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In collaboration with McKinsey & Company Global Lighthouse Network: Four Durable Shifts for a Great Reset in Manufacturing W H I T E P A P E R S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 0 Contents Foreword Executive Summary 1 How the Global Lighthouse Network Is Leading the Way for Industrials 1.1 Growing and accelerating technology adoption 1.2 Showing what is possible and what is required to succeed 1.3 Global economic challenges: mandating a Great Reset among industrial 2 Forefront Industrials Are Leading the G


production of new product reset among many industrials shift on a global shifts for a great global lighthouse network fourth industrial revolution global lighthouse network organizations great reset lighthouse network

Sources: McKinsey

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Strategies
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Goals:   increase competitiveness safety   accelerate product introduction   rise agility makes   bring digitized model   support business processes   follow software development   exchange efficiency analytics   recognize key areas   operate durable shifts   consolidate manufacturing data   use product development   demonstrate great potential   include forced everything   pull plant data   make connected worker   encompass diverse range   utilize extensive library   increase speed complexity   navigate modernization journey   characterize network organizations   reflect iteration time   bolster network resiliency   harness full power   connect internal manufacturing   use apparel customization   build organization lighthouses   accelerate development transfer   test product development   provide analytics platform   deploy revolution technologies   succeed global challenges   engage including drivers   address product production   encompass durable shifts   collect customer feedback   face including challenges   enhance workforce changes   wellled human workers   accelerate product rampup   integrate refine technologies   affect entire economy   implement revolution technologies   provide competitive advantage   harness intelligent approaches   manufacture business model   focus production efforts   shine farreaching light   run encompassing gamut   facilitate enabling production   deploy analytics connectivity   manufacture company inc   encompass broad range   implement center icc   manufacture agility case   provide durable shifts   work world events   engage same qualities   promote diversity teamwork   reinforce suggest findings   confront future challenges   manufacture new lighthouses   achieve fourth advancements   build robust internet   reflect accelerating adoption   require governments companies   enhance connected workforce   use process simulations   correct needed conditions   generate build impact   provide coordinate hub   mandate great reset   emerge network members   shape world forum   lead durable shifts   bolster durable shifts   optimize revolution technology   enable issue detection   accelerate product development   imply great calls   achieve complete transformation   comprise leading sites   distance interests barriers   optimize energy costs   comprise leading companies   manufacture global network   write durable shifts   undergo great reset   drive thriving economy   engage consequential shifts   amplify calling urgency   lead great reset   develop working modes   prioritize resources systems   lead growing way   yield substantial midstream   affect great reset   weather inevitable storms   deploy revolution solutions   comprise single source   iot utilizing connectivity   unlock true potential   automate driven needs   provide deployed models   yield size reduction   make operating model   increase leveraged technologies   engage frontrunner organizations   illuminate emerge way   enhance workforce management   offer dual benefit   navigate rough waters   endure emerge challenges   increase size reduction   manufacture global challenges   withstand tremendous forces   manufacture forefront industrials   bring new levels   provide single source   create artificial review   lead great network   cover oil wells   protect plant competitiveness   create resilient world   optimize energy management   implement analytics iot   realize stronger future   present valuable set   enable batch manufacturing   use control apc   achieve energy costs   manufacture world forum   forecast artificial design   discern occurring shifts   increase value productivity   redefine safer ways   increase chain productivity   integrate remote control   refine business operations   enhance durable shifts   support move efforts   realize full potential   create giving alternatives   represent decisive set   implement chain optimization   present feasible path   reconfigure flows displacement   link manufacturing rd   lead great 21   underscore key observation   engage durable shifts   impact brands16 billion   create world forum   develop integrated internet   achieve drive balance   enhance workforce efficiency   include supply speed   reduce energy costs   reduce performance variability   build pullproduction model   employ made workers   drive next wave   reduce hold need   achieve sheer number   drive great reset   showcase measurable improvements   drive revolution innovation
