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The Future of Jobs Report 2020 O C T O B E R 2 0 2 0 3 5 7 8 8 9 16 19 26 27 29 35 40 40 45 49 50 53 55 56 66 119 150 157 158 160 Cover: Unsplash/Joel Guerrero Inside: Unsplash/Christina wocintechchat; Unsplash/Faruq Al Aqib; Unsplash/Rob Lambert Contents Preface Executive Summary Part 1 Tracking the Future of Jobs Chapter 1 The Labour Market Outlook in the Pandemic Economy 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Short-term shocks and long-term trends 1.3 The remote and hybrid workforce 1.4 Impact on equality Chap


displaced by new technologies support of this project employment and become displaced roles such as process impact of the global change to the economy workforce for each duration roles in the healthcare employees within an organization

Sources: WEF

Pathway Demo and Download Data

You can download the excel file containing Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions. Please use Lunge App, to try the pathway data.
This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government  People & Society
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Profiles:   nlp encryption   an instruments   the respondents   a report   the changes   the emergence   pwc robots   l source   the trends   this figures   the talent   restrepo robots   g20 response   the figure   c wage   this finding   the measurement   that workers   the countries   this edition   the forces   the augmentation   that limitations   the economies   the amount   the age   this window   the hours   a skills   the adaptation   the adoption   the companies   oecd statistics   the losses   g measures   an businesses   an aspects   the index   it data   the wage   the worker   eg nlpencryption   nlp robots   this patterns   the diversity   e transitions   a slump   the course   the bounty   the sector   this recovery   the metrics   all workers   the software   the lockdowns   i rate   this industries   the future   the capabilities   the jobs   outlook2020_1686c758en letter   you organization   the costs   the reskilling   the world   the clusters   september source   a set   the onset   scrum delivery   a horizon   p services   the productivity   a facility   the values   both programmes   the chart   ireland countries   the decade   fund database   a stake   e barriers   this types   the version   the half   u rate   the recession   all operators   a recession   ie work   the need   it analysis   et persistence   nlp storage   eg networks   the professions   the researchers   the organization   the gures   the strain   the table   auditorstechnology adoptionshare   no measures   you direction   the industry   the employees   the decisions   this report   its company   sep countries   a transition   that roles   the measures   the barriers   schwab founder   the disruption   shortcycle education   the evidence   this measures   a share   the moment   the demand   the extent   the skills   rep tellers   the indicators   an economies   its companies   the gains   an clusters   the report   both technologies   a increase   the scale   the context   an impact   a review   the profile   the treemap   the team   the sections   the transformation   the individuals   the survey   all types   this transformations   the chapter   the persistence   this trends   the conclusions   the proportion   a number   feb impact   the system   the value   a people   the time   the share   whose income   the availability   the profiles   e investment   outlook security   this figure   the programmes   the rate   no firm   that countries   the reskillingupskilling   a analysis   that figures   all rights   the figures   its wellbeing   a return   whose views   the trajectory   the levels   the question   what proportion   you company   the contraction   the score   the efforts   the tenure   a selection   nonhumanoid automationdrones   a decrease   di tasks   the challenges   a way   the impact   the majority   the package   july analysts   this set   the types   e relationship   a calculation   the industries   october adoption   this estimate   the pandemic   this data   rica government   e companies   the inadequacies   the kinds   that figure   a framework   the implications   this chart   the government   the organizations   the statistics   the population   the number   this table   a focus   a living   this section   the platform   the observation   a match   http sustainablevaluecreation   a average   this values   the roles   the futurefit   that metrics   this professionals   germany source   a range   an policies   this programme   this strategies   this scenarios   an level   the data   zhao jobseekers
Goals:   survey training providers   lead societies economies   extend business protection   fix wwwweforumorgreports work   tackle wellbeing challenges   achieve career pivots   displace surging demand   fund upskilling reskilling   reference country profiles   indicate expand aspiration   perform administering activities   reskil months month   lead marked decline   experience potential wave   complete reskilling programme   hire permanent sta   provide global overview   see see 2020b   process software specialists   read country profiles   ensure safety health   present unprecedented use   survey external training   reflect new vulnerabilities   survey private institutions   guarantee fiscal stimulus   create doubledisruption scenario   continue covid19 support   survey processing information   write artificial regression   undertake following strategies   demand systemic solutions   accelerate organisational transformations   appendix report methodology   preserve save ability   blend drawing approaches   set investment strategy   place diversity equity   calculate penetration score   match theoretical potential   guide managers workers   identify potential scale   identify increasing emphasis   lack health systems   survey analytics internet   improve converted results   work adoption share   survey private providers   support workforce governments   experience significant disruption   tackle lead factors   review current ecosystem   deploy protect nets   programming11systems problemsolving