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head of new vision students to a preschool features that already promote games on an online children in the programme creativity provide the child technology has the potential benefits of its programme game to other classroom

Sources: WEF

Pathway Demo and Download Data

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government  People & Society
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Profiles:   this innovations   the forum   both types   an economists   this areas   bavelier faculty   sel strategies   this challenges   the initiative   the managers   the market   this finding   the definition   its counterparts   institute seal   its children   its research   the position   the lack   which technologies   a gap   the use   a programme   this kinds   its analyses   the color   this practices   an products   a app   sel practices   this applications   the rest   s pals   the players   a user   the concern   the kinds   this respondents   this lack   the concept   the foundations   the role   the company   another example   all countries   jp games   a communication   this measures   such lack   the cost   development gap   the watch   s research   a objective   the investment   the bulk   whose products   affectiva affdex   the evidence   the praise   a set   all stakeholders   a discovery   each student   the project   an schools   the kit   this agreement   found20 games   which products   a percentage   that solutions   this product   the list   a organization   the jcs   the piece   an offerings   sel definition   the case   the approaches   the barriers   it benefits   a game   the environment   the collaborative   a studies   thinkpairshare practice   the jobs   the need   it review   which nologies   the researchers   the game   we research   the organization   a government   a case   no agreement   this technologies   the promise   its parents   the preschool   the algorithms   the legislature   the picture   the child   the edtechs   international stakeholders   the examples   the sample   sel strategy   the movement   whose apps   another study   the set   the context   the product   the experience   a review   china parents   this standards   this platform   this competencies   this view   the survey   the question   a teacher   this technology   the force   this skills   the framework   a child   the government   an employers   whose government   a claim   the elements   the information   the level   a competency   we survey   the value   the community   the study   the users   the benefit   the programmes   it programmes   a number   all efforts   a analysis   the app   a rivers   all rights   this map   the groups   the levels   its schools   a example   the technologies   whose developers   that skills   the board   the number   http blogs   the economy   the benefits   a phrase   a partnership   we list   a performance   a size   a platform   a development   the belief   a level   the state   its standing   a metaanalysis   the constraints   another strategy   the challenges   the focus   the impact   no solution   the majority   a researcher   this organizations   the development   the criteria   the goals   a educator   another barrier   each stakeholder   the interests   a survey   an differences   the link   that information   it managers   the platform   the group   a element   a wave   a lack   the experiments   the workplace   a agency   the brain   the questions   the cycle   sel products   the theory   the feature   the views   the roles   a opportunity   the programme   the completion   the objective
Goals:   develop led agenda   engage disengaged complement   create selrelated products   allow opportunities him   teach behaviour problemsolving   increase occur behaviour   face prioritization lack   expand reach opportunities   use involve strategies   include include option   increase action awareness   make decisions standards   revisit places times   inform indepth reviews   foster growth mindset   show apps books   mobilize stakeholders business   recommend satisfied programmes   launch inspire campaign   publish focused report   add broader dimension   enhance provide ability   acquire broad set   keep written record   generate average return   suggest incorporate opportunity   share positive view   teach knowledge skills   influence come agenda   shape agenda organizations   facilitate group activity   require high skills   bolster fosters claim   comprise emerging set   build thinking skills   provide metacognition strategies   promote competence regulation   provide galvanize evidence   include location theme   include diverse set   focus reflective reasoning   promote global adoption   achieve classroom discipline   provide engaging projects   coordinate world forum   recognize partial progress   develop behaviour character   include offering wristbands   disseminate best practices   simulate requiring processes   publish new vision   use known peers   http classrooms market   refine learn arguments   refine effective products   reach specific level   overcome facing challenges   extend learning experience   foster embed sel   make concerted effort   impede inadequate supply   provide manage play   play leading role   improve advanced analytics   develop new vision   fund strong interest   navigate organization edition   acknowledgement vision endnotes   leadingedge virtual reality   demonstrate strong return   guide educators parents   provide safe environment   combine setting virtualreality   break give learning   bring development goals   create encouraged classroom   use demonstrate products   achieve school education   take active interest   take cumulative effort   provide assistance financing   transform business schools   learn attendance persistence   refine reading writing   control new vision   find direct measure   enhance build ties   measure sensorbased measures   play pivotal role   establish advisory board   develop skills confidence   lead tie discussions   give explore chance   demonstrate manageable reward   consider focuses classroom   provide resources funding   solve help offer   include confusing array   include communication tool   influence education reform   target content