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ReDesigning Development Finance Initiative A joint initiative of the World Economic Forum and the OECD Blended Finance Vol. 1: A Primer for Development Finance and Philanthropic Funders An overview of the strategic use of development finance and philanthropic funds to mobilize private capital for development September 2015 Contents Acknowledgements 3 Preface 4 Executive Summary 6 Financing an Ambitious Sustainable Development Agenda 8 Blended Finance: An Opportunity to Unlock Wider Actors and Re


funding during the preparing risk being very high barriers over the investment projects in the preparing high in these markets forum and the oecd development and la francophonie capital in the global capital available in global

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government  People & Society
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Profiles:   september contents   the forum   this investments   this mechanism   winwinwin solutions   a event   the use   a gap   its dollars   firstloss guarantees   the lack   this funds   committee countries   no repayment   the investment   the sector   this challenges   the funder   the returns   the sdgs   a company   the risk   a guide   the risks   cit cit   the cost   america growth   the motivation   msci indices   the advantage   the objective   a funder   the approaches   the gap   this policies   a guarantee   a primer   region market   a fund   a set   this costs   this projects   the guarantor   both enterprises   the barriers   a shift   this approach   this report   fund manager   the factors   either scale   the ideas   a investment   a organization   this businesses   the claim   a base   an projects   this section   the funders   the government   the source   the challenge   the team   the scale   the innovation   the needs   the fund   the consensus   a goal   this context   all rights   its returns   a investor   the level   an activities   the facility   this gap   a total   the community   the value   dbsa capital   a enterprise   the region   a project   the barrier   the approach   speechley officer   the resources   this estimates   this markets   the manufacturers   the concept   an transactions   a thanks   this factors   sdg outcomes   the country   the party   the goals   all obligations   the strategy   the challenges   the benefits   the fundraising   the landscape   funder launch   the infrafund   this primer   the transaction   sme viability
Goals:   figure blended barriers   help venture industry   include debt terms   assist private entities   build development funders   support challenge funds   swfs capital sources   leaf annual gap   undertake support activities   use mobilizing instruments   use term funders   enter protracted period   carry addressed risks   improve investment climate   end frontier markets   bridge impede gaps   unlock new resources   exit own investments   attract limiting capital   scale business models   identify scalable structures   provide cultivated pipeline   redesign joint initiative   select meet deals   resolve lead risks   provide improved proposition   drive capital flows   spread respond ability   create needs incentives   present tremendous opportunity   enable patient expectations   know development funders   finance ambitious finance   play important role   fill model infrafund   incorporate equity debt   raise creating returns   ensure finance attempts   lead wwwifcorgwpswcmconnectregion__ext source   recognize sector incentives   lower high costs   offer relative returns   enable industries entrepreneurs   involve private sector   reduce duplication fragmentation   formalize financing impact   alleviate economic issues   securitize held investments   reduce available funding   limit incentives mandate   spotlight building blocks   test business idea   enable given pot   catalyse private activity   help require markets   possess development goals   provide reduction tools   support funding mechanisms   support development efforts   include improved access   need additional billion   increase improve vaccines   enable investors development   utilize blended lexicon   manage failure rates   free balance sheets   improve financial viability   improve credit worthiness   play critical role   absorb debt debt   promote resulting innovation   share market knowledge   attract infrastructure finance   require capital contributions   enable finance instruments   achieve development objectives   address support sectors   possess unique set   tailor finance strategies   explain bring benefits   highlight action plan   invest create approach   lower perceived ability   live director samans   project pioneering role   create invest incentives   develop new lines   overcome unlocking barriers   restrict capital exposure   eliminate funding shortfall   prevail remove prices   include finance institutions   facilitate facilitating role   facilitate lower diligence   finance required services   bring functioning market   create new opportunities   offer high rate   show political will   accept financial returns   overcome investor barriers   share returned capital   shape development priorities   provide potential basis   catalyze broader range   incentivize finance investment   address high risk   mitigate ensuring losses   advance key challenge   attract sector financing   assist infrastructure fund   require immediate outlay   flow investor barriers   provide venture capital   shape world forum   deliver development impact   provide credit guarantees   offer looking returns   guarantee market price   consider local markets   facilitate enterprises projects   engage sector investors   create unique set   finance