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December 2020 Speeding up to become even more consumer obsessed: An interview with GSK s Keith Choy The leader of GlaxoSmithKline s Asia Pacific Consumer Healthcare group describes how his organization is speeding up to serve consumers, despite the heightened uncertainty of COVID-19. The massive uncertainty around COVID-19 has fixed some companies and managers in place, making them unable to react quickly to the changes affecting their business. But for others, it s been a catalyst for change an


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Sources: McKinsey

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Strategies
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Actions:   see what   demonstrate which   keep employees   empower leaders   give them   connect oneonone   fulfill mission   use technology   accelerate development   place orders   take control   build capability   incorporate lessons   fix companies   leverage speaking   mobilize stock   can support   reduce cost   lead choy   adapt programs   worry choy   deliver engagement   see it   demonstrate commitment   boost systems   s gm   shoulder responsibilities   build platform   manage crisis   face curve   tell team   describe environment   s meeting   deliver products   consider opportunities   use words   grow leader   adopt approach   worry you   manage situation   develop countries   improve points   find pool   excite me   make many   identify priorities   leverage research   put team   manage needs   expend energy   simplify 3   affect business   encourage team   recognize effort   speed cadence   show empathy   help patients   give principles   keep connection   balance global   gain insights   make decisions   bring knowledge   serve consumers   lead thing   see that   stick postcovid   use approach   focus what   mean what   leverage technology   know what   simplify processes   strengthen chains   deploy resources   operationalize it   incur costs   engage customer   get products   demonstrate agility   obsess interview   accelerate use   acquire s   trust disadvantage   understand consumers   use freight   need that   support it   make call   reserve 4
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.