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Executive summary Reskilling China Transforming the world s largest workforce into lifelong learners January 2021 McKinsey Global Institute Since its founding in 1990, the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) has sought to develop a deeper understanding of the evolving global economy. As the business and economics research arm of McKinsey & Company, MGI aims to help leaders in the commercial, public, and social sectors understand trends and forces shaping the global economy. MGI research combines the


scenario in which china percent of the workforce workforce could take reskilling workers about two percent workers have the skills percent of all global china and the world china needs a skills mckinsey global institute

Sources: McKinsey

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Type:   Strategies
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Profiles:   january automation   the purpose   the pandemic   the revolution   the impact   the sector   fstop123egetty images   the sectors   this work   the executives   exhibit platforms   a lack   the track   the mix   this practices   we scenario   a checklist   the economy   the ratio   a deal   a program   a average   the scenarios   this resources   the framework   a incentive   the belief   a guide   the number   this report   the country   its symptoms   the pace   the work   the norm   another firm   the quality   all gains   that transitions   the priority   this route   the organisation   this research   a survey   the challenge   e4 levers   the survey   this investments   the system   a revolution   a challenge   the potential   the government   the content   mckinsey company   we methodology   the market   the rate   the members   the forces   the gap   the returns   mgi reports   an instructors   this group   a system   the arm   an drivers   the population   china economy   e5 technology   another example   the focus   a spread   a attribute   all stakeholders   institute system   a issue   a maker   any plan   the relationship   the group   another study   that shifts   the categories   the importance   this analysis   the incentive   the share   the recovery   this teams   the school   the nature   a platform   china companies   industryspecific partnerships   the workforce
Goals:   offer equip capabilities   develop needed skills   set delivery units   access training programs   migrant process journal   offer helpful point   transform teaching methods   enter postindustrial phase   kick business executives   reflect own views   require systemic approach   constrain learn ability   take ambitious view   shape global economy   refresh skills employers   transform development system   tackle new era   graduate annual report   capture productivity opportunity   lead research team   coordinate many players   equip workers students   define monitoring milestones   take economic lens   illustrative indicative renminbi   develop need capabilities   shape research agenda   follow typical pattern   devote management time   follow skills knowledge   offer training account   enable largescale commercialization   require strategic thinking   require major shift   expand support capacity   transform global institute   tackle full breadth   support need workers   employ analytical tools   understand forces trends   achieve new era   design driving programs   build solid position   reskil current workforce   cover secondary schools   reinvent skills education   create provide programs   create oriented workforce   kickstart transformation adoption   deliver shareholder returns   promote continuous governments   embrace lifelong system   transform higher schools   compound face challenges   offer including insights   improve sustaining standards   access talent educators   install broadband qingxiyuanshan   identify devoting gaps   reimagining equitable system   pay compulsory budget   understand transforming forces   transform global economy   require technology people   address combined shortage   need skills revolution   provide annual growth   kickstart broader transformation   launch innovation laboratory   demand education market   meet demand demand   deliver collaborative ecosystempartnerships   offer helps solution   examine industry trends   offer information services   lead impact research   motivate broadbased increase   shape lifelong journey   play significant role   promote inclusive society   transform largest workforce   provide investment opportunities   support including population   play crucial role   instill new ethos   need used implementation   increase employee cap   encompass ensure stakeholders   highlight used levers   meet develop aspiration   relate research china   reflect tend fact   create university xchange   lack industry experience   incorporate investment requirement   create virtuous cycle   require enabled productivity   use exchange rate   manage transitions skills   undergo significant evolution   graduate report mycos   monitor application source   improve current direction   support rising standard   support enrolled students   play expanded role   assess education system   pull reducing directions   add skills skills   serve industrial economy   require delivery unit   start transformationimplementing skills   offer uptodate programs   use small units   require indepth expertise   highlight poaching externality   achieve force transitions   thank academic advisers   learn skills building   repeat global institute   describe using projects   facilitate transition myskillsfuture   close competency skills   include based changes   organize internship program   develop deeper understanding   post important element   steer overall direction   offer good return   change education system   make need transitions   employ dual system   teach demands skills   develop dual educators   tackle structural issues   need needs everything   reflect moving economy   benefit need people