sustainable gap   provide process guide   enable business models   apply financial instruments   accelerate economic progress   identify robust pipeline   implement ambitious investment   create inclusive system   address faced barriers   reflect changed fact   reduce required return   provide temporary incentive   include capital vehicles   increase perceived quality   provide commercial exit   leverage local partners   transmit outlines preface   play key role   include war terrorism   cost underwriting tools   make investment decisions   speed improving processes   attract investment capital   address intensive activities   improve business viability   highlight growing need   present sizeable opportunity   finance implementing development   present attractive opportunity   remove smoothing uncertainty   embrace finance approach   include partial guarantees   finance ambitious agenda   grow life cycle   improve credit profile   embrace fundamental changes   build projects companies   support investment opportunities   access markets results   make attractive return   lack invest mandates   reduce associated risks   meet investor mandates   enable blended transaction   develop new product   fill investment gap   deliver investment approach   cost reduction tools   expand production capacity   seize outlines opportunities   address shifting barriers   leverage creditor status   mitigate completion risk   require capital outlay   address occur gaps   offer market opportunities   figure investor barriers   derisked achieve support   drive direct funding   refine investment strategy   lengthen time horizons   provide operational training   explore life cycle   increase potential returns   reduce limit costs   provide sector investors   grant financial award   function financial markets   achieve impact goals   forfeit significant financing   increase committed speed   absorb initial losses   prepare initial costs   enable investment forms   carry model risk   provide encourage terms   create capital shortfall   make reached investments   give regulatory frameworks   attract sector model   offset reducing costs   blend different intents   introduce liquidity requirements   facilitate supports finance   include political business   require direct funding   provide riskadjusted returns   learn small sizes   meet investor requirements   seek anchoring role   scale blended finance   adapt traditional methodology   generate development impact   fund valued development   reduce returns risks   support direct funding   outline significant opportunity   attract private capital   take subordinate position   provide world examples   need private providers   repair market inefficiencies   accommodate investment goals   improve risk concerns   absorb risk reduces   reduce dissuade risks   ensure profitable prices   improve health outcomes   achieve successful closing   flow labor policies   adopt business models   low transaction costs   foresee due difficulty   bring partner stakeholders   provide cost leverage   include preferred return   permit impact studies   bring market projects   close funding gap   receive additional share   support larger number   utilize local expertise   include banklending bonds   drive environmental progress   reduce costs uncertainty   replace development goals   represent significant supply   gain confidence experience   lack commercial viability   support seeks infrastructure   capitalize expected impact   meet required investment   leverage funders development   leverage sector expertise   supplement knowledge gaps   include equity grants   represent drive opportunity   appendix lexicon finance   protect confidentiality transparency   earn annual income   limit downside losses   produce jobs sources   assume preparatory costs   lack infrastructure expertise   include structuring sharing   finance following studies   transitioning initial costs   extend sincere thanks   include assistance underwriting   serve rural aavishkaar   clarify key concepts   meet impact objectives   avoid associated risks   target development issues   offer riskadjusted returns   address creating outcomes   guarantee development finance   offer development returns   limit finance funders   commit financial instruments   face sizable gap   represent private capital   mobilize rdfi survey   deliver environmental impact   manage balance sheets   promote job creation   use structuring approach   demonstrate venture capital   address ensuring challenges   combine financing tools   help women youth   include market commitments   provide tax revenue   create liquidity transparency   reach high alltime
Measures:   critical risks   significant contributors   rural aavishkaar   limit amounts   high potential   actual examples   global agenda   discount terms   viable class   intentional approach   financial incentives   transparent systems   financial system   scalable transactions   successful record   additional capital   pioneer projects   underdevelop markets   private fund   philanthropic actors   investment fund   international community   regional agendas   small deal   assistance training   commercial investment   good incentives   ambitious agenda   foreign affairs   transnational corporations   unproven ability   long tenors   blend instruments   invest assets   longterm funds   healthfocused funds   far projects   large number   investment model   risk capital   match funds   lead agencies   term funders   underserved sectors   improve performance   successful financing   enterprise projects   different stakeholders   external resources   active sources   specific incentives   downside losses   intensive activities   investment structures   great risk   underwrit tools   overall pricing   reduce