substations   save full suite   use stronger class   reduce electrical losses   implement islandable concept   aggregate monitoring systems   monitor restoration activity   mitigate voltage excursions   align generation plan   impact efficiency programs   improve area reliability   provide enabling connectivity   use following principles   use significant amount   improve overall reliability   have efficient buildings   harden transmission system   reduce control units   prevent controls access   improve assets resilience   protect assets data   integrate medical district   present prepared reports   include following units   modernize system vieques   build supporting infrastructure   reconfigure sector coas   create unified effort   include heat generators   include bus applications   guide funding plan   include reviewed programs   review facility designs   meet security protections   harden power system   provision using access   identify risk facilities   deliver more resilient   increase allow generators   improve system security   present reinforcement plan   conduct detailed analysis32   use sand bags   ease cost burden   enable maintenance monitoring   mitigate leveraging issues   evolve arising initiatives   achieve future state   isolate trouble section   minimize vulnerabilities threats   timeconsuming working group   build performance discipline   meet future needs   cause significant failure   wellbeing future system   mitigate transforming hazards   assign lower priority   implement security solutions   share decisions data   alert controls management   restore isolation sections   implement initial priority   integrate airport substations   meet high standard   improveensure current policies   cover wide area   consider specific characteristics   enable private assets   require moved substations   require capital expenditures   develop initial ideas   optimize formulation approach   establish conducted framework   include messaging surveillance   plan wind farms   fulfill primary responsibility   deploy future state   minimize regasification units   install switching devices   support related functions   visit berth ship   transform important component   plan disaster resiliency   improve restoration capabilities   incorporate distributed technologies   develop made grid   include rated substations   monitor parking control   replace excluded assets   reflect final irp   sectionalize distribution feeder   propose solar systems   implement serve adms   support provided report   upgrade islandable resources   use codes standards   include capacity pumps   highlight sector creativity   transform energy system   develop detailed plan   host provide studies   provide diagnose ability   experience intrusion poles   clean energy sources   deliver more system   refine asset selection   maintain system stability   improve physical posture   identify issues theft   have meter capabilities   present transmission areas   provide additional layer   recommend program process   examine current state   include cost summary   describe current state   create build roadmap   create operational uncertainty   execute recovery plan   conduct ongoing activities   provide vision approach   guide rebuild effort   asses readiness estimates   bring energy spend   represent key applications   use energy technology   improve crew safety   include monitoring traffic   show final report   include crossings crossings   introduce design standards   modernize energy system   conduct level analysis   carry related activities   facilitate timely delivery   permit required conceptualization   consist distribution lines   include improve upgrades   enable customerowned microgrids   improve cybersecurity physical   process people organization   transform current system   provide program management   include strategy plan   reflect eventual irp   support islandable mode   conduct resource assessment   follow current state   run transformed operation   include rated circuits   ensure including conformance   compare respective analyses   achieve illustrated objectives   include strategic consideration   integrate aforementioned systems   mitigate transforming hazards8   initiate funding activities   realize mature posture   establish new timeline   play important role   protect critical facilities   form decide team   give selective undergrounding   perform required functions   include bring ability   reduce substation footprint   incorporate design standards   require following studies   install automated switches   identify priority feeders   provide necessary platform   withstand experienced speeds   use capable standards   mature security posture   develop design codes   engage including stakeholders   replace generation units   include needed substations   maintain existing units   include flooding barrier   follow weather events   incorporate renewables microgrids   install infrastructure ami   upgrade generation stations   meet key departure   support infrastructure cybersecurity   maintain reliable grid   accommodate voltage conditions   deliver current voltage   control operations flisr   reflect approved irp   cause system margins   rebuild entire system   harden delivery system   reduce fuel imports   implement business processes   upgrade transmission system   develop program charter   conduct level assessment   rebuild distribution system   provide transformation capacity   meet future objectives   enable implementation development   modernize generation portfolio   establish control infrastructure   support entire commonwealth   convert legacy system   relocate voltage substations   address planning implementation   organize programatic approach   present operating risks   deliver more sustainable   integrate district network   develop impact grid   pose need risks   deliver new system   rebate pricing rates   figure repairs source   include battery banks   meet category standard   provide supply lines   withstand category storms   understand overall benefit   assess best approach   call solar source   provide necessary capacity   expect deems performance   