Measures:   more collaboration   new style   international competitiveness   traditional methods   important items   sgd500 sgd1000   radical change   chinese students   vocational training   occupational number   smallscale pilots   reskil programs   hybrid ecosystem   train subsidies   vocational tracks   vocational colleges   economic impact   national exam   average needs   train capacity   mobile app   productivity opportunity   evaluation metrics   lead companies   set skill   dual system   theoretical knowledge   broad dimensions   work adults   potential direction   continuous rises   talent shortages   technical schools   potential careers   public policy   productive collaboration   senior teams   artificial intelligence   global economy   new system   more exchange   competitive programs   enough information   rural students   more options   major disruption   senior visualization   multidimensional process   engage technologies   math scores   high teachers   change boundaries   helpful point   secondary schools   new models   personal advisor   double today   management time   graphic designer   significant evolution   chinese system   digital solutions   expand training   certify teacher   key actions   heavy investment   academic advisers   multiple points   human capital   high quality   digital editor   vocational schools   local teachers   more engagement   actual proportion   digital content   workable incentives   indicative renminbi   practical experience   global transitions   force transitions   economic benefits   artificial technologies   longterm task   transformation adoption   necessary growth   industrial one   textbookbased teaching   critical thinking   good practices   career paths   high research   new era   own views   corporate mechanisms   early days   industrial model   wwwmckinseycommgipublicationsmultimedia image   national units   practical lessons   broadbased increase   same period   massive revenue   welcome industry   current direction   academic knowledge   real terms   many colleagues   historical rate   traditional learning   microeconomic trends   academic performance   basic literacy   good position   many players   broad capabilities   far investment   migrant workers   global data   second content   uptodate programs   industrialize economy   good content   own organizations   financial markets   company representatives   growth pattern   kayuet assimilation   lifelong summary   economic growth   key findings   specialize teachers   longterm goal   future students   chinese people   professional teachers   nextgeneration entrepreneurs   repetitive activity   pay raises   learn system   culture governments   educational pathways   vocational students   manufacture jobs   high potential   rotational programs   online education   lifelong learning   compound rate   recent technologies   industrial society   manage partner   diploma programs   unman technology   lifelong learners   broadband qingxiyuanshan   business strategy   long term   expand collaboration   broad access   valuable knowhow   exchange rate   vocational program   national income   large workforce   flexible paths   rapid commercialization   grow revenue   modernize economy   global investment   vocational system   successful development   rise standard   poach externality   virtuous cycle   global force   eurasian geography   social institutions   average wage   migrant population   huge shifts   key sectors   editorial manager   past incomes   delivery units   competitive schools   skill gaps   experiential training   new platforms   industry experience   early scenario   various kinds   choose profession   national level   experience professionals   whitecollar workers   eligible learning   visit teams   valuable guidance   vocational courses   public expenditure   local universities   educational institutions   more exposure   investment requirement   economic reform   evolve economy   significant role   job placement   average days   investment opportunities   gdp growth   quality programs   sufficient time   delivery unit   educational content   good return   broad sense   personalize feedback   reference point   low participation   industry experienceshift   vocational educators   entrance exam   strong performance   learn journey   manufacture sectors   ethnic studies   major drivers   traditional textbooks   delivery approaches   postindustrial society   technology s   chinese innovation   new approaches   high industry   attractive option   low skills   national agenda   constant source   business executives   senior fellow   microcredential programs   digital technologies   change patterns   broad topic   certify courses   staff mindsets   ruralurban workers   research agenda   far information   substantial benefits   next phase   physical activity   ambiguous situations   exist schools   global analysis   textbookoriented curricula   time