uncertainty   high impact   new markets   explicit mandates   investment strategy   mainstream way   limit data   total amount   institutional investors   investment bonds   limit mandate   local markets   key pillar   global investors   private investment   action plan   far involvement   nascent markets   inefficient markets   credit profile   economic issues   local presence   subordinate debt   large projects   financial solutions   transitioning funders   parallel activities   sector investors   senior debt   low income   competitive basis   investment manager   global fund   operational risks   blend development   illiquid risks   operate norms   manufacture capacity   macro risks   preparatory costs   poor aavishkaar   protract period   private crowd   local climate   complementary vol   commercial sources   maximum price   improve terms   blend organization   real actors   life cycle   new set   failure rate   direct compensation   public actors   commercial transparency   early investments   finance initiative   commercial funding   local currency   sustainable development   regulatory environment   entire cycle   german fund   asian bill   several reports   inferior services   various forms   financial sustainability   msme finance   equal terms   same time   private sectors   funder governments   investment viability   preliminary assessment   growth source   emerge markets   market prices   prepare phase   small sizes   local capacity   high development   multiple projects   time horizons   critical role   local expertise   key concepts   fossil subsidies   attractive returns   standardize structures   match commitments   facilitate approach   new product   scalable structures   early investor   financial products   global savings6   product lines   risk tools   next years   acceptable levels   local pipeline   long horizons   development gap   external financing   private resources   viability studies   additional revenue   pioneer investments   unfamiliar territories   foremost business   investment conditions   significant gap   practical steps   future efforts   available vaccines   investor mandates   late date   weak frameworks   right way   support regulations   economic transformation   real risks   available capital   rise rates   direct funding   philanthropic funds   private sector   risk underwriting   bankable projects   job creation   additional share   early stage   domestic resources   equity activity   fast rates   strong systems   contingent financing   private sources   domestic providers   initial profile   model risk   scalable products   private scale   political risk   mature markets   impactbased structure   particular instrument   strategic combinations   responsible providers   limit universe   private capital   promise potential   affordable price   commit assets   executive officer   riskfree assets   inflate return   sustainable framework   interest rates   regulatory business   efficient use   small losses   particular event   loss development   strong networks   new sectors   high transaction   many activities   diverse universe   significant costs   ongoing operations   successful company   economic impact   fix pricing   clean energy   public sector   risky lending   capital exposure   individual countries   secondary markets   private goods   blend transaction   fmfml funders   blend segments   riskadjusted requirements   increase exposure   dedicate facilities   cost analytics   economic outlook   pivotal juncture   sector rationale   measurable savings   blend presents   investable pipeline   legal reforms   inclusive growth   commercial returns   venture enterprises   operational support   estimate shortfall   venture methodology   public consultation   effective approach   key markets   commercial confidentiality   investable projects   right solutions   strong will   sizable gap   different sectors   domestic capital   develop investors   investor risk   analytic work   civil disturbance   failure rates   independent study   significant financing   price incentive   pioneer approach   investor gaps   capital vehicles   deep pools   key role   full financing   overall prospects   municipal sectors   pioneer funds   transaction timelines   political will   mature enterprises   clean services   public services   investment approach   subsequent costs   structure manner   macroeconomic governance   scarce funding   dominant consumer   annual gap   propose goals   commercial skills   manage organization   ambitious investment   different contributions   development finance   operational knowledge   global population   minimum level   longterm financing   new capital   project s   critical sectors   pneumococcal vaccines   business models   venture capital   riskreturn profiles   junior equity   attractive return   riskreturn proposition   longterm development   main challenges   international efforts   efficient markets   deal timelines   different intents   predictability publishing   new investors   norwegian fund   subject point   household income   sustainable solutions   healthy competition   private providers   risk concerns   unify platforms   private financing   profitable prices   unpredictable inflation   senior ownership   develop countries   foreign exchange   swedish equities   equity grants   structure approach   redesign initiative   build cycle   exist mandates   technicaloperational expertise   21st century   require return   fix period   first capital   develop world   own investments   potential sources   certain risks   pioneer phase   illiquid markets   flexible loans   lengthy times   low cost   increase accumulation   annual needs   clear directive   high risk   same terms   increase returns   key use   annual