analysis   see market disruption   account significant number   look leading positions   asses short trends   analyse job transitions   hold cash reserves   capture created opportunities   navigate job transitions   provide work opportunities   expand current workforce   enterprisesmanufacturingmining entertainment services   accelerate job automation   need secure skills   attract skills gaps   address substantial challenges   advise decisionmaking reasoning   expand including protection   distribute emerging skills   require full match   witness steady decrease   focus future reskilling   survey learning providers   markete crosscutting skills   tailor programme offering   bring looming possibility   analyse pivots instances   survey internet computing   create unique collection   measure asset purchase   develop funding mechanisms   learn trade encryption   use world forum   rebalance public spending   prolong rotation scheme   create clearer picture   employ good strategy   etcdistributed user originality   perform current role   extend upskilling reskilling   signal market value   learn new set   use labour market   show projected growth   take adapt initiative   disrupt projected expansion   upskil perceived period   keep performed tasks   survey text image   showcase continuing importance   receive reasonable return   ai roles economy   reflect continuing importance   influence innovative report   rebase progress scores   reduce current workforce   use specific mechanism   modify operates locations   lack institutions institutions   survey public institutions   match spent time   possess needed skills   s mobility index   employ top skills   show estimated time   learn security specialists9software   focus reskilling efforts   express skill penetration   bear avoided lag   transition many 46   accelerate substantial expansion   reinvigorate restored cohesion   leave current role   complete degree figures   expand knowledge base   provide safety nets   survey unique tool   interact decisionmaking reasoning   answer machine feeders   maximize human potential   detract manage capacity   waive delivery mechanisms   compute mean response   support businesses households   retrain private institutions   compute analytics encryption   mean employers growth   use originality monitoring   protect vulnerable workers   create displaced maps   harness growth potential   fund budget budget   attract talent shortage   retain recalled workers   receive communicating tasks   face labour market   order active strategies   face job uncertainty   establish internal committees   manage market transition   keep destitution poverty   reimagine professional trajectory   expect strong impact   entrench remote workforce   track historic trajectories   reveal significant increase   utilize remote filter   reach robust 40   present suggest challenges   take full days   provide comprehensive overview   provide jobs skills   programming6reasoning ideation7creativity problemsolving   identify job destinations   present reimagine options   face wholesale shift   track pay equity   create training programmes   need larger investment54   include tax dividends   establish temporary schemes   provide timely insights   enact affected closures   present unique extension   lack use skills   create new normal   revive labour market   track market outlook   upskil public sector   model power storage   make job transition   decrease stress tolerance   work remuneration stability   administer evaluating identifying   support proactive adaptation   quantify human capital   engineer product development   implement new vision   maintain high rate   protect households workers   see significant disruption   use unique combination   use sourced figures   crosscut efficiencies solutions   implement economic impact   employerled upskilling reskilling   lack science skills   expand delivery access   complement future initiative   need reskilling timeintensive   exclude purchase measures   obscure possible impact   upgrade capabilities skills   present time series   see economic forum   track market impact   increase future forum   show top skills   introduce triggered payments   provide navigating challenges   identify job openings   situate covid19 recession   sustain damage figure   match current capabilities   address shifting demand   see world forum   complete upskilling reskilling   restructure emerging skills   survey internal learning   receive performing information   create learning organization   adopt stated technology   address uncertain nature   order analytical thinking   present typical curriculum   report unemployment rates   set upskilling policies   require regional collaboration   find matches job   manage funding reskilling   learn humanities arts   map job transitions   survey world forum   require service innovation   process business services   pick sharp uptake   consider revive ways   define current era   disrupt employment prospects   ensure term productivity   outsource business functions   stress exibility13reasoning tolerance   cause sharp shock   expand track frameworks   take average month   enact global reset   update repository bank   see clear acceleration   reach unemployed workers   process bookkeeping accountants   survey automation drones   accelerate relevant question   include talent profiles   examine associated extent   mandate full closure   fund employee engagement   survey trade cloud   provide practical information   hire temporary sta   pose greatest risk   provide knowledge skills   evaluate performing information   create uncertain outlook   switch job family   acquire writing one   provide progress score   apply maximum period   perform communicating activities   leverage potential conclusion   present planning projections   design internal curriculum   displace performed tasks   bring wellbeing challenges   cover young professionals   survey relative importance   expect gap days   answer secretaries information   provide needed skills   survey computing internet   use remote filters   recall source institute   take pay cut   file sorters processors   fill jobs roles   expand workforce strategies   retrieve market effects   fund job