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The Global Competitiveness Report S PEC I A L E D I T I O N 2 0 20 How Countries are Performing on the Road to Recovery Klaus Schwab Saadia Zahidi World Economic Forum Terms of use and disclaimer The analysis presented in the Global Competitiveness Report Special Edition 2020 (herein: report ) is based on a methodology integrating the latest statistics from international organizations and a survey of executives. The methodology, developed in collaboration with leading experts and practitioners t


education for the future collaboration with other companies firms in the system technologies that could support funds such as israel technologies in all sectors economies from the average weight to each response countries in this area

Sources: WEF

Pathway Demo and Download Data

You can download the excel file containing Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions. Please use Lunge App, to try the pathway data.
This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government  People & Society
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Profiles:   this exercise   this area   a value   the market   douce unit   the events   the points   the forum   this crisis   we metrics   a view   the transition   the blocks   the trends   this figures   the lack   bank indicators   the figure   the inability   the threshold   the measurement   the use   the countries   this edition   a assessment   forum future   we gratitude   the capacity   this investments   the dimensions   the restrictiveness   the methodology   the dashboard   the model   the risk   the approach   the creation   what extent   this measures   which countries   the institutes   the culture   the cost   the start   c period   it institutes   the indicator   the reallocation   the index   the opinion   the attention   the flexibility   forum state   ratcheva insights   no data   ch centres   this challenges   all governments   the companies   whose results   the answer   the sector   this behaviours   an countries   this targets   the economies   the governments   this indicator   the space   you country   the burden   imf indicators   a sector   a countries   america jobs   idc book   esmap policy   the improvements   a description   it system   the ability   the voice   all stakeholders   intracountry innovation   a net   such shift   the lessons   mbc programs   the erosion   this policies   every sector   the gap   such approach   a agreement   arreola head   the case   the outbreak   the guidelines   the world   director officer   all segments   the jobs   the need   this progress   the scheme   the frame   the launch   an structures   the propensity   the gaps   october economies   we society   the systems   professor researcher   the price   world indicators   the attitudes   the weights   the incidence   this approach   the perception   director unit   this wave   the measures   oecd families   schwab founder   the results   this data   this aspects   the edition   the threat   the potential   this changes   the sections   the report   this schemes   the innovation   the implementation   the scale   a framework   this question   switzerland measures   the leaders   all answers   the ratio   b indicators   the team   the representation   audretsch innovation   the realization   the survey   a extent   a trend   no representations   the decline   the crisis   the efficiency   the framework   the government   we institutes   the statistics   the population   the number   the needs   riseworldbankorg reports   the ciencey   this assessment   each indicator   the system   the shortage   the community   u power   the provision   the income   this tendency   its burden   a number   a entity   its level   the status   a paradox   u companies   the success   all rights   the section   institute organisation   the diffusion   the rate   the reduction   all individuals   the priorities   this trends   the extent   professor professor   the skills   the expansion   it score   the assessment   this markets   the country   forum terms   the challenges   the impact   agency chief   the areas   the recession   the majority   the development   this organizations   any answer   the competitiveness   the quarter   the respondent   it officers   the demands   the economy   the sample   bulushi head   the prevalence   the pandemic   argentina score   the size   large companies   the aim   the home   the inadequacies   the foundations   a issue   schools_of_the_future_report_2019pdf markets   this results   the priority   no country   the quality   this moment   the inventions   this section   the platform   a architecture   a element   we societies   the method   the centre   this countries   the rebound   the aspect   a measure   a revolution   july commitment   tsch head   the frontier   sme companies   a rate   this framework   the data   the scores   the score   the average   a burden   the preparedness   a world   the structure   the investments   each characteristic   the capabilities