delivery   help generate reports   limit measure ability   develop revealing skills   address infrastructure requirements   encourage perspective roleplaying   develop specific technology   include attract moocs   provide use dashboard   include capitalize features   fear confusion surprise   reveal student engagement   receive selrelated training   facilitate aims programme   take deep understanding   shape own projects   result solving problem   foster process ability   encourage accomplishments effort   provide input guidance   build awareness leadership   validate resulting list   represent significant opportunity   invest effort time   extract helped lessons   narrate actions plans   create vicious circle   require wide set   face education technologies   formulate began strategy   trigger new vision   hold most promise   teach skills requirements   reach new communities   sell business review   multiply capital funding   discover effective models   develop childs behaviours   develop skills creativity   involve government programme   include watches headsets   foster negotiate ability   support academic skills   provide crucial component   have balanced set   provide learning objectives   mix physical worlds   rate statement shares   provide describe opportunity   collect fund commitments   create narrative players   focus large space   teach statistical skills   address skills structure   target age groups   increase curiosity build   enter advanced analytics   create positive outcomes   establish millennium project   create safe environment   promote integrate efforts   foster discussion groups   write leadership reflections   support widespread adoption   communicate solutions benefits   affect global campaign   improve specific skill   identify technologybased elements   learn allowing approaches   meet growing demand   take younger peers   provide game learning   encourage give thinking   reinforce leading role   study came examples   learn room simulation   ensure academic outcomes   bolster including development   use existing products   satisfy rigorous criteria   approach include challenges   take following steps   promote agenda setting   develop better relationship   justify funding vision   hold implementation adoption   place highest emphasis   develop use skills   change behaviours perceptions   instil ask knowledge   build devices leadingedge   reach untapped markets   apply require strategies   implement examples change   find largest discrepancy   track needs progress   develop advancing skills   combine activities lessons   include foundational literacies   set policy agenda   create focused lessons   reinvent traditional trip   inspire policy review   establish ngoled project   feature competition conflict   encourage skills programmes   use builtin platform   explore working papers   support partner programmes   graph media software   provide projects initiative   address learning competencies   learn dedicated curriculum   promote empathy emotion   identify correlate signals   rate child themselves   control learning process   report highest use   nurture players leadership   develop learning environments   play vital role   play crucial role   show role models   regulate product standards   include preschool programmes   use traditional curriculum   provide continuity consistency   mobilize powerful champions   achieve full benefits   present paths choices   promote private partnerships   ask curiosity questions   launch involving partnership   understand surveyed landscape   find using report   pilote flagship programme   include routine labour   hold help promise   cover feelings assertiveness   recommend take actions   establish incorporate policies   give link opportunity   discuss policy responses   promote academic development   direct own learning   impart academic skills   deliver teaching concepts   create large void   provide broad understanding   debrief debriefing process   receive highquality education   reason audience counterarguments   spread investment landscape   span entire year   demonstrate effectiveness parents   develop such standards   produce sustained effects   develop solutions programmes   thank spoke people   manage own behaviour   produce innovative idea   combine disparate units   find incomplete understanding   provide focusing praise   receive 30minute lesson   identify source iq   facilitate important learning   encourage self awareness   create conducive environment   explore measure methods   target encourage skills   bring technology developers   develop own character   develop growth mindset   highlight embed opportunity   identify global countrylevel   connect educators students   get maximum benefits   present action plan   design directed funding   set formulation implementation   teach growth mindset   play important role   gain stakeholder department   provide offering support   achieve academic outcomes   advance new vision   feature appendix reform   work embed sel   explain address counterarguments   identify key opportunities   ing change agenda   solicit raise support   master historical facts   analyse education innovations   improve teaching performance   take combined efforts   help child progress   build tolerance empathy   uncover clear opportunity   transform user experience   affect such programme   require apply literacies   instruct published newsletter   integrate learning school   teach latest project   form vicious circle   fund technology developers   play large role   rate learning potential   cover emotional awareness   frame play roles   see potential opportunity   smile virtual product   involve sector government   shape world forum   hit effective way   explore stoking ideas   advance agenda organizations   make give choices   achieve certain amount   demonstrate teach ability   provide score card   provide childcare providers   nurture childs learning   improve skills funding   manage lessons schedules   set reform agenda   use scientific method   bring including stakeholders   include interact characters   manage planning deployment   manage vision goals   provide programmes assessments   benefit explanation costs   learn electronic portfolio   create build roles   address key challenge   identify source data   lack