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covers_UAE.qxd:GCCs_covers_Scenarios 11.12.2007 9:39 Page 1 i r a t e s a n d t h e W o r l d : S c e n a r i o s t o 2 0 2 5 The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Incorporated as a foundation in 1971, and based in Geneva, Switzerland, the World Economic Forum is impartial and not-for-profit; it is tied to no political, partisan or nati


countries in the region trade between the emirates years to the year sectors such as financial business in the country education in the united leaders in the uae policy in the region market that the country

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government  People & Society
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Profiles:   a review   iaea inspections   the downturn   a cycle   this conditions   the strikes   the future   the market   the dust   pfc energy   a tourist   the woman   the change   the forum   this email   a report   the improvement   the emergence   each scenario   this figures   the record   we problems   the lack   i career   we country   we consortium   this tensions   the trick   the countries   it relationship   all news   the sector   the answer   the economies   gdp rates   the governments   the entities   we moderator   the intention   its leaders   a recovery   the scenarios   the cost   sheikh group   a lot   the shock   this trend   the risk   this article   a slide   uae balance   the states   the criticism   the boom   the growth   a confluence   the tourism   the call   the balance   a investigation   it forces   a consultancy   this percentages   the range   the attack   the pressures   a war   this questions   the building   the liquidity   the costs   its country   the progress   a exodus   the world   olayan company   the conflict   the projects   a investors   the project   the conditions   the experts   it system   a ray   this quarter   the combination   the involvement   the list   the lessons   wwwenergycitycom division   this attack   the hardships   the problem   a reduction   the case   i parents   the zones   the sectors   the situation   we system   gulf actual   a everyones   this success   this sets   uae ability   this entity   a train   we populations   be link   the period   the environment   another area   you appetite   both prices   both parties   the gcc   this numbers   uae success   the production   a bomb   a fall   the price   the condition   all ingredients   the industry   the kingdom   the decisions   this report   the strength   its strategy   a risk   rss downloads   the prospects   a retrenchment   we team   the crux   the expansion   gulf conclusion   the outlook   the issue   the youth   the report   the instability   a framework   the policy   the technology   this doubts   uae policy   sstudie opportunities   the team   no set   we governments   the fruits   the publications   the possibility   the challenge   a rise   opec demand   the culprits   the force   lubna company   the framework   the government   this table   the population   the participants   it environment   the number   each country   the wave   the marches   this increase   the system   all things   the value   this publication   the mix   this project   sultan chambers   the globalization   cid129 affairs   the generation   a number   this strikes   it economy   the edge   the terrorists   the success   this system   all rights   this page   an students   the section   the institution   the court   the rate   highspeed rail   the history   be products   the iceberg   a efforts   the example   no one   the consistency   i dad   the key   the recession   the transfer   bahrain society   the location   the inspections   iii challenges   all cities   this tactic   the country   the economy   you holiday   the sites   such government   all sets   energy composition   the emphasis   its competition   a agreement   the place   a conference   a slowdown   the background   the gulf   you company   we leaders   a structure   awalco company   center directory   the authorities   the structures   the relationship   a focus   i news   this scenarios   this section   the protests   the fact   its attempts   co company   the tensions   the budget   the group   a contact   a economy   the region   its standard   the brand   its focus   the cycle   this successes   the views   the straits   the confrontation   a shortage   the decision   the data   the oversupply   the opportunity   the investments   an stress   the state   the process
Goals:   cover gcc countries   achieve new range   recognize rising power   write last destination   enhance trade ties   require key monitoring   offer financial sector   support military spending   build short professions   encourage private initiatives   capture numerous interconnections   increase regional stability   take exogenous factors   recognize propose need   acknowledge following participants   paua economic forum   provide web translations   identify requiring issue   rectify shortage desalination   initiate action dialogue   fuel economic growth   have good run   figure actual sandstorm   convene diverse group   provide education curricula   provide job opportunities   face political challenges   develop youth parliament   pursue diplomatic solution   here parting thought   prove unexpected success   get best education   institute strong framework   increase fracture lines   capture reliant technology   minimize prevalent much   construct help scenarios   find incomplete projects   create environmental issues   address big issues   form intends scenarios   use networking sites   earn strong reputation   cause global recession   identify written opportunities   reach predictable conclusion   enrich respective populations   circumvent competition sharjah   supply balance renewables   carry institutional reforms   support growing economies   finish regional scenarios   leave country prices   enjoy respectable rate   develop broad set   combine prosperity peace   underestimate affect extent   recognize going hardship   create enabling environment   incur greater cost   lead recent figures   