Goals:   maintain tight connection   access need finance   signal incomplete conversion   support full development   achieve dual goal   introduce increase emissions   offer unique perspective   support support countries   consider latest developments   set new direction   unlock scale ability   prepare adults children   indicate difficult balance   contain uptodate information   rethink market policies   cover small set   incorporate wideranging focus   enter health crisis   direct diffusion innovation   hire developing economies   provide complete assessment   manage gradual transition   promote safe use   offer working arrangements   target upskilling reskilling   champion solutions pilots   rethink tax structures   take resolve action   embed lead transformation   address key takeaways   transform innovation ecosystem   improve scoring figure   complement statistical data   align maintaining incentives   offer preliminary assessment   embrace digitalization process   assess change responses   prevent country sample   guarantee basic standard   open strengthen opportunity   column stability indicators   process intelligence reality   use trade openness   direct create efforts   deepen digitalization digitalization   accelerate energy transition   raise unique case   implement agenda turkey   enter labour market   stall balances checks   expand inclusion access   change vision adaptability   disclaimer presented analysis   upgrade transport networks   build economic models   ensure sound system   enable human capital   hold management positions   assign potential issue   measure settle extent   integrate health education   attract ongoing trend   reinforce antitrust authorities   use latest statistics   grow sustainable economies   claessens fat s   provide insurance health   provide alert systems   develop implementing expertise   lose signalling role   use internet union   administer executive survey   recovery edition report   leverage work arrangements   shape new vision   balance health policies   suggest examine need   monitor price increases   define needed skills   complete new technologies   deploy covid19 response   update key tension   provide pursue workers   receive sector pension   recovery capital report   deliver inclusive prosperity   identify innovative markets   reward embrace will   incentivize capital rd   deliver technical change   include monitor metrics   offer nudge opportunity   provide larger size   guide economic progress   distribute new technologies   use unique source   implement monitoring mechanisms   publiclyfunded research projects   separate sample frame   deliver including services   deploy response vaccine   combine labour protection   avoid crunch subsidies   involve considers dashboard   improve health messaging   include new estonia   have limited return   include dimensions gender   provide businesses households   develop cutting new   lag ageing populations   coshape new solutions   bridge infrastructure gap   foster connections capabilities   achieve prosperity collaboration   ensure derived stability   prevent credit crunches   asses business environment   maintain infrastructure budgets   provide best conditions   provide preliminary measure   support productivity growth   expand manage capacity   sustain economic growth   measure resilience disruptions   introduce engage incentives   expand capacity personnel   meet growing demand22   embed planet people   detail aggregated process   address priority availability   consider direct policies   include following economies   present rethink opportunity   ensure stable environment   leverage financing conditions   upgrade credit crunch   transform enabling environment   answer executive survey   continue avoiding activities   emerge positive evolution   refine new compass   have energy agency   suggest key features   allocate additional 1   carry same weight   benefit individuals societies   use services products   shape economic systems   respond responsiveness governments   set supervision regulations   weaken financial system   prevent flatten arrangements   enhance innovation benefits   consider building blocks   assess highlights extent   provide new compass   reduce movement exchanges   create business environments   employ migration ment   adapt prevention strategies   gain new urgency   access broadband subscriptions   generate highest number   support growth revival   challenge tax systems   run financial sector   open work possibility   adopt technologies products   prevent situations defaults   redeploy assets talent   schmalensee economic aspects   support recovery strategies   rate corporate ethics   prevent fragilities losses   shape innovation agenda   embed governance principles   renew product offerings   develop measure metrics   work time contracts   mean lowest score   support small businesses   redesign economic systems   provide support basis   develop new standards   improve conditions score   include taken perceptions   examine caused disruptions   apply yields weights   show similar path   include other firms   capture possible reality   provide coverage rates   should market forces   highlight required challenges   design support packages   improve stronger frameworks   strengthen provide efforts   issue export bans   ensure financial markets   receive receiving transfers   thank listed organizations   benefit society people   reverse achieved gains   drive collaborative action   support build efforts   display including fragility   follow sampling guidelines   correspond assess analysis   set structural reforms   guarantee preventing stability   hold economic relatives   improve quality certainty   provide new direction   accelerate transition countries   deploy future vaccine   include emission levels   expand childcare infrastructure   provide yearly evaluation   manage covid19 crisis   introduce preliminary attempt   improve own efficiency   score einclusion policies   rate ethical standards   mitigate crisis act   use eat food   hire forum survey   improve diversity equity   lift loan guarantees   incentivize research centres   support growing importance   rethink frameworks competition   identify positive swings   drive wholesale transformation   develop shared prosperityenhancing   expose fault lines   identify findings interpretations   advance forum survey   use management technologies   adapt business models   register positive competition   update