investment   unique set   additional sources   reverse demand   mature barriers   agency institutions   finance funders   blend fund   great viability   shortterm jobs   fmo investors   commercial sector   permanent vehicles   different points   diverse incentives   intensive projects   prefer return   philanthropic capital   target measures   resultsbased financing   necessary investors   local sources   post2015 financing   future payments   new investment   longterm capital   multilateral finance   high risks   technical assistance   positive impact   public intervention   soft patient   enough money   structural needs   facilitate role   unedited draft   attractive source   orient funders   publicprivate cooperation   relative riskiness   economic progress   similar section   risky parts   vital complements   finance transaction   build blocks   production capacity   local perspective   significant opportunity   environmental standards   affordable terms   market opportunities   aboveaverage returns   relative returns   low rates   effective regulations   commercial viability   scarce resources   substitutive manner   public foundations   political instabilities   knowledge gaps   confidentiality transparency   anchor capital   high case   regulatory reform   grow need   positive returns   socioeconomic group   high upfront   innovative businesses   subordinate positions   global agendas   new sources   local laws   blend finance   particular assistance   corporate level   finance institutions   available estimates   investment processes   http wwwoecdorgdacstatsdocumentupload   poor group   support mechanisms   increase pressure   negative effects   capital inflows   carbon emission   strategic development   relevant countries   financial award   investee funds   extensive experience   economic operation   significant experimentation   capital markets   risk returns   development issues   blend approaches   scale capital   sufficient experience   expropriation terrorism   strict leverage   match grants   cash outlays   develop markets   new models   blend barriers   andor regions   renewable telecommunications   affordable earlystage   significant capital   upfront outlays   small enterprise   such instances   excessive subsidies   investment pipeline   critical areas   currency hedges   reduction tools   public transport   basic services   broadbased transformation   credit guarantees   high impacts   more intermediation   transitioning projects   development outcomes   strong returns   domestic kinds   historical returns   private entities   sustainable gap   private partnerships   clear mandates   operational training   tremendous opportunity   domestic investment   fund development   increase demand   standardize products   investor returns   sdgcompatible investments   global markets   new uncertainty   followon capital   market uncertainty   commercial rates   capital outlay   guarantee payments   function markets   high capital   great profits   finance impact   executive chairman   public partnerships   public support   lowincome countries   overall funding   return requirements   fiduciary duty   enhance expertise   financial returns   investment managers   initial investments   business approaches   healthcare strategy   key risks   foreign capital   efficient results   wrong model   precommissioned projects   powerful tools   local capital   effective strategies   excessive volatility   societal impacts   full ability   elevate costs   advisory services   past decades   subordinate loans   increase transparency   predefine model   significant supply   target areas   comparable terms   far objectives   currency risks   equity investment   sectorial risks   balance sheets   time energy   many cases   longterm supplies   finance vol   different issues   market commitments   international organization   local funders   sizeable opportunity   flow rationale   upfront investment   incredible opportunities   global outlook   significant time   infrastructure fund   emerge funding   social impact   investor risks   private actors   many opportunities   private partners   world examples   philanthropic resources   poor frameworks   investor requirements   private survey   verifiable history   successful closing   oecd publishing   investor perception   low transaction   private funds   seed capital   superior returns   financial viability   future activity   great liquidity   operate models   sufficient size   new market   unfamiliar markets   perceive risks   actual risks   guarantee point   local partners   subsequent rounds   global development   segment investments   frontier markets   financial closure   high costs   prove illiquid   foreign investment   climate concerns   bold action   global market   financial instruments   initial costs   advance economies   blend dealtransaction   caribbean market   longterm lending   significant outcomes   mature cycle   market knowledge   strategic sectors   philanthropic organizations   market inefficiencies   far model   investment opportunity   business idea   past year   high debt   planetary boundaries   rate debt   finance approach   limit regulations   stakeholder studies   grant guarantees   substantial returns   helpful primer   current levels   fundamental barriers   low returns   new vaccines   finance tools   share knowledge   broad range   market failures   finance strategies   new industries   capital losses   employment opportunities   function ecosystems   regulatory systems   such funding   ambitious finance   generous terms   grant funding   leverage use   significant risks   strong demand   project costs   development objectives   upfront costs   limit sources   fund shortfalls   sustainable progress   sector financing   