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impact to our people impact of its work reskilling for a role role of the chro experience with the agile insight on what skills strategies and the role metrics for the future watson for this paper

Sources: WEF

Pathway Demo and Download Data

You can download the excel file containing Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions. Please use Lunge App, to try the pathway data.
This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government  People & Society
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Profiles:   a force   a marketplace   its metrics   the future   the partner   the forum   the officer   the specialist   the definition   the public   the emergence   each chros   its research   the talent   all brands   its impact   the times   the use   a programme   its styles   forum future   the authors   each employee   the head   a company   the intensity   the initiatives   the resources   the tool   every organization   no metrics   the culture   the cost   whose tions   s framework   the kpis   the tive   the role   head platform   all leaders   ibm investment   this statistics   the pact   whose results   the initiative   the requirement   mehta phadnis   the company   this con   the employees   the function   the ways   the world   a set   an examples   the employee   the volume   a loss   the responsibility   the ecosystem   the way   the values   naden standard   a workplace   the organisiation   it success   ma population   a portion   the gap   the reinvention   the capability   each laborator   the factors   the imperatives   the revolution   the model   the need   this roles   the policies   the launch   the organization   all jobs   the industry   the nspa   this approach   this model   its strategy   all talent   the part   orchestrator innovation   the scientist   the life   the loss   this questions   the nature   a tool   the challenge   development forces   the experience   the leaders   the operators   the scape   a tion   a concept   the survey   its organizations   its model   its workforce   the individual   its levels   the force   a business   the rein   the framework   every mtner   the autonomy   a need   which jobs   the introduction   the side   a culture   the teams   the value   this publication   the share   the drivers   the distribution   a strategy   the parent   gm talent   a feelings   all employees   the rule   this nership   the technologies   this trends   a engine   the skills   the people   the readiness   a ance   a employer   the workplace   its job   the strategy   its motivation   the workforce   its communities   the relevance   the benefits   a model   the focus   a monitor   the impact   the package   the interpretations   the standing   this paper   the economy   the tions   the size   its priority   the percentage   the chro   any company   the return   a system   the integration   this programme   all mindset   a coarchitect   its focus   the acumen   the reward   morris head   an platforms   the programme   this tion   the importance   the structure   the solution   it companies   a toolkit   its goal   this framework   a framework   its efforts   the tools   what skills   the process
Goals:   build identify workplaces   see activism changes   develop keep programme   plan ipation results   employ experience ees   promote serves economy   pursue optimal solution   define inclusion diversity   receive building information   shift business models   take new means   preserve wages employment   gap etcidentifying knowledge   learn learning culture   use staffing platforms   bring best selves   change expectations demographics   create roles jobs   create change need   adjust training curriculum   learn recent survey   include emerging roles   deliver futurefit contract   build true culture   create embed develop   create borderless organization   support diverse workforce   recruit development training   update policies education   close skills gap   complete maintenance orders   cost capital charge   create industryled roadmap   manage digitalization automation   find skills head   create work ment   offer same level   inform execution strategy   drive fourth revolution   affect operators inspectors   define key ways   foster high performance   describe accumulated skills   identify future pathways   manage new organization   use reputation mission   cable eletrical houses   change viewed way   provide drive opportunity   encompass work models   support workforce unilever   create examine need   commodate types skills   blur leading boundaries   unlock full potential   asses best way   mitigate internal impact   use vast amount   indicate positive impact   drive business decision   change own practices   disruption expectations skills   build organizational culture   simplify align standardize   learn traditional way   enhance healthy organizations   incorporate reward components   ensure desired impact   reskil implied timeframe   retain critical investing   pave build way   establish influenced values   play critical role   selfcontained individualized source   host fellow experts   drive capability performance   demand organizational models   value increasing investment   require alternative measurement   shift decisionmaking processes   programme important element   launch new app   lie line machine   require op trends   fuse physical worlds   apply whole selves   accelerate own capabilities   shape experience histori   apply gets goals   introduce experience platform   face expand need   shape made priorities   ensure talent engagement   develop leadership capabilities   change economic forces   balance global approach   support workforce transition   provide customer data   work business review   foster inclusive culture   unlock learning mix   close gender gap   create enormous challenge   highlight pivotal role   digitalize employee environment   enable meaningful experience   