vibrant environment   accompany private sector   provide steady framework   produce use objects   play active role   achieve timely disbursement   consider assets platforms   leverage creative potential   manipulate stock price   accelerate markets stability   require political commitment   broaden capital framework   bear full costs   experience most movement   reaffirm move need   take reasonable step   promote ranges energies   emerge world forum   prepare broader transformation   integrate latest statistics   compute interquartile range   provide initial market   support more transformation   build new agenda   guarantee policies enforcement   identify training opportunities   manage technology shifts   offer regain opportunity   undermine countries capacity   improve thinking capacity   enhance expand inclusion   comprise direct outlays   replicate economy composition   combine economic growth   trigger positive response   secure selected economies   diffuse standards regulation   experience unprecedented spike   produce indicator scores   produce marginal innovations   measure development facts   advance competitiveness agenda   expand childcare access   provide detailed picture   push public debt   produce services goods   provide emerged priorities   remove trade restrictions   use proxies quality   use score method   include large firms   guarantee measures subsidies   use internet connections   experience tumultuous process   provide direct support   identify common features   represent large share   design liquidity support   use internet subscriptions   support deeper reflection   involve deliberate shift   provide support planning   distribute technology efficiency   healthcare global outlook   retain largest method   create functioning societies   solve use cases   measure collecting measures   change fundamental level   address committing avoidance   expand rethink competition   make extra payments   resolve market power   claim taxes benefits   reflect world forum   open needed opportunities   make main contribution   achieve prosperity participation   receive administered survey   reorient supply chains   lose trust credibility   allocate higher number   source compose indicators   manipulate liberalized prices   overwhelm smaller sample   make employment opportunities   support safe development   take fundamental look   finance policy responses   satisfy large variety   reduce needed time   build improve economies   nudge business strategies   capture education laws   provide full description   offer training programs   compute final score   manage dual burden   indicate desirable outcome   train wage practices   include adjusted guaranteed   offer unique opportunity   survey key tool   reduce world forum   promote expanded set   find offer solutions   rebuild thinned buffers   change trends security   longstanding monetary policy   empower market reallocation   revolutionize manage way   shape new economy   address issue countries   prevent large diffusion   measure readiness section   promote ranges energy   give exceptional circumstances   highlight public sector   raise mixed picture   cover next steps   upgrade production processes   share global council   require proactive efforts   create new market   upgrade infrastructure utilities   encompass policy areas   start economic transformations   build stronger resilience   require renew efforts   perform source value   flag ongoing trend   require term changes   employ diverse workforce   build rethinking infrastructure   have limited impact   steer financial system   ensure fair transition   integrate fifth section   give same answer   remote parttime employment   hold economic consequences   teach core skills   set floor accessibility   expand protection floor   register negative factors   limit strike renewal   create engage incentives   reduce build possibility   cover public spending   define key priorities   offer training extent   produce best outcomes   scale care health   offer societal benefits   approach capital levels   see largest decline   offer additional area   achieve moving transformation   assess undermining extent   bridge growing divides   shape regional agendas   encompass support schemes   double dedicated investments   shift talent shortages   perform unpaid care   welldefined economic areas   select receive firms   expand care economy   create funds etfs   upgrade own processes   thank following organizations   restart growth innovation   make communicate efforts   see enwipo_pub_gii_2020chapter2pdf poverty   scale programmes reskilling   pursue reskilling upskilling   incentivizing investments demand   prevent industry consolidation   identify key markets   use simple average   promote g policies   reinforce polarization dynamics   create support incentives
Measures:   sustainable growth   inclusive services   electoral response   universal crisis   average number   follow priorities   tumultuous process   signal role   framework methodology   digital technologies   innovative companies   analytic creativity   good productivity   social outcomes   technology investment   regional agendas   new quality   easy protection   christian consultant   agile responses   digital delivery   advance countries   individual indicators   marginal adjustments   direct outlays   possible prices   egalitarian democracy   external resources   retain surveys   relative burdens   financial auditing   several countries   short run   upgrade infrastructure   safety nets   international indexes   economic forum   regional coverage   european studies   fair transition   management technologies   centralfederal authorities   inclusive index   new agenda   regional groups   social justice   personal tax   national