mainstream focus   huge potential   investment report   completion risk   additional scale   operational guidance   operational figure   separate entity   temporary incentive   support instruments   equity debt   lengthy timelines   important impact   future opportunities   structure finance   international capital   high rates   financial sector   challenge funds   operational case   significant impact   new business   healthy market   continuous support   additional financing   new skills   investment finance   forward plans   creditor status   sustainable goals   danish investors   certain vaccines   annual savings6   follow areas   perceive quality   professional services   transitioning funding   poor use   tax revenue   downward pressures   many forms   credit enhancement   private funding   renewable sources   significant returns   traditional tools   large investors   dutch bank   sector capital   cultivate pipeline   future deals   upfront funding   development funders   public capital   wide actors   commercial solutions   earlystage investments   new products   medium term   high uncertainty   favorable terms   private market   major pillar   philanthropic foundations   risk shortfalls   due costs   stable livelihoods   market efficiency   traditional methodology   direct financing   danish funds   philanthropic investors   credit worthiness   new businesses   deliberate use   perceive ability   inclusive system   fund gaps   contingent payments   expand model   high liquidity   financial institutions   agree model   commercial investors   deal sizes   political business   compel opportunities   corporate governance   potential basis   local practices   market price   pioneer funding   emerge area   past decade   total project   mature investments   catalytic way   financial tools   private group   market results   essential infrastructure   social progress   improve proposition   above services   labor policies   full transparency   high competition   private enterprise   real providers   climaterelated projects   flexible terms   due diligence   market fundamentals   private investors   prior stage   expect repayment   public investors   more capital   high rate   business viability   important challenges   innovative mechanisms   flexible debt   commercial pools   capital methodology   sector incentives   specific activities   private infrastructure   local inefficiencies   alternative energy   private forms   vaccine prices   capital sources   sector infrastructure   investment climate   complementary goals   finance barriers   active managers   specific context   follow studies   finance attempts   outlay financing   high incentives   hard conditions   chief officer   transformative solution   dampen expectations   super fund   philanthropic funders   macroeconomic business   investor outlays   finance lexicon   define finance   prefer status   capital contributions   direct investment   match development   major consideration   financial completion   liquidity requirements   good practices   vaccine manufacturers   development funding   sector investment   confidential information   initial losses   underpenetrated markets   institutional readiness   flow barriers   track record   longterm viability   common uses   specific events   uncertain markets   high model   unfamiliar agencies   facilitate segment   relative borrower   increase revenue   practical insights   public providers   significant increases   financial objectives   financial markets   specific risks   long records   solid record   increase competitiveness   recent survey   political risks   barrier policies   several funds   dac organisation   certain characteristics   local entrepreneurs   wide engagement   private investments   health outcomes   increase capital   potential losses   riskappropriate returns   blend characteristics   project preparation   sizeable products   mature stage   immediate outlay   perceive barriers   impact studies   investor tools   innovative ideas   underpenetrated sectors   sizeable financing   private finance   improve access   commercial markets   bank financing   private provision   long term   scale industry   potential returns   real examples   comprehensive assessment   significant barriers   finance gaps   capital industry   low rate   potential bottlenecks   catalyst scarcity   first losses   technical feasibility   overcome barriers   investment capital   next fund   limit experience   mature transactions   successful capital   junior anchoring   sustainable agenda   wide range   highpotential markets   due volatility   binary risk   common types   critical stage   conservative estimates   different ways   debt terms   limit resources   expect impact   enhance knowledge   potential risks   les risk   wide audience   riskreturn thresholds   intend consequence   approach section   common language   clear interest   function market   partial guarantees   investment gap   inform decisions   imply mitigation   change solutions   limit understanding   satisfy ownership   important role   large shortfall   public resources   significant outlay   blend funds   necessary personnel   subordinatedjuniormezzanine debt   job sources   healthcare providers   commercial capital   limit mandates   local intermediaries   purchase terms   real rates   development challenges   affordable goods   common forms   political support   assist projects   transaction costs   develop economies   favourable terms   multiple forms   transitioning role   regional banks   financial investments   various solutions   eradicate economies   executive summary   local knowledge   technical uncertainty   enterprise facility   amceligible countries   attractive opportunity   commercial exit   