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Policy Brief The unemployment benefit boost: Trends in spending and saving when the $600 supplement ended Diana Farrell, Peter Ganong, Fiona Greig, Max Liebeskind, Pascal Noel, Daniel Sullivan, Joseph Vavra October 2020 Unemployment benefits have taken on an unprecedented role in the U.S. economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, passed on March 27, 2020, expanded the scope of unemployment benefits in two ways. First, it authorized a $6


policy brief the unemployment benefits from the spending unemployment benefit boost policy unemployment benefits checking account unemployment unemployment benefit boost fiona greig max liebeskind

Sources: McKinsey

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Type:   Strategies
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Measures:   directdeposited insurance   unemployment benefits2   accumulate buffer   unemployedchecking balance   personal income   chase customers   average spending   policy findings   debt payments   monthly benefits   selfemployed individuals   limit funds   total outflows   lose wages   broad recovery   ordinary times   significant improvements   primary user   aggregate benefits   same exercise   additional savings   bene ts   aggregate effects   constrain measure   eligible recipients   check account   total payments   economic payments   unemployment benefits   small decline   narrow definition   much supplement   weekly note   far support   unemployed endnotes   account balance   weekly spending   unemployment insurance   give month   account outflows   unemployment benefits8   percent increase   continue claims   sudden rise   endofmonth balance   fiscal support   inclusive assets   yearonyear increase   write consent   employ households   future months   percent drop   total assets   policy brief   similar result   weekly supplement   prepandemic standards   employ group   total income   natural question   spend response   spend increase   recent changes   cash withdrawals   same user   unemployment ts   unemployed families   important lessons   600perweek supplement   multiple accounts   first payment   unprecedented role   electronic outflows   check accounts   benefit receipt   economic security   total inflows   300perweek supplement   jobless workers   pandemic program   electronic spending   baseline families   total transfers   pandemic assistance   accumulate savings   renew policymakers   identifiable spending   liquid assets   directdeposited ts   unemployed individuals   brief findings   account balances   great recession3   key findings   encompass spending   relative receipt   unemployment receipt   typical families   benefit supplement   additional spending   whenunemployed spending   unemployed persons   limit set   insurance transfers   aggregate consumption   liquid savings   equal benefits   saving buffer   prepandemic fig   loss baseline   prejob baseline   normal times1   separate analysis   financial stability
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