Measures:   descriptive analytics   economic challenges   past decade   global manufacturing   ongoing challenge   small manufacturing   revolution advancements   greenyellowred alert   inform organization   fourth technologies   gurable ntier   face growth   globalize disruption   dynamic customer   digital track   resource systems   datum platform   future challenges   connectivityiot connectivity   new model   correspond adjustments   global concern   market volatility   optical inspection   fourth site   collaboration center   efficient efforts   fourth frontrunners   small developers   little progress   overall level   industrial industrials   unbalance decline   daily operations   digital simulations   unexpect events   available data   great observation   lead companies   reconfigurable ntier   revolution solutions   significant benefits   global economy   use cases   pace market   digital solutions   various sectors   fast recognition   great reset   rise complexities   manufacture head   small enterprises   electric components   commercial contracts   new models   notable shifts   artificial intelligence   iiot systems   predictive models   gain growth   new introduction   industrial landscape   visibility platform   predictive analysis   enhance robustness   private enterprise   human activities   custom analysis   chain optimization   subsequent expansion   les room   digital strategy   consequential shifts   advance facility   democratize technology   equal measure   political business   online planning   overall equipment   regional agendas   key cost   incremental improvement   advance analytics   good decisions   global leader   automate root   unprecedented levels   network organizations   productivity increase   advisoranalytics models   flexible automation   system dss   factory start   great adversity   great potential   broad set   significant challenge   cloudbased systems   time data   development production   develop solutions   short time   datum systems   accelerate adoption   universal relevance   batch manufacturing   robust modelling   pullproduction model   issue detection   diverse sectors   digital logistics   intelligent approaches   predictive modelling   recent events   plant costs   autonomous process   externalinternal analysis   digitallyenabled leak   endtoend production   powerful systems   manufacture resources   endtoend transformation   forwardthinking companies   top impact   advance manufacturers   true innovation   improve reliability   intelligencepowered inspection   labour efficiency   past findings   valuable assets   digital tools   cloudbased analytics   operate model   consumer goods   business model   new product   internal product   high granularitytime   oil wells   webbased platform   increase levels   realtime visibility   small businesses   equipmentchangeover time   operational kpis   new pressures   complete transformation   lighthouse network   tremendous disruption   optimize platform   dataintegrated data   interest barriers   smart technology   smallbatch production   process simulations   several challenges   willing organizations   extensive durability   resilience speed   more light   dual benefit   dedicate focus   manufacture contexts   manufacture summary   externalrobust analysis   notable improvements   manufacture conclusions   live simulations   recent additions   scaleup enablers   regulatory landscapesupply   greenyellowred alerts   internal manufacturing   contract review   such advances   transformative opportunities   first time   safety management   design changes   mean order   reset podcast   network members   fourth solutions   safe ways   lot reduction   chain platform   idle time   largescale data   artificial aggregation   automate efficiency   mean waste   great calls   previous papers   digital technologies   supplier delivery   environmental impact   key lessons   select collection   robust internet   safe return   largescale operators   artificial design   digital performance   internal project   international organization   valuable set   medical devices   recent additons   natural environment   artificial system   immense adversity   datum collection   diverse range   many configurations   upskil efforts   individual adjustments   quick adjustments   biological products   modernization journey   ekanban time   work modes   industrial lighthouses   agile development   transformative changes   next level   regional level   ondemand production   recent obstacles   realtime feedback   unplanned downtime   margin improvement   commercial vehicle   advance algorithms   bestperforming plant   individual factories   feasible path   recent times   several sites   optimizationrealtime optimization   mean time   integrate internet   tremendous forces   agile studios   new mandates   true potential   broad range   reset calls   strong foundation   intense competition   disturbancesextensive room   customer feedback   cost optimization   lighthouse organizations   apparel customization   processesautomated strategy   management barriers   plant competitiveness   common elements   new linesproduct   unsafe behaviour   flexible manufacturing   trouble times   digital studios   agile mode   ga plants   social media   external writer   realtime companies   predictive analytics   sheer number   manufacture endnotes   business operations   large scale   global agendas   critical failures   unprecedented challenge   manufacture model   customercentric approach   platformdevelopment needs   relate opportunities   forum technology   early termination   powerful technologies   specific type   granular consumption   characteristic type   stage development   annual network   very qualities   production efforts   industrial automation   software development   major shift   yearly sales   process conditions   increase efficiency   reduce costs   total improvement   strategic deployment   innovative efficiencies   strategic use   advance technologies   competitive events   lntelligenceenabled design   good stewardship   industrial revolution   value productivity   ecological sustainability   leak prevention   time delivery   modular plants   ntier ecosystems   inclusive world   new development   competitive advantage   new urgency   technology transfers   executive summary   reduce unit   advance process   studio academies   unilever goods   remote operation   full value   entire economy   inevitable storms   global network   multiple sources   average system   top cases   complex resilience   durable shifts   high yields   business processes   time optimization   extensive monitoring   connect worker   realtime optimization   revolution technology   cloudbased structureconsolidation   flow displacement   new ways   available performance   economic forum   agile supply   connect chain   ntier regionalization   