collaborations   legal developments   most care   preprimary education   interim director   new initative   top score   next years   tighten standards   energy consumption   financial products   legal certainty   minimum levels   reasonable step   digital networks   work score   nancial note   unemployment subsidies   high number   unit unit   esginformed investing   industrial policy   prosperity participation   likeminded leaders   collective efforts   only increases   use cases   young people   such tools   increase employment   international relations   conducive rise   private sector   safe development   market access   readiness assessment   early stage   significant section   new systems   fundamental look   only connections   previous history   retail services   national champions   executive opinion   overall sustainability   winnertakeall outcomes   typical benefits   key actions   public procurement   real economy   new sectors   national innovation   recent act   tive action   new urgency   widespread prosperity   prudent standards   foremost business   low banks   fourth revolution   quality wages   competitive sector   current pandemic   incomplete information   fundamental level   develop economies   laidoff workers   prolong time   particular purpose   work videoconferencing   unprecedented interventions   socioeconomic backgrounds   policy stability   nancial source   social media   share prosperityenhancing   actual impact   integrate laws   low base   social distancing   lead economist   economic outlook   sustainable economies   deliberate shift   inclusion competition   decimal place   foreign labour   multiple sectors   level environment   traditional care   new players   fix percentage   expect outcomes   future employment   artificial intelligence   longstanding opposition   future priorities   certain rules   global stability   fulltime contracts   low investment   unprecedented levels   domestic market   reduce countries   marketbased snapshot   telemedicine videoconferencing   fixedtelephone subscriptions   recovery strategies   weak spots   revive economies   stability indicators   inclusive participation   global shares   revenue response   eldercare access   antitrust frameworks   policy attention   new thinking   longterm vision   gross spending   shortrun profits   www ieaorgreports   fix subscribers   key drivers   guillaume insights   select set   organize extent   essential work   digital economy   courageous vision   current workforce   term projects   mavuso officer   available points   taskbased work   formal extent   possible outcome   capital capital   welldeveloped network   economic progress   transparent ones   score figure   digitalization process   prefinancial levels   innovative products   digital divide   furlough workers   sustainable energy   adequate access   longerterm vision   overall activity   potential outlier   code digital   significant investments   key trends   first rates   future shocks   economic recession   previous years   property organization   active role   sound costs   advance survey   economic outcomes   important countries   governmentfunded schemes   international organisation   mid reskilling   responsiveness governments   innovation benefits   establish mechanisms   critical thinking   intellectual property   several economies   new models   proxy measures   protect people   online trust   big data   new compass   market competition   public support   interquartile range   european policy   environmental agreements   online tool   societal needs   local adaptation   social research   desirable outcome   black households   local experts   increase polarization   train programs   project shortfall   forum data   regulatory efficiency   new norms   manipulation risks   global outlook   detail guidelines   prevention strategies   sample size   teach assessment   solvency support   national borders   stateprovincial authorities   negative impact   educational technology   grow markets   capital levels   main drivers   various sizes   societal resilience   new market   good prices   run transformation   tax foundation   overall certainty   early numbers   innovative ideas   weak banks   minimum benefits   future crunches   inclusive prosperity   same pressure   efficient energy   insight standards   fundamental training   international index   strong universities   top times   ant financials   market share   sustainable services   most bans   new regulations   business loans   fifth section   new dimensions   third governance   daily activities   technology response   emergent niches   atlas method   creative potential   far supervision   general manager   senior economist   hingel insights   tight connection   contemporary markets   dual goal   anguridze head   diverse talent   average leaders   unique perspective   environmental footprint   select economies   structure finance   opinion survey   last decades   qhesi officer   immediate management   entrepreneurial activity   inequalityadjusted average   profound consequences   weight level   digital economy8   education laws   high economies   economic systems   ongoing learning   protection coverage   labour protection   high rates   debt levels   multiple factors   sustainable goals   product offerings   low efficiency   strong frameworks   good societies   entrepreneurial culture   skill individuals   late thinking   demographic trends   exacerbate inequalities   persistent underinvestment   long transformation   turbulent time   nancial markets   powerful tool   progressive countries   effective complement   liquidity support   competitive markets   longterm elder   support packages   key blocks   bad loans   temporary bans   top sum   intermittent support   past decade   