manage successful transition   quality integrated system   create developing capabilities   check coolant level   examine human impact   focus financial reward   shape education system   create compelling case   lie rig pipe   shape world forum   receive skills training   rise resource management   fulfill legacy role   change growing area   build leadership powerhouse   play vital role   shape competitive landscape   enhance experience fig   transform required skills   decisionmake global shift   build talent ecosystem   develop capital metrics   identify new tasks   include labour cost   learn fourth revolution   lack adding benchmarks   achieve optimal combinations   chitect desired culture   perform automated wrenches   shape own pathways   define enabling measuring   adopt functionality enhancements   orchestrate distributed workforce   implement latest risks   lead collect effort   name other options   enhance employee experience   open global pool   set employee experience   etcidentifying required talent   create seamless experience   craft engaging culture   meet evolving needs   ensure continued relevance   pursue employment opportunitiesembrace   exist experience knowledge   provide participate opportunities   lay standardize groundwork   include embrace ability   build highperforming mtn   wellbeing people strategy   ensure continued changes   set source government   bring skills talent   orchestrate work redundancy   use insights data   drive new vision   leverage policies processes   navigate losing services   use created momentum   mitigate implications risks   impact livelihood governments   achieve optimal bination   require collaboration engagement   identify required skills   relearn establishing metrics   demonstrate learning behaviors28   play pivotal role   cat cabling optic   collect relationship organization   redirect matters support   bring whole self   achieve optimal combination   build talent pools   highlight investment opportunities   take holistic view   fill skill needs   shape employee experience   improve operational integrity   build future employability   shape people strategies   bring whole selves   enable work models   enhance complexity experience   close placing gaps   close effective actions   oneering new forms   use analytics data   lead navigating work   understand available skills   release new standard   upskill work ers   examine changing role   promote inclusive workforce   outline nextgeneration nologies   extend talent strategy   create feel workplace   achieve top quartile   empower workforce individuals   fit skill sets   improve use flexibility   pursue wider variety   expand leave programmes   execute business model   give match ability   champion left view   create learning culture   create clear case   enable receive ability   build depth breadth   win new playbook   drive valuecreation work   embed inclusion diversity   use latest advancements   build policies processes   cascade expectations knowledge   realize own value   play leading role   drive business goals   shape decision making   resist lead temptation   manage leadership practices   enable positive transition   build fair workforce   spend disproportionate amount   cast exist talent   champion experience monitor   influence societal outcomes   place clear emphasis   perform complete check   explain changing pace   perform eletrical knowledge   showcase career paths   use talent marketplace   set controls policies   can planning pabilities   value retain failure   expand talent base   integrate capital metrics   evaluate reassuringly participants   sustain potential leaders   receive employees feed   align employee experience   span industries economies   measure capital issues   determine formal structure   manage brought value   value beneficial relationship   enable overall vision   deliver financial impact   evolve company culture   imperative platform upwork   create equal field   implement inclusion diversity   accelerate develop ment   use traditional structure   trates changing nature   ensure positive impact   identify upskilling pathways   play leadership role   bring transferred diversity   develop metrics head   have robust programme   find skills talent   outperform sector growth   deliver highest amounts   capture distributed opportunities   rate learn opportunity   identify key imperatives   ease exit process   enable high culture   create leading lna   develop broader range   use labour platforms   include interventions programmes   adapt talent models   build sustainable future   operate managing introduction   include pay salary   process single narrative   cost levels productivity   understand emerging field   recognize build need   show desired behaviors   learn learning source   identify test impact   substitute creating augmenting   drive inclusion diversity   use work ecosystem   perform engine testing   support special thank   build incentivize tools   support ad vancement   design optimal solution   retain best talent   drive business objectives   align diverse pool   define people strategies   manage people implications   experience dedicated function   train people strategy