place   learn society   highincome country   change demand   impact research   indepth expertise   inclusive society   lifelong learnerspilots   transformative change   active users   educational reform   likely evolution   annual report   external educators   academic education   techenabled platforms   dual educators   subject days   likai partner   global terms   past decades   talentdevelopment systems   complex agendas   economic lens   different number   retail supervisor   significant shift   average worker   microcurricula ecosystempartnerships   corporate credit   social media   textbookbased learning   digital models   longterm opportunities   continue increases   traditional curricula   small units   competitive pathways   applicationoriented universities   many onethird   gender inequality   broad capability   joint programs   high schools   workforce training   interpersonal skills   private sectorup   train account   virtual reality   large market   sufficient resources   broad range   englishlanguage capabilities   annual growth   additional hours   additional scenario1   senior editor   solid position   expand use   global markets   deep understanding   information platforms   such approaches   talent educators   shareholder returns   early adoption   university degrees   enhance tracks   white workers   public source   open classes   local delivery   flexible tracks   natural resources   high education   entry points   transformative reform   unprecedented occupations   advance technologies   adjacent source   innovation laboratory   content creators   urban employment   major shift   late 1970s   technical training   real estate   continuous governments   highquality training   economic dimension   corporate universities   new content   digital economy   growth mindset   past years   rapid embrace   key stakeholders   urban experiences   online startup   domestic services   first days   rise pathways   secondary students   culture history   unmet appetite   onlineoffline model   lifelong journey   salary renminbi   educational providers   high economies   first learning   large share   internship program   first job   different content   executive summary   ubiquitous access   traditional programs   global education   corporate university   global network   emerge examples   learn goals   structural issues   medium term   remain issues   unintended consequences   postindustrial economy   chinese person   group units   systemic approach   analytic tools   development system   pilot projects   combine shortage   educational technologies   broad transformation   rural areas   ordinary universities   third education   hybrid model   debt levels   basic skills   change relationship   national strategy   effective implementation   chinese society   technical skills   different stakeholders   live standards   financial incentives   flexible venues   electrical engineering   fiscal health   senior adviser   enhance quality   gross income   financial advisor   bachelor s   coach platforms   mindset shift   skill workers   improve teaching   new ethos   broad membership   specific milestones   first training   network qingxiyuanshan   field trips   physical climate   local governments   current categories   own workers   underprivileged workers   rise demand   deep participation   corporate ecosystem   improve skills   high turnover   many cases   capability building   formal programs   corporate partners   predefine instructions   significant impact   fellow teams   private sector   traditional graduates15   social commerce   grow market   corporate training   comprehensive thinking   occupation hours   broad issue   rapid changes   social bias   expand role   educational technology   continuous improvement   gross enrollment   digital platforms   sheer scale   social science   low skill   workforce transitions   strategic thinking   monthly users   good access   worker integration   overall demand   online market   students1 expansion   demand demand   crucial role   economic journey   social skills   occupational transitions   relevant stakeholders   integral part   high skills   official statistics   dynamic change   modern economy   industry trends   aerial vehicle   occupational transition   average gdp   manufacture workers   improve outcomes   train costs   largescale commercialization   cognitive skills   detail implementation   average person   entire population   education budget   integral role   compulsory education   white paper   insufficient lessons   prosperous society   similar partnerships   organizational approaches   offline commerce   urban areas   human resources   equitable system   leadership skills   substantial investment   corporate representatives   educational resources   various projects   high returns   more time   administrative workers   advance analysis   traditional lowproductivity   opposite directions   potential goals   many countries   engage model   skill market   multiple ministries   such shifts   physical skills   academic graduates15   more resources   bottom countries   far advances   entire curriculum   necessary capabilities   joint innovation   vet teachers   internal audiences   vocational track   effective incentives   lead group   industry credentials   innovative findings   central areas   qualify educators   relate areas   great producer   german schools   telkk program   typical pattern   occupational mix   public sectors   helpful input   