transitions   showcase latest figures   present pivot opportunities   advise communicating reasoning   estateresearchsalessupport emerging skills   lack illustrate tools   utilize matched capabilities   use control8troubleshooting monitoring   identify growing jobs   include significant increase   teach intelligence skills   pursue holistic approach   survey internet encryption   list specific skill   take skill shortages   drone reality technology   see most recovery   perform remote work   write marketing sales   go innovative approach   accelerate organizational transformations   consolidate learning individuals   offer upskilling reskilling   represent smoothed mongey   examine gleaned learnings   see report methodology   close physical locations   provide new metrics   lack average reskilling   deliver public services   take unpaid work   present break opportunities   experience economic disruption   support organizations workers   answer lifepreserving measures   affect employment numbers
Measures:   second edition   far skills   digital technologies   knockon effects   infocus skills   same cluster   redundant organization   budget budget   household expenses   safety nets   unweighted change   survey employers   advance degree   local markets   sustainable opportunities   upskil reskilling   advance countries   expect rate   cost budget   client information   graphic source   several countries   private collaborations   current skills   fundamental shift   global recessions   define features   task jobs   damage figure   remote practices   programmes714accelerate automation   retain workersfemale   full closures   specialist commercial   emerge roles   notable findings   profound transformations   globalsocialmobilityindex2020why work   specialist services   economic scarring   jobrelevant skills   retail sales   different types   appropriate tool   retrain schemes   largescale shift   wholesale shift   technology future   fourfold increase   near term2   innovation4critical thinking   analytic thinking   social distancing   social media   technological feasibility   executive opinion   covid project   significant transformations   such effects   appropriate interpretation   young people   permanent mechanisms   exist inequalities   temporary extension   strategic roles   innovative metrics   scar lead   wholesale construction   contextual indicators   employ persons   analytic encryption   full gap   average investment   work activities   dedicate profiles   immediate spike   basic food   nlptext image   active leadership   fourth revolution   lowskilled workers   high priorities   next years   late evidence   retail use   meaningful curricula   optimal level   displace instability   average relevance   human resource   additional challenges   dark colour   develop economies   talent pools   new sectors   full days   nonprofit organization   annual rate   high score   digital communications   strategic redundancies   third edition   fast pace   permanent displacement   report methodology   more granularity   active relevance   private sector   key metrics   more addition   economic forum   learningneural networks   substantial attention   previous years   average companies   cloud internet   operator brickmasons   individual skills   follow analysis   basic relevance   occupational health   longterm success   creative data   update estimates   exist employees   appropriate reskilling   large emphasis   switchboard operators   follow skills   professionals7data analysts   technological incursion   analyst software   eventual upskilling   complex strategies   live research   job destinations   analytic internet   common efforts   positive impact   digital product   project impact   statistical purposes   effective practices   generationdistributed technology   sharp shock   direct measures   economic recession   everlarger need   longterm productivity   formal learning   pandemic work   current workforce   essential work   clerk assembly   great months   gradual redundancy   current tools   unique breadth   automation specialists   artificial intelligence   historic trajectories   critical thinking   base banks   high wage   strong figure   retention schemes   social exclusion   public monitor   bad jobs   key drivers   several schemes   new role   multiple professions   upskil uptake   big cloud   active strategies   broad inequities   social assistance   new occupations   several economies   economic security   bad rate   big data   unique nature   relative importance   global hiring   emerge consensus   advance rate   realtime market   low figures   workplace closures   unprecedented pace   effective strategies   rise discord   negative impact   affect source   desirable outcomes   exibility6critical thinking   devicesaugmented storage   upskil efforts   online learning   last year   increase oversight   social resilience   give economy   cloud data   digital traderobots   problemsolving leadership   long productivity   unemployed persons   untenable shortages   overarch principle   high levels   external training   online platforms   require level   loom possibility   motivate redeployment   learn networks   security analysts   perform training   nonhumanoid drones   administrative assistants   virtual realityecommerce   significant challenges   full closure   average wage   recessionrelated unemployment   available figures   technology providers   crosscut skills   current disruption   elegibility criteria   knowledge base   low workers   follow countries   basic unemployment   reskil rolesrole   remedial term   potential conclusion   unable workers   usual benefits   technology share   asymmetric nature   remote filters   production people   complex resilience   current countries   mid dividends   high economies   granular insights   market transition   relevant considerations   recommend frame   economic systems   human capabilities   select economies   family workers   clerk services   agile strategy   educational institutions   content production   use monitoring   typical skills   own initiative   growth potential   educational research   executive clerks3mechanics   great perspective   deep granularity   stress tolerance   