Measures:   agile environment   steinberg professor   need skills   digital defining   intellectual curiosity   key ways   human touch   industryled roadmap   control policies   wage increases   major barriers   sector experts   regional agendas   human cloud   optimal combination   future jobs   human work   inclusive culture   global pool   coolant level   reinvent one   global level   disperse models   various approach   nological advances   technical trades   define periods   prospective workers   upskil reskilling   new tasks   skillsmatching talent   fertility support   technical skills   industrial training   safe work   gender gap   ent perspectives   holistic strategy   critical aspect   affect jobs   create roles   commercial opportunities   new forces   decision making   require talent   strategic workforce   online profile   individualize source   nongovernmental cies   able models   economic opportunities   chro community   global gap   possible implications   behavior attitudes   distribute models   embed diversity   current skills   capital issues   attractive workplaces   adaptive leadership   cultural footprint   tangible goals   csuite leaders   full coverage   global shift   external positions   action actions   plugandplay approach   ble workforce   societal outcomes   work redundancy   traditional arrangements   humane approaches   results39 organizations   open cation   internal services   potential value   qualitative case   structure interviews   potential leaders   deliberate strategy   management structure   core tenet   mix results   local markets   ous reskilling   full time   economic forces   appropri ateness   gender parity   leadership promotions   future state   lead company   executive director   geographic boundaries   pability framework   broad efforts   alternate methods   strong correlation   own practices   different methods   generational norms   business impact   strategic talent   rich insights   physical worlds   new economy   diversity managers   tional team   nical skills   high amounts   flat ore   general managers   viable metrics   alternative sources   floor wrenches   private sectors   future plan   play field   emerge demands   future skills   emotional spectrum   people implications   emerge roles   plan programs   appropriate vendors   future version   significant change   operational goals   comprehensive pool   own value   ternal opportunities   foundational knowledge   staff platforms   successful transition   specific actions   current context   borderless organization   major barrier   vital role   front line   geopolitical shifts   small pool   lifelong development   skill training   parental training   strategic direction   great opportunities   job talent   corporate employees   boundless future   digital solution   flexible working   company culture   agile model   white paper   cultural shifts   competitive advantage   labour platforms   emerge demand   alliance partners   critical investing   lowskilled workers   business transformation   radical experiments   sustainable development   workplace flexibility   qualify women   lead role   strategic solutions   rigid reward   improve impact   processoriented skills   critical role   optimal combinations   key pillars   social security   learn behaviors28   fair way   predefine period   potential paths   next years   single projects   desire culture   displace ers   free lancers   talent engagement   critical problem   tellectual curiosity   same time   fueling systems   ternal market   nonvalueadded activities   key talent   human e   local personalization   individual direction   technology integration   new technology   digital men   disproportionate amount   mental issues   various benefits   devel opment   senior president   engagement surveys   leadership training   foremost business   global approach   lifelong skills   intelligence bot   organizational models   learn objectives   digital academy   valuable insight   lead agenda   alternative measurement   detach protective   internal media   enormous challenge   external workers   vocational organizations   broad perspective   top quartile   private sector   selfde velopment   flux technology   social protection   financial targets   strategic lever   many models   industrial programme   concrete learning   agile processes   negative implications   bot monitor   certain demographics   con versation   4ir head   halfyearly polls   lead organizations   financial impact   routine wrenches   important tool   administrative leadership   traditional model   case rig   dustrial sectors   skill workers   company mtn   ganizational structures   direct result   viable measures   global leader   human impact   meaningful experience   unconscious training   type skills   new metrics   emerge technologies   traditional employment   evolve needs   metric head   cloudbased platforms   front people   skillsbased programs   tional programmes   specialize knowledge   free agents   insular collaborative   several initiatives   management targets   maintenance orders   hire bias   public sector   crucial driver   routine testing   social stability   relevance changes   traditional elements   broad way   complex environment   powerful mechanism   quick query   technological landscape11   moral case3   far impetus   motorhand role   unlimited time   global culture   social skills   cultural ambassador   key areas   large system   additional expenses   north star   inclusion practices   skill requirements   human resource   high purpose   education students   technological change   workforce transition   develop economies   broad society   clear processes   new role   talent pool   family programmes   great need   own pathways   vary options   familiar workers   clear emphasis   fourth revolution   experience platform   talent pools   humancentric experience   operational capital   breakthrough ideas   new capabilities   equal field   high standards   popular options   many considerations   social media   distribute nization   structure learning   longterm success   fix schemes   employment opportunitiesembrace   fast pace   future groups   skill knowledge   complex queries   smart decisions   human focus   multiple tools   individual opment   leadership role   operational technology   positive outcomes   activism changes   operational cellence   foster innovation   harass ment   business models   mendous demand   new means   economic forum   transferable skills   share moments   human resourc   associate leadership   strong purpose   social organization   critical step   global platform   technical change   considerable investment   inclusive workforce   change role   artificial bot   change context   late risks   ing businesses16   specific drivers   skill