development agenda   rough roadmap   significant assistance   new opportunities   sector model   financial crisis   third party   define pillars   blend risk   systemic approach   return capital   additional funding   different approaches   official assistance   available funding   new lines   riskreturn profile   global capital   ready projects   danish government   uncertain viability   considerable benefits   applicable mechanisms   inconsistent tariffs   global priorities   annual report   debt grants   urban systems   local systems   private expertise   local networks   innovative solutions   fiscal benefits   blend strategies   infrastructure expertise   senior head   more funds   global gdp   development needs   solar hydro   international claims   rural areas   underlie funds   development goals   investable opportunities   systemic risks   key bottlenecks   approach crowds   venture industry   model infrafund   strategic use   strategic plans   various stages   anchor role   institutional development   perceive risk   average income   key opportunities   infrastructure finance   local issuance   regulatory risks   financial services   significant resources   ongoing support   positive effects   company subsidiary   low leverage   commercial actors   profitable vaccine   key sectors   capital shortfall   increase familiarity   pneumococcal vaccine   follow factors   cost leverage   development impact   significant deterrent   support reforms   sincere thanks   investor barriers   mature vol   committee organisation   development returns   new technologies   particular investment   high expectations   riskadjusted returns   market opportunity   innovative approach   joint initiative   more work   definitional alignment   ga emissions   fund gap   innovative models   small enterprises   negative events   develop case   growth funding   investment opportunities   private activity   blend processes   development efforts   major component   facilitate funding   public dollar   enhance performance   philanthropic funding   first closing   new funds   innovation projects   flexible capital   regulatory frameworks   commercial thresholds   economy societies   uncertain returns   sector expertise   political case   fundamental changes   project feasibility   apparent rise   basic instruments   medical devices   immediate capital   war terrorism   mature projects   expand market   grow momentum   different stages   real sections   wide efforts   environmental impact   german company   significant outlays   key challenge   specific sectors   blend lexicon   market development   similar goals   available data   cash flows   overall costs   macroeconomic policies   blend tools   subordinate position   public entities   direct risk   strong impact   flexible assistance   intensive support   robust pipeline   perceive riskiness   new projects   private returns   specific stage   sovereign funds   continue scale   specific barriers   late stage   risk illiquid   investment decisions   new resources   marketbased tools   environmental progress   deep knowledge   full range   different models   significant needs   beneficial outcomes   riskreturn ratio   major bank   indirect mechanisms   pioneer role   give pot   successful transaction   main cause   emerge economies   strategic projects   regulatory currency   local managers   impact objectives   sustainable creation   renewable energy   global crisis   odagni target   local investment   press challenges   adjust returns   development priorities   investment strategies   fund shortfall   commercial terms   process guide   return grants   advance commitments   full guarantees   financial intermediaries   annual income   investment goals   attractive relative
Actions:   mitigate losses   cover facility   include vol   undertake activities   apply instruments   encourage sector   address gaps   provide subsidies   support investments   increase speed   test idea   apply finance   prevail challenges   help markets   improve profile   facilitate channeling   offer opportunities   reach alltime   bridge gaps   facilitate relationshipbuilding   require investments   absorb losses   take variety   enable grants   use funds   securitize investments   have impact   earn income   assume costs   borrow money   help youth   require funding   cover preparation   take place   impede understanding   refer wwwoecdorgdacstatsdocumentupload   address needs   reach closure   promote innovation   low costs   adapt methodology   bring stakeholders   bring market   offer knowledge   meet thresholds   provide investors   include markets   need capital   return returns   produce benefits   unlock capital   clarify concepts   provide insights   include guarantees   reduce funding   signale viability   signale effect   forego returns   support fundamentals   ease access   develop projects   provide guidance   support number   drive economies   persist 12   provide scale   mobilise resources   shape priorities   include vehicles   carry risk   provide incentive   provide liquidity   prepare governments   address risk   recognize incentives   crowd financing   provide vaccines   accept returns   highlight plan   manage rates   represent supply   leverage investment   transition these   develop product   include terrorism   guarantee guarantees   drive improvement   allocate funds   develop business   transitioning finance   enable instruments   address j   ensure clarity   facilitate investment   provide examples   finance agenda   increase vaccines   improve publishing   manage risks   repay lender   share knowledge   require development   finance finance   use instruments   provide exit   provide returns   supplement capacity   enable environments   support funding   