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McKinsey Problem Solving Test Practice Test B 2006 APTMetrics, Inc. 1 McKinsey Problem Solving Test Practice Test Overview and Instructions This practice test has been developed to provide a sample of the actual McKinsey Problem Solving Test used for selection purposes. This test assesses your ability to solve business problems using deductive, inductive, and quantitative reasoning. This practice test contains a total of 26 questions. The actual test contains 26 questions and you will be given 6


average than their freddie answer to the problem market in certain countries market in these countries pharmaco in each market data for both riverside shrimp used per restaurant shrimp would a restaurant sales in the market

Sources: McKinsey

Pathway Demo and Download Data

You can download the excel file containing Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions. Please use Lunge App, to try the pathway data.
This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Strategies
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Goals:   answer compiles question   support expected increase   support expected growth   rank highest risk   provide current rate   issue takes prescription   solve test overview   address future need   use blank space   represent purchasing power   understand total value   show greatest return   compile shows table   make less profit   give regarding facts   provide property values   use electronic devices   conclude important facts   justify determined investment   represent next markets   open modern gallery   impact pharmaceutical market   demonstrate economic benefit   address economic benefit   provide economic benefit   change recent changes   consider presented information   identify predict countries   make bigger profit   make greater profit   answer permitted questions   exhibit cumulative sales   contribute much profit   divide household income   explain market share   break involved costs   give answer minutes   find appropriate answer   use answer key   pay highest price   seek own treatment   illustrate current share   serve similar menu   use inductive reasoning   determine greater share   discover following facts   determine final instructions   benefit economic benefit   serve wide variety   solve using problems   apply exchange rate   equal multiplied revenue   complete test score   impact entire market   open gallery staff   complete practice test   examine associated costs   improve informed gallery   eliminate associated cost   perform more likely   produce higher result   purchase total cost   benefit local area   speak local language   generate most revenue
Measures:   small boats   more benefit   future trends   aquaculture shrimp   next markets   current share   low ranking   poor share   rapid increase   price meal   high difference   only factor   annual costs   strong powers   strong increase   interest sponsors   high response   local medicine   nearby restaurant   past years   low risk   reasonable price   only response   great profit   follow facts   actual problem   shrimp agents   economic benefit   important measures   income level   great percentage   far research   high levels   main growth   high growth   follow amounts   main reason   full time   local activity   good opportunities   high price   electronic devices   average income   traditional medicine   suitable dish   local business   financial year   valid reason   last month   absolute dollar   practice overview   social benefit   total sales   few months   gallery staff   low prices   most revenue   project size   les profit   develop markets   detail information   annual rates   own medication   available data   good approximates   only visit   similar menu   large wholesalers   previous years   art gallery   economic country   certain exhibitions   more money   total boat   major growth   recent decline   additional funding   last years   economic risk   local language   economic rates   average rates   shrimp peeling   future need   pharmaceutical facilities   shrimp kg   hot weather   next years   many questions   first year   future markets   basic rates   property values   modern gallery   high result   tourist levels   familyowned boats   wide variety   small percentage   different parts   shrimp taste   follow figures   diablo dishes   direct control   future sales   maximum data   great margin   practice test   overall profit   good ranking   entire income   follow points   significant increase   increase government   more shrimp   standard forms   high quality   critical factor   future growth   follow lists   much profit   current cost   recent years   high risk   follow formulae   response b   average price   local unit   shrimp dishes   total cost   specific countries   health insurer   test overview   similar restaurants   quality seafood   local income   near processor   score instructions   vary ingredients   regular donations   profit margin   random survey   same amount   last table   great success   manual process   emerge markets   cleanup labour   additional responses   local currencies   own treatment   total population   expect increase   recent changes   large markets   relevant d   additional investment   large market   shrimp price   strong growth   cumulative sales   same indicator   entire market   large sales   outside area   strong presence   inherent risk   high level   household income   shade areas   inductive reasoning   appropriate answer   address barriers   last year   perceive quality   