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auto-generated 31-Jan-2021
Ramping up operations and business activity post-COVID-19 Advanced Manufacturing Action Group B R I E F I N G P A P E R J U N E 2 0 2 0 In collaboration with McKinsey & Company The COVID-19 crisis continues to disrupt manufacturing and global supply chains around the world, with severe consequences for society, businesses, consumers and the global economy. Recognizing this urgency, the Advanced Manufacturing Action Group, which brings together leading voices in the advanced manufacturing space,


teams are using advanced operations and of business companies in the advanced advanced manufacturing action group advanced manufacturing advanced manufacturing companies advanced manufacturing action advanced manufacturing technologies forum advanced manufacturing action

Sources: McKinsey

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Strategies
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Goals:   anticipate inform recommendations   develop new solution   ensure successful rampup   improve deliver strategies   unlock operating models   shorten launch campaign   enable design work   put capture processes   disrupt chains manufacturing   leverage manufacturing technologies   focus best practices   evaluate outsourcing organizations   use used transport   develop best practices   navigate covid19 operations   capture growth companies   surge invested company   adjust plants lines   take leading company   undertake including activities   create flexible companies   dampen devoted constraints   build create partnerships   seize new opportunities   run planning sop   prepare successful resumption   restructure supplier base   deploy manage squads   join demandplanning huddles   ensure underpinning enablers   develop shared narrative   send targeted campaigns   pursue driving opportunities   ramp activity operations   build supply chains   develop new narrative   promote used rentals   include sales deployment   drive economic impact   develop granular view   prioritize commercial actions   improve equipment effectiveness   apply pricing strategies   streamline qualification processes   recognize advanced group   perform knowing transformations   anticipate needs role   manage covid19 crisis   accelerate activity manufacturing   launch new business   leverage labour market   design recovery dashboard   reinvent carbuying process   increase speed efficiency   address consumer behaviours   adapt marketing strategies   drive pulled programme   understand different dynamics   tailor spot checks   map research etc   manage suppliers base   resume activity operations   result continuous drive   adjust sales approach   develop new models   use available data   give make incentive   define strategic areas   track latest shifts
Measures:   sense tools   collaborative actions   resilient design   high complexity   endtoend visibility   advance space   shortterm organizations   target campaigns   new needs   different dynamics   operational opportunities   adjacent groups   normal value   successful rampup   real estate   transformation solutions   new channels   successful resumption   new solution   underpin enablers   embed agility   healthy suppliers   use cases   consolidation optimization   high flexibility   demand volumesmixes   lose time   digital planning   new business   strong focus   economic impact   key stakeholders   reduce productivity   reduce capacity   augment quality   share value   current priorities   critical tasks   sop planning   technology solution   new partnerships   large commercial   potential disruptions   fast adoption   rampup time   supplier base   inform recommendations   key perspectives   stagger return   remote tools   nextgeneration policies   negotiation strategies   senior vicepresident   successful facilities   digital marketing   new companies   future role   advance payments   multiple sources   short periods   digital showroom   require time   industrial applications   rapid process   resume operations   new planning   customize strategies   specific needs   many orders   agile squads   global economy   equipment effectiveness   online store   available data   overall effectiveness   prioritize opportunities   car rentals   industrial automation   online experience   new solutions   current events   design work   tailor campaigns   clear guidelines   lead organizations   continuous drive   safety procedures   rampup organizations   severe consequences   sop process   understand needs   launch campaign   support functions   senior president   swat teams   transparent connection   solution models   such optimization   lead manufacturer   product pipelines   need role   senior partner   new models   manufacture leaders   suboptimal management   civil society   supply chains   entire chain   executive officer   digital sales   component manufacturer   broad system   european manufacturer   chain fluctuations   agile transformations   ongoing initiatives   first paper   advance group   strategy recommendations   qualification processes   global head   project activities   technology companies   key component   potential suppliers   product variations   few examples   key actions   potential backlog   rapid migration   tangible impact   key trends   reallocate resources   relate b   twoweek sprints   new opportunities   likely customers   dedicate teams   payment terms   key capabilities   global chains   final delivery   digital technologies   plan process   timely delivery   structure processes   entire companies   second paper   commercial companies   granular view   temporary employees   sale approach   strategic areas   advance companies   change demand   commercial teams   daily scrums   available capacity   agile teams   remote commissioning   immersive experience   product complexity   manufacture group   advance manufacturing   action group   future facilities   commercial promotions   key categories   additional cash   manufacture technologies   additional opportunities   demandplanning huddles   good practices   global transformation   ramp plans   new infections1   unchanged launch   growth companies   crossfunctional teams   outsource organizations   large engines   top talents   advance analytics   demand fluctuations   late shifts   great visibility   general manager   challenge times   new value   unlock value   same period   manufacture applications   last choice   rampup procurement   common protocols   various activities   respective