wage growth   current workforce   require skills   expense cap   innovative research   unprecedented scale   train programs   midcareer transitions   collaborative ecosystempartnerships   significant progress   huge market   local contexts   education system   substantial resources   urban jobs   new data   mas migration   more educators   enhance mindset   external relations   specialize courses   global workforce   occupation transition1   senior fellows   next wave   next decade   entire workforce   different locations   lead model   worker skills   limit worker   rise productivity   increase investment   commercial drones   social adaptation   occupational categories   annual rate   practical knowledge   sufficient breadth   highquality content   local units   different scenarios   longterm scenario   global affairs   compulsory budget   national ethos   change economy   agrarian economy   dynamic ecosystem   subsidize training   technicalvocational programs   commercial sectors   chinese reform   emerge ones   extensive research   vocational teachers   national group   emerge economies   same time   primary focus   distinguish fellow   skill employers   financial resources   singapore dollars   new delivery   application source   limit resources   significant growth   hold performance   integrate delivery   skill revolution   skill professionals   large impact   practical skills   academia institutions   urban schools   effective technology   low investment   ubiquitous time   senior partners   industrial economy   vocational education   annual wage   digital technology   young market   automation employment   rapid growth   uptodate knowledge   publicprivate partnerships   economic cooperation   secondaryundergraduate model   research team   work practices   flexible pathways   secondary education   limit relevance   employee cap   global competitiveness   agenda examples   local level   productive economy   formal system   huge challenge   digitize economy   clear instructions   many workers   fastgrowing economy   chinese companies   private institutions   vocationrelated training   fastevolving economy   close collaboration   college exam   ambitious view   talentdevelopment model   lifelong system   technological skills   global income   social work   chinese workers   global competition   fragment system   average iresearch   rural villages   senior partner   important element   digital platform   structural upgrade   extensive survey   overall direction   valuable insights   train system   video clips   prosperous cities   full breadth   postindustrial phase
Actions:   provide growth   take programs   establish practices   play part   create xchange   achieve 70   welcome comments   add skills   reimagining system   learn opportunities   deliver pathways   explore careers   drive advances   change mix   reinvent education   offer dollars   improve design   integrate training   expand capacity   adapt china   take view   lack experience13   expand access   provide input   need revolution   improve effectiveness   enhance competitiveness   may 14   develop content   migrant journal   cover countries   design system   take effect   set units   improve efficiency   highlight externality   generate knowhow   reflect fact   reveal impact   comprise yifei   design programs   think building   require productivity   benefit people   thank brown   include impact   pull directions   facilitate collaboration   use rate   develop educators   use tools   enable rises   bring benefits   strengthen provision   understand patterns   tackle issues   expand pathways   improve standards   promote interests   use units   improve outcomes18   refresh those   take exam   create workforce   turn attention   lack access   get right   shrink levels   simulate scenarios   make use   guide pathways   launch laboratory   complete courses   require expertise   microlearning platforms16   triple scope   reskill china   achieve growth   repeat es   kickstart transformation   require shift   include s   close skills   include changes   learn transformation   achieve 36   shift focus   adapt future   improve capabilities   share observations   shape economy   shift categories   transform workforce   narrow expenditure   codeveloped course   require thinking   learn building   manage skills   reskil workforces   reflect constraints   invite representatives   develop understanding   examine trends   reflect views   deliver returns   gain transitions   approach group   cover adults   meet aspiration   emphasize importance   reap benefits25   change system   mourshed drivers   refresh employers   support development   facilitate exchange   facilitate subsidiary   face challenges   provide child   share costs   receive report   offer services   enable change   refresh skills   avoid disruption   develop capabilities   address shortage   hold degree   monitor progress   advise research   tackle breadth   undergo changes   shift hours   define scenario   develop skills   implement transformation   develop schools   require content   enable improvement   train workers   need units   segment workforce   mourshed insights   experience turnover   offer point   reduce download   offer incentives   encourage them   follow instructions   increase cap   s percent   make transition   meet needs   practice skills   enable commercialization   enter phase   follow pattern   provide incentives   expand pool   compare that   transform education   