transition workers   follow array   cross industry   past decade   reskil efforts   past transitions   national sources   ready employers   manager head   volatile context   secondary education   digital tools   stark reminder   new vulnerabilities   productive transitions   mental abilities   such roles   key competencies   rank skill   current openings   global companies   low wage   temporary relief   midtolate thirties   good skills   skill individuals   political polarization   formal reskilling   bad impact   new demand   manufacture oilg   negative effect   effective collaboration   digital assembly   product development   central banks   current outbreak   work population   active score   penetration score   specific steps   talent profiles   ongoing transformations   average years   current figures   particular attention   emotional skills   real time   lifepreserving measures   emerge opportunities   skillsworstbestdigital skills   employment numbers   global market   systemic solutions   negative direction   significant automation   project growth   future initiative   civil society   mark decline   active resilience   public service   socioeconomic status27   basic educ2018share   new secretaries   new employees   learn curriculum   internal capacity   international settlements   external providers   representative commercial   ultimate designation   power storage   longterm relief   special needs   digital skills   job openings   many employers   different backgrounds   bad gures   strategies3creativity originality   national governments   remote opportunities   great demand   reliable proxy   possible destinations   new opportunities   human skills   markete data   broad range   augment reality   emerge marketplace   progress score   top skills   first figures   tertiary degree   dual impact   today algorithms   manager services   human labour   available erosion   basic educ2019share   big internet   online workforce   new personnel   digital age   typical curriculum   sustainable value   current scheme   initiative3analytical thinking   establish patterns   good jobs   problemsolving selfmanagement   aggregate similarity   human capital   exceptional skills   budgetary allocationrelaxing   basic skills   highgrowth roles   inperson operations   good impact   financial services   tradedistributed technology   granular data   innovative approach   administrative accountants   entire generations   unequal patterns   public funds   indepth analysis   chief executives   original industry   skill employees   enhance package   work impact   define moment   local market   specific skill   job trajectories   market disruption   skill demand   qualitative expertise   sharp uptake   searchable words   available data   more jobs   job roles   problemsolving technology   many partners   new fields   subindustry share   retail construction   programmes381emerging job   principle leaders   servicesreal estate   future start   decisionmake reasoning   monthly skills   new reskilling   first decade   adequate opportunities   current roles   poor infrastructure   time series   mobility index   extensive changes   fiscal response   businessrelevant rate   substantial expansion   geographic location   lowincome economies17   retail sector   furlough schemes   state technology   wholesale engineers   current downturn   work paper   doubledisruption scenario   holistic approach   chief commercial   human share   augment image   active collaboration   particular occupation   condition results   first phase   local wage   lowermiddle economies   unique extension   young children   unique data   agile coach   technological advancement   unemployed workers   maintenance10critical thinking   distinct clusters   technological adoption   private investment   significant numbers   new trajectories   particular skills   affect share   vulnerable employment   van effects   technological augmentation   unprecedented crisis   blockchain image   online training   renew efforts   learn organization   regional governments   calendrical days   major peaks   short trends   economic success   engineer analysts   global recession   critical tool   emerge demand   competitive advantage   proactive adaptation   middle income   economic disruption   comprehensive overview   same time   largescale schemes   instrument source   artificial networks   hourly wagefigure   economic prosperity   adjuster examiners   chief resource   programmes333emerging job   economic shock   roll average   shift demand   enact schemes   economic project   digital image   unemployment levels   formal methods   global councils   automation employment   indepth information   permanent sta   labour organization   surge demand   role industries   remote working   generationtext image   secretaries10statistical adoptionshare   secretary information   human interaction   high demand   technological disruptions   right skill   total number   overall reduction   key elements   old workers   total period   such investments   high restaurants   consistent reporting   stack chart   affect workers   economic impact   public services   low scores   administrative lag   such trajectories   good performanceimpact   connect devices   potential wave   unprecedented use   online effort   technological change   additional responsibilities   unemployment rates   pay equity   individual cohesion   public institutions   key assets   state countries   value chains   cultural socialization   specialize work   emerge clusters   come decade   local inability   weight relevance   available opportunities   legislate measures   various scenarios   skill penetration   low levels   remote figure   strategies3analytical thinking   basic percentage   digital transformation   many jobs   delay improvements   professional socialization   emotional technology   internal learning   mas displacement   jobless recovery   public spending   social influence   clear acceleration   largescale disruption   significant share   entertainment food   first time   right investment   technologydriven creation   first months   secondary undergraduate   intelligence skills   regional collaboration   emotional leadership   basic rate   