maintain own links   nurture relationship businesses   establish significant fund   strengthen private sector   create enters future   join party figure   attract foreign designers   reduce centralized agency   take pivotal role   precipitate water crisis   build diversified sustainable   fujairahbased awaited fund   improve standards vis   identify key questions   describe emerged story   ignore property bubble   start next business   attract quality teachers   hold growth figure   design collect ways   cause market disruption   combat caused problems   create solid environment   go terrorist risk   play key role   spur action debate   illuminate key drivers   maintain strong platform   see gcc countries   compare section conclusion   paua strategic teams   reduce information disparity   reflect tempered output   redress demographic imbalance   offer different futures   compensate heightened decision   increase trade regulation   suscribe editions search   outline policy directions   increase trade globalization   shape global agendas   share same environment   stimulate private sector   increase strategic presence   prepare special series   consider primary questions   see topic interview   transform stateled innovation   establish leadership structure   provide useful basis   hinder efforts sandstorm   develop gccsponsored group   figure female rate   attract major challenge   s quick list   attract wide range   take wide range   cultivate shared identity   improve domestic environment   threaten stable future   modernize education system   take closer look   bottome rising barrel   harmonize necessary permits   share economic downturn   debate raised issues   neglect negative effect   need good team   mean confusing array   build high industries   share capture techniques   lose thought position   reply big problem   represent broad structure   figure real price   disrupt financial markets   explore classified email   discuss experienced problems   pose ongoing threat   solve conflict arabia   break real gdp   improve control transparency   balance government business   shape political future   ecdb pillars policy   deny infrastructure international   commit funding land   deserve proper rethink   illustrate economic situation   ensure economic success   play paternalistic role   adopt common building   reduce cost disparity   facilitate governance government   include precipitating plants   help new breed   get stayed nothing   resolve including imbalances   indicate return determination   minimize recognizing competition   surround enhanced programme   train business forum   fall shoulderlaunched strike   develop energy alternatives   attract priced tourists   undermine cooperation integration   create deficit figure   drop disaffected youths   shape education curricula   recognize improve need   reach new high   comment post reply   examine important factors   prove efficient instrument   s huge resources   posit possible futures   take local entities   enter negative cycle   provide quantitative representation   impact gcc countries   begin steady ascent   follow economy benefits   create notable achievement   promote strong foundation   cause severe spill   facilitate business opportunities   make lower revenues   alienate figure people   precipitate global slowdown   develop rely economy   possess gas resources   achieve risk rankings   attract film productions   degrade fragile environment   improve implements integration   affect large projects   visit wwwweforumorgscenarios website   develop country scenarios   see special debate   ensure global indicators   institute secure climate   establish flexible foundation   enlarge tap markets   reduce strengthening reliance   cement current optimism   nurture next generation   make irreversible commitments   create inclusive society   accelerate reform process   keep commodity prices   attribute depressed market   make council region   please families students   push gcc network   satisfy given priorities   necessitate brief reassessment   cid129 focal questions   eschew traditional culture   harmonize business regulations   handle giving risk   tackle persistent barriers   reflect global recession   upgrade human resources   address critical questions   deliver necessary conditions   drive spectacular growth   enhance human capital   make large impact   play active role   find asked answers   shape regional agendas   enlarge security role   allow strategic decisions   expand private sector   improve elected woman   donate unsubsidized value   achieve institutional reforms   afford greater consistency   persist recent changes   offer broader understanding   transmit section section   tell subscribe friend   describe continues scenario   upgrade economic expansion   stimulate global economy   find took job   precede significant change   discuss dogged tensions   keep problematic factors   minimize caused volatility   grant set permits   create potential risk   print subscribe page   leave young people   expect big bonus   communicate shared understanding   see economic expansion   maintain strong position   send supporting data   achieve maximum potential   enter new age   build integrated system   encourage use overuse   comprise following individuals   face budget crisis   describe possible futures   galvanize private sector   improve recent discussion   happen oil boom   maintain high level   give key information   trust sector representatives   understand complex interplay   enhance underfunded services   experience focusing success   open insurance markets   tackle critical problems   appreciate commitment discipline   deny purchase right   provide comparable measure   introduce license fees   fall property developments   discover awareness raise   implement necessary reforms   cause current situation   use significant assets   open integrated line   improve business environment   take inaugural journey   address turned issues   impact public spending   exacerbate weakened sectors   cover latest developments