gap   stability growth   money hours   advance work   new recipe   technological advances   corporate productivity   informal learning   independent professionals   business priorities   massive courses   know tasks   societal implications   valuable knowledge   form strategy   line machine   actionable practices   robust data   attractive opportunities   own careers   indian enterprise   compete responsibilities   healthy organizations   capital charge   publicprivate partnership   capitalize investment   etworked structures   future diversity   artificial intelligence   management initiatives   strong acumen   ploiting data   new vision   continue relevance   exist employees   clear requirements   immediate members   true culture   execution strategy   agile culture   religious affiliations   initial response   assistance programs   fourth government   global head   formal processes   tool processes   imperative change   average growth   upper man   specific pathways   own journey   individual workers   various methods   learn programmes   industrial skills   ganizational learning   positive impact   concrete steps   cultural change   organizational health   missioncritical function   new relationships   cultural ambassadors   past years   mand roles   interconnect collaborative   multiple elements   proprietary app   learn experiences   small scale   organizational strategy   senior leadership   sanofi information   cohesive narrative   select officers   15000strong workforce   crossfunc team   reputation mission   saudi women   social contract   annual audits   press release   cultural ecosystem   current workforce   reward purpose   copyedit work   first time   grow wages   more capacity   technological advancements   unresolved problems   collective reward   future experience   dedicate function   target government   good selves   first centre   new methods   change nature   additional solutions   new sources   change strategy   quick surveys   distribute workforces   great expectation   effective behaviors28   significant implications   fulltime workforce   online arrangements   capital metrics   common behaviors   inner workings   right skills   4ir fig   corporate functions   virtual relationships   global agendas   fourstep approach   radical forms   certain skills   optimal mix   mental illness   organizational walls   overall programs   strategic objectives   concep health   traditional relationships   current state   establish metrics   explicit part   femalefocused centre   grow need   short highperforming   train programme   datadriven methodologies   increase changes   global workforce   experiential learning   generic query   people strategies   fourth practices   chief officers   futurefocused leadership   evolve requirements   global organizations   internal benchmarks   outcomes42 organizations   compel case   flexible project   static organization   organizational drivers   learn skills   increase number   continuous engagement   critical part   optimal solution   nificant role   perform culture   erning culture   critical example   new models   diverse pool   grow area   special institutions   4ir imperatives   emerge skills   digital technology   new strategies   experience fig   business leaders   internal skills   humancentric approach   digital platforms   business strategy   business vision   work ecosystem   work ers   global function   responsible approaches   displace workers   new work   skill achievements   more approach   rapid roles   share mission   distribute workforce   practical challenges   nancial security   productive talent   technical workers   attractive assignments   fair workforce   reskill talent   structure initiatives   talent needs   extensive disruption   emerge field   change requirements   desire behaviors   technological forces   com bination   operational integrity   new app   international organization   good organizations   alternate els   continue education   unanimous agreement   capital decisionmaking   human leaders   mitigation plans   online masters   insurance group   holistic way   sustain livelihoods   various initiatives   nim workforce   new traits   reward talent   upskil efforts   multiple approach   senior talent   see figure   culture command   financial reward   reskil opportunities   realtime information   integrate system   social impact   such platforms   automate skills   reskil challenge   digital worlds   emotional strategy   episodic training   multiple women   longerterm employability   black lives   uncertain teams   new expectations   technology risks   engage ment   new standard   external demand   development training   whole self   skillbased tasks   potential salary   personal way   revenue growth   active learners   different skills   central control   business goals   upskillingreskilling pathways   strategic goals   corporate benefits   sustain performance   point mission   internal stakeholders   emerge models   fast rate   talent ecosystem   skill gaps   talent models   new playbook   open talent   major groups   local bodies   digital framework   partic results   digital lead   visible element   emerge functions   temporary contract14   contingent arrangements   forefront skills   traditional structure   integrate strategy   exit process   nancial capital   mas investing   fundamental piece   develop ment   leave programmes   important element   new mechanisms   preventive orders   healthy risk   digital strategy   overall vision   director head   holistic view   global nizations   management activities   positive transition   critical competency   eastern markets   very heart   artisanal trade   interlink reward   current jobs   broad implications   aroundtown minerals   business model   corporate executives   sustainable performance   experience function   social forces   adviser culture   train curriculum   own capabilities   multiple channels   alternate means   deep purpose   upskil pathways   talent officer   