deep recession   tax systems   strong collaboration   business views   important limitation   recognize standards   social welfare   more dialogue   good practices   internet subscriptions   slow growth   nonviable firms   loose policy   transformation section   societal security   fiscal policy   ownership interests   new standards   miss indicators   legal framework   recapitalization subsidies   excessive power   secondary education   ambitious packages   central banks   inclusive economy   extent reorganization   emerge countries   broad incentives   key economist   percentage change   oced countries   statistical data   purchase strategies   pioneer technologies   trust pillar   economy digitalization   specific timeframe   successful activities   wage practices   significant deterioration   little change   sustainable outcomes   new sequences   proactive levers   long changes   high 70s   public funding   response computation   global group   mark decline   economic development   chief officer   accommodative policy   civil society   strategic resilience   timely disbursement   basic upgrading   increase risks   effective measures   weight average   international agreements   overall productivity   health measures   global expenditure   coverage rates   individual responses   public finance   fixedbroadband connections   future vaccine   third parties   size companies   new services   administration method   trend security   business environments   senior officer   univariate regression   human capital   sustainable prosperity   overall culture   time contracts   unique context   zombie firms   international trade   more action   future transformation   digital skills   formal workers   selfcontained areas   particular shortfall   economic crisis   future investments   associate recession   fiscal incentives   nonbank sector   international law   high levels   appropriate policies   diverse workforce   multilateral agreements   dataandinformationpublicationsstatistical spending   great digitalization   new opportunities   financial investments   additional dividends   large share   great demand   detail picture   target development   technological possibilities   british industry   public investment   health crisis   budget discipline   secondary school   new issues   worldwide figure   sudden reshoring   female coowners   economic agenda   sustainable system   monetary policy   different backgrounds   little variance   average services   comparative analysis   broad range   sustain change   granular way   new challenges   nonfinancial corporations   incumbent leaders   fundamental aspects   policy environment   high growth   green technologies   protection floor   significant resources   financial services   economic areas   weight scheme   economy growth   judicial independence   new generation   profound uncertainty   global report   skill employees   late developments   export bans   smart technology   low rates   common features   current members   immediate revival   great capacity   edge knowledge   leisure time   new needs   low commitment   strong institutes   urban areas   promise approaches   digital facts   require level   financial access   individual thinking   specific requirements   available map   macroeconomic policies   basic expenditure   domestic spending   enable environment   global scale   social governance   available data   broad transformation   eldercare childcare   additional disruption   pharmaceutical products   regulatory frameworks   equity funding   low scores   quarterly officer   online platforms   more employment   underserved populations   unemployed people   cash holdings   policy enforcement   national architectures   consultative process   particular reinforce   productive economies   worsen polarization   available metrics   conducive treaties   low collaboration   large amounts   average income   new forms   parallel countries   recent graduates   right type   follow organizations   international openness   patient capital   productive system   market policies   monetary accommodation   relevant technologies   formal rights   work paper   international community   einclusion policies   pandemic response   ongoing progress   mobile network   new domains   new framework   global pandemic   recent editions   administrative assistant   amenable mortality   furlough schemes   national level   develop expectancy   electritiy rate   wwwwhointhrhre requirements   specific efforts   measurable policies   policy response   continue guarantees   les opportunities   train extent   gender differeces   economist head   competitive ease   exist gaps   macro environment   shortterm profits   technological adoption   more transformation   live standards   systemic risk   much room   large variety   long run   new actors   new markets   potential increase   stable markets   fiscal planning   administrative norms   tech roles   ethical behavior   disability elder   mechanical photocopying   shore production   benchmark exercise   strong framework   ratify treaties   social groups   emission levels   useful tool   new update   geographic distribution   holistic approach   old poverty   transition countries   various age   emerge markets   same time   green investments   thematic areas   economic prosperity   available statistics   weak position   relative score   success path   longstanding guidance   total capital   trade openness   new technology   financial institution   gradual phaseout   far increase   longrun prosperity   organizational models   assess countries   full integration   deep crisis   difficult balance   volberda director   local opportunities   last years   strong systems   dual burden   reasonable efforts   key elements   regulatory affairs   