Measures:   sustainable growth   energy alternatives   structural changes   recent changes   knockon effects   current account   vocational leader   regional agendas   substantial commitments   regional unrest   marketdriven economy   increase volatility   sensitive issue   transportation links   single currency   national relationships   detail modelling   educational institutes   online agency   complex go   regional standards   wellconnected leaders   fellow nationals   fall surplus   ethic threat   energy company   internal security   domestic film   huge problems   federal frameworks   celebrate centre   uaebased firms   increase activity   good education   complicate negotiation   integrate cultures   single cities   important issue   own clashes   fragile environment   tense relationship   skill resources   public cid129   next business   monetary integration   participatory government   egovernment services   schoolleaver standards   unresolved relationships   relevant guide   human rights   wide region   lowskilled workers   next years   high gdp   private companies   job opportunities   federal government   young people   public enterprise   future development   daily dose   fertile growth   private sector   arabic news   future leaders   property bubble   global leader   innovative healthcare   international firms   increase devolution   industry policy   nuclear shortages   national champions   regional standpoint   economic ties   risk rankings   unpolluted atmosphere   racetothebottom competition   american force   dhabi company   follow participants   economic outlook   mutual recognition   independent organization   iranian boats   unnotice cid129   sidebyside comparison   significant influence   reform process   cid129 resources   local designers   foreign labour   mistreat workers   high standards   key role   national emiratis   innovative cities   commercial flight   fire missiles   real gdp   specific issues   ongoing expansion   imagine futures   german government   population increases   environmental conservation   economic forum   primary school   useful basis   passive policy   international policy   domestic investor   critical problems   violent expression   rise consumption   positive consequences   rapid rise   fullscale war   strong growth   high level   skew distribution   robust spirit   foreign relations   regulation inflation   corporate scandals   unprecedented levels   next week   global growth   relate publications   profile insurance   bright future   technological readiness   global player   flare ups   positive resources   incomplete projects   crude oil   film productions   economic institution   far damage   free zones   grow need   bilateral system   hybrid education   impend concerns   whole family   aigs entities   key drivers   single firm   economic hardship   pale events   strong platform   televise debate   full implementation   robust scenarios   critical thinking   active role   renew unease   public partnerships   integrate system   diverse group   last year   increase access   diversify economy   ambitious plan   leadership structure   sectorled initiatives   gcc region   local team   regional champion   see figure   many futures   sehnaoui champions   current investments   big bonus   gccbased companies   policy magazine   nonopec supply   great consideration   rich man   decrease dependence   visit officials   many opportunities   private engagement   great cohesiveness   new breed   economic output   fertile environment   significant decline   high levels   wide perspectives   surround tension   female rate   plausible futures   significant reform   global debate   daily news   regional press   industrial complexes   primary energy   full article   lucrative slice   deepdive scenarios   numerous context   systematic cooperation   institutional reforms   favourable cost   cid129 capital   economic fabric   relative costs   anticorruption laws   highlyqualified workers   nonopec projects   few caveats   dramatic events   current status   global environment   interconnect problems   participation rate   key challenges   policy directions   isolate incident   gccsupported reconstruction   social integration   entrepreneurial culture   slow growth   nuclear sites   regional countries   corporate governance   web translations   overlap industries   sustain investment   past decade   growth rates   part thought   excellent record   same boat   why s   secondary education   ongoing series   annual meeting   good run   underfunded services   emission problem   leverage finance   vocational developments   subsequent clashes   news series   big firms   inefficient government   apartment prices   pillar policy   endure inequalities   social consulting   negative effect   internal attacks   political life   limit integration   muchneeded reforms   regional troubles   nuclear weapon   security role   british review   critical determinants   green building   numerous experts   rapid growth   recent figures   significant reforms   civil society   great success   underlie drivers   magnetic levitation   major problem   huge resources   global regulation   huge amounts   new opportunities   sectordriven economy   local labour   bullish analysts   terrorist attack   obvious breaches   shift environment   view export   strong foundation   educationfocused firms   individual group   federal relations   country scenarios   multilateral agreements   fiscal incentives   senior director   regional survey   nuclear acquisition   define factor   result assets   conflictled spike   terrorist cells   volunteer group   simplify startups   current strategies   top sites   nuclear technology   full ownership   exacerbate disparities   reform sandstorm   national identity   secondary school   regional environment   green services   most power   major projects   human capital   enable environment   green technology   art authority   national companies   financial services   quantitative elements   substantive integration   clear boundaries   alternative sectors   right place   considerable success   creative formats   generous investment   extensive schemes   new fees   many times   secure environment   increase spending   small firms   innovative plans   cohesive societies   