representative skills   remuneration stability   possible period   same indicator   annual figures   ninefold increase   sick leaveaccess   ethnic category   clear distinction   large majority   wwwiloorgwcmsp5groupspublic dgreportsdcommdocuments   text image   worker displacement   private institutions   short period   significant volume   recent months   increase demand   redundant specialists   new equilibrium   unprecedented granularity   emerge cluster   work age   facetoface figure   redundant skillsets   education automation   socalled jobs   poor prospects   subsequent period   emotional responses   industrial automationdrones   grow opportunities   top roles   automotive sector   remote work   nextstep opportunities   short term   datum set   live coverage   such capabilities   worker movements   real figures   distribute technology   artificial management   first chapter   average age   online platform   career pivots   reskil opportunities   broad value   online profiles   typical gap   appropriate committees   social fabric   great ferocity   rise demand   poor populationsintroducing   evolve demand   shape economies   orientation8critical thinking   urgent response   economic shocks   right corner   economic growth   longterm consequences   technology design   strong demand   large variation   persistent effect   professional profiles   future source   big skill   different industries   current shock   economic productivity   new ways   sector policies   uence4critical thinking   specialist head   job offer   regression strategy   unprecedented scale   global systems   emerge jobs   insight economies   employment growth   high education   support package   such services   care work   combine health   same rate   new skill   business functions   new pressures   substantial amount   high uncertainty   upskil rolesrole   effective transitions   manager engineers   fundamental pillar   pandemicinduced lockdowns   persistent declines   technological integration   new adoption   basic score   societal inequalities   effort frameworks   parental injury   relative youth   servicesfinancial services   strong recovery   average employers   new recession   pandemicrelated recession   content data   specific mechanism   large share   important challenges   new context   pay cut   significant uncertainty   clerks5business services   comfortable coverage   maximum period   international analysis   datum skill   interest companies   lifelong learning   minimum wage   current situation   affect sectors   late rate   access erosion   traditional labour   physical locations   complex technology   proactive efforts   current share   relative volume   device encryption   physical distancing8   educational services   education effort   few workers   average days   bridge skill   potential impact   current capabilities   financial advisers   upper economies   current role   long term   temporary adoption   digitalize processes   digital connectivity   ledger technology   large reserves   public policy   distinctive families   wide range   wage change   work series   pandemic economy   specialize skill   2020d work   role opportunities   machine feeders   rotation scheme   human conclusion   particular workers   big analytics   effective pivots   green indicate   global index   weight period   upskil policies   long history   digital information   natural language   strategy leadership   extensive increase   focus areas   neet values   need share   potential transitions   ongoing augmentation   high disruption   strong impact   great prosperity   innovative report   commercial sales   previous editions   financial crisis   significant expansion   broad use   technical servicesgovernment   displace worker   early trends   learn individuals   overall data   limit period   fund reskilling   vulnerable workers   new share   workforce strategies   additional areas   past trends   emotional originality   social mobility   new tools   rate trends   economic cycles   economic conditions   immediate effects   market effects   clear picture   datum analytics   professional trajectory   technologyproviders64accelerate automation   comparative rates   typical b   current era   experience8systems analysis   essential workers   true impact   global overview   term productivity   economy roles   possible impact   transient percent   complex activities   new world   temporary measures   such clusters   physical science   future programme   key policies   associate risk   renewable energy   big image   improve quality   more work   skill similarity   job skills   jobrelated information   general leadership   time stability   environmental metrics   external contractors   tax dividends   emotional troubleshooting   disadvantage populations   basic share   renewable engineers   retail sectors   advance percentage   local employers   analysis11emotional intelligence12troubleshooting   key industries   specialize gaps   constrain market   unique collection   equitable future   experience9creativity originality   local skills   different sets   specify period   orientation troubleshooting   resilience scores   increase figure   different nature   specialize shortage   different family   reasonable return   secretary services   economic graph   technical skills   reskil responses   specialists2data analysts   illustrative purposes   covid19 support   low income   online provider   global shift   top corner   strong nets   pay employment   current scarring   wellestablished systems   initial displacement   public relations   operational metrics   customize versions   most recovery   compute data   globalisation robotics   legal secretaries   high rates   future programmes   transformation specialists   detail discussion   future growth   estimate share   perceive period   dynamic mapping   longterm impact   new sta   communicationmilitary servicesoperationsproduct   emotional service   sudden spikes   public sectorhealth   current ecosystem   technical careers   professional clusters   online gig   delivery mechanisms   builtin filters   economic downturn   tasks643emerging rolesrole   fintech engineers   paramount concerns   jobrelevant information   theoretical share   