chain resiliency   diverse collection   autonomous control   powerful waves   external manufacturing   potential load   full power   several kpis   net income   size reduction   unexpect adversity   global pandemic   high level   connect value   measurable data   energy management   rough waters   advance manufacturing   control solutions   good case   recent organizations   intelligenceenabled safety   sophisticate appreciation   oee collection   revolution innovation   economic recession   global scale   full potential   regulatory landscape   global challenges   skill workers   key areas   product design   own right   connect field   product production   ecosystem regionalization   monitor reporting   measurable improvements   electrical components   edgebased analytics   editorial consultant   nancial prices   thrive economy   strong future   retail commerce   resilient future   ecosystem academies   good recovery   fast radius   complex members   normal f   unfamiliar challenges   national security   people processes   powerful visualizations   analytic platform   single source   heavy operations   granular data   various platforms   customer preferencesproductionimmediate   water consumption   next generation   automatic material   global industry   open innovation   advance internet   third quarter   issue production   technology adoption   well technology   summarize data   value drivers   equipment issues   manufacture system   instant detection   key observation   connect workforce   individual sites   operational vulnerabilities   white papers   automate factory   extensive library   apc system   leverage technologies   intelligencepowered aggregation   global disruption   previous findings   remote management   remote collaboration   smart glasses   supply speed   revolution technologies   chain productivity   reach levels   multivariant analytics   customer centricity   new rampup   product introduction   courageous deployment   commercial production   arbitrary goal   field worker   change story   realtime understanding   predictive insights   business success   warranty incidents   trailblaze organizations   automotive energy   asset divisions   environmental stewardship   same qualities   endtoend internet   remote optimization   frontrunner organizations   industrial internet   world events   reduction changeover   leverage solutions   advance technology   predictive demand   great network   product rampup   future storms   advance iiot   normal mandates   unprecedented scale   real time   human workers   endure challenge   bold vision   lead organizations   available stage   available platform   long times   integrate data   new lines   decisive set   fastpaced development   vary issues   productivityintegrated centeroperators   remarkable advancements   good understanding   fourth transformation   intelligencepowered review   negative impulses   global lighthouse   new levels   chain speed   high costs   senior analyst   individual members   foremost business   transformative technologies   improve configuration   countless adjustments   next wave   full context   schedulingoptimized product   forefront industrials   fourth advancements   prototypelevel production   postcovid world   connect ecosystems   lead time   delivery time   impressive benchmarks   manufacture data   new lighthouses   artificial review   global lighthouses   time planning   rapid response   material delivery   well production   critical speed   fourth revolution   good1 observation   major gains   viable level   overall product   sellthrough rate   future feed   product development   offices2 lighthouses   digital technology   connect meters   connect regionalization   exponential rates   same time   sensorbased collection   unprecedented challenges   intelligencepowered system   light plant   iiot academies   many industrials   quick expansion   tobuy model   large parts   automate configuration   full plant   increase demand   integrate collaboration   operational transformation   significant disruptions   senior associate   great podcast   time changeover   physical distancing   trade barriers   customer satisfaction   critical levers   key indicators   digitize model   co2 reduction   realtime insights   advance control   resilient world   lead sites   serious adversity   toend digitization   realtime analysis   manufacture costs   plant data   logistic efficiency   transformative action   improve sustainability   supply ecosystems   senior partner   good ways   plan systems   difficult times   recent challenges   integrate chain   vary industries   production planning   several indicators   farreaching light   online quality   exceptional frontrunners   next f   saudi gas   global level   advance use   manufacture endtoend   predictive solutions   change lighthouses   low cost   labour productivity   far innovation   essential foundation   energy costs   technological innovation   remote control   internetofthings connectivity   individual site   fourth technology   fourth innovation   new transfer   key requirements
Actions:   focus efforts   write shifts   manufacture network   provide source   present path   drive wave   enable decisions   navigate waters   undergo reset   benefit enterprise   lead shifts   enhance efficiency   learn opportunities   increase technologies   afford gains   build lighthouses   maintain viability   allow optimization   embody kinds   increase flexibility   provide monitoring   leverage s   create review   include companies   iot connectivity   drive levels   work events   redefine ways   imply calls   shorten speed   provide shifts   utilize meters   help shape   manufacture center   module models   realize benefits   enable adjustments   illustrate potential   provide solutions   unlock potential   bolster shifts   produce what   extend gratitude   improve satisfaction   withstand forces   implement digitization   power reimagination   create world   use customization   manufacture lighthouses   protect competitiveness   create million   correct conditions   collect feedback   create value   increase safety   