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Healthcare Systems & Services Practice When will the COVID-19 pandemic end? Normalcy by spring, and herd immunity by fall? We assess the prospects for an end in 2021. This article was a collaborative effort by Sarun Charumilind, Matt Craven, Jessica Lamb, Adam Sabow, and Matt Wilson. September 2020 Svetikd/Getty Images In 1920, a world wearied by the First World War and sickened by the 1918 flu pandemic desperately sought to move past the struggles and tragedies and start to rebuild lives. Peopl


immunity apart from vaccines immunity through other vaccines herd immunity immunity herd achieve herd immunity cid united states end

Sources: McKinsey

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Type:   Strategies
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Measures:   separate timeline   far study   epidemiological point   most economies   basic number7   low thresholds   crossreactive immunity   reasonable expectations   sufficient scale   clinical management   more interactions   health consequences   bustle shops   complete end   vative estimates   full capacity   short duration   healthy adults   epidemiological end   many countries   partial immunity   previous coverage   key factor   infected8 epidemiologists   daytoday threat   minimum threshold   herd immunity   population density   single case   rapid testing   familiar scenes   favorable findings   accurate therapeutics   most countries   willing respondents   specific activities   second half   coronaviruses4 immunity   public statements   routine care   such places   vary levels   low coverage   covid19related mortality   function chains   social milestone   short timeline   surprise ways   longterm covidautomation   economic activities   many scenes   smooth rollout   significant consequences   conser estimates   sufficient portion   economic damage   ingful immunity   high ecid1cacy   confer immunity   immune society   immune cells   rapid availability   few deaths   ongoing interventions   regular revaccinations   tricky math   global economy   document cases   most people   covidautomation exhibit   rurality density   important definitions   crossreactivity immunity   low ratios   different thresholds   fourth quarter   social life   nonpharmaceutical interventions   scenario vaccine   randomsampling methodologies   public confidence   historical average   scientific study   whole population   reproductive number   common coverage   significant progress   true number   low rates   continue advancements   dynamic models   likely progress   flatten curves   ongoing surveillance   potential correlation   substantial progress   common immunizations   unexposed humans   annual shots   full lockdowns   more infections   effective drugs   strong responses   plausible scenarios   overall threshold   bacille vaccinations   significant crossimmunity   use authorization   advance economies   potential tcell   relate deaths   first war   good information   fast resolution   rapid therapeutics   specific cells   normal life   several assumptions   first half   natural immunity3   low adoption   current state   excess mortality   herd pockets   key factors   scientific uncertainty   mortality immunity   reduce mortality   give immunity   reproductive number7   low efficacy   estimate threshold   immune systems   numb r0   mean immunity   second point   average consequences   publichealth measures   tcell immunity   potential crossimmunity   lowend estimate   vaccines7 immunity   unexpect contours   social consequences   first quarter   effective vaccine   recover patients   immunity pockets   own subpopulations   similar position   uninfected controls   hopeful estimates   widespread transmission   potential immunity   standard formula   regional differences   continue strengthening   future transmission   normal won   broad assumptions   public hesitance   administration authorization   few interactions   certain factors   ongoing mortality   effective interventions   accurate testing   basic r0   medical care   many factors   relate mortality   persistent risk   develop economies   certain industries   good treatment   second quarter   senior partner   selective epitopes   ongoing transmission   bcg vaccinations   functional end   fast identicid2cation   authorization approval   covidcid1219 vaccine   low ecid1cacy   decrease rate   longterm consequences   similar levels   activity compliance   improve therapeutics   available testing   definitive end   sustain transmission   natural immunity   sidebar factors   hum factories   several epidemiologists   relate immunity   third quarter   publichealth interventions   basic formula   many infections   important vaccination   high coverage   herd vaccine   social degrees   come months   full restaurants   continue improvement   similar vaccine   large populations
Actions:   achieve vaccine   shape lives   require continuation   defer hope   reach immunity   see scenarios   accelerate timelines   reduce mortality   research immunity   explain criteria   estimate covid19   confer immunity   shift probability   reserve 7   make progress   reach 58   contribute more   require vaccinations   use formula   shape path   mix that   put it   survive it   reach pockets   maintain immunity   receive authorization   aren consequences   available9 medicine   see progress   imply extent   enable therapeutics   use r0   protect formula   use methodologies   contract coronaviruses   build models   receive approval   achieve ends   receive care   roll vaccine   vary threat   assume r0   offer progress   eliminate mortality   estimate effects   prevent transmission   reduce immunity   thank ray   drive levels   take place   reduce numbers   cause disease   herd immunity2   vaccine ecid25cacy   maximize degrees   be munity   produce thresholds   maximize transition   research rate   meet threshold   call estimates   herd immunity   contract covid19   remove constraints   immunize individuals   find itself   fill bars   predict thresholds   immunize hasn   illustrative q2   thank xavier   enable activities   estimate number   develop density   adopt vaccine   employ packages   end paths   end differences   mean deaths   range percent3   herd level   affect timeline   drive threshold   suffer consequences   track number   use health   achieve threshold   rebuild lives   gain it   set the   predict curves   reach interventions   broadbased willingness   prime systems   mean end   face exhibit   develop immunity   lift pace   enable advancements   reveal influence   fill theaters   achieve immunity   enable scenes   resume timeline   relax measures   induce immunity   receive vaccine   asses prospects   minimize number   battle covid19   limit compliance   see factors   reach improvement   call willingness   achieve 3   endanger themselves   resume life   provide immunity
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