meet design standards   recommend select vendors   deliver support practices   ensure power transfer   address issues capacity   include greater portion   install distribution feeds   achieve system vision   manage own figure   incent benefit installations   install disconnect disconnectors   ensure affordable electricity   relocate derived costs   increase resilience reliability   integrate costeffective energy   highlight electricity system   sustain greatest damage   represent broken poles   improve sustainability affordability   meet rain runoff   lead funding formulation   support derivation details   develop procedures protocols   identify technology recommendations   translate strategic vision   enhance controls protection   contingency system disturbances   specify accountabilities authorities   use improves design   provide improve framework   protect important centers   include capital expenditures   lead significant portion   incorporate management tools   address variances disturbances   enable restoration efforts   provide future state   contain current budget   envision delivery system   roll islandable sections   improve following times   audit imposed restriction   include phased replacement   develop robust portfolio   use changers capacitors   improve current state   accommodate transmission lines   include power transformers   include leverage systems   publish comprehensive plan   expandrevise consistent scenarios   consider unique geography   pose safety threat   retrocommissioning enforcement insulation   increase operational margins   improve governance model   enhance supports resiliency   include prioritized list   transform sector system   convert liquefied facilities   deliver necessary software   assign develop responsibility   recommend solar farm   observe cybersecurity practices   meet upper criteria   guide working group   improve ability efficiency   backup pilot project   serve load centers   improve restoration times   highlight reinforce need   install solar capacity   advance sustainability customercentricity   conduct distributed study   attract next generation   maintain robust system   maintain power system   recommend development process   test incent program   build generation leadership   use design standards   govern system transformation   power economic engine   provide interconnection paths   cover performance safety   compromise full suite   indicate strong transformation   connect headend meters   improve withstand ability   require engineering studies   evaluate technical capability   address major risks   improve deliverability availability   require dedicated team   use top transformers   serve islandable grid   file following assets   asses current state   conduct level study   provide qualified operators   present proposed programs   envision operate future   include consists requirements   implement new vision   report reported reports   upgrade name humacao   prioritize procurement activities   prioritize security hardening   upgrade equipment lines   enable environmental emissions   reduce overall cost   improve cybersecurity posture   deliver power grid   stage planning training   optimize delivery schedule   improve resiliency reliability   increase reliability resiliency   implement critical standards   facilitate submission review   develop comprehensive plan   deliver decisionmaking goals   support planning redevelopment   support verification validation   replace electromechanical relays   process continuous span   rerout hardening retirement   protect utility systems   use generation areas   fuel estimated total   enhance security measures   overlie weather patterns   deploy exact systems   see recovery effort   replace existing substations   submit revised irp   hire small team   develop protocols procedures   make study recommendations   address following areas   manage staffing processes   describe enable plan   recommend substantial effort   disconnect secondary wires   mitigate caused impacts   harden power grid   develop industry practices   implement security controls   include accommodate upgrades   provide communications network   conduct following studies   use gas lng   prioritize limited ability   monitor tracking controls   provide complete path   save managed program   include separate development   build process culture   conduct identifying challenges   flood impacted areas   upgrade system infrastructure   rebuild annual estimates   serve voltage lines   reduce customer minutes   cause flooding issues   redeploy used assets   use following factors   lack control systems   address bringing risks   require customer prepa   support execution note   withstand high winds   schedule billing performance   mitigate address ability   provide regulatory rules   recommend following steps
Measures:   regulatory policy   reconstruction costs   safety margins   limit ability   islanding mode   available stakeholders   propose terminal   exist stations   eastern sections   parallel investments   accurate point   future loads   additional repairs   thirdparty operator   northsouth lines   solar technology   strong class   exist substations   select design   propose rebuilds   der integration   generator retirement   realtime information   flood barrier   automate devices   historical storm   technical compatibility   postfragmented development   recent hurricanes   additional analyses   first level   corrective action   remote devices   damage meter   future system   smart meter   control units   exist challenges   program collaboration   steal meter   berth ship   necessary sources   voltage voltages   distribute peaker   nearshore location   such example   islandable grids   design practices   right mix   operational margins   substation information   remote meter   energy spend   security measures   monthly date   similar impacts   trouble section   consistent projects   resource money   power transformers   estimate cost   remote onoff   future projects   fiscal year   procurement activities   performance impacts   video surveillance   wide range   largescale programs   key