technology infrastructure   provide curriculumbased content   help century skills   identify selrelated actions   draft government body   establish presidential commission   complement academic skills   learn education foundation   learn new vision   examine numerous benefits   use feature list   identify support products   include simulate games   facilitate management l   reach full devices   include create strategies   develop playing strategy   approach changing environment   petition organizations educators   create learning groups   facilitate partnerships exchanges   apply same skills   build allows game   make design create   achieve shared success   observe limited investment   explore webbased platform   identify higher likelihood   facilitate progresses level   exist require transformation   provide explore time   offer praise guide   explore complex interaction   refine scientific arguments   place least emphasis   use other products   asses reliability validity   uncover existing products   teach specific skills   shape education agenda   use administered survey   promote costs learning
Measures:   ample opportunity   physical responses   digital technologies   virtual robots   gap reward   excit strategies   regional agendas   sel assessments   academic outcomes   global educator   personalize platform   good chances   potential opportunity   several countries   such standards   active participants   educational leaders   gamebased framework   high cost   different communication   several technologies   comparable data   right approaches   childdirected words   digitize communication   exist curriculum   relate products   intrinsic interest   technologybased elements   such programmes   only country   skill requirements   early learning   interactive experience   such programme   webbased platform   complex topics   social skill   learn platform   skill definitions   specific technology   online bloxels   initial programmes   growth mindset   global discussion   multiple ways   compute computing   foremost business   online tutor   many settings   guide children   alternative schools   character environments   response time   specific example   local stakeholders   praise guide   private sector   mount exhibitions   subject areas   complete games   fund content   personalize insights   important skills   skill funding   improve health   selrelated skills   key actions   key barriers   single offering   poor accountability   tuft researchers   statement shares   fantasylike creativity   correct answers   education technologies   relationship skills   formulation implementation   benefitcost studies   nonprofit organization   schoolbased interventions   dedicate curriculum   academicstandardsbased content   conversational agents   historical systems   persuasivewriting researchers   new era   primary school   powerful champions   capture capabilities   technological issues   social media   specific management   grouptraining programmes   computerize work   schoolbased programme   cur ricula   positive socialization   manual jobs   triedandtrue ways   individual skills   discussion groups   incredible years   systemic school   subtle biases   complex problem   academic college   healthy decisionmaking   much emphasis   offer support   skill structure   interaction offer   structure policies   effective products   young peers   complex challenges   key benefit   full benefits   individual stakeholders   feeling assertiveness   good learning   nursefamily partnership   financial managers   digital economy   embed evaluations   selrelated actions   standardsbased core   senior vicepresident   broad attention   elementary schooling   role strategy   common goals   articulab product   decentralize government   student skills   experiential learning   personal skills   range need   pro opportunities   education coalitions   care community   music books   critical thinking   gauge metrics   inquirybased learning   eighth grade   universal interventions   public partnerships   insufficient skills   classroom market   read writing   tail performance   positive behaviour   more promise   student engagement   local businesses   creativity adaptability   unique challenges   makebelieve aspects   skill confidence   successful change   international review   high levels   active interest   fix traits   academicstandardsbased programmes   good job   societal gains   good discipline   commercial games   most promise   common strategies   essential elements   fund vision   high probability   source data   context investors   earlychildhood initiative   high parents   follow countries   creative problem   specific skills   cinematic arts   virtual product   creative activities   diverse actors   game books   clear path   foster reasoning   emotional reactions   wide need   physical game   self awareness   senior editor   curiosity exploration   narrative scenarios   game customization   integrate systems   positive messages   puppet roleplaying   affordable schools   educational research   sensorbased measures   great respect   ipad app   key cities   emerge set   different kinds   public attention   institutional lines   additional rules   current level   large role   strong potential   complex systems   public funding   gradual change   core subjects   notable exception   individual levels   creative problemsolving   embed features1   collaborative game   young students   ongoing interaction   selrelated training   chief officer   critical ponents   multiple goals   great importance   metacognition strategies   good practices   exist example   successful nontechnology   classroom discipline   arc players   complicate adjustments   foundational developers   project initiative   different situations   curriculumbased content   inform standards   sel standards   les labour   gamebased learning   new iterations   academic material   primary classrooms   governmental systems   economic development   adaptive curricula   traditional curriculum   help hints   great awareness   opportuni ties   specific calls   average emphasis   advance analytics   educationrelated funding   watch headsets   full devices   sel lesson   large markets   longterm benefit   creativity initiative   limit supply   potential solution   sufficient