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The next normal arrives: Trends that will define 2021 and beyond The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, and its effects will last. Here are some factors that business leaders should keep in mind as they prepare for the next normal. by Kevin Sneader and Shubham Singhal January 2021 Grant Faint / SeventyFour / Getty Images Businesses have spent much of the past nine months scrambling to adapt to extraordinary circumstances. While the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet won, with a


travel took five years sneader is the global companies are three times percent of a year china and the united percent of the global united states percent crisis

Sources: McKinsey

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Strategies
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Profiles:   the office   the development   a country   the volume   a travel   the deficits   all rights   the benefits   that concern   the efforts   the challenge   the future   the key   the stimulus   the pandemic   the payments   that companies   the revolution   all countries   the percent   that attitudes   the plus   the economy   the crisis   the virus   the trend   the body   an companies   the dynamics   the number   another train   the country   it strategy   korea part   an systems   the molecules   china profile   the implication   the rise   a survey   the rebalancing   the context   the individual   such thing   a crisis   the reckoning   the consumers   the shift   the increases   the capitalism   the story   this time   the path   the gap   this office   the bottom   the announcement   any company   the vaccines   its companies   mckinsey survey   the market   the rate   a number   rajnish chairman   overall adoption   the vaccine   the hangovers   the figure   the experience   the research   the half   its competitors   the changes   the industry   the others   the answer   the bounce   a portends   the lack   a businesses   the use   the happiness   a opportunity   it effects   the terms   an industries   the return   this platform   a company   the result   the government   the formation   its chains   the scale   its investments   the imperative   the obligations   the point   the resilients   a majority   a accomplishment   the role
Goals:   examine related actions   discuss precovid19 eras   s diversifying reason   improve pandemic preparedness   fueled fasterthanexpected rate   use recovery plans   create prompts protein   create crops heat   replace onsite meetings   play significant role   raise fiscal deficit   see portfolio adjustment   shape global economy   mean risk management   diversify supply chains   bring disproportionate share   confirm accelerating businesscontinuity   infuse measured metric   buy enthusiastic t   personalize customer experience   estimate humanitarian cases   try shopping behaviors   push policy priorities   shape next normal   generate demand executives   create reconfigure imperative   realize disruptions things   provide enduring foundation   show comes s   assign credit blame   take productivity gains   waste increasing prominence   show build way   prompt immune response   ship most all   fueling economic growth   hit record percent   change governance structures   show largest increase   carry own costs   kill year people   relax shown requirements   prove larger point   take learn opportunity   unleash consumer rebound   outweigh investing costs   describe century generations   improve business models   create shareholder value   accelerate fourth revolution   buy defining difference   see new formations   invest covid19 crisis   limit available resources   require regulation workforces   limit climate risks   include genetic modification   build covid19 crisis   expect lasting shutdown   serve consumer markets   see significant increase   come seek idea   accelerate green opportunities   diversify growth opportunities   build work environments   address fiscal difficulties   bar unexpected businesses   incorporate action climate   cut inequality spending   bring dramatic restructuring   turn painful lessons   go great acceleration   use inactivated form   break carrier mrna   t enviable precedent
Measures:   future generations   rise debt   several vaccines   force inquiries   individual businesses   same month   political backlash   pandemic preparedness   digital shopping   unallocated capital   economic tracker   humanitarian cases   economic order   economic impact   historic norms   highskilled jobs   low rates   national debt   domestic flights   important one   current staff   new things   physicaldistancing requirements   online retail   old demographics   online buyers   global economy   clear guidelines   sophisticate management   environmental policy   define difference   longterm change   clean energy   large part   small roles   significant increase   economic catastrophe   regional travel   onlinepenetration rates   true point   predictable features   operation healthcare   sustainable investing   veritable flood   genetic modification   genetic instructions   longterm productivity   private debt   shareholder value   remote care   financial position   old population   current recession   same period   global downturns   many companies   muchneeded shot   strong use   such differences   few question   canadian dollars   pandemic triggers   welltrained workforces   