purpose   flood zones   reconfiguration extension   urban areas   high storms   costeffective energy   longterm program   smart devices   available information   analysis table   large portion   increase resilience   short pipeline   additional collaboration   system vision   critical feeders   great attention   commercial customers   potential assessment   good implementation   large towers   total cost   immediate needs   prosperity flexibility   high rating   capable standards   mount solar   decisionmake goals   public property   potential sources   future investment   undamaged equipment   realistic plan   resilient electricity   new equipment   new system   critical standards   accept codes   individual substations   individual projects   high lines   retail sales   adequate systems   low loads   reasonable estimate   short plan   terminal tanks   distribute units   protection standards   develop systems   obsolete components   cascade failures   system models   cost burden   second tank   specific process   substation footprint   electricity demand   additional information   safe manner   alternative lines   refine generation   consumer awareness   flexible connectors   identify investments   likely conversion   affordable electricity   current policies   response interaction   similar upgrades   combine generation   puerto system   ongoing activities   primary control   emergency shelters   possible use   old technology   small islands   large numbers   relate landslides   upper level   future hazards8   additional clearances   reduce ability   colombian coal   key substations   new tariffs   intermediate years   condition assessments   major plants   evaluation compensation   high level   storm criteria   significant information   customer accounts   sustain lines   similar standards   prove method   voltage substations   repair source   high voltage   fast restoration   available capacity   additional data   carrier ship   medical district   new terminal   conductor size   future hazards   know unit   security solutions   urban centers   increase sources   large resources   distribution operators   many plants   ru standards   new forms   rps target   establish procedures   central mountain   distribute resource   coordinate program   critical loads   continuous supply   outage duration   overall cost   subject areas   automate design   system faults   main generation   develop initiatives   control center   damage circuits   asset selection   high nearterm   security protections   select vendors   weather patterns   new timeline   gridmod plan   fund formulation   readiness estimates   robust systems   grid resiliency   industrial facilities   impact study   electrical energy   dispatchable generators   operate model   late date   early hours   single point   major pathways   precertified inverters   distribution hardening   interconnect grid   additional assistance   core areas   disaster resiliency   geographic area   expect amounts   conversion installation   complete studies   level analysis   disparate applications   successful trials   federal resources   appropriate balance   last years   physical measures   critical load   traditional insulators   customer billing   smart city   defenseindepth approach   transform system   electric power   renewable resource   islandable figure   private organizations   grid formation   serve entities   substations7 generation   large role   efficient efforts   costeffective alternative   onsite monitoring   islandable grid   bulk operations   few years   eligible projects   annual opportunities   underground distribution   wooden poles   breaker arrangements   concrete structure   effective program   plant operations   single facility   floodresistant materials   modern insulators   install generation   hurricane conditions   biomassfired technologies   electrical power   similar analysis   alarm authentication   low lines   key objective   deliver output   community resiliency   islandable sections   unique opportunity   additional resources   resilient generation   solar source   key functions   add resiliency   necessary support   new line   reliable operations   decentralize generation   successful rollout   coalfired plant   distribute plants   fuel deliveries   pilot project   future technologies   intermittent resources   respective analyses   current values   prevalent types   electric industry   regulatory framework   comprehensive change   far review   associate protection   fund expenditures   sand bags   exist units   governance model   local area   verify delivery   future generation   local hardware   intermediate poles   estimate total   der installations   systemwide project   timely compliance   heavyduty bags   previous target   reliable system   clear goals   cyber vulnerabilities   solar development   primary center   breakaway disconnectors   mediumsized unit   generation units   digital equipment   fossil imports   customer density   customer minutes   cyber assets   islanding conditions   follow facility   underground loops   capable standard   outage times   fossil fuel   wind floods   priority feeders   mobile substations   solar generation   substandard technology   estimate times   complex projects   islandable areas   actual data   offshore turbines   common standard   monitor traffic   severe damage   gasfired generation   innovative thinking   significant resources   extensive team   single entities   system disturbances   physical equipment   multiple areas   forthcoming analysis   exist storage   solar panels   international description   wind farms   fuel imports   main plants   necessary policies   secondary wires   economic prosperity   combustion engines   security monitoring   flexible tariffs   prioritize list   frequent system   invert construction   good approach   generation stations   new farms   communication network   new infrastructure   remain meters   datum communications   significant reduction   major categories   industrialsensitive processes   standard requirement   high pumps   vulnerable districts   downstream customers   guide figure   strong