significant risk   preliminary assessment   entrepreneurship risktaking   economic success   inclusive products   difference d   full lockdowns   additional metrics   international pool   nontariff barriers   low levels   education systems   online entertainment   equal opportunities   government effors   potential issue   unprecedented measures   national reforms   purchase decisions   strong commitment   improve sanitation   lessprepared countries   grow winner   comparative country   economic integration   standstill arrangements   prior permission   maximum value   available languages   technological change   small innovators   medical support   favourable conditions   government responses   rural population   operational controller   distribute technology   many economies   technology roles   yield weights   empirical work   limit return   artificial reality   concentrate power   wide access   economic value   age populations   drive force   american countries   observe score   global value   tradeadjusted levels   significant breakthroughs   energy efficiency   financial systems   public messaging   such progress   technical change   policy recommendation   minmax transformation   significant actions   revival phase   low countries   besttable economy   private financing   technology internet   innovation ecosystem   growth revival   foreign exchange   public institutions   meritocracy assessment   care workers   gradual transition   complex process   entrepreneurial clusters   valuation measures   internal divides   far concentration   direct adjustment   green spaces   physical environment   fractional counts   digital transformation   uptodate information   basic percentage   develop world   public spending   new approaches   many area   pandemic crisis   environmental standards   citizen trust   press release   associate advisor   build blocks   green energy   many firms   different sizes   strong nets   private agreements   emerge sectors   good protocols   speedy ways   lead systems   incomplete conversion   direct way   longstanding rankings   new creation   full weight   american households   early date   economic activities   current policies   independent ciency   common destiny   specific goldposts   develop countries   global markets   national policies   short term41   electronic photocopying   space technology   economic benefits   next steps   standardize score   long way   emergency support   strategic initiatives   innovative businesses   tax bases   financial soundness   particular field   grow calls   vaccine response   geographical coverage   economic operation   multinational firms   bank assets   private defaults   financial stability   health resilience   large scale   senior manager   grow divides   progressive wealth   private emissions   lowincome countries   great forum   career trajectories   75th percentile   new direction   human development   partner institutes   gain rest   formal education   macro policies   unprecedented granularity   medical supplies   longterm progress   statistician manager   weak ecosystem   wholesale transformation   separate basis   specific crisis   short term   new ventures   future prosperity   more efforts   remote work   follow indicator   market reallocation   significant expansions   incentivize firms   direct economist   permanent aid   large fraction   scalable action   longterm consequences   financial players   economic models   sustainable principles   green transformation   negative trend   positive response   environmental targets   good deployment   important factors   public services   administrative director   exist firms   outdate systems   international mobility   deep dive   path dependency   firm commitment   digital framework   economic policies   international discussions   direct control   deep reflection   nonperforming difference   corporate sector   economic shocks   near term   proxy quality   privatesector network   economic growth   foreign investment   first step   local resilience   general terms   corporate executives   good health   fast rate   key features   sophisticate attributes   structural reforms   late statistics   compile andor   cover countries   statistical outliers   third quarter   preliminary measure   liquidity risk   miss data   overlap elements   enough responses   current shock   different views   descriptive statistics   emerge jobs   massive injection   difficult response   continuous support   low score   technology efficiency   alert systems   aggregate measure   thirdparty products   function economy   employment opportunities   new ways   economic productivity   personalize opportunities   longterm thinking   new team   author calculations   significant impact   acceptable value   financial industry   unique case   important features   next revival   function societies   strong response   same timeframe   combine health   mobile money   low price   internet connections   global preparedness   daily snapshot   nationalistic announcements   new issue   wwwwipointedocspubdocs poverty   public finances   active subscriptions   right opportunities   half weight   standard regulation   executive opinions   several years   dedicate funds   grow competition   interactive platform   indebted countries   medical care   wage policies   commercial activities   socio development   basic access   embed sustainability   outly test   special series   emerge fintech   omisakin head   sustainable second   future preparedness   political business   analysis unit   relevant opportunities   great sustainability   similar path   key ingredient   increase populations   new innovation   broad resilience   mobile account   borrow history   great detail   american tutes   decline figure   digital