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risks for the product organization after the investment risk that the target assessment of the target risk that the organization cybersecurity is a business target for each assessment companies towards better security technology from a cyber

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government  People & Society
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Profiles:   the products   every company   report link   a event   any services   a failure   the investor   the communities   the plan   a investment   you files   c review   the forum   the settings   the market   the investors   the methodology   its roles   the strategies   the companies   this examples   mirchandani director   gartner strategy   its portfolio   a company   the risk   the risks   call link   equifax breach   this threshold   the services   a technology   a culture   the process   the difference   this action   a breach   sam cybersecurity   the cyberattack   the botnet   g investors   this cyberattacks   the capability   the results   the answers   starwood plan   the revolution   each innovation   a risk   this report   no officer   the industry   a product   a officer   the responsibilities   the gaps   the organization   the factor   the motivation   the investment   blackstone partner   the pace   the community   the product   u investors   the assessment   a companies   the body   the framework   the principles   a attack   the page   the team   the incentives   the research   no company   all dimensions   s acquisition   the innovation   e privacy   its companies   the dimension   every investor   the extent   ie teams   the incident   the rate   all rights   a investor   this category   bohmayr partner   this section   it partners   the revolution4   this reviews   the parties   the frequency   a assessment   the company   the leadership   no sign   cyber breaches   oecd framework   the attacks   a standard   april standards   the development   the strategy   a opportunity   the impact   cyber attack   the phases   http link   the challenges   the handbook   no policies   the degree   cyber expertise   the guardian   the data   a strategies   no programmes   the goal
Goals:   provide reduce opportunity   strengthen brand name   involve holistic evaluation   review cybersecurity capabilities   extract brings value   reduce acquisition price   prescribe taken action   consist assessment categories   reduce negative impact   mitigate potential resilience   develop cybersecurity framework   minimize risk exposure   evaluate cybersecurity principles   impact global chain   operate regulatory landscape   kill survival security   enable better understanding   present new set   play important role   reduce security risks   conduct diligence assessment   enable foundational understanding   follow action plans   lead portfolio companies   drive experimentation innovation   ruck alixpartners craig   develop rigorous assessment   provide level mechanism   confirm growing demand   express guide need   limit financial downside   understand exposure requirements   influence portfolio tolerance   implement meaningful way   measure cybersecurity capabilities   conduct cybersecurity diligence   ensure resilience durability   span secure integration   request evidence document   guarantee stay efforts   unlock presents opportunities   incentivizing innovation structure   take active role   address care principles   execising care principles   play critical role   manage available category   provide comprehensive set   comprise technical knowhow   perform diligence assessment   evaluate current challenges   assess target company   tailor care principles   fit risk profile   invest equity partners   audit softwares chain   represent investors groups   play key role   provide detailed explanation   fulfill prescribed requirements   comprise continuous process   employ audit ability   develop robust approach   provide needed information   need assessment tool   guide portfolio companies   grow cybersecurity capabilities   guide smes startups   provide guidelines principles   incentivizing integration anddevelopmentcyber   speak same language   fuse physical worlds   incorporate tolerance principle   quantify accompanied risk   implement secure measures   provide partial set   influence everrising interconnectedness   incentivizing investment journey   disrupt services operations   identify cybersecurity incident   make keep efforts   mitigate new risks   ensure adequate level   defend shared institutions   develop own capabilities   maintain asset list   reach build market   integrate cybersecurity principles   secure shared future   close identified gaps   provide answers questions   present framework figure   provide strategic direction   reveal proprietary software   define offer support   blast morning wwwscmpcomnewshongkongpolitics   achieve financial returns   provide cybersecurity categories   serve dual purpose   include held calls   enhance afforded importance   incentivizing innovation contents   include cybersecurity assessment   practice response plan   create larger return   pay average 22   incentivizing innovation principles   take principlesbased approach   asses organizational category   pay wwwmodernhealthcarecomtechnologymedicalimagingcompanypay3 link   face take pressure   take cybersecurity diligence   contain help sections   assess people processes   invest cybersecurity framework   exercise cybersecurity responsibilities   conduct cybersecurity reviews   validate cybersecurity preparedness   use security measures   foster culture people   develop cybersecurity capabilities   empower framework oversight   require cybersecurity audit   understand response plans   prioritize including cybersecurity   improve company development   evaluate overall processes   shape ensure incentives   describe security measures   concern internal stakeholders   evaluate incident history   succeed best way   foster cybersecurity culture   involve cybersecurity assessment   agree expect issues   increase financial returns   diminish attack surface   improve cybersecurity governance   showcase real impact   address identified areas   secure global networks   incentivizing develops innovation   assess cybersecurity capabilities   determine integration principle   constitute single point   incorporate risk tolerance   offer industry standard   strengthen cybersecurity capabilities   incentivizing cybersecurity principles   define cybersecurity benchmarks   shape regional agendas   understand risk exposure   share needed incentives   hack associated https   inform decision section   devote resources time   incentivizing innovation figure   involve difficulties complications   take proactive approach   understand cybersecurity preparedness   indicate risk appetite   evaluate assessing target   consider cybersecurity responsibilities   develop cybersecurity figure   lead required change   create economic value   facilitate useful dialogue   conduct cybersecurity process   establish action plans   recognize important role   ask company leadership   advance resilience principles   rate risk level   emphasize completion percentage   influence made decisions   integrate investment target   require complete merger   reduce attack surface   create consumer value   highlight evaluate need   cancel attackcostnhs92m19000appointmentscancelled link   provide necessary capital   propose seeks tools   increase business operations   incentivizing foreword troels   inform decision valuation   provide software bill   evaluate cybersecurity preparedness   use cybersecurity framework   incentivizing service organization   include associated assets   incorporate cybersecurity framework   evaluate controls policies   prevent events this   prioritize responsibility security
Measures:   cyberrisk exposure   centralize figure   regional agendas   organizational processes   designate officer   insecurity examples   new framework   attack surface   capital availability   digital technologies   span people   senior school   potential opportunity   financial investors   cybersecurity programme   cyberrisk tolerance   robust diligence   control policies   operational data   foremost business   cyber exposure   complete list   wellknown example   good protection   appropriate frequency   cybersecurity categories   evolve process   cyber criminals   blue oceans   continuous process   cybersecurity readiness   internetconnected infusion   physical worlds   current challenges   foundational understanding   essential functions   great value   score mechanism   important files   new set   strategic direction   peerless head   similar methodology   cybersecurity responsibility   cybersecurity principles   vital role   input expertise   cybersecurity framework   wire link   cybersecurity risks   many models   untap opportunities   successful principles   digital networks   same time   