opposition   source table   northwestern region   follow factors   simple technology   defenseindepth protection   combine cycle   own facilities   control networks   power system   low costs   few programs   monopole towers   historical patterns   significant loss   intermediate efforts   entire system   fault isolation   total administration   concrete walls   lng strategy   digital technologies   entire commonwealth   break transformers   great portion   increase number   resiliency customercentricity   remain customers   substandard clearance   reliability standards   adjust settings   betts replacement   power grid   bus applications   numerous sources   additional advisors   private partnerships   short circuits   cooperation collaboration   integrate network   system loads   regulate monopoly   submission review   small regasification   renewable goals   distribute technologies   analytic models   electronic devices   concrete injections   standard levels   low projects   strong winds   enhance levels   final plan   high forces   economic infrastructure   area reliability   customercentric electricity   critical identification   physical control   various substations   spend requirements   modern framework   robust transmission   environmental monitoring   realtime visibility   steady voltages   current guidelines   solar efficiency   concerted effort   susceptible areas   concentrate population   target expenditures   contingency criteria   continental system   renewable resiliency   preventive monitoring   gp tracking   digital relays   mesh architectures   high loads   underground terminations   service reliability   neighbore systems   renewable microgrids   usual light   battery banks   detail breakdown   operational networks   different portfolios   widespread wind   third party   permanent reconstruction   future needs   national requirements   rain runoff   standard voltage   generation plan   critical systems   critical centers   grid resilience   emergency power   serious issues   survey response   singular project   seal conduits   overhead system   unify group   onsite storage   final step   manage program   internal disruptions   high levels   humacao projects   eastern region   critical network   many assets   fall trees   coordinate effort   transmission supply   remote municipalities   limit information   concrete poles   complete failure   security posture   pump stations   generate assets   new loop   sector creativity   power sector   limit use   operational commands   commercial areas   great resilience   propose codes   critical segments   specific assets   robust system   additional studies   such pieces   central generation   system impacts   american nerc   interconnection rules   rebuild strategy   generate fleet   high areas   tree wire   emerge testing   valuable insight   bituminous coal   important role   recovery vision   thermal generators   trouble area   industry codes   total estimates   system transformation   major storm   strong wire   critical assets   regulatory alignment   selective undergrounding   load infrastructure   reinforcement plan   nonprofit organizations   additional layer   ami system   relay settings   specific components   high risks   new stage   operate agreements   resilient grid   new substations   long repairs   relay banks   new poles   key step   buen sect   background investigations   open tierecloser   good substations   detail statements   timely manner   important functions   future capability   galvanize concrete   critical peak   onsite inspection   key applications   associate elements   local partners   sufficient resources   human capital   advance selfhealing   process culture   high density   face systems   test safety   work categories   exist systems   important part   same size   sustainable resources   renewable sources   program charter   infrastructure cybersecurity   renewable power   key assets   program ideas   great reliance   long term   harden grid   usual functions   necessary architecture   storage systems   host study   renewable portfolio   limit redundancy   northwestern area   plain levels   support mdms   large islands   follow principles   more programs   necessary capacity   rack mechanisms   commercial lighting   service impact   mountain ranges   relay building   high standard   change conditions   detail systems   transmission lines   revise procedures   total sector   industrial sectors   engineer protection   momentary interruptions   few interruptions   build insulation   few events   guide plan   major level   power flow   detail descriptions   unique geography   standard code   modern work   initial deployments   future events   physical attack   same storms   innovative path   many utilities   few ties   technical capability   conceptual grouping15   control switches   esm scenario   superior flexibility   primary controller   current stations   water damage   operational efficiency   advisory authority   vision approach   advance managements   civil engineers   regional locations   physical systems   protect environment   key reason   distribution underbuilds   enhance protection   new initiatives   resilience solutions   improvement span   many challenges   own facility   interval information   many sections   operate lives   traditional system   recent seasons   comprehensive plan   procedural issues   culebra islands   physical design   net migration   constrain areas   major hurricanes   common standards   recommend plan   renewable storage   physical controls   northern coasts   robust expansion   follow pv   unauthorized access   recent decades   late codes   regasification plant   last decade   particular purpose   limit corridors   strategic consideration   clean energy   digitization retirement   electrical engineers   full suite   technical management   spaceconstrained areas   multiple metrics   least establishment   solutionsbased evaluation   gasfired stations   small team   lead luminaires   stakeholder process   enhance automation   detail analyses   lng tanks   repeat damage   rico system   federal assistance   information