financial fragility   uaes structure   senior politicians   license fees   local market   late developments   swift track   regulatory frameworks   diplomatic negotiation   executive office   good order   education system   proper coordination   natural gas   wide choice   coral reefs   strong ties   international level   environmental technologies   shoulderlaunched strike   social development   worker protests   strong integration   international exchanges   successive disclosures   regional security   tabbara stratum   notable achievement   fall volumes   sustainable alternatives   primary driver   ongoing concerns   terrorist threats   favourable economy   preeminent centre   national will   new cluster   sensitive position   sustainable wealth   far innovations   miss opportunity   neighbouring countries   market disruption   economic stability   noncompliant products   brilliant idea   forecast model   renew demand   global negotiations   select topics   social problems   quick list   follow individuals   cultural identity   private fund   weaken sectors   logical connections   base economy   new markets   large improvement   economic decline   natural resources   domestic inflation   predictable conclusion   mid gas   firstrate infrastructure   respective country   continue interest   fiveyear rates   great integration   evident upgrade   overdue h   joint creation   online training   current renewables   domestic environment   stateled innovation   key issues   special effects   key forces   different paths   global recession   economic prosperity   high schools   carbonfree energy   critical aspect   trade regulation   easy targets   domestic markets   critical uncertainties   same time   problematic factors   technical skill   periodic bouts   own links   industrial excellence   military spending   float efforts   current trend   foreign sources   integrate set   robust sector   unstable environment   diplomatic solution   high demand   regional cooperation   actual p   regional events   streamline subsidies   foreign assets   continue reliance   same niches   vader champions   last years   military cid129   solid environment   grow economies   islamic films   international peers   enhance cooperation   grow population   business confidence   increase productivity   crossstate coordination   economic success   regional leader   more reports   teach skills   key information   major plants   federal revenue   continual support   global levels   government intervention   economic integration   shortterm disruption   military research   regional instability   diplomatic policies   domestic context   increase coordination   good ways   government awareness   business regulations   exaggerate cycles   productive discussion   former member   interlink platforms   successive disclosure   multinational operations   recent liquidity   international standard   regional tension   increase infrastructure   big thing   foreign companies   negative cycle   political participation   local environment   renewable technologies   businessasusual thinking   great consistency   21st century   young generation   economic spheres   online executive   unhealthy reliance   recent strengthening   nominal terms   elect woman   potential discontent   commodity prices   fester problems   good question   fine line   social liberalization   public spending   successful businesses   foreign labourers   economic weaknesses   perennial issue   private partnerships   large scale   volatile prices   bureaucratic management   economic performance   iran strikes   persistent barriers   radicalize youths   major issues   rotate presidency   selfsustaining economy   negative rates   nuclear energy   long time   integrate strategies   oil price   poor work   external leadership   regulatory reform   power generation   various attempts   global markets   successful attack   damage coastlines   innovative thinking   primary energyreal   new range   export countries   oil spill   economic risks   budget balance   local conditions   water crisis   irreversible commitments   purport sites   long way   popular times   quality teachers   broad structure   remarkable success   internal markets   large extent   key indicators   local law   specific programmes   local governments   dysfunctional relationships   academic resource   high prices   basic problems   domestic investment   wealthy class   big boss   educational reforms   short term   new high   private consortia   depress prices   western markets   deficit figure   single agency   common languages   convince argument   hybrid model   increase friction   next source   entrepreneurial spirit   important factors   highspeed system   average prices   domestic instability   public services   increase number   national workers   gcc network   fundamental disagreements   political situation   low rankings   numerous interconnections   inclusive society   good team   current optimism   economic growth   foreign investment   longterm consequences   balance percentage   significant assets   free laws   strong framework   many testimonials   work environment   senior team   friendly framework   subsequent penalties   new ideas   recent improvements   global conditions   soft values   competitive disadvantage   short professions   sandstorm section   stateoftheart stage   single visa   regional initiatives   decline production   strong demand   property developments   political expression   high education   middle class   significant impact   transport system   persistent problems   procon list   hostile environment   real alternative   political pressures   public finances   uae percentage   forum scenarios   fall revenues   next decades   increase openness   special report   average availability   global slowdown   reactive policies   apparent standards   particular note   increase numbers   private increases   internal overregulation   diversify environment   full support   special series   nuclear proliferation   governmentled initiative   relevant sets   wide range   regional peacemaker   trade ties   low revenues   financial regulation   nonopec restraints   fracture lines   