job creation   follow strategies   new insights   bespeak maps   large investment54   certify assistants   cosine similarity   potential challenges   fulltime roles   longterm solutions   work processes   social protection   tentative rebound   current spending   internal committees   average respondents   emerge technologies   social crisis   businessrelevant skills   additional pressures   fund mechanisms   outline framework   ilo figures   societal progress   new metrics   first degree   force participation   steady decrease   employment levels   full match   skill workers   network regression   social contracts   additional stress   strong support   relevant cluster   nonemerging roles   low disruption   few opportunities   grow jobs   wholesale 5accountants   ambitious priorities   opposite end   key points   learn accounts   new redundancies   labour markets   connect analyticsencryption   accelerate pace   worker wellbeing   estimate time   skill match   give group   extensive systems   good firms   full engineer   national ministries   renew innovation   skill skills   successful strategy   specific industries   current numbers   postal service   such disruption   source future   dependent employees   managerial skills   progress scores   exist share   university press   early findings   key tasks   past years   new credentials   emerge pivots   establish structure   economic relief   internal department   different groups   remote filter   future recovery   theoretical potential   twofold increase   top strategies   good strategy   basic education   employment change   good gap   hard indicators   significant disruption   technological transformations   doublehit scenario   such collaboration   key skills   possible opportunities   loan purchase   new sources   great resilience   strategic advisors   more details   similar roles   great reset   historical perspective   aggregate talent   health nutrition   particular ferocity   unpaid work   free learning   available level   stockkeeping clerks   possible pathways   essential protections   online opportunities   key economies   monetary economics   young workers   job destruction   digital technology   administrative government   crossfunctional skills   upskil learning   likely technologies   remote scientists   central findings   active linkages   system analysis   business protection   tertiary education   relate clerks9cashiers   additional benefits   workforce governments   statistical leadership   international organization   follow measures   observable shifts   service feeders   positive return   different roles   uncertain nature   complete report   economic strain   retail service   short window   job uncertainty   organization rate   decrease demand   monthly figures   sluggish adaptation   significant ways   recent years   socioeconomic system   similar structures   train providers   asset purchase   cond impact   fivefold increase   advance economies   give industry   tfidf method   small tomedium   centralize budget   artificial specialist   big encryption   social safety   train curriculum   work filter   overallb womenc   longterm disability   old technologies   time period   shift skill   siloed clusters   business relevance   new cohorts   such estimates   proactive measures   fast businesses   top areas   basic standards   unemployment benefits   realitypower storage   close attention   significant number   average instability   significant increase   professional services   successful economies   such companies   rural characteristics   general specialists   exist programmes   lemexicoworking age   focus efforts   unique combination   new products   high quality   different measures   cyber security   share prosperity   automation drones   clerk information   follow question   selfemployment starters   specialize skills   trade cloud   economic cooperation   policy ecosystem   digital trade   high rate   such periods   strategic people   mean response   unprecedented figures   work period   project use   intangible assets   uence3critical thinking   elderly relatives16   unemployed rank   sale representatives   internet report   twin events   digital reskilling   attrition rate   global reset   structural change   upskil mechanisms   valuable assets   relevant training   renew urgency   unemployment rate   physical abilities   setter operators   new infrastructure   significant initiative   apriltojune period   scientific computing   professional cluster   new professions   public providers   great extent   humanoid robots   work life   new evidence   grow concerns   advance education   datum findings   stakeholder capitalism   organizational transformations   datum specialists   potential scale   accelerate transitions   stockkeeping assembly   initiative5analytical thinking   technologydriven displacement   new roles   temporary schemes   first edition   create jobs   stimulus payments   late figures   standard coverage   skill clusters   unprecedented changes   more opportunities   reskil investment   similar shell   racial gender   sharp contraction   timely insights   new marketplace   fundamental reform   specialist internet   technological innovation   uncertain times   methodological period   unrecorded companies   lenetherlandsworking age   remote workforce   partnership commercial   medium strategist7materials   economic organization   career consequences   different approaches   available period   quantum robots   regulatory framework   sufficient skills   low similarity   motivate factors   inclusive institutions   datum analysts   management services   strong reskilling   avoid lag   practical information   pandemic jobs   low end   establish practices   integrate application   grow demand   social policy   such insights   datum sources   datum points   many occupations   cash reserves   14displaced workers   total base   persistent damage   key words   strong adoption   pro lebrazil   wellbeing cohesion   administrative mechanics   postpandemic world   developers6social media   advance data   wellbeing challenges   current sets   current recession   sexual orientation   significant opportunities   impute observations   qualitative responses   