external workforce   projectbased work24   contingent workers   mental disorders   sustainable employment   traditional work   add skills   external stakeholders   decline demand   disperse organization   emerge sources   broad range   customer data   new ways   certain protocols   female participation   surronding service   threeyear growth   key driver   composite people   resource management   learn source   emerge practices   traditional way   impressive results   annual cost   empower function   recommend actions   minimum threshold   numerous opportunities   leadership capabilities   financial performance   hierarchical organization   business decisions   various sources   mostwanted training   financial means   kenyan initiatives   great impact   guardian group   short supply   test impact   equipment compleate   comprehensive plan   future strategy   valuable insights   strong support   clear case   datum collection   strategic e   decisionmake processes   digital bot   organizational boundaries   agile way   selfreported skills   upper education   due skills   manage talent   native elements   new experiences   work experience   victorian opportunity   tech nologies   good way   single point   increase investment   top concern   positive outcome   facilitate dialogue   social safety   compliance requirements   new skills   people strategy   proactively employee   employment strategies   increase pace   introduce tools   experience monitor   fluid levels   robust strategy   standard methodology   perpetual reinvention   such metrics   exist roles   perpetual learning   automate wrenches   significant efforts   plan programmes   financial metrics   insight efficiencies   listic approach   chat bot   network programmes   holistic experience   strategic imperatives   ceo survey   sustainable future   unique opportunity   external reporting   fourth scientist   requirementsdeconstructing jobs   digital tools   political business   open courses   leadership practices   customize form   beneficial relationship   element attitudes   talent flows   work automation   relevant opportunities   change needs   salary ranges   various leaders   nes strategy   dustrial revolution   combina tions   holistic ex   acu men   complex source   alternative methods   inhouse tools   future officer   extend workforce   complete check   societal purpose   employee experiences   malleable reward   internal impact   high performance   optimal solutions   outsource cost   single narrative   second part   same level   new partners   societal expectations   decisionmake power   tre demand   high lighting   economic cooperation   comprehensive comparison   equal opportunity   circum stances   practical models   new future   experience talent   high levels   emotional wellbeing   total cost   future trends   new context   embed agility   structure processes   agricultural opportunities   potential opportunities   train industry   digital badges   unspoken guidelines   supple ment   traditional mindset   external talent   operator inspectors   cognitive skills   top reasons   symbiotic relationship   new job   organizational culture   new forms   encompass models   share use   global survey   face people   continuous learning   innovative strategies   public sectors   absorption innovation   important issues   basic industries   internal talent   key findings   learn officer   homemade detergents   learn culture   lifelong learning   business case   integrat point   match talent   graphic design   fluid workforce   physical abilities   complex repairs   clean houses   corporate development   define procedures   talented partners   good time   assessment tasks   internal aspects   distribute organization   individual growth   business decision   nificant reskilling   good practices   broad experience   affluent areas   formal structure   wire machine   african minerals   agile learning   chief officer   future direction   reward programmes   learn pathways   exist talent   mobile devices   such positions   human support   learn initiatives   enhance suite   insular protective   practical insights   own means   same processes   annual charge   perpetual reskilling   major company   medical plan   recent survey   sustainable engagement   reassuringly participants   ized institutions   chief people   financial support   personal team   internal platform   significant emphasis   saul professor   4ir dimensions   traditional source   whole selves   mean ways   highperforming mtn   vital data   technical roles   success cording   skill workforce   lowskilled jobs   online courses   overlap efforts   ized capital   pivotal role   strategic processes   prime access   high cation   erational trends   many partnerships   career paths   femalefocused academy   deliberate interventions   top talent   change landscape   prevalent part   eletrical knowledge   technological tools   continue changes   frequent measurement   future figure   open exchange   preventive maintenance   future head   associate skills   electrical knowledge   wide range   displace employees   strategic opportunities   map ping   new roles   desire state   good work   external aspects   learn mix   future talent   change attitudes   expectation skills   quick deployment   survey line   consistent system   different impact   emerge challenges   amaze teams   positive experiences   manual work   good talent   short skill   eurasian resources   new head   relative years   multigenerational workforce   longterm health   vironmental purpose   critical skills   ment models   fit experience   tential interventions   fellow experts   more support   reskil pathways   temporary workers   critical dimensions   high culture   unilever system   grate wellbeing   soft training   skill talent   talent opportunities   digital skills   legacy role   detach reward   increase complexity   short experience   alternative models   natural language   associate functions   flexible models   ecosystem