equivalent increase   substantial blackrock   venturecapital activity   general prosperity   more years   virtual options   global survey   risk management   noncommunicable diseases   substantial programs   widespread criticism   professional development   past couple   remote work   economic activity   green technologies   own interest   global prosperity   economic growth   normal times   net emissions   manage partner   recovery plans   long term   traditional center   conspicuous lack   urgent need   fiscal year   total spending   new capabilities   enviable precedent   government operations   second quarter   systematic reconsideration   selfrepairing fabrics   physical inputs   financial times   new businesses   global outlook   current plans   green infrastructure   estimate people   more century   governance structures   small businesses   positive development   productivity gains   first corporations   dramatic advances   portfolio adjustment   medical innovation   much space   significant role   new executives   artificial ai   spider silk   develop countries   normal differences   wide array   first time   high levels   telehealth visits   consumer rebound   large increase   outofhome activities   customer experience   high recorded7   human machine   public debt   census bureau   faint light   growth opportunities   global growth   american maker   consumer markets   communal element   new behaviors   small business   green economy   skill gaps   economic downturns   enable gains   inactivate form   discretionary spending2   consumer businesses   social force   major economies   painful lessons   large point   own activity   good times   large improvement   policy priorities   digital models   individual transaction   first half   social capital   new cases   last year   dramatic restructuring   first quarter   available resources   first things   several years   business formations   green bonds   few people   top performers   climatechangerelated measures   moral sentiments   first country   positive force   human desire   belong companies   percent rate   total debt   demand executives   global value   artificial spider   healthy sheets   open question   escape velocity   environmental sustainability   new formations   major company   century generations   engineer microbes   significant reskilling   longterm view   regional expertise   substantial adjustment   electric vehicles   good reasons   holiday gifts   advance technologies   remote working   green innovation   intense pressure   real estate   emerge resilients   onsite meetings   endure foundation   public criticism   environmental action   economic stability   record sales   previous vaccines   competitive advantage   solarpower systems   industrial revolution   dramatic reactions   former chair   clinical trials   present travel   self employment   longterm value   past months   relative positions   previous years   second differences   short value   carbon emissions   effective arrangements   strong action   come decades   supply chains   more quarters   exist priorities   private companies   state goal   dark fashions   major countries   great productivity   wide use   own costs   economy societies   measure metric   global disease   many opportunities   green opportunities   national levels   healthy environments   unexpect businesses   young populations   stockmarket returns   previous positions   pandemicrelated restrictions   good leadership   new ways   business models   continue diffusion   new forms   increase prominence   certify corporations   fossilfuel subsidies   inperson sales   startle figure   major events   advance robotics   good news   new territory   new technologies   learn opportunities   spin-dry capital   economic constraints   compel example   good idea   fiscal packages   thoughtful collaboration   widespread distrust   effective action   new kinds   supportive workforces   single factory   third quarter   recent graduate   cool things   universal percent   extraordinary circumstances   current technology   seamless process   climate risks   shop behaviors   few funds   cautionary notes   unobstructed view   work environments   new skills   structural change   global partner   risk resilience   perfect intentions   short leisure   many countries   manufacture companies   consumer sentiment   several quarters   green energy   financial crisis   fastgrowing markets   past consensus   fiscal leakages   tailor opportunities   20th century   immune response   datum security   global goods   fiscal territory   droughtresistant crops   entire value   fiscal deficit   low base   regulatory approval   devastate business   big declines   first disruptions   digital capabilities   first vaccines   poor countries   growth rate   golden week   pesky activists   fasterthanexpected rate   sectoral differences   fiscal difficulties   great acceleration   fast development   new opportunities   disproportionate share   global workforce   next decade   complicate chains   positive trend   consumer spending   debttogdp ratio   high priority   high score   effective use   whole occupancy   fourth revolution   low valuations   second factor   new lockdowns   critical components   human service   online service   same time   important challenges   discount assets   pandemic times   medical center   international travel   launch point   selfemployed workers   massive acceleration   recent survey   chocolate maker   cool app   next pandemic   good deal   high ratio   massive sectors   corporate bankruptcy   insight analysis   difficult times   previous downturns   safe pantries   first quarters   senior partner   usual business   damage cells   fiscal response   wide range   virtual health   digital transformation   retail sales16   tremendous growth   supplychain redundancies   such decisions   new app
