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Briefing Paper Resuming operations and business activity post-COVID-19 Advanced Manufacturing Action Group In collaboration with McKinsey June 2020 Introduction 2 The COVID-19 global crisis continues to disrupt manufacturing and global supply chains with severe consequences for society, businesses, consumers and the global economy. Recognizing this urgency, the World Economic Forum s Advanced Manufacturing Action Group, which brings together leading voices in the advanced manufacturing space, ha


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Sources: McKinsey

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Strategies
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Measures:   leadership skills   multiple companies   advance space   onsite equipment   real estate   potential scenarios   live video   normal value   stagger entry   free subscriptions   social sharing3   protective equipment   drive solutions   production lines   automate checks   key stakeholders   relevant industries   underpin enablers   share value   common standards   daily capacity   more solutions   policy recommendations   political business   endtoend visibility   mobile app   video infrastructure   various measures   chain companies   senior vicepresident   strategic needs   close proximity   successful facilities   clear triggers   returnto indicators   critical component   future role   government decisions   key perspectives   multiple businesses   resume operations   key role   several factories   increase number   vicepresident strategy   sample practices   early glimpse   essential businesses   major changes   global economy   major role   use cases   medium size   wide response   senior president   betti head   work indicators   multiple ways   enhance protocols   severe consequences   agile making   need role   contacttracing companies   desk circles   resource availability   infect workers   elevator use   online modules   substitute materials   executive officer   new models   manufacture leaders   civil society   exist infrastructure   many leaders   supply chains   good chance   broad system   solution models   local ones   new opportunities   global head   hygiene standards   global chains   high levels   wide range   high cadence   crucial skills   safe return   first operations   new solutions   foremost business   ongoing initiatives   advance group   shortage leaders   remote assessment   workrelated activities1   international organization   part inhouse   share factories   mental health   operational resilience   key capabilities   online assessment   new partnerships   medium term   temperature checks   waitandsee strategy   new value   corporate development   advance manufacturing   worker capabilities   stationary employees   central component   action group   future facilities   safety measures   manufacture technologies   regional agendas   good practices   package food   global transformation   rule books   workforce capabilities   certain criteria   health assessment   rampup strategy   executive strategy   successful strategy   general manager   clear protocols   supply systems   meaningful choice   flexible structure   team head   full range   last choice   common protocols   personal equipment   potential solutions   unexpect disruptions   pandemic era   daytoday tasks   such measures   foremost priority   manufacture applications   unlock value   resilient chains   business models   operate expense   rapid changes   many plants   social distance   potential businesses   senior endnotes   personal companies   remote work   nerve centres   augment solutions   remote working   handwash stations   social distancing   corporate estate   employee skills   plexiglas partitions   strategic resume   advance leaders   soft robotics   postpandemic ways   virtual meetings   next generation   uncertain environment   global agendas   increase signage   young generations   digitize approaches   lead voices   chief officer   cloudbased solutions   agility flexibility   future demand   strategic actions5   senior partner   industrial automation   resilient return   early symptoms   organizational capabilities   new infections   reality solutions   long term   generation policies   realtime alerts   courtney strategy   new protocols   global suppliers   new practices   digital transformation   industrial strategies   response plans   train modules   multiple tests   new generation   gpsbased solutions   bold circles   advance technologies   negative results   new orders   toplink library   advance platform   physical proximity   clean protocols   manufacture plants   cameraaided systems
Actions:   distance standards   minimize disruptions   predict evolution   build partnerships   guide work   monitor indicators   assemble ventilators   gather perspectives   enable models   redesign plants   use bluetooth   oversee implementation   implement centres   enable transformation   provide inputs   increase resiliency   invite them   identify cases   manage crisis   create books   put limits   develop modules   take actions   bring transparency   adopt ways   adapt capacity   maintain distance   protect people   define triggers   inform decisions   trigger orders   enter companies   give chance   use solutions   mean solutions   use app   show glimpse   reskil workforces   increase visibility   manage capital   leverage infrastructure   offer checks   adapt skills   complete assessment   alert managers   rebuild mckinseycom   deploy measures   inform factories   install stations   face levels   take care   familiarize protocols   implement checks   mitigate solutions   uncover opportunities   reimagine enablers   provide subscriptions   prevent infections   reduce use   identify areas   handle infections   require access   shape practices   accommodate materials   incorporate flexibility   offer number   model demand   ramp production   enforce wearing   enhance protocols   increase bases   adjust operations   reskill workers   breach solution   equip entry   bring voices   take measures   eliminate downloading   strengthen initiatives   resume operations   gain visibility   redesign workspaces   build resilience   resume group   adjust planning   prioritize flexibility   restart operations   use cases   implement measures   define capacity   facilitate tasks   support employees   enhance capabilities   install partitions   recognize urgency   build chains   repurpose lines   manage transparency   adjust scenario   play role   navigate operations   include shift   create value   leverage technologies   bring capacity   disrupt manufacturing   invest component   define needs   trace tool   share practices   adopt strategy   send alerts   facilitate restart   engage business   redesign companies   react kuentz   protect anonymity   asses symptoms   shape future   include plans   anticipate role   crowd factories   provide visibility   accelerate adoption   see library   show symptoms   reopen practices   consider availability   include tests   develop models   navigate crisis   demand employees   use systems   recognize group   develop policies   ensure safety   upskill workforce   identify recommendations   concern leaders   shape forum   define indicators   recreate best   improve state   create roadmap   adopt automation   produce inhouse   concentrate skills   promote manufacturing   develop strategies
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.