systems   public messaging   capacity studies   grid areas   structural ratings   monopole design   encapsulate centers   current version   level estimates   future grid   flexible peaking   enhance connections   permanent projects   bipartisan act   loop system   key sources   electricity bills   high ratings   different sectors   fuel costs   configuration management   waterway crossings   propose standards   new cycle   delivery schedule   hurricaneforce winds   major investments   nearterm repairs   parallel paths   assessment data   upper criteria   granular information   optimum solution   legislative initiatives   annual budgets   juan description   storage tank   large companies   tandem implementations   initial assessment   new businesses   operational uncertainty   protect grid   capacity pumps   power der   reconstruction effort   collaborative decisionmaking   workforce development   future operations   area descriptions   populate area   tropical growth   islandable microgrids   great proportions   multiple paths   costeffective measures   continuous span   reciprocate engines   direct path   specific requirements   potential investments   transmission infrastructure   airport facilities   implementation plan   airport reliability   rural development   import fuel   security processes   damage hardware   scada systems   cybersecurity efforts   great reliability   smart lighting   partial wind   electric generation   follow solutions   educational facilities   availability requirements   major control   southern portion   direct ties   smart lights   solar expansion   transmission system   infrared authentication   switch actions   potential transformation   large initiatives   far detail   reliable streams   appropriatelysized sections   configuration technology   low voltage   intelligent devices   timely delivery   detail generation   electrical grid   current costs   continuous operation   consistent objectives   bad damage   system codes   representative costs   exist right   program requirements   last months   electric delivery   terminal units   current standard   major lines   significant enabler   articulable need   catastrophic events   fueled generation   role span   generation output   first pv   small wire   correct level   exist turbines   rps targets   first years   normal events   insulate substations   exist kv   many lines   foundational technologies   transformation approach   grid control   overall transformation   service connectors   high pressure   next generation   variable output   different types   electrical connections   marine gas   potential terminal   distribution investments   operate risks   termination transformers   common components   industry experts   low priority   lengthy spans   underground cable   implementation roadmap   circuit breakers   heavy rains   relay panels   enforcement insulation   fuel infrastructure   sufficient condition   supply circuits   public safety   disasterdamaged components   electromechanical relays   utilityscale agreements   accessible areas   generate resources   preventative maintenance   transformation capacity   associate consequences   future efforts   more system   exist assets   basic levels   most assets   asset data   postfragmented conditions   modern grid   net implications   physical characteristics   container facility   renewable resources   unprecedented opportunity   fuel supply   energy resources   prioritize schedules   thermal technologies   fault outages   hit areas   possible midscale   voltage conditions   mountainous terrain   bundle conductor   major areas   energy sources   industrial centers   additional solutions   distribution substations   more detail   initial ideas   service facilities   work groups   rapid variations   airport substations   longterm initiatives   system failure   industry protections   reliability improvements   cost units   polymer insulators   prove technologies   patch programs   minisplit units   physical access   single system   locate centers   associate switchgear   flisr capability   necessary software   broad transformation   piecemeal fashion   current standards   exist transmission   residential ac   important component   broad efforts   critical lines   financial authority   work team   natural hazards   feeder switches   more ties   major pieces   economic engine   relevant advisors   esm summit   investment areas   plan source   efficient resources   additional detail   revise irp   entire group   standardize system   solar plants   long outage   limit access   boundary recommendations   site design   harden retirement   decentralize system   modify carrier   late years   electricity system   continuous programs   internal damage   new resources   primary voltages   solar system   increase use   important sectors   longterm success   reliability projects   propose plan   goal targets   additional reclosers   enhance security   original rps   interconnection paths   many areas   final irp   resilient system   commercial facilities   primary means   direct rebuild   lattice towers   organizational change   focus area   intermittent generation   substation tranmission   thermal generation   privatelyowned aes   future operation   central element   follow concepts   concrete steel   coa design   electric grid   several upgrades   windrelated damage   permanent improvement   operational efficiencies   aforementioned systems   overall portfolio   float terminal   background information   pilot applications   islanding operation   daily usage   operate procedures   multiple contingencies   consistent manner   combine heat   solar resources   security controls   southeast corner   energy transfer   high wind   decentralize grid   key activities   overhead sections   new feature   several months   efficient monitoring   underground system   comprehensive analysis   substantial repair   numerous substations   critical hospitals   islandable operation   performance discipline   standard clearance   total capacity   distribution lines   environmental issues   secure source   associate estimates   large plants   