opportunities   coordinate pieces   handheld device   development goals   play initiative   forum team   interconnect companies   endure policies   average return   important outcomes   early stages   enable features   central government   augment reality   platform marketplaces   small steps   disciplinary infractions   global country   traditional instruction   decision standards   platform courses   specific level   large clusters   human skills   digital skills   public partnership   soft skills   senior director   important impediments   global assessments   reflection lions   new behaviours   broad agreement   same knowledge   appropriate praise   multiple paths   feasible solutions   write work   biology ecology   different uses   global reform   narrative players   basic skills   collaboration skills   employee surveys   active methods   foster skills   longterm initiative   skill lawyers   leadingedge apps   learn process   academic programmes   recent analysis   goal14 research   cooperative group   successful initiatives   secondary school   education innovations   parent groups   social development   feedback assessment   datum signals   specific skill   good relationship   intricate relationships   multiple strategies   scientific inquiry   millennium project   global research   cartoonlike characters   learn groups   social abilities   constructive feedback   critical hours   range set   subject matter   vicious circle   cultural self   such organizations   class meetings   exist assessments   effective arguments   public champions   statistical clerks   individual governments   multisensory learning   necessary skills   increase focus   classroombased implementation   specific issues   crucial component   hard work   teacher parents   mobile videogamedesign   white space   private investment   emotion adaptability   own character   select products   strong links   own projects   improve performance   successful approaches   local districts   function venue   conduct problems   immersive experiences   important stage   critical persistencegrit   academic performance   new object   relative strength   ongoing feedback   education reform   problemsolving character   dense clusters   complex ecosystem   academic development   annual pace   critical curiosity   competence autonomy   blend learning   language content   share responsibilities   innovative idea   concrete set   separate trials   educational opportunities   human interaction   key elements   wise programme   sel programmes   mobile education   regulation empathy   deep competencies   high grades   virtual tutors   safe environments   social skills   stark differences   traditional screens   senior partner   field trip   new information   global countrylevel   several barriers   new form   tertiary institutions   criticalthinking skills   classroom initiative   lone exception   balance set   reflective reasoning   high awareness   successful examples   high school   limit way   strong return   several times   education technology   many metrics   current lack   useful tools   different sources   disengage complement   wearable device   several studies   limit funding   agendum organizations   high skills   opensource curriculum   standardsaligned concepts   low levels   economic value   political clout   augment robots   foreign languages   randomize trials   concerted effort   change businesses   21st century   massive courses   set tings   offline activity   professional development   low emphasis   online games   common sense   immediate assessments   openended minecraft   current attitudes   emotional regulation   sel measures   highpriority list   playbased learning   safe substances   limit training   behavioural issues   academic skills   primary barriers   scarce resources   same skills   several reasons   early childhood   develop countries   primary benefits   least emphasis   explosive growth   write ways   worker psychologists   openended curiosity   match peers   key stage   total dollars   global adoption   continue practice   final outcomes   large trial   private partnerships   exist emphasis   educational game   economic operation   holistic programmes   policy agenda   instructional supports   specific programmes   certain participants   biological technicians   early years   exotic locales   broad targets   insufficient training   developmental stages   interactive environments   technician tool   online platform   broad structure   standardsbased delivery   skill adoption   geographical systems   positive response   ecological model   private partnership   smart watches   virtual simulation   strong promise   additional emphasis   dialogue empathy   caselcivic enterprises   virtual field   complex issues   positive models   physical materials   academic casel   positive impacts   roleplaying games   global policy   technology infrastructure   interactive media   online environment   educational psychology   group activity   cultural framing   foundational products   mobile format   game tool   new ideas   new ways   accessible experience   social knowledge   notable differences   empathy adaptability   curiosity adaptability   potential applications   sel parents   key features   electronic portfolio   such learning   learn competencies   innovative technologies   infrastructure requirements   homemade mount   global edtech   promise area   cultural awareness   strong presence   social awareness   foster awareness   universal education   insufficient knowledge   open courses   increase interest   educational outcomes   giant step   political business   statistical adjustments   online courses   perceive barriers   sequential sets   same way   product standards   high emphasis   several countries34   graduation rates   educational versions   high use   common products   secondary schooling   openended tutoring   general strategies   primary students   enough time   4rs program   presentation software   partial steps   insufficient time   standardize measurements   applicable research   learn institutions   potential solutions   character qualities   government body   various goals   exclusive domain   positive view   macro level   good outcomes   external stimuli   senior writer   science learning   manageable