functions   many companies   advance taskforce   mediumlongterm forecasts   meaningful choice   new processes   aggressive measures   key enablers   key microverticals   recovery dashboard   automotive part   electrical components   centralize spaces   resilient chains   digital channels   consumer behaviours   business models   new collaborations   portfolio complexity   increase tools   iiot solutions   operate expense   tmall store   time information   spotbuy procedures   price strategies   optimize vendor   agile organization   analyticsdriven deployment   virtual user   additional effort   thoughtful use   new narrative   customer demands   key head   flexible companies   onsite workstations   public transport   cashflow management   share narrative   ecommerce business   production challenges   remote work   supply systems   real time   commercial ones   workforce companies   economic activity   operate models   corporate estate   potential risks4   endtoend transparency   advance leaders   employee safety   rapid renegotiations   realtime information   purchase procedures   crossfunctional groups   detail maps   extend terms2   sale channels   virtual meetings   social distancing   chief officer   engineer organizations   carbuying process   corporate development   advance sector   highgrowth areas   more emphasis   manufacture workforceresiliencesafety   young generations   lead voices   planahead team   digital demand   common losses   future demand   install commercial   scarce components   commercial actions   key functions   agile processes   maketoorder situations   volumebased checks   online reach   labour market   new behaviours   shortage risks   fastpaced innovation   chinese manufacturer   legal finance   multiple campaigns   crossfunctional skills   cost transparency   new products   new practices   industrial strategies   digital transformation   secure slots   new norm   new generation   develop tools   social listening   key skills   potential optimization   crossfunctional collaboration   geolocation analytics   sale deployment   industrial companies   local disruptions   advance technologies   demand surges   spot checks   good practice   structural process   daily huddles   practice examples   advance platform   past weeks   new product   incredible things   supply constraints   raw materials   human resources
Actions:   uncover opportunities   identify cases   reassess pipelines   improve effectiveness   broaden reach   bring people   develop practices   track shifts   do this   maintain focus   pursue opportunities   hire employees   deploy solutions   discourage ordering   use data   offer experience   build partnerships   decrease exposure   pull teams   develop maps   tailor checks   create manager   see shift   adjust emphasis   join needs   influence volumesmixes   ask banks   drive cases   streamline processes   identify customers   overcome challenges   ensure enablers   achieve oee   apply strategies   reduce need   undertake activities   create visibility   use companies   change functions   spread shifts   adapt strategies   adjust approach   rampup regions   dampen constraints   accelerate that   define areas   focus practices   capture companies   see sales   accelerate ramp   enable work   address behaviours   take company   include deployment   enable transformation   provide inputs   increase efficiency   run sop   manage capital   improve strategies   take action   undertake sprints   secure million   result drive   raise productivity   create guidelines   restructure base   create awareness   reinvent process   reinvent themselves   shorten campaign   put processes   develop plans   increase tempo   adjust procedures   reprioritize programmes   digitalize process   uncover collaborations   identify suppliers   evaluate organizations   manufacture migration   strengthen initiatives   track progress   design dashboard   surge company   assist what   ensure visibility   manage crisis   increase productivity   protect value   understand dynamics   foster culture   balance priorities   drive practices   accelerate planning   identify areas   ensure delivery   achieve increase   use systems   shape practices   use employees   attract talents   give incentive   make agility   model demand   optimize complexity   promote rentals   facilitate rampup   share practices   develop forecasts   predict fluctuations   map etc   minimizepredict fluctuations   reconfigure processes   leverage market   use analytics   create value   identify actions   master them   unlock models   advise employees   find ways   ensure rampup   leverage analytics   manage demand   stand teams   manage base   ramp operations   optimize procurement   fastchanging circumstances   explore opportunities   resume operations   provide support   build resilience   retrain workers   create companies   use cases   accelerate manufacturing   gather perspectives   adjust lines   capture risks   drive impact   increase transparency   yield reduction   bring voices   make payments   build process   drive programme   maintain distancing   need precrisis   need car   identify trends   meet demand   change needs   disrupt manufacturing   dedicate team   manage transparency   include investment   build chains   manage insights   navigate operations   adopt planning   recognize urgency   leverage technologies   increase capacity   accomplish something   recognize group   ensure safety   deploy promotions   drive orders   develop examples   launch business   shape future   recover 90   address management   anticipate recommendations   prioritize actions   promote marketing   anticipate role   renegotiate terms   unveil optimization   accomplish things   develop models   develop solution   highperforming channels   deploy squads   live work   join huddles   model development   guide personalization   deploy campaigns   isolate causes   leverage information   develop narrative   communicate activities   perform transformations   develop policies   experience drop   recover time   change processes   create organization   deploy teams   prevent infections1   handle variations   prepare resumption   secure availability   improve transparency   match demands   develop view   perform take   seize opportunities   anticipate launch   use information   draw insights   send campaigns   drive agility   use insight   handle surges   accelerate procurement   promote manufacturing   navigate crisis   use transport   reduce complexity
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.