posthurricane assessment   prove solution   justification upgrade   major table   critical services   multiple scenarios   sector courses   sanitation facilities   bill performance   disruptive events   sufficient margins   smart switches   residual fuel   intrusion poles   process applications   additional amounts   complementary areas   capital expenditures   public law   environmental compliance   improve flisr   critical implementation   dynamic information   several units   critical facilities   protective relays   require functions   critical justification   plan grid   grid performance   traditional relationship   business processes   great amounts   public broadcasting   separate development   future actions   backup generation   substation automation   normal conditions   follow reasons   potential allowances   capacity resiliency   numerous utilities   operate switches   northwestern sections   little penetration   analysis cost   low efficiency   longterm goals   substandard damage   facility designs   different routes   lesser amount   prior sections   advance technologies   solar integration   shipbased terminals   electrical stability   cripple damage   load capacitors   follow control   several efforts   integrate plan   base rates   peak rates   exist resources   work members   inefficient units   repeatable processes   grid planning   great damage   primary responsibility   light system   sustainability affordability   efficiency skills   major risks   solar farms   key priority   plan initiativesprograms   augment projects   advance lighting   important centers   supply lines   irp analysis   reliability issues   public collaborative   follow excerpt   efficiency programs   customercentric resiliency   high voltages   cable conduits   gasfired investments   electric meter   ci applications   federal appropriations   flood issues   various eligibility   grid standards   new peaking   applicable projects   specific areas   standard table   transmission assets   asset resilience   biomassfired plant   international code   recovery plan   structure process   extensive laboratories   propose upgrades   cohesive program   microgrid systems   substantial systems   reliable units   recommend investments   management models   bidirectional flows   redundant feeds   high fuel   various applications   include organizations   public power   lose revenues   system infrastructure   specific substations   operate policies   qualify sources   estimate lights   follow sections   propose programs   remote management   necessary facilities   fiscal plan   comparable levels   additional infrastructure   good reimagining   integral substation   monopole construction   restoration capabilities   street lighting   local conditions   vertical construction   broad management   cost summary   load justification   new technologies   support process   key roles   price rates   major systems   thoma replacement   reliable delivery   low emissions   comprehensive review   current staff   backup infrastructure   walkin centers   major generation   overall benefit   electric energy   technology recommendations   real time   hurricane damage   load decisions   highlight design   estimate quantities   overall infrastructure   plan reconstruction   key elements   emergent industry   utility performance   critical kv   development process   lesser table   collaborative process   price premium   control rooms   hang projects   everyday operations   substantial resources   respective contractor   renewable penetration   cip standards   similar types   copper wire   outage capabilities   immediate benefit   security hardening   regulatory rules   power quality   reliability challenges   underground termination   der quality   applicable structures   integrate software   possible poles   reliability affordability   distribute technology   new assets   transient disturbances   complete project   additional projects   nearby plant   grid infrastructure   wide area   high survivability   additional entities   operational analysis   continuous monitoring   large stations   multiple strategies   impact areas   technical experts   southwest side   ultimate definition   clear recommendations   full service   high strength   composite grids   distribute derms   industry levels   structural integration   transfer capability   northern centers   concrete winds   energy courses   electrical routes   preliminary results   remote units   similar steps   webbased storage   several years   repairreplacement statement   line tags   correspond projections   minimal waste   management teams   distribute storage   damage assessment   single voltage   respective employees   critical infrastructure   current scenarios   riskbased management   detail budgets   backup generators   strategic objectives   nonconventional transformers   legacy systems   substation equipment   operational projects   high ground   analytic inputs   truck rolls   northwestern section   additional operators   capable grid   exact systems   deteriorate infrastructure   more microgrids   role responsibilities   budgetary level   optimum portfolio   damage lights   new techniques   work sessions   additional insights   performance descriptions   deep support   staff processes   side enhancements   new schemes   battery system   area substations   increase resources   distribution system   timely review   der projects   construction standards   underground kv   generation fleet   electric demand   recommend section   potential risks   decentralize improvements   minor damage   fossilfired generation   control management   renewable requirements   several substations   transform operation   many systems   cybersecurity posture   datum connectivity   cost estimates   high results   commercial load   independent network   stateadministered program   physical posture   costeffective integration   islandable concept   submersible panels   critical areas   efficient cleaner   executive level   crossing crossings   aerial operation   complete path   endorsement recommendation   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