smart people   local problems   tremendous efforts   top destinations   advertise campaigns   energy modelling   economic threats   important issues   secure locations   badly revenues   statistical report   current situation   academic government   inconceivable thought   environmental resources   regional agreements   corporate wrongdoing   adverse environment   same environment   ethnic divisions   good afternoon   important challenges   domestic articles   unstable spot   massive protests   good support   desalination plants   close relationship   recent survey   historical rifts   consumption areas   intense competition   estrange youth   great cost   legal procedures   induce values   oil boom   strong overregulation   policy building   big issues   public policy   industrial source   establish relationships   iranian capability   similar technologies   khaleed comments   global scenarios   surprise player   governance government   internal disparities   great prosperity   big incentives   far information   substantial research   increase pressure   respectable rate   focus curricula   coordinate fashion   new clusters   fertile garden   coordinate council   external environment   rail system   external events   complex situation   significant fund   remarkable improvements   strong identities   impartial notforprofit   eqtisadiah newspaper   byzantine requirements   overnight developers   business communities   project team   regional disruption   same well   strategic decisions   occasional threats   largescale scenarios   inaugural journey   stateled violence   liberal arts   demographic problems   local level   impact values   big risk   cubic metres   economic conditions   next generation   different assumptions   secure climate   massive strife   largescale developments   regulatory standards   local entities   humanitarian group   global fragility   internal challenges   national skills   innovative economy   next year   only achievement   recent developments   social imbalances   specialize universities   regional economy   grow problem   public infrastructure   increase difficulty   junior schools   foreign ownership   cid129 government   global system   accompany information   social needs   private agriculture   expatriate workers   support data   executive education   beneficial relationships   passive role   scenario publication   significant value   organize militias   public companies   important successes   international system   solid growth   severe spill   youth parliament   national authority   interdisciplinary thinking   industrial use   subsequent plummeting   simplistic interpretation   alternative energies   problem traffic   late cid129   internal instability   financial incentives   residential developments   harmonious environment   property market   steady output   progressive achievement   global approval   delay projects   share identity   task force   early s   strong markets   relate analysis   inflation ups   downstream efficiency   large projects   stable jobs   primary questions   educational performance   individual emirates   limit reforms   possible trends   regional expansion   regulatory control   national economy   special debate   regulatory codes   great concern   stall funding   topic interview   economic bridge   integrate economy   inform narratives   small number   grow economy   domestic concerns   own use   current percentage   far action   long figure   high ratio   economic downturn   regional relationships   global indicators   private representatives   reliant technology   clean technology   third pillar   substantial division   depress market   longterm solutions   educate regulations   beneficial change   serious efforts   social issues   improve transparency   quantitative representation   forward thinking   open economies   budget crisis   real terms   liberal systems   welcome influx   saudi teams   interest times   big problem   sustainable industries   individual countries   federal sign   cohesive representation   limit improvement   fertile section   educational centre   robust growth   international business   israeli governments   local authorities   sustainable sources   internal issues   proper rethink   comparable measure   economic innovation   emerge technologies   white biotech   careful d   entrepreneurial fund   economy benefits   global demand   first aspect   tertiary policy   global economy   magnetic systems   political spheres   western value   domestic challenges   significant engagement   real effect   steady ascent   last week   dominant force   lead economy   civil war   limit degree   macroeconomic energy   lead indicators   adverse circumstances   economic leader   regional problems   trouble region   regional powers   prime ministers   second pillar   good look   quantitative analysis   centralize agency   unfortunate fact   mutual mistrust   good purity   past years   longterm commitment   traditional services   emirati identity   basic education   exclusive developments   open question   private firms   highskilled expatriates   little option   16th anniversary   various businesses   young entrepreneurs   real share   arab states   terrorist attacks   regional grouping   global agendas   large impact   increase protectionism   flexible enterprise   weak signals   internal elements   much gloom   more details   robust positioning   many commentators   exogenous factors   gcc countries   council region   environmental requirements   long boom   robust demand   general note   new champions   integrate line   informal transfer   public transport   financial market   economic forecasting   disproportionate effect   domestic pressures   upstream gas   technocratic governance   big houses   highprofile investigations   interest reply   improve governance   substantial reforms   long list   recent discussion   spectacular growth   risky contracts   several factors   key factors   project p   international organization   low prices   mutual success   terrorist risk   economic rate   good quality   iranian sites   international expansion   available sources   growth industries   federal framework   