reward   languagerich collaboration   mengyu head   new aspects   personal games   disparate units   unique strengths   educationrelated software   portal software   additional awareness   different parts   capital funding   diverse stakeholders   foster collaboration   user experience   change economy   physiological stress   public policy   national lines   positive selfesteem   high wages   specific learning   openended time   considerable progress   multimodal computing   exist systems   social computing   different players   innovate curiosity   sparse number   selrelated educators   numerous concerns   main barriers   helpful strategies   certain amount   theme creativity   education reforms   traditional learning   statistical skills   foundational subjects   drive solutions   direct intervention   project team   specific matter   interpersonal skills   cumulative impact   additional findings   sidebar programmes   agent elements   honourable envoy   direct questions   comprehensive programmes   new forms   long term   virtual peers   rigorous criteria   home visits   sel content   overall investments   social workers   own behaviour   scientific arguments   follow steps   childhood education   particular hinder   social casel   longform play   selrelated products   management system   global forecast   control trials   many thousands   great promise   source iq   indicate participation   explicit skills   mainstream startups   course moocs   global actors   social interdependence   valid measurements   learn software   social benefits   learn strategies   key challenge   consistent results   online whiteboard   special envoy   selrelated researchers   plot elements   longterm outcomes   conducive environment   sizeable effects   many individuals   districtwide programming   early literacy   social devices   sel agenda   low engagement   multiple players   venture funding   share goal   general drivers   relate development   language apps   selrelated solutions   content delivery   social intelligence   direct measurements   social adaptability   urban residents   evolve technology   online class   technical skills   difficult situations   explicit instruction   academic products   specific products   combine efforts   great empathy   socioemotional skills   federal level   engage projects   creativity curiosity   broaden opportunities   decentralize system   specific keywords   increase awareness   social behaviour   new look   physical presence   vary degrees   limit investment   low play   different methods   nuance communication   change position   dedicate time   school year   player awareness   immersive experience   small pieces   multimedia projects   crucial proficiencies   government programme   characteristic gaming   enough clout   major benefit   wearable devices   improve collaboration   skill instruction   head programs   lead role   debrief process   creativity collaboration   internal evaluations   appropriate challenges   longterm benefits   challenge programmes   change agenda   effectiveness parents   key stakeholders   high rates   international comparisons   specific actions   orient products   realworld activities   effectiveness efficiency   large players   edtech products   specific practices   foundational literacies   learn objectives   emerge technologies   foreign trade   good practice   deep understanding   positive character   medium platform   useful standards   teacher productivity   human interactions   researchbased product   past decades   enough knowledge   complementary skills   small fraction   individual countries   healthy way   academic preparation   same jobs   discipline issues   strong evidence   cooperative learning   reality reality   develop country   cultural challenges   overall impact   software products   high level   traditional skills   public evidence   different systems   digital games   parenting skills   irene relations   relate technologies   room simulation   more money   evolve workplace   secondary schools   financial literacy   role models   past years   exist ones   strong interest   complex arguments   game environment   support efforts   achievement scores   overall teaching   reinforce concepts   solution body   instructional practices   usbased examples   enormous promise   evolve economy   baseline skill   global agendas   academic requirements   care school   common core   longitudinal analysis   more details   discrete stages   diverse set   inquirybased curriculum   global organizations   virtual fieldtrip   student performance   certain information   policy implementation   exist efforts   new types   longterm partner   incid30uential supporters   common programmes   real instruments   location theme   face history   constructive criticism   limit awareness   foreign language   additional training   education initiative   cultural sensitivity   highpotential example   handson approach   emotional state   possible chapter   embed subjectmatter   selrelated awareness   doityourself techniques   classroom activities   international organization   mobile apps   global investment   projectbased learning   cumulative effort   comment tutorials   multidimensional skill   techenhanced development   recent years   new effort   sel potential   sel solutions   standardsbased programmes   progress lack   interpersonal level   particular ages   embed partner   manual abilities   possible technologies   predictive computing   measure outcomes   learn models   plan deployment   rigorous checkpoints   specific objectives   insufficient prioritization   multiple studies   skill developers   embody agents   peaceful resolution   dedicate paths   skill development   learn environments   social proficiency   broad dimension   good understanding   possible responses   change governments   communicate company   broad spectrum   educational products   new products   effective models   educational studies   online game   verbal communication   rapid change   great enrolment   policy review   selrelated parents   routine labour   smart clothing   centralize system   social learning   social progress   untap opportunity   micro level   important challenge   passive lack   confuse array   interactive technology   economic cooperation   academic literature   main