redundancy   genderpaygapservicegovuk roles   lifelong culture   tal fluency   jalihal future   alternative employment   many relationships   wellbeing strategy   soft skills   pert support   human workforce   use model   vast amount   robust programme   human revolution   rigid shape   current employees   skill head   diverse workforce   new jobs   own skills   critical strategies   exist data   new structure   various ways   effective actions   future pathways   pay gap   late advancements   traditional models   source government   high premiums   imaginative source   parental leave   employee environment   future specialist   peo ple   predictive analytics   advance knowledge   late technology   basic support   human labour   new guidelines   emerge guidelines   procedural change   talent strategy   industry economies   national employment   skill sets   available skills   augment reality   work orders   industrial employees   desire impact   future imperatives   complex mix   major employer   social unrest   senior culture   independent learning   future forces   specific powerhouse   digital talent   accelerate change   vary experiences   significant skill   new options   ing talent   institutional knowledge   leadership capability   acumen skills   talent marketplace   continuous change   labour cost   comparable metrics   societal advances   job26 changes   local power   competitive landscape   focus programs   financial pen   create groups   human capital   need talent   different generations   cultural fit17   business outcomes   shape people   relative gaps   leadership powerhouse   next generation   new organization   cohesive way   emotional wellbe   work models   mental resources   future ambassadors   gross margin   impartial workforce   joint session   effective system   female talent   inclusive cultures   foundational culture   sexual ment   education system   emotional impact   border partners   productive activities   exible opportunitiesembrace   external experts   compel stories   relevant set   investment opportunities   manage director   new technologies   clear case3   few years   seamless experience   govern structure   administrative function   futureproofing tations   due challenges   cal22 programs   optimal tions   critical situations   future employability   datum analytics   associate costs   digital efforts   human resources   new world   new worker   holistic strategies   develop capabilities   new ones   fulltime employees   change trends   engage culture   full potential   reward components   business roundtable   impact employees   reactive leadership   eletrical equipment   social responsibility   key tool   natural gas   new model   personalize figure   imply timeframe   relevant skills   network teams   trip tank   opportunity impact   operational excellence   change forces   strategic pools   talent base   good transparency   emotional support   adjacent roles   hydraulic power   genderbalanced team   future chros   ipation results   global system   smart software   focus support   ued relevance   continuous development   operational level   comprehensive programme   train reskilling   freelance platform   external assignments   strategic making   social costs   industrial revolution   available ties   enhance communication   pivotal dimensions   wide variety   social partners   salary negotiation   full range   digital fluency   identity cultures   development plans   optimal bination   online platforms   employee experience   valid insights   relate skills   emotional intelligence   organizational units   hsbc group   workforce engagement   new contract   team member   job skills   jobrelated skills   reduce costs   need head   regional workforce   distinct ecosystem   true partnership   specific job   work conditions   key imperatives   virtual reality   exist workforce   work environment   digital intimacy   minimal supervision   organizational level   eletrical houses   important lever   leadership culture   engine testing   internal targets
Actions:   operate result   manage integration   engage employees   deploy technology   communicate sire   accelerate effort   implement range   reskill employees   require measurement   include forms   putt community   codeveloped programmes   ationalized emergence   race cultures   change initiatives   drive revolution   need skills   find attitudes   reflect role   change power   shape egy   require trends   cable houses   redesign approach   include campaigns   transform imperatives   use communications   drive work   ramp number   shape roundtable   ease process   use cells   manage value   address impact   offer level   implement strategies   expand programmes   accelerate growth   push business   help plan   map skills   add value   reskil learning   ensure impact   define strategies   support individuals   support workforce   achieve bination   deliver learning   include 1   implement strategy   spend amount   recruit talent   retain area   include ability   add flexibility   require mechanisms   transfer skills   incentivize employ   align pool   develop skills   change way   drive this   futureproof skills   develop products   create team   provide programmes   seek practices   include eq   understand skills   experience role   influence decisions   lead one   build teams   reinvent organization   learn resources   support opment   check level   evolve culture   enable learning   learn way   imperative 1   create value   automate tasks   adopt enhancements   address multitude   build workplaces   gap knowledge   know fig   ensure pipeline   learn culture   use analytics   support questions   enhance organizations   make deloitte   require engagement   manage implications   understand field   enable haier   enhance speed   prepare workforce   develop head   learn jectives   launch programme   define ways   provide apprentices   foster performance   bring self   enhance supply   launch app   give opportunities   adopt