reflect fact   explore cycle   increase return   take positions   target billion   create system   support investment   improve creditworthiness   require managers   incorporate debt   leverage investments   improve conditions   address activities   lift people   facilitate investments   raise returns   invest consolidation   develop relationships   last decade   connect supply   lower analytics   speed processes   drive progress   fill infrafund   access model   dissuade commitment   provide framework   realize return   spotlight blocks   advance challenge   highlight need   meet objectives   increase flow   distort markets   increase pipeline   repay stage   provide comfort   provide funding   gain momentum   permit studies   strengthen case   preserve capital   enable gaps   mobilize financing   scale solutions   utilize expertise   show will   involve sector   offer returns   close gap   support projects   receive returns   lower ability   invest lack   provide manufacturers   impact ability   fund funding   absorb costs   develop pipeline   support growth   provide revenue   identify structures   encourage flows   give expectations   scale costs   finance studies   bring funders   flow policies   lack mandates   explore use   formalize impact   encourage capital   leverage partners   manage sheets   remove uncertainty   diversify institutions   utilize lexicon   consider risks   need report   create impacts   build companies   require increases   support development   attract model   bring projects   lock margin   lack training   produce vaccines   figure pillars   enter period   fund time   require outlays   do business   communicate insights   pilote approaches   implement investment   receive level   improve perception   pay premium   include amounts   allocate capital   facilitate finance   create set   increase cost   finance services   enhance impact   translate assets   enable models   transform societies   include understanding   need funding   accelerate growth   realize returns   acknowledge partners   identify 74   remove elements   support funds   transitioning lack   reduce likelihood   require capital   feature tenors   derisked support   create savings   enable entrepreneurs   encourage investments   access results   execute strategies   address sectors   support efforts   occur it   accommodate goals   drive funding   shift profile   promote finance   avoid risks   gap returns   develop lines   enable investors   transform financing   seek growth   promote development   combine tools   lengthen horizons   overcome failures   protect investors   discourage investors   support improvements   channel more   take returns   take action   eliminate shortfall   increase impact   facilitate diligence   provide enhancement   make lending   reduce presence   study fund   outline opportunity   enable environment   use range   repayable grants   defer returns   need comfort   align objectives   improve worthiness   undisclosed bank   increase liquidity   deploy funds   secure personnel   facilitate projects   address balance   include bonds   source transactions   assist entities   receive finance   structure expertise   help finance   hinder flow   provide what   scale finance   enable them   provide credibility   address some   reserve part   overcome 32   prove models   report committee   deliver impact   replace oda   return needs   figure barriers   demonstrate ability   learn sizes   leverage capital   exit investment   attract finance   take forms   lack the   build capacity   produce sources   consider markets   limit financing   use approach   limit funders   demonstrate capital   provide support   facilitate sourcing   take position   make return   reduce poverty   provide leverage   explain benefits   support sectors   lack viability   create profiles   channel resources   supplement gaps   execute investments   limit ii   base decisions   expand capacity   need providers   improve quality   address challenges   shape forum   reach beneficiaries   prove feasibility   facilitate anchoring   represent opportunity   capitalize impact   swfs sources   include concessional   deliver approach   provide vol   project role   accelerate progress   incentivize investment   use section   drive flows   include grants   limit participation   seize opportunities   provide compensation   offer support   ensure attempts   address outcomes   enable pot   unlock actors   face variety   create role   smooth volatility   return capital   deliver transactions   advance development   guarantee price   mobilize survey   combine funding   enable forms   consolidate estimates   help crowd   give frameworks   enable funding   provide livelihoods   ensure transparency   facilitate sustainability   facilitate experience   include volatility   finance goals   achieve impact   resolve risks   align incentives   include investments   give potential   repay them   finance development   build pipeline   create potential   receive irr   offer range   monitor deloitte   take lives   address sdgs   catalyse billion   supplement investment   introduce requirements   facilitate capital   provide financing   signal viability   include hedges   reduce risks   create opportunities   lead source   engage business   make decisions   fund development   provide line   require innovation   explore build   cost tools   bear 24   represent capital   implement sdgs   enhance credit   know funders   analyze effectiveness   offer mismatches   share capital   reduce transaction   deploy capital   create markets   leaf gap   require support   diversify portfolios   leverage expertise   include commitments   leverage development   mobilize sources   mitigate crowds   reduce attractiveness   offset costs   define finance   