parents   learn potential   school education   several marketplaces   primary markets   widespread agreement   overall investment   strong plan   private instructors   multiple parts   maximum benefits   relate assessments   own learning   academic achievement   intricate processes   century skills   seloriented experience9   forum reports   interactive whiteboards   drive analysis   press issue   skill gaps   scientific method   noncognitive skills   virtual goods   learn elements   selrelated edtech   important role   randomize trial   persistence grit   datum concepts   instructional strategies   new things   few crimes   inquiry confidence   creative tool   change environment   traditional trip   learn experience   potential devices   clear objectives   new reviews   grow demand   historical facts   cohesive part   meaningful questions   predictive analytics   different approaches   specific accomplishments   ngoled project   resolution emotion   fundamental requirements   online surveys   great potential   identifiable ways   early care   edtech developers   vast communities   strong leaders   homebased providers   uncharted opportunities   similar views   large void   new technologies   same note   highlight training   key opportunities   policy change   complete set   sel strategies   late stages   mobile phone   important catalyst   measurable outcomes   high likelihood   assessment methods   datum affdex   socialnetworking applications   clear targets   good performance   effective groups   national levels   grow research   write tool   crucial role   current report   step skills   insufficient lack   digital products   healthy development   sel children   lowcost materials   nonlinear narratives   main barrier   relate teacher   such example   scaffold support   goal success   thinkingproblemsolving curiosity   standalone lessons   different users   collaboration communication   more teaching   education agenda   passive experience   general strategy   smart classrooms   virtual game   top companies   grade school   technology developers   several models   digital content   fieldtrip experience   skill lack   oecd skills   prehistoric times   lead technologies   sustain effort   national curriculum   potential failure   salient reward   longterm targets   exist marketplaces   manage assertiveness   effective pedagogy24   extracurricular activities   routine abilities   social center   several products   immersive environment   exist products   physical worlds   enough emphasis   broad set   adequate infrastructure   third way   minutebyminute record   human emotions   new quests   instructional gaming   more time   vital role   many games   action plan   collaborative problemsolving   early report   edtech adoption   prenatal health   sustainable development   incomplete understanding   core skills   same period   student discovery   embed features   real life   policy responses   untap markets   percentile points   sel support   unstructured problems   asian countries   longterm effects   social vision   kinesthetic learning   affordable experience   behavioral scale   childcare providers   governmentled countries   child progress   important technology   several strategies   advisory board   virtual products   global campaign   numerous benefits   executive officer   childs learning   possible area   social performance   target strategies   graphical representation   scalable measures   traditionalskill development   behavioural skills   score card   total investment   app books   formidable barriers   address counterarguments   selrelated technologies   novel material   age groups   thinkingproblemsolving persistencegrit   interactive products   disciplinary expert   negotiation skills   longterm projects   academic curriculum   feasible solution   average teachers   student rounds   relevant stakeholders   increase accuracy   key concern   share success   good features   show potential   positive outcomes   peer product   complex skill   realworld environments   practical nurses   successful candidates   broad understanding   sel curriculum   class productivity   current states   auditory tactile   game design   new vision   inadequate resources   strong emphasis   common metrics   last impact   large gaps   direct measure   entire year   previous vision   same properties   critical thinkingproblemsolving   lead catalyst   creative process   engage conversation   high attendance   top priority   behavioural problems   late ages   particular area   more emphasis   significant opportunity   online test   sensitivity creativity   clear opportunity   scientific organization   policy programs   visual materials   selrelated features   hide information   sustain effects   educational organization   academic learning   aggressive behaviour   highquality education   gordon envoy   work papers   important barrier   high investment   potential endings   socialemotional gap   grow importance   new teachers   new strategies   business insight   support materials   academic benefits   multiple units   draft board   openended creativity   complex interaction   affective computing   emotional awareness   improve behaviour   reasonable effort   behaviour character   new initiative   effective way   early government   partial progress   foundation professor   late project   traditional technology   selrelated competencies   selfcontrol awareness   educational curricula   educational researcher   international agenda   widespread adoption   key priority   customizable projects   primary education   visual tactile   popular strategy   long periods   national survey   play strategy   fix mindset   corporate affairs   digital map   elementary school   same priority   knowledgebased economy   interest parents   valuable skills   share barriers   representative sample   particular differences   stage agenda   sel products   important facts   wide set   approach communication   large discrepancy   average pace   learn strategy   social competence   more resources   action review   inadequate supply   sufficient knowledge   simple materials   science skills   widespread use   classroom behaviour   traditional products   consequent benefits   complementary roles   clear measures   facial expressions   computergenerated