provide tutoring   include dimensions   involve all   manage transformation   address shortages   define dialogues   affect strategy   coordinate players   steer direction   provide feedback   facilitate discussion   deliver microcurricula   train employees   achieve progress   expand use   learn scope   convert that   enter workforce   consider checklist   commit themselves   cover students   lead team   learn trips   graduate mycos   equip students   scale partnerships   boost competitiveness   sustain increases   s onethird   opt system   equip hours   lead schools   cover fields   use methods   follow knowledge   make raises   plug gap   understand trends   embrace system   tackle era   transform schools   move china   do activities   accelerate use   achieve aspirations   tackle inequality   see potential   offer solution   include consultants   illustrative renminbi   obtain content   contribute much   reskill pathway   undertake programs   reach million   employ tools   support students   reflect economy   facilitate myskillsfuture   offer capabilities   embrace incentives   achieve outcomes   reskil china   compound challenges   change country   enjoy use   offer learning   track effectiveness   increase training   enjoy quality   empower creators   use them   offer account   meet demand   create clips   power economy   acquire skills   match needs   use platforms   define country   visit wwwmckinseycommgi   integrate approaches   describe that   download reports   offer programs   seek input   transform economy   prioritize skills   thank members   transform system   access educators   imply growth   provide model   increase simulation   offer model   achieve change   provide options   sustain gdp   improve students   kick executives   organize program   deliver ecosystempartnerships   undergo evolution   highlight levers   achieve percent   offer sgd1000   thank leibowitz   achieve transitions   create benefits   broaden access   acquire market   instill ethos   produce entrepreneurs   slow china   support workers   reform systems   install qingxiyuanshan   provide guidance   improve quality   combine disciplines   enable them   cover workers   need collaboration   develop percent   train china   address gap   assess system   understand forces   use levers   shape journey   partnershipsenhanced track   offer app   switch categories   post courses   access resources   support standard   pay budget   drive upgrade   meet variety   read scores   learn mckinseycom   invite program   work hand   find work   enable users   failure notice   reinvent themselves   share findings   undertake reform   manage transitions   equip people   require skills   develop collaboration   stand learning   require approach   cover schools   enable people   switch occupations   spend analysis   include history   bridge gap   graduate report   introduce opt   design courses   gain knowledge   shape agenda   offer teaching   train workforces   reskil workforce   summarize which   support transitions   employ system   accommodate expansion   improve placement   take part   devote resources   change occupations   reduce growth   provide training   make educators   bear cost   drive implementation   drive coalition   define mindset   promote governments   may 5   automate 2   microlearning adoption   offer training   thank experts   develop partnerships   work employment   impact teachers   monitor source   incorporate requirement   need what   offer insights   overcome place   navigate transition1   require investment   include graduates   capture opportunity   ensure access   give ownership   suit needs   embed ethos   cofounded school   strengthen pathways   describe projects   provide subsidies   achieve era   fuel growth   teach college   conduct china   sustain growth   face percent   drive research   expand number   make sense   offer mix   post element   transform model   reduce gaps   lead research   start skills   reflect reality   adopt model   regard participation   boqing wang   require unit   challenge thinking   promote society   schoolage people   achieve transformation   provide opportunities   enable this   repeat institute   take lens   serve economy   wane migration   support rises   kickstart adoption   keep pace   relate china   give flexibility   require people   may 2020   employ percent   set group   make transitions   undertake reskilling   help workers   build position   reveal s   identify gaps   offer s   play role   choose major   reach value   constrain ability   demand market   lack experience   explore partnerships   encompass stakeholders   access programs   tackle examples   require approaches   support adaptation   define milestones   transform institute   lead economy   expand partnerships   achieve impact   create cycle   thank advisers   get jobs   drive participation   expand training   reduce incentive   thank dandona   improve direction   need everything   need implementation   experience shifts   reduce demand   motivate increase   craft system   assess economy   support reskilling   establish pathways   incorporate solutions   put incentives   transform methods   assess number   access internet   demonstrate development   encourage development   revise metrics   devote time   fill gaps   change paths   support population   create programs   teach skills   reskill talent   offer return   interpret goal   cover s   suit skills
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.