Actions:   spend much   promote growth   make daily   hit figure3   build systems   require workforces   reduce emissions   s challenge   spark wave   try kinds   bioengineer sequencing   shape normal   leave employment   conduct percent   push debt   prompt response   call it   use form   link recovery   reskil staff   keep eye   confirm businesscontinuity   eschew pursuit   buy t   serve interests   dedicate percent   build trust   address conditions   change that   bring share   keep that   come idea   create heat   address gaps   reserve 13   provoke reactions   pay debt   encourage collaboration   play invests   largescale testing   reduce leakages   examine actions   last month   generate executives   put it   install systems   achieve velocity   resume sales   roll vaccines   diversify chains   waste prominence   see growth   put country   offer care   augur beginning   shape economy   play roles   raise taxes   create imperative   transform business   figure that   revise bureau   discuss eras   require commitment   start business   limit risks   replace cells   establish guidelines   add fuel   personalize experience   improve healthcare   shape futures   build redundancies   show s   create opportunity   fueling growth   absorb shocks   unleash rebound   turn lessons   curb malaria   reverse itself   relax requirements   need reskilling   slow recovery   increase earnings   take gains   protect income   set foundation   hit percent   learn mckinsey   take advantage   resume activities   take hold   project deficit   see anything   serve markets   pick factor   take decade   do business   improve zscores   mean everything   service debt   project increase   reveal vulnerabilities   take opportunity   s reason   invest trillion   mean management   accelerate revolution   show increase   enable working   learn whatever   monetize assets   keep jobs   create protein   capture opportunities18   cut marketplaceorg   reach trillion   build advantage   adopt principles   accelerate capabilities   see formations   take news   create trillions   ship all   cost less   include modification   describe generations   hit road   affect direction   affect numbers   raise deficit   outweigh costs   get media   measure probability   highlight interconnectedness   invest crisis   accelerate opportunities   use plans   push companies   inculcate culture   narrow costs   may mckinseycom   s core   arrive idea   navigate crisis   take stock   develop brazil   phase subsidies   suffer effect   consider interests   offer hope   estimate cases   protect jobs   change structures   try behaviors   replace meetings   bring percent   create resistance   require development   carry costs   address difficulties   spend big   kill people   adapt workforce   tell us   create culture   fueled rate   work majority   reconfigure operations   infuse something   insight tracker   establish options   face that   hold all   go acceleration   meet them   buy gifts   limit resources   incorporate climate   livelihood imperative   set inquiries   build them   rack sales   expect losses   change world   seek that   prove point   improve models   define 2021   create silk   make decisions   infuse profit   allocate trillions   turn caterer   enhance returns   bring benefits   list vaccines   see increase   bring restructuring   improve operations   require businesses   reach percent   evaluate score   earn recipe   keep mind   create value   cut conversation   evaluate companies   provide foundation   see worth   outperform rest   infuse metric   take action   mean application   improve preparedness   expect shutdown   grant seventyfour   create space   play role   automate checkout   shut production   crowd debt   break mrna   improve security   emphasize businesses   lose resilients   provoke divergent   doesn work   transform societies   carry instructions   secure approval   open door   transform them   follow productivity   shop romania   learn what   chart bureau   keep powder   call what   play part   t precedent   have moment   realize things   take years   supplychain reinvention   accelerate shopping   build environments   bring what   identify some   bar businesses   embrace change   tackle debt   create momentum   tilt odds   show way   see adjustment   reach them   transform mckinseycom   make deals   pick midyear   plant trees   take it   increase use   speed transition   seek opportunities   speed operations   learn skills   seek ways   lessen accomplishment   use them   shake norms   offset half   launch generation   redesign workplaces   build crisis   can will   push priorities   diversify networks   fend activists   buy difference   evaluate data   adapt technologies   make changes   reach consumers   alter businesses   recognize china   earn mckinseycom   cost quarter   provide case   learn more   cut spending   address business   diversify opportunities   assign blame   face gaps   safeguard lives   bring advances   power returns   reduce debt   define case   address change   follow part
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.