promote outcomes   channel investment   assess impact   reduce emission   provide assistance   mobilize capital   receive money   tackle issues   facilitate returns   receive share   mitigate risk   support guarantees   reduce pricing   take development   meet target   support ecosystems   offer potential   address that   address risks   increase efficiency   asses risk   guarantee finance   introduce uncertainty   reduce level   smooth flows   attract financing   give use   shape development   execute project   justify investment   balance incentives   package solutions   enable funders   create pipeline   improve s   advance markets   serve msmes   improve state   repair inefficiencies   provide tools   require contributions   provide grants   create viability   include innovations   meet investment   alleviate issues   improve terms   mobilize flows   increase number   introduce investors   measure impact   provide pipeline   underperform expectations   impede flows   make payment   identify undervaluation   prevail prices   bring organisation   take form   accept risk   turn ideas   ensure prices   include access   lack access   provide payments   attract capital   take advantage   use funders   dampen returns   absorb reduces   raise cost   meet requirements   seek debt   gap efficiency   play variety   implement draft   ensure capital   provide training   fill gap   absorb debt   tailor strategies   transform idea   include underwriting   finance gap   involve mixture   limit mandate   adopt models   wwwenterprisesurveysorg vol   attract investors   encourage investment   support opportunities   bear burden   enable capital   involve support   increase efficiencies   support vaccines   embrace approach   enhance grants   make investments   provide insight   assume exposure   shift ratio   influence returns   carry risks   manufacture approach   provide pricing   seek role   sdgs vol   lack expertise   present opportunity   use technologies   drive consumption   extend thanks   create transparency   require more   enable access   catalyze capital   provide services   enable operations   facilitate development   acknowledge insights   reduce costs   invest approach   provide enterprises   benefit people   use tools   provide basis   scale production   provide capital   replace goals   recover investment   meet mandates   enhance returns   bring skills   expand access   define mandates   explain role   catalyze range   overcome barriers   expand infrastructure   increase pool   include terms   commit funds   improve concerns   highlight path   flow barriers   use finance   deliver returns   defer rights   build funders   appendix finance   enable development   create incentives   function markets   lack size   drive sources   unlock returns   live samans   promote creation   support innovation   raise million   return development   scale strategy   support mechanisms   increase supply   include return   learn more   raise 1   demonstrate viability   promote intermediation   cost little   exceed supply   scale models   provide guide   end markets   follow piggybacking   drive rates   provide terms   build rationale   quantify risks   guarantee pricing   include business   prepare costs   seek capital   supply capital   grow cycle   invest impact   reach completion   identify pipeline   ensure competition   help industry   limit number   return illiquid   transitioning costs   achieve closing   bring returns   cost underwriting   refine strategy   undertake finance   fund capital   foresee difficulty   expand pool   maximize returns   open markets   reduce return   ensure funds   target issues   protect investor   provide goods   meet needs   grant award   address concern   attract rationale   improve timelines   use resources   reduce cost   leverage status   include permits   achieve objectives   enhance operations   signale quality   protect transparency   play role   serve aavishkaar   repair failures   bring investment   need billion   help entrepreneurs   stimulate innovation   achieve goals   select deals   give rise   support access   prepare 2   integrate finance   limit losses   mandate vol   mitigate risks   target sectors   acknowledgement summary   clarify definition   increase quality   include institutions   provide guarantees   support infrastructure   include sharing   redesign initiative   free sheets   require outlay   create shortfall   assist fund   create jobs   engage investors   lower costs   prevent capital   create 24   face gap   forfeit financing   invest capital   catalyse activity   low barriers   possess goals   catalyze pillars   improve outcomes   free capital   limit dgis   provide them   contribute energy   justify time   reduce emissions   commit instruments   prepare funding   prepare pioneering   undermine development   improve viability   highlight scale   unlock resources   embrace changes   overcome constraints   spread ability   engage capital   facilitate role   augment efforts   reduce risk   ensure liquidity   improve climate   sustain project   offer rate   facilitate inflows   do capital   agree sdgs   mitigate andor   generate impact   inform approaches   impede objectives   seek opportunities   ensure development   possess set   provide proposition   raise capital   exit investments   build cycle   lend time   selfsustaining development   transmit preface   guarantee investment   increase returns   blend intents   cover part   guarantee assistance   eliminate risk   guard information   enable transaction   enable expectations   support investors   ensure comfort   reduce fragmentation   shape section   restrict exposure   address barriers   gain experience   reduce uncertainty
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.