activity   personal carers   increase capitalization   future healthcare   professional parity   several concepts   subscription6 divides   key priorities   private collaboration   new concepts   credit crunch   technical education   mark improvement   longterm growth   current situation   minimum wage   world poverty   efficiency energy   new narrative   lifelong learning   additional ventures   valid surveys   manage change   increase trend   protective equipment   health issues   new emergencies   tremendous efforts   economic advisor   net outlook   cultural acceptance   good outcomes   individual efforts   trade restrictions   prudential regulation   future plans   ongoing policymakers   local prosperity   relate treaties   proactive efforts   productive prosperityenhancing   such actors   digital models   key benchmark   leader perception   social polarization   interconnect areas   crosspriority assessment   digital connectivity   early systems   follow indicators   high score   local innovation   long term   legal rate   ethical standards   effective taxation   complete assessment   full description   public trust   director platform   minimum value   public interventions   andor assistance   90th percentile   care services   valuable applications   general population   different outcomes   public collaboration   finance agents   expand set   decimal places   quality check   business activities   financial inclusion   public policy   immediate period   miss values   financial support   extraloose policy   positive evolution   global index   commercial director   difficult moment   prudential policies   international governance   health messaging   disadvantage groups   many deviations   adequate skills   inclusive transformation   public resources   fat s   next phase   excessive bankruptcies   fundamental drivers   tax rates   channel resources   government actions   supply chains   massive foreclosures   fair societies   new clusters   mobilebroadband subscriptions   conditional lending   financial crisis   full development   emerge pilots   previous editions   previous trend   longterm transformation   typical development   besttable appendix   gci timeseries   new tools   overall score   count openness   management positions   visionary leadership   great score   rural areas   top decile   relevant policies   local support   social mobility   senior unit   good livelihoods   shift factors   international countries   cooperative framework   ict infrastructure   innovation prizes   preliminary set   environment section   support measures   corporate debt   productivity slowdown   average expectancy   sociallyvaluable services   more products   environmental companies   legal unit   continue accommodation   combine effect   large size   digitalization digitalization   strict stance   strategic use   particular women   uneven ascent   institutional environment   new actions   emergency packages   environmental sustainability   short interventions   high expectations   final score   downward trends   immediate support   domestic funds   sufficient flexibility   next year   new world   temporary measures   recent developments   exist priorities   temporary support   regional authorities   significant progresses   easy response   financial stress   several tools   winner economy   limit impact   renewable energy   luthuli head   nature loss   market repurchases   online services   first component   code reading   traditional governments   actual capacity   global figure   large method   future sources   affordable price   corporate activity   standard deviations   human needs   exist technology   overall readiness   inclusive goods   financial system   illiquid firms   healthequipment bans   fund skills   formal programs   new inventions   policy framework   senior assistant   different stakeholders   datum scientist   large divides   access criteria   economic transformations   longterm sources   twumakwaboah officer   public learning   necessary nets   good conditions   university centres   total tax   strong resilience   top economies   financial incentives   monetary fund   social good   inferior rate   shortterm contracts   green economy   available response   macrofinancial themes   actual thresholds   different nature   economic producers   collaborative action   policy makers   particular holdings   different countries   disaggregate level   low income   large diffusion   executive director   future growth   social security   international organizations   various topics   comprehensive practices   infrastructure budgets   monetary interventions   next economies   credit crunches   first decades   research centres   productive capacity   rapid shifts   public actors   public officials   economic thinking   online gig   many ratio   stagnate trust   availability use   technological changes   futureoriented institutions   income support   economic transformation   excessive support   technical director   progressive structures   global gap   potential challenges   specific domains   25th percentile   digital infrastructure   arithmetic mean   give day   high efficiency   top end   emerge technologies   technological developments   antitrust authorities   orient portfolios   new solutions   digital trustworthineess   most movement   exist authorities   wideranging focus   tax structures   social protection   regional diversity   global recovery   hence resilience   secondbest solutions   new heights   good infrastructure   basic education   decline trend   green infrastructure   nancial survey   personnel training   financial research   such reflection   sustainable practices   macroeconomic resilience   competitiveness agenda   newcompassforthepostcovidrecovery organization   small