human potential   talent shortage   public sources   necessary relief   artificial sales   positive effects   specialize training   new age   artificial automation   new technologies   key measures   market outlook   experience10technology design   good future   overall framework   245050displaced workersfemale   previous points   temporary sta   great risk   worker transitions   successful transitions   top sectors   relevant skills   taskspecialized work   relate skills   emotional systems   workers8statistical finance   employment trends   twin forces   grow discord   good gures   deep recessions   wholesale representatives   industrial revolution   postal order   administrative managers   retrain programme   linear transitions   average period   yearonyear change   health systems   measure optimism   low wages   digital reading   historical time   pro lecanada   digital data   skill development   such shortages   high level   pandemic recession   recent period   remotebased work   user originality   unprecedented scope   market impact   aspirational opportunities   purposeful leadership   resilience score   labour savings   worker news   employee engagement   good share   digital tradearti   new occupation   investment strategy   great emphasis   worker protection   recall workers   hourly wage   skill shortages   willing governments   datum analyticsinternet   unique tool   company leaders   remote companies   essential services   social cohesion   low coverage   perceive skills   such figures   significant rise   increase tolerance   new set   new areas   monetary assets   support role   local companies   new economy   increase emphasis   skill set   wide use   significant change   unprecedented numbers   copywriter data   midcareer transitions   bad period   agile policy   compete claim   human workers   progressive ladder   strategic direction   economic globalization   great opportunities   additional productivity   cybersecurity risks   work practices   internal expertise   agricultural workers   big developer   same period   average workers   such efforts   active coordination   cloud computing   future skill   virtual realityemerging   large opportunity   general workers   comparative advantage   technical services   average skills   early feedback   significant unrest   frequency1emotional originality   current future   weight supply   relate accountants   certain groups   far automation   monthly change   adoption share   cyber image   new division   vocational education   most communities   fiscal packages   local government   average reskilling   second quarter   local demand   good work   societal discord   public sector   select sectors   problemsolving5analytical thinking   different future   big specialists   several industries   geographic patterns   active population   external consultants   additional example   labour market   deep integration   harmonise rate   job family   relate recession   industrial automation   economic revival   specific information   uence10critical thinking   fiscal room   future councils   establish provision   effective resources   political will   nlp encryption   knowledge skills   pivot instances   technical rental   global collaboration   csuite level   disadvantage workers   key roles   great incursion   social transformations   exist occupations   establish indicators   green economy   economic activity   technological automation   relevant question   new materials   shrink opportunities   sense scientists   future starters   granular metrics   lead barriers   current strategy   late data   private providers   pro lemexicoworking   public collaborations   new vision   different languages   vary trajectories   professional skills   organisational transformations   resilience tolerance   displace source   longterm value   nancial material   common metrics   additional considerations   american workers   markete people   abovetheline measures   reskil programme   welldeveloped nets   adequate protection   average month   recent estimates   compute robots   more options   common barriers   qualitative intelligence   emotional thinking   affect industries   senior executives   job requirements   various profiles   linkedin data   effective governments   productive future   social strata   new strategies   follow adoption   work papers   vocational training   project expansion   levelintroducing subsidies   global workforce   multiple industries   key skill   chief officers   digital power   job strategy   emerge skills   human intelligence   midcareer reskilling   job automation   new individuals   nancial resources   executive assistants   more millions   redundant rolesrole   strong capabilities   upskil employers   special mechanisms   displace workers   service innovation   secondary source   relevant score   trade encryption   future workforce   additional reskilling   mechanical engineers   compute internet   open knowledge   employersupported reskilling   good metrics   high risk   internal curriculum   full set   physical operation   construction laborers   personal income   real estate   upskil workers   technologyproviders571accelerate automation   dependantsintroducing subsidies   orientation responses   comparable rates   skill gaps   office locations   uence3analytical thinking   key jobs   employment prospects   current jobs   associate slowdown   increase urgency   bad performance   blockchainaugmented originality   adequate gains   different providers   physical work   physical movement   minimum threshold   everexpanding cohort   age threshold   business operations   select countries   complex thinking   new data   emerge profession   human beings   continue importance   expect outlook   ongoing basis   connect priorities   summary part   science skills   new skills   widespread use   social employment   cut operators   current tasks   personal courses   automatic triggers   low skills   job filters   skillsweighted rate   digital specialists   rise unemployment   early evidence   vulnerable households   previous recessions   challenge feat   age population   economic forums   avoid severance   remote demand   same quarter   extreme poverty   clerk accountants   second