successful exhibitions   external firms   future demand   long view   little prospect   more forms   economic diversification   bioworld consortium   foreign investors   recent years   online publication   palestinian state   expand programmes   broad terms   nuclear capability   early stage   hard look   oil markets   far initiatives   internal ties   last destination   new industries   single set   sensitive assets   economic coordination   citizenship programme   tribal leaders   financial instability   policy review   fundamental reforms   traditional areas   financial sector   education curricula   short supply   gift children   international capital   increase measures   confuse array   high quality   international markets   economic player   regional conflict   faq website   finite resource   student standards   economic indicators   new products   expect demand   multiple codes   tertiary level   good understanding   unexpect events   lead centre   drive system   previous reports   highskilled nationals   economic modelling   stillmaturing sectors   national interest   increase output   domestic policies   direct investment   industry development   visible problems   intermittent threats   major opportunity   public safety   symbiotic relationship   present wealth   red tape   public sectors   iranian action   global stage   medium term   big cities   growth figure   good decisions   effective instrument   american installations   productive assets   local levels   international investments   terrorist groups   13th year   military capabilities   environmental issues   school children   necessary reforms   political future   many people   marwan stratum   financial markets   real price   promise developments   international companies   great stability   national focus   internal strife   far concerns   high industries   sophisticate infrastructure   regional markets   humane approach   alternate source   business environment   industrial productions   key questions   longterm strategy   central bank   far expansion   businessman things   rise price   rocket strike   federal governments   leverage projects   nonopec capacity   foreign workers   nuclear power   legal team   political stability   improve education   positive shift   forego wages   economic structure   coordinate body   current balance   national populations   wealthy expatriates   different ways   outside world   stable future   result budgets   regional integration   double standards   offshore islands   regulatory framework   online magazine   price range   global stocks   significant segments   significant milestone   cid129 markets   recent downturn   future uncertainties   major powers   domestic stability   global gdp   strong reliance   equal respect   inefficient overuse   many problems   popular sites   increase security   innovate economy   primary energypopulation   new firms   social challenges   train costs   global destinations   pertinent challenges   sustain growth   sectarian militias   middleincome tourists   next decade   broad understanding   potential risk   geopolitical tension   numerous agreements   political interests   climate change   leader editorial   commitment discipline   integrate ties   continual expansion   total volumes   big projects   internal stability   close ties   uae balance   local providers   new technologies   few years   international position   digital convergence   alternative funds   young families   ongoing threat   economic disruptions   downstream gas   robust revenues   unexpect success   traditional sectors   environmental review   commercial power   strategic studies   terrorist bombings   specialize areas   ongoing unrest   general increase   more one   new age   strong sectors   crucial questions   positive direction   economic policy   growth rate   share understanding   institutional policies   regulatory system   enhance links   unify identity   european winter   cohesive nation   emirate wealth   hot spot   violent environment   cid129 risk   economic expansion   downward spiral   outstanding participants   restrict disparities   specialize zones   drive economy   political tensions   short slowdown   economic reforms   federal level   sophistication market   first summit   rise numbers   mainstream products   future company   regional situation   huge array   business business   partisan interests   innovative programmes   increase turmoil   boombust cycles   complex interplay   limit fares   nation conference   enhance engagement   new areas   restrictive regulations   political reforms   fail projects   broad set   recent investments   heighten globalization   necessary permits   ongoing concern   water stress   private equity   remunerative jobs   white firms   good scenarios   rise call   certain goods   strong leadership   important asset   balance society   proprietary model   market prices   response speed   significant change   fifteen years   environmental teams   domestic terrorism   actual sandstorm   piecemeal measures   ongoing monitoring   environmental legislation   conventional desalination   first weapon   average 18yearold   network sites   gccsponsored group   certain groups   international integration   editorial world   usled bombing   real figure   regional powerhouse   propose borders   healthy environment   highrisk markets   difficult situation   smooth expansion   competitiveness indicators   controversial issues   longterm effects   energetic expatriate   comparative advantage   foregin investment   rapid expansion   meaningful employment   nonthreatening context   quantitative output   vocational education   nuclear plant   total demand   overarch framework   compel examples   easy scapegoat   worldclass economy   far unrest   vast resources   significant damage   widespread figure   international city   econometric model   expatriate population   possible futures   boom market   different cultures   international editions   environmental degradation   significant proportion   compulsory training   increase influence   similar efforts   evolve situation   cid129 institution   industrial accounting   federal system   disaffect