technologies   create environment   chitect culture   identify e   expand base   find head   putt press   target initiatives   balance approach   ing variety   enable transition   nurture it   sustain employability   understand ateness   create flows   orchestrate workforce   seek strategies   work review   redirect support   use groups   conduct ping   empower workforce   learn source   adapt models   change processes   provide businesses   fit sets   undertake microtasks   pursue solution   exist knowledge   make investments   train strategy   check compleate   build it   engage men   create ideas   understand gaps   learn selfdriven   build awareness   encourage people   promote economy   deliver contract   require skills   perform businesses16   forwardthinking strategies   craft culture   substitute augment   design solution   encourage them   encourage employ   use data   navigate services   help them   build community   experience function   rise management   lead effort   build command   bring promise   far initiatives   anticipate trends   couple changes   nals commitment   provide support   drive change   use that   shape future   undertake use   find way   build culture   identify challenges   corporating increases   connect experiences   employ partners   drive interventions   do r   create perience   participate that   enable culture   represent views   bring it   close gap   build powerhouse   digitalize environment   foster culture   blur boundaries   retrench ployees   avoid approach   examine role   create sustainability   establish measures   encourage uptake   ncreased sentiment   automationidentifying pathways   shape strategies   rewire culture   use mission   derive insights   build mtn   triple returns   overwhelm workforce   buy personalization   simplify standardize   promote team   influence promotions   encourage negotiation   include rewards   use knowledge   putt people   programme element   take steps   clarify issues   identify skills   stage weeks   improve response   improve integrity   embrace ambiguity   build future   enable experience   impact governments   create jobs   reduce bias   introduce transparency   make skills   generate insights   exist reskill   place emphasis   realize value   empower individuals   define tion   create organization   evolutionidentifying sources   deliver organizations   promote diversity   spread word   demand connection   note capability   regulate outcomes   bring access   use conditions   leverage processes   wear pin   lie machine   complement insights   preserve employment   create experiences   use elements   learn emmanuel   bridge gap   drive vision   include programmes   shape landscape   enhance protection   evolve modernday   use platforms   place skills   address bias   share stories   assess ment   fill needs   perform companies   highlight the   structure promise   present options   start versation   pursue opportunitiesembrace   integrate metrics   deserve right   create roadmap   enable models   sustain advantage   manage diversity   manage future   execute model   manage work   translate di   introduce women   accelerate capabilities   value investment   champion view   drive goals   deliver amounts   employ etc   earlycareer talent   combine elements   acknowledge knowledge   meet protocols   take care   face shift   work examples   protect wellbeing   build dialogue   increase participation   recognize need   encourage diversity   matter me   create challenge   run tank   learn survey   deliver action   retain talent   serve americans   ing figure   make strategies   shrink tasks   experience purpose   imperative 2   implement paper   gain insights   second future   see benefits   scale offerings   develop capabilities   promote fact   differ perspectives   reinvent work   decline tasks   support transition   inform strategy   use it   see fig   match talent   improve experience   leverage analytics   etcidentifying talent   demand models   change forces   create forces   perform knowledge   create tasks   remove inclusion   extend leadership   use talent   create opportunity   redefine future   provide opportunities   use ecosystem   outline nologies   give way   embed it   undermine agenda   integrate efforts   improve visibility   quality system   include design   underpin function   receive information   set government   manage practices   achieve quartile   align experience   bring strategy   optimize es   automation impact   lay groundwork   require shift   balance value   oneering forms   inform decisions   revisit rule   graduate trainees   unite workforce   ensure changes   shift lighting   define suring   engineer mission   improve performance   identify pathways   garner which   achieve tions   use information   highlight opportunities   automationenhancing leadership   change work   gig workers   create guidelines   sustain these   belong growth   build strategies   apply goals   promote employment   do things   orchestrate redundancy   support thank   navigate world   change this   put policies   value relationship   shape world   enhance collection   inform decisionmaking   enable vision   know it   shape system   create need   reinvent approach   show ranges   include cost   wellbeing strategy   create reporting   determine outcomes   decisionmake shift   bring opportunities   use technology   build ecosystem   hardwiring parity   apply automation   help mea   expand view   offer opportunities   build cording   use advancements   shape priorities   measure issues   distribute them   sustain leaders   include roles   meet demand   upskil leaders   meet standards   shape forum   reinvent talent   build processes   commodate skills   provide meaning   build system   tomizing responses   cost productivity   reserve part   enhance mobility   read sheets   upskill employees   deliver impact   tell stories   come heart   accelerate men   promote sense   perform maintenance   serve release   address them   augment work36   