wave   innovative mechanisms   digital marketing   connect devicesecommerce   pandemicdriven recession   green jobs   key learnings   lead positions   bank poverty   digital computingencryption   organisational development   significant dividends   crisis support   technical support   emerge professions   average rate   business services   future outlook   typical agenda   such adaptation   wellfunded reskilling   organizational development   professional firms   administrative mining   stable levels   normal evidence   great speed15   adequate efficiency   artificial skills   accelerate arrival   complex leadership   average supply   pioneer skills   effective systems   complex problemsolving   relative stability   new types   new measures   disadvantage future   current families   average ages   emotional management   average share   upskil programs   upskil programmes   wage subsidies   medical goods   wholesale trade   total population   temporary redundancies   publicprivate collaboration   neural networks   public training   comparative employment   double scenario   substantial reskilling   average employee   manual labour   tradetext image   new legislation   problemsolving strategies   uppermiddle economies   large part   high degree   high similarity   paramount concern   possible frontier   new jobs   remote workplace   average response   rate change   key outcomes   executive summary   uncertain outlook   substantial challenges   complex service   meaningful work   economic contraction   more challenges   threefold increase   financial analysts   immediate term   upper degree   healthy 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Actions:   reinvigorate cohesion   recall institute   showcase importance   guide workers   include profiles   lose roles   isced period   retrain employees   stress tolerance   see demand   learn thinking   leave timeliness   provide future   increase forum   create linkages   low costs   reskill employees   require measurement   need skills   resume operations   leave role   ease transition   witness decrease   reassign workers   reflect vulnerabilities   support bounceback   express penetration   use number   face decline   tasks429accelerate implementation   tackle challenges   figure c   take measures   program analysis   employ 2019   use monitoring   reskil future   analyse experience   summarize future   identify scale   turn 40   rebalance spending   see 2020b   include dividends   typist operators   obscure impact   provide companies   engineer number   bring possibility   deepen inequalities   expand base   achieve pivots   direct transition   displace those   deelen evidence   match workers   stall cohesion   analyse waves   complete programme   develop pools   list levels   accelerate digitalization   refer skills   http hiringupdatebeginningstabilize   compute analytics   estateresearchsalessupport skills   present set   employ skills   write statistics   use forum   leverage publication   subsidize wages   reference profiles   strengthen connection   define era   examine extent   emphasize skills   see which   outpace destruction   capacityincreasing resources   enterprisesmanufacturingmining quarrying   pick uptake   quantify days   transition reallocation   maintain sense   accelerate arrival   survey importance   transition future   implement vision   pose risk   lack oversight   take days   reach 40   need timeintensive   read profiles   analyse types   seek employment   cut punching   quantify scale   stockkeeping services   consolidate individuals   need that   model 95   model networks   displace demand   transition workers   servicesmining quarrying   provide reader   present series   indicate future   adopt technologies   lead route   identify workers   etcdistributed technology   boost poverty   drive demand   address use   isced future   track skills   reach changes   create value   observe span   span conditionality   monitor emergence   decrease tolerance   reflect movements   reskil 4   show resilience   drive growth   learn networks   implement impact   support households   reskill share   use data   extend reskilling   earn hour   indicate aspiration   adopt strategy   increase workforce   complement initiative   reveal increase   ensure flow   experience coverage   survey leaders   survey reallocation   maintain closest   accelerate question   harness potential   hire 77   answer information   identify emphasis   eliminate child   survey tool   track pace   learn specialists9software   gain workers   identify jobs   track outlook   pursue approach   use learning   evidence demand   support wages   provide challenges   take initiative   fill demand   survey providers   track future   arrive research   disrupt prospects   learn increase   provide nets   guide 29   support those   technicianregistered nursesales   address disruption   perform role   enact future   experience disruption   detail population1069134161   arabiaworking age   shelter others   reflect importance   present estimate   drive efforts   express number   quantify capital   establish value   preserve quality   use market   cap erosion   processingaugmented tolerance   address concerns   accelerate building   show skills   expand room   connect storage   engage share   reimagine trajectory   ring lack   review ecosystem   learn strategies2leadership   complete future   remotely75accelerate digitalization   lack reskilling   accept 41   work 896   survey intelligence   prevent lag   provide accounts   redeploy workers   harness skills   quantify value   address nature   markete language   asses trends   represent mongey   show areas   lay lack   lack systems   switch family   assistantnursing bankerpharmacy   change future   rate ease   provide list   deepen learning   deelen graafzijl   offer reskilling   leave organization   ensure productivity   waive mechanisms   report what   compare impact   learn analysis   ai services   lose future   match levels32   survey report   last years   increase urgency   guide transitions   fill jobs   expand availability   create programmes   exceed 10   maintain jobs   sustain figure   use method   understand division   learn programme38   complete figures