youths   factbook conference   feedstock needs   use overuse   retire possibilities   numerical proficiency   private friction   military action   green economy   average rates   effort sandstorm   simultaneous translations   retaliatory attacks   international productions   price figure   global prosperity   protectionist policies   many economists   grow sector   strong reputation   fertile gulf   enhance programme   bilateral negotiations   rise power   major incentive   important aspects   integrate sector   environmental focus   traditional culture   strategic teams   government revenues   focal questions   internal order   cost disparity   common building   innovative countries   many drivers   international role   local creativity   slow economy   radicalize youth   insight teams   legal frameworks   transit tankers   onestopshop permits   les integration   sudden shock   maximum potential   public area   information disparity   massive spike   regional peace   decline revenues   innovative projects   domestic production   global protectionism   demographic imbalance   regional stability   daily violence   economic situation   federal standards   common platform   logan champions   account percentage   exist scenarios   strong position   publicprivate education   vocational training   insurance markets   national labourers   economic power   top countries   foreign designers   clandestine forms   exploratory trip   public health   large t   distinctive decisions   statistical review   far extensions   gdp growth   stopgap measures   social government   more analysis   nonrenewable resources   root causes   critical questions   bilateral agreements   far degradation   relationship businesses   global risks   necessary conditions   such attacks   rail network   collective will   result scenarios   login cart   more pressure   current perspective   healthy figure   strategic presence   public sector   global competitiveness   respective populations   share basis   sponsor sections   water scarcity   abundant opportunities   cid129 infrastructure   federal budget   economic forums   favourable environment   mix reactions   foreign affairs   view cart   private backers   current action   many aspects   prominent developers   first meeting   female judge   economic challenges   shortsighted measures   western governments   unsubsidized value   future opportunities   initial risk   shortterm stability   enhance citizenship   forthcoming acquisition   real growth   good performers   inadequate supply   different standards   regional scenarios   universal access   geopolitical instability   medium freedom   biological processes   follow year   social tension   above reforms   advertise events   private economy   far instability   major challenge   private firm   post reply   crude gas   new businesses   volatile cycles   foreign policy   pivotal role   migrant workers   far changes   economic relationship   financial institutions   new incentives   special review   political leaders   great agreement   regional level   subsequent years   female rates   real estate   fund militias   diverse backgrounds   special edition   indepth scenarios   flexible foundation   surround countries   excess cap   pharmaceutical industry   good suggestions   gcc integration   free zone   diverse region   certain industries   public listing   past heritages   nuclear technologies   private houses   cid129 d   sector investment   average rate   available funds   cubic meter   final areas   saudi transformers   private initiatives   bilateral visas   different futures   regional tensions   naval forces   early tension   particular cities   business cycles   public governance   new concerns   great tragedies   broad region   potential locations   skill workforce   outside influences   next thing   international agency   distinct environment   more ways   federal integration   public ventures   abundant resources   internal friction   rise population   burgeon industry   increase threat   support sectors   recent upturn   same extent   paternalistic role   efficient instrument   cid129 zones   executive section   few scandals   massive expansion   many youths   technical institutes   economic terms   dominant producer   late expansion   international company   underlie assumptions   institutional support   fall demand   sectorled growth   executive summary   substantial challenges   various futures   federal levels   intergovernmental panel   political challenges   visionary partners   potential threats   external disruption   program search   good governance   share vision   contact contact   local sector   low quality   classify email   energy demand   sector representatives   alphabetical order   saline contamination   far integration   global consensus   party figure   key sectors   public commitments   structure engagement   next question   international environment   international standards   economic successes   transportation industry   property rights   public markets   small country   brief reassessment   innovative spaces   human resources   insurgency terrorism   analytic estimations   longterm leadership   social networking   senior consultant   dhabi demand   large risks   positive events   resource search   stable environment   negative outlook   economic slow   reduce sector   underlie fragility   limit availability   public assets   policy instability   specialize locations   ecological damage   confidential report   publicprivate partnerships   security challenges   fertile scenarios   close look   major cities   nonoil sector   limit firms   domestic assets   scenario champions   local identity   key alliances   alone reason   abdulwahab newspaper   subsequent effects