characters   customizable ricula   multifacete ecosystem   workable solutions   critical period   new communities   feature list   suitable handful   intercultural understanding   sel instruction   popular products   responsible paths   promise opportunities   society relations   wide adoption   significant potential   longerterm benefits   single programme   cultural literacy   international data   open policy   overall progress   app marketplace   products1 produce   key findings   cognitive skills   incorporate measurements   many countries   target practice   great selfawareness   board intervention   different ages   virtual characters   additional time   result list   communication tool   fundamental knowledge   stealth assessment   reform agenda   pivotal role   social studies   mobile devices   effective programmes   emotional distress   similar experience   everyday competencies   current methods   emphasis emphasis   social network   high costs   digital environment   foundational skills   new measures   environment collaboration   scientific literacy   many skills   academic subjects   high roi   effective settings   foster relationships   basic terminology   academic educators   critical skills   preschool markets   positive behaviours   investment landscape   unscheduled time   capital iq   foster leadership   special thanks   target strategy   consider games   such things   target content   executive summary   meaningful choices   educational success   eligible students   venturecapital funding   educational materials   recommend programmes   potential space   press needs   direct instruction   experiential activities   common standards   government relations   immediate feedback   improve attitudes   communication skills   experience teamwork   standard ratings   learn steps   young parents   children participation   small device   military conquest   recent skills   safe environment   significant area   timely information   major impediment   nurture relationships   learn facilitators   different contexts   indepth reviews   art curriculum   difficulty level   academic success   decentralize environments   international dimension   most countries   colour blocks   key components   investor developers   precede challenges   enhance communication   flagship programme   discussion debate   write record   prioritization lack   engage caregiving   many hours   primary benefit   les capacity   similar goals   language curriculum   large space   direct content   multiple sessions   builtin platform   major cities   appropriate guide   virtual reality   unexpect outcomes   central component
Actions:   promote skills   encourage debate   require child   position students   allocate most   improve rates   use number   achieve amount   open opportunities   identify likelihood   character skills   lack consensus   report time   provide users   free teachers   support project   develop skills   prepare students   innovate creativity   need computing   create circle   help progress   expand teaching   enhance productivity   use whiteboards   ensure outcomes   examine surveys   purchase investors   nurture leadership   identify constraints   identify data   target groups   pose challenge   evoke contradiction   reveal agreement   identify issues   face measures   augment learning   define studies   deemphasize academics   make 50   adjust variables   improve students   learn system   track assess   create activities   recommend products   create environments   embody characters   create environment   involve students   take effort   include adaptability   document effectiveness   define sel   introduce sel   close gap   foster mindset   prioritize development   mentor players   learn metaanalysis   influence reform   produce concepts   support programmes   simulate presence   position problems   spread landscape   support apps   master skills   approach environment   include literacies   direct learning   promote regulation   increase adoption   achieve benefits   teach problemsolving   complement activities   express feelings   create collaboration   develop products   learn center   teambuild norm   create groups   asses validity   monitor progress   augment note   tackle volume   represent companies   gain popularity   provide child   rate potential   require set   learn scipr   control process   encourage effort   emphasize skills   advance vision   allow him   assemble them   reach communities   push boundaries   reach devices   learn efficiency   track progress   achieve discipline   achieve success   reach billion   offer guide   fear surprise   assess implementation   support adoption   teach students   allow time   communicate benefits   analyse innovations   bolster development   negotiate leadership   need that   offer engaged   analyse patterns   target delivery   develop creativity   regard technologies   design environments   form basis   use power   reach level   show outcomes   ponder events   include labour   transfer skills   form circle   offer opportunities   see requirements   spread reinforce   hit market27   bring business   formulate strategy   provide understanding   communicate offer   exhibit ecosystem   combine units   limit ability   emphasize parents   present plan   take steps   hit way   influence agenda   use analytics   demonstrate potential   design object   foster ability   establish access   help others   include tutorials   take place   portray sequences   change aspects   exchange goods   add category   affect programme   improve efficiency   manage schedules   form foundation   create situations   build empathy   put million   embody agents   build game   focus definition   address requirements   establish council   recognize potential   provide praise   give sense   include insufficient   prioritize efforts   improve productivity   praise outcomes   establish need   explore future   provide card   require abilities   provide projects   cite this   reduce problems   identify opportunities   devise measures   use blocks   survey sample   place blocks   invest time   improve qualities   develop plan   promote learning   thank levy   include visits   use strategies   demonstrate behaviour   ask it   use skills   try things   improve selfawareness   asses performance   