purchase power   last institution   big profit   mckinsey team   practice problem   key cause   new visit   pharmaceutical companies   total market   select visit   production facilities   divide income   current rate   same c   blank space   important facts   wild shrimp   modern art   minimum growth   valid conclusion   total instructions   economic indicator   average household   major diseases   final score   follow conclusions   such institution   second difference   annual income   follow statements   private patients   same response   low market   recent survey   correct answers   equivalent time   recent corruption   private donations   market share   unhealthy lifestyles   more half   various countries   average level   additional metropolis   certain countries   baugust wwwmckinseycomcareers   relate business   alternative method   average growth   close estimate   natural remedies   global sales   special exhibitions   political corruption   total growth   last months   revenue b   important data   recent growth   correct response   255bn response   process price   educational activity   total value   expect growth   single day   pharmaceutical market   prescription pharmaceuticals   follow values   maximum growth   high ranking   deductive reasoning   economic growth   spend levels   mckinsey problem   local currency   efficient facilities   relevant rankings   far years   survey visitors   great access   high income   convert value   prescription market   cold dishes   current margin   formal plan   historic current   exchange rate   artsrelated events   private insurer   breakeven point   relative branches   broad changes   international company   local area   social activity   actual administration   final instructions   great return   great detail   business problems   first kg   answer key   great share   american sales   overnight hotel   basic rate   pharmaceutical sales   monthly revenue   herbal remedies   small presence   hot dishes
Actions:   solve overview   cost 14   create appetizer   justify investment   provide values   investigate opportunities   impact market   provide sample   show revenue   contain total   benefit impact   contain subset   see gallery   obtain funding   equal revenue   serve shrimp   exhibit sales   represent ways   purchase cost   copy products   show current   apply rate   demonstrate benefit   keep gallery   illustrate share   cost 2   require kg   catch shrimp   exhibit price   explain difference   find point   improve gallery   address benefit   eliminate responses   address issue   contain questions   answer c   benefit area   compile table   direct team   compare costs   understand value   prefer dishes   sell pharmaceuticals   sell that   locate district   generate m   deveining them   give results   exhibit margin   divide income   support bid   represent barrier   multiply income   add number   investigate a   represent 52bn   ask question   increase b   survey visitors   take place   indicate value   consider information   serve menu   determine share   take which   freeze shrimp   give minutes   ask mckinsey   use shrimp   benefit benefit   produce result   reduce cost   invest money   provide rate   support benefit   grow 22   address need   response a   give facts   investigate decline   examine costs   sell them   score answers   generate revenue   serve seafood   inform team   present 24   purchase shrimp   produce it   support growth   follow this   buy headless   examine level   freeze agents   spend what   determine instructions   use aquaculture   satisfy b   conclude facts   examine ease   receive funding   rank risk   bribe doctors   represent power   exhibit s   calculate difference   address ease   put case   reduce weight   generate sales   climb table   visit doctor   explain responses   follow i   project this   prescribe brand   satisfy answers   grade dehead   perform calculations   store them   purchase aquaculture   determine ease   visit riverside   address which   regard peeling   procure shrimp   determine test   mention anything   perform likely   contribute profit   run it   eat habits   increase sales   show size   discover facts   change changes   contribute amount   take shrimp   predict investment   visit area   explain trend   answer question   solve problem   identify countries   visit doctors   serve variety   make changes   compare indicator   determine answer   employ average   represent markets   solve problems   take markets   spend money   record notes   import shrimp   solve test   break costs   rank 1   use space   take heads   make profit   select answer   purchase machine   assist you   visit gallery   pay that   notice difference   support increase   complete score   provide benefit   pay less   profit margin   allow calculation   answer questions   charge people   describe thoughts   open staff   address question   continue responses   expect b   pay price   increase c   eliminate cost   devein shrimp   produce dishes   cost 1295   deveining shrimp   ask team   examine market   receive b   cost 13   use reasoning   ask you   explain share   sell dishes   cost restaurant   imply growth   open gallery   use shack   use information   prepare shrimp   sell pharmaco   collect data   find answer   prepare gallery   understand reasons   issue prescription   cost kg   calculate value   speak language   take years   use devices   complete test   seek treatment   prevent pharmaco   use key   compare data   serve response   represent 10   cost 60c   show return
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.