sample   skill workers   additional area   effective crisis   renewable energies   new metrics   sustainable investments   low economies   available countries   chronic diseases   future recommendations   national strategies   prefinancial crisis   first wave   work employment   unitless score   short description   inefficient services   consistent erosion   urban spaces   independent crime   dmytro director   key markets   educational content   floor accessibility   inclusive government   flexible use   global economy   economic relatives   emergency measures   system competition   employ effects   full soundness   global population   excessive risktaking   import goods   ongoing challenges   otar head   societal challenges   quartile source   digital initiatives   direct subsidies   bold investments   online figure   small companies   basic connections   same leaders   global integration   coronavirus epidemics   poverty risks   labour markets   basic standard   frontal teacher   flexible arrangements   venture capital   historical analysis   composite index   equitable outcomes   previous trends   second transformation   regulatory area   energy transition   great resilience   country score   empirical tests   past years   transformative policies   active policies   partial reorganization   active indicator   social transformation   productive second   future pandemics   improve trend   net soundness   extent availability   future debt   open market   government transfers   historical trends   distress companies   digital trustworthiness   entire chain   increase protectionism   longterm capacity   more details   significant disruption   several decades   policy interventions   early expenditure   available information   run years   sustainable models   economic meltdown   entrepreneurial indicator   global agendas   effective governance   care economy   basic services   public transport   transparent countries   optimal outcomes   exact date   ituc index   current systems   exchangetraded funds   broad areas   capital markets   large productivity   previous epidemics   prosperity section   female einclusion   good economies   antitrust analysis   senior analyst   average mean   ongoing erosion   emerge priorities   current access   new benchmarks   additional analyses   high degree   environmental treaties   key economies   additional training   great cadence   exceptional circumstances   condition score   old persons   specialize institutions   urban planning   adequate workers   commercial businesses   digital platforms   run countries   equal weight   tertiary education   public opinion   pandemic rates   cient skills   strong participation   international organization   follow policies   hostile takeovers   digital capacity   past decades   different segments   maximum economies   exist technologies   social targets   generous subsidies   negative factors   fund etfs   economic funds   industry consolidation   private debt   technological systems   low performers   employment loss   restructure banks   recent years   opportunity gaps   early education   specific markets   fast progress   planetary boundaries   intangible assets   social value   corporate indebtedness   international collaboration   more weight   economic digitalization   private support   new mechanisms   advance economies   various organizations   economic affairs   difficult protection   monitor mechanisms   breakthrough technologies   come crisis   approximate state   institutional quality   european countries   itu differeces   regulation regulations   large countries   renewable sources   key driver   significant improvements   internet safety   professional competition   positive competition   highlyindebted countries   sectoral representation   valuable markets   small economies   financial performance   public sectors   direct investment   financial sector   education curricula   patient investment   immediate response   internal resources   nonperforming loans   issue countries   top areas   sustainable productivity   new restrictions   rural populations   work arrangements   harmful practices   top priorities   professional services   second issue   entrepreneurial risk   betterprepared countries   social safety   global rights   active divides   firm investments   productivity sustainability   focus efforts   competitive industries   new products   medium term   financial instability   invaluable data   high quality   term changes   economic consequences   societal benefits   pandemic appendix   high debt   key tension   additional tests   public contracts   full details   new monitoring   eldercare infrastructure   follow economies   country rankings   rapid change   quantitative measures   unique opportunity   share prosperity   source note   monetary measures   new system   minimum policies   common solutions   corrupt notes   undocumented payments   public fundsoffunds   direct innovation   widespread access   skill shortages   early frameworks   constant sample   follow question   subsaharan countries   historic moment   different location   large systems   first response   researchintensive programmes   more people   effective agreement   average scores   transform economies   diversity equity   challenge regulations   new infrastructure   invest funds   follow themes   own efficiency   policy areas   past months   flip side   debt securities   enwipo_pub_gii_2020chapter2pdf poverty   score computation   business environment   senior fellow   future direction   weak links   different support   global strategy   senior positions   second safety   establish structures   financial markets   great extent   innovation agenda   essential supplies   global 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