Actions:   visualize futures   do what   repeat them   enlarge role   bring that   provide impetus   bring us   shape regional   fastgrowing subsectors   address questions   shelter economy   reassure people   precipitate crisis   use wealth   threaten purity   enhance robustness   see tensions   modernize system   require that   enhance integration   achieve rankings   transform innovation   exacerbate sectors   focus success   reject benefits   view workers   implement reforms   enable government   incubate many   experience success   read stories   improve transparency   develop indicators   reject labour   establish dubai   improve woman   increase freedom   take entities   lose semblance   incur cost   reflect recession   confront number   set business   have run   increase scale   deny international   produce insights   mark milestone   fulfil insurance   leave leaders   begin ascent   shape future   describe story   find way   wwweviangrouporg conference   encourage thinking   target officials   turn travel   increase supply   undergo expansion   discuss country   minimize competition   upgrade infrastructure   promote education   minimize role   take fatima   figure 38   average 10   seek intervention   provide representation   debate consider   increase stability   drive growth   present storylines   cut list   need team   describe one   debate issues   dump amounts   lead region   counter threats   create environment   increase 95   minimize volatility   test weapon   offer opportunities   raise tension   downplay criticisms   deliver conditions   keep prices   offer futures   support spending   see insurance   fool ourselves   insulate itself   follow benefits   reduce agency   leave country   transform itself   affect confidence   create friction   increase speed   exacerbate tensions   satisfy priorities   position itself   infiltrate network   support growth   capture interconnections   employ workers   continue drive   cid129 questions   raise degree   build professions   surpass egypt   feature contact   establish oasis   develop scenarios   evaluate success   save billions   communicate understanding   solve arabia   redress imbalance   distort market   go generation   set survey   use modelling   raise tranches   reach high   nurture generation   build line   prepare series   support project   tease ideas   make overtures   encourage overuse   surround issues   alter fortunes   link dubai   prompt uae   train forum   cut ways   consult events   increase globalization   deserve fact   reach sandstorm   want what   expand country   introduce fees   reach rates   surround strikes   leverage integration   regard itself   cause problems   post 911   ride boom   see figure   witness france   drive rise   strengthen sector   bring prosperity   accept society   please students   keep comments   indicate determination   surround ups   lead government   implement set   comment aisha   shape agendas   prevent hyh   form consortium   reverse osmosis   clear much   here thought   expand scope   precede change   reflect views   include wwwaraboilgascom   raise concerns   deserve consideration   access fund   see dawn   link doha   visit wwwarabpeacemarchesnet   gain visas   wipe lot   enrich populations   leave people   s resources   dominate supply   fall developments   pursue solution   finance programmes   tell subscibe   increase sensitivity   kill dozen   recognize power   see third   provide translations   link emirates   convene set   develop group   help breed   withdraw bulk   turn groups   grow billion   compare scenarios   use data   provide users   average 3   cut residential   take challenge   provide measure   cause friction   revitalize skills   make series   expand sector   comment reply   figure balance   enjoy issue   putt goods   preserve heritages   contribute 90   wipe value   stimulate economy   explore future   share downturn   attract designers   let talk   represent demands   sketch boundaries   s list   ensure success   develop parliament   threaten expansion   highlight issue   develop identity   reverse aisha   create figure   do business   encourage initiatives   underestimate extent   reflect assumptions   allow decisions   experience changes   establish authority   upgrade skills   combine peace   experience slowdown   affect collapse   create set   explore email   achieve range   carry reforms   enrol child   enhance capital   consolidate politicians   use assets   engage leaders   allow comparison   go cid129   demonstrate desire   replenish them   violate agreements   limit factors   supply quarters   improve integration   take people   explore effects   include plants   set whatever   near completion   make revenues   nurture businesses   identify opportunities   fall strike   expand call   ignore bubble   affect distribution   go export   accuse government   see system   rebuild cells   link attacks   set scene   attract productions   open line   take journey   join workshops   achieve reforms   drive entrepreneurs   project 20112015   face range   consolidate position   lose position   affect projects   foster thinking   predict future   paua teams   press challenges   spur diversification   settle view   take care   reap place   cause lot   provide influx   move cash   ecdb policy   enjoy benefits   diminish advantage   enhance ties   retain talent   increase regulation   reach conclusion   maintain distance   compare conclusion   ask questions   make region   look what   achieve potential   formulate scenarios   alienate s   deny rumours   think lot   require upgrades   reduce cost   enable companies   create surplus   comprise individuals   widen stability   lower costs   threaten availability   push itself   improve rights   provide water   take ageing   offer understanding   seize opportunity   take what   harmonize regulations   galvanize sector   petrolburning cars   steal focus   slow process   show numbers   give information   transform country   tackle change   enlarge markets   cause concern   surround identity   have that   say what   outpace increases   include number   surpass expectations   sustain growth   put pressure   take culture   provide depth   mean much   improve vis   minimize much   purchase airport   miss boat   help environment   enter cycle   prove instrument   disrupt markets   paua forum   figure production   neglect effect   reserve part   include policy   threaten infrastructure   thank scenario   keep expatriate   necessitate reassessment   orientate development   see countries   diversify industries   identify questions   do more