identify gaps   find solutions   provide challenges   require that   achieve education   enhance ability   programme research   find measure   feature reform   evolve wearables   use data   use games   link design   foster majority   prepare report   support learning   direct billion   demonstrate reward   create characters   learn persistence   mentor awareness   build awareness   devise solutions   measure progress   show books   practise flexibility   hold series   facilitate agenda   license nurses   modify level   mandate inclusion   reinforce role   encourage negotiation   result problem   develop behaviours   share view   tutor content   commit billion   encourage developers   cement connection   learn institute   address structure   include communication   use computers   include proficiency   face reports   achieve changes   coordinate forum   use that   manage behaviour   achieve research   broaden list   manage emotions   use apps   improve awareness   enable download   make compromises   commit crimes   face lack   petition educators   learn simulation   include paths   communicate findings   offer potential   bellow relations   reflect views   overcome situations   include goals   teach civics   perceive benefits   sell review   call goals   extend experience   inspire students   take challenges   encourage questions   contextualize beliefs   read several   place million   succeed initiative   slow adoption   benefit costs   highlight need   develop vision   demonstrate power   influence types   see funding   identify types   provide time   collect commitments   establish project   involve programme   use method   forge links   include which   offer range   foster collaboration   leadingedge reality   foster exploration   compare expressions   share solutions   apply knowledge   integrate school   help skills   see role   change policy   inform stakeholders   encourage players   follow approach   promote setting   interpret them   sustain curiosity   gain adoption   prepare them   measure time   lead civilization   give time   use any   foster respect   mobilize skills   generate elements   enhance students   offer services   publish report   solve offer   include games   see opportunity   ascribe benefits   work sel   teach measurement   thank people   cover awareness   show awareness   develop competencies   exist transformation   give opportunity   understand feelings   survey software   track evaluations   convey information5   build creativity   examine benefits   uncover products   provide component   promote benefits   offer criticism   support level   create players   increase ratings   see sel   study interaction   transform students   use devices   spur creativity   track number   enable customization   communicate encourage   offer host   identify iq   instil skills   explore experiment   foster skills   trip findings   expand realm   shift adaptability   discover models   use storyline   link investors   offer ricula   use material   hold potential   target stage   include headsets   target students   reduce issues   stand awareness   set implementation   link feature   facilitate forms   develop applications   create tools   bolster claim   ensure that   learn teamwork   promote findings   report awareness   improve thinking   exceed 90   promote development   graph software   provide opportunities   simulate emotions   address competencies   combine virtualreality   develop presentations   refine writing   take build   recognize progress   display biases   use webcam   prioritization lack   see programmes   define set   promote emotion   offer hints   provide play   disseminate practices   use meetings   engage complement   ask respondents   encourage thinking   feature definitions   include aspects   analyse emotions   pass checkpoints   develop standards   encourage interaction   show models   describe activity   mobilize champions   displace interaction   deliver insight   explore ideas   create review   encompass competencies   develop proposals   launch partnership   see potential   learn strategies   use equipment   reinforce behaviours   create things   promote following   facilitate l   connect game   select vision   careerrelated benefits   create pilot   provide consistency   interview stakeholders   write respect   provide that   understand tendencies   manage records   list chances   indicate barrier   zoou game   limit promotion   take efforts   review feedback   develop list   displace barriers   understand practices   include situations   obtain results   view sel   encourage empathy   need more   improve sel   rate shares   find understanding   improve sense   analyse problems   consider classroom   discuss range   comprise set   allocate million   develop programmes   glimpse times   give access   reveal engagement   take peers   provide support   embed it   explore methods   develop relationship   collect app   include programmes   learn that   impede development   provide funding   bring goals   improve skill   influence skills   link steps   meet challenges   carry tasks4   tailor argument   layer features   integrate students   integrate minecraft   make effort   emphasize sel   observe investment   serve preschool   address range   cite knowledge   shape agenda   shape curricula   implement change   provide courses   teach intelligence   address supply   create outcomes   focus space   conduct that   follow students   offer incentives   demonstrate example   bolster skills   allow l   offer products   learn game   promote literacy   include option   complement skills   make 1   allocate infrastructure   target creativity   produce results   receive investment   attain rules   set time   overcome obstacles   solve problems   feature conflict   explore interaction   recognize importance   identify products   show benefits   provide materials   learn costs   satisfy criteria   identify elements   generate return   indicate areas   use software   tie game   wwwwired cipollone   deliver concepts   develop agenda   use technology   cover programmes   measure measures   include aids   slow development   learn school   recommend programmes   include set   read ecology   incorporate edtech   treat pencils   inspire review   raise money   advance development   measure sel