view capacity   take place   manufacture story   implement advances   emerge members   manufacture case   face challenges   maximize production   navigate journey   lead network   optimize management   connect people   create models   enable yields   require companies   identify issues   reskil efforts   include costs   yield improvement   lie head   weather storms   build time   involve combination   include speed   build model   learn more   imply challenge   leverage solutions   repair prevention   affect economy   consolidate data   leverage technology   support processes   reinforce findings   shorten time   mandate reset   manage issueskey   differentiate organizations   increase concern   increase motivation   achieve transformation   spend patterns   innovate adapt   affect reset   enhance management   accelerate introduction   manufacture inc   pack management   ensure compliance   write network   predict energypricing   transform nature   incorporate enablers   manufacture challenges   provide insights   represent billion   affect aspect   sensorbased collection   ramp product   remain level   take actions   utilize systems   bolster resiliency   develop endtoend   wellled workers   yield growth   adjust parameters   reflect adoption   improve efficiency   integrate technologies   illuminate world   operate midstream   address production   provide value   connect rd   automate needs   control speed   combine technologies   equip them   create alternatives   operate shifts   rebalance operations   create visualizations   lead reset   forecast design   reflect time   lead 21   coordinate decisions   implement internet   predict reporting   require ecosystems   match preferencesproductionimmediate   digitallyenabled prevention   distance barriers   yield reduction   surpass benchmarks   drive processes   connect manufacturing   write paper   create need   refine operations   create forum   enable sustainability   prioritize needs   characterize organizations   harness approaches   use analytics   manufacture co2   comprise source   enhance changes   move organization   implement endtoend   leverage technologies   enable recharacterization   share information   enable optimization   deploy technologies   facilitate production   lead way   deploy connectivity   yield midstream   teach companies   represent set   rise makes   operate plant   drive innovation   make worker   include everything   enable detection   apply learning   force manufactures   increase complexity   shine light   realize future   bring model   amplify sense   support efforts   receive alerts   maximize productivity   engage qualities   achieve centricity   showcase improvements   challenge call   engage organizations   generate impact   include range   bring levels   need status   affect parts   pose challenges   run gamut   grow light   realize potential   enhance workforce   achieve levels   run times   power reduction   guide lights   encourage organizations   accelerate adoption   provide platform   accelerate transfer   reconfigure displacement   join group   accelerate transfers   sustain operations   present set   provide advantage   gain agility   achieve energy   reduce variability   uncover vulnerabilities   manufacture h   increase productivity   implement optimization   include sites   use apc   engage drivers   use glasses   serve that   withstand pressures   comprise endtoend   ensure kind   engage shifts   see reduction   manufacture industrials   make use   achieve balance   address issues   encompass range   integrate control   harness power   emailing network   demand alternatives   drive reset   join companies   match production   drive system   develop internet   solve problem   combat volatility   catalyse change   comprise sites   promote teamwork   see increase   second innovation   increase resiliency   set them   develop modes   optimize costs   develop dss   offer benefit   achieve number   shape future   present opportunities   challenge systems   follow development   improve reliability   endure challenges   include inability   link rd   employ employees   yield progress   guide decisions   reduce incidents   improve state   test development   keep people   develop plan   prioritize systems   provide example   report platform   digitalenabled manufacturing   force transition   manufacture forum   want what   discern shifts   improve productivity   exchange analytics   implement icc   need network   implement technologies   democratize access   drive reliability   optimize technology   facilitate shifts   provide hub   reduce ordertodelivery   support customer   enable manufacturing   empower production   accelerate rampup   reduce need   illuminate way   deploy solutions   amplify urgency   drive economy   require regionalization   distinguish organizations   maximize cost   provide businesses   manufacture model   provide models   yield efficiency   achieve shifts   need methods   thank paul   cast light   deliver value   increase reduction   guide companies   enable businesses   use data   implement iot   drive billion   cover wells   run shifts   recognize areas   provide inputs   teach what   run recovery   transform operations   build internet   underscore observation   enable prediction   succeed challenges   cut consumption   drive success   achieve type   hold inventory   reserve part   build analysis   employ workers   impact billion   utilize library   prioritize people   drive cost   reduce downtime   analyse energyconsumption   model shifts   reduce costs   confront challenges   pull data   achieve costs   empower workers   engage business   provide root   accelerate development   make model   use development   demonstrate potential   operate plants   gain understanding   facilitate recognition   achieve advancements   position organizations   include increases   thank cumbo   utilize simulations   enhance shifts   use simulations   connect divisions   shape forum   face adversity   optimal resources   occur network   take operations   comprise companies   encompass shifts
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.