foster diversity   celebrate moments   face need   plan results   pare students   drive connection   enter workforce   mitigate risks   learn solutions   collect organization   perform testing   emerge functions   balance ple   exceed targets   curate experiences   optimize time   learn aramco   use framework   get compensation   train learning   interest them   democratize work   reach threshold   inspire workforce   adjust curriculum   scale workforces   drive mission   require business   face that   cost charge   include women   use surveys   employ 20   shape histori   emerge evidence   showcase paths   identify those   hire experts   imperative upwork   ensure coverage   lead organizations   change activities   pool people   support shift   provide solutions   shape experience   bring opportunity   ing fig   add fluid   engage business   extend strategy   introduce badges   complete task   meet needs   connect talent   release standard   describe skills   learn revolution   thank members   can pabilities   redeploy them   provide curricula   accelerate pace   oversaturating workforce   close gaps   determine structure   value capital   hold culture   highlight role   unlock manage   mitigate quantitative   include hr   ensure alignment   implement reskilling   train systems   drive making   implement diversity   illustrate impact   imperative 5   create plans   source workers   train bots   identify quantitative   drive objectives   foster innovation   perform it   identify imperatives   shape making   achieve combinations   outperform growth   sustain way   use technologies   implement work   leave talent   monitor decisions   apply selves   ing strategies   plemented initiatives   move approach   recognize scarcity   place control   prepare apprentices   keep access   meet demands   influence outcomes   upskil variety   feel sup   improve diversity   redefine system   learn skills   build workforce   implement risks   run line   improve state   shape pathways   refine skills   enhance experience   cat optic   take means   create work   improve australia   build pools   cast talent   focus role   invite companies   create field   accelerate redefinition   cascade knowledge   enable ability   play role   require efforts   manage monitor   improve flexibility   shift processes   develop forms   use hours   escalate problems   blur lines   reward framework   convince workforce   redefine mandate   collect insights   embed culture   define diversity   establish way   host experts   gete demographics   manage organization   create lna   take ownership   balance cellence   automate work   relearn skills   create case   embed diversity   form foundation   find themselves   lack benchmarks   achieve organizations   enhance leadership   transform skills   accomplish work   shift models   improve bottom   rate readiness   create demand   provide insight   meet these   bear brunt   update education   combine integration   decrease biases   pursue variety   perform wrenches   operate introduction   unlock potential   meet requirements   build experience   use fig   drive return   employ methods   process narrative   set example   bring diversity   unlock mix   develop metrics   vent shift   live that   backfire particu   indicate impact   remove stigma   drive performance   use tools   reflect diversity   lie pipe   communicate importance   fuse worlds   provide employees   evaluate participants   pride itself   explain ambiguity   produce value   transform attitudes   contribute skills   embed diversi   increase efficiencies   build employability   lead work   build inclusion   promote velopment   transform work   retrain workforce   align activities   reskil head   put learning   use point   close actions   selfgoverning entrepreneurs   close them   meet employee   offer programmes   take view   give ability   enable employees   identify impact   have decisions   create impetus   reinvent jobs   match skills   align people   asses inclusion   learn moves   help health   access information   shape culture   support employees   focus reward   replace handling   include leadership   change culture   leaf company   deconstruct jobs   enable businesses   include initiatives   develop range   ensure relevance   incorporate components   lead experiments   prompt unilever   thank you   receive training   trates nature   resist temptation   drive decisionmaking   create fatigue   employ ees   change area   start family   learn etc50   reskil timeframe   rate opportunity   create culture   support unilever   embrace automation   make footprint   benefit business   introduce platform   learn analytics   receive feed   change practices   use amount   upskill ers   affect inspectors   shift meaning   span economies   set policies   require narrative   enhance agility   ensure use   drive sig   benchmark mance   use culture   deliver work   inspire future   enhance fig   accelerate transformation   thank adam   prevent ment   hold teams   develop talent   implement initiatives   implement automation   use imagi   develop workforce   fulfill role   highlight benefits   gain experiences   integrate work   establish metrics   coordinate use   think rytelling   create rethink   display skills   classify tasks   create fluidity   relearn metrics   value failure   define measuring   see figure   reskil opportunities   create capabilities   show solidarity   ensure engagement   work partners   build ness   empower employees   explain pace   ing wellbeing   recruit training   create experience   find solutions   create metrics   impact processes   use skills   bring talent   support initiative   selfgoverning introduction   retain investing   reevaluate curriculum   ing partnership   create fluency   drive decision   create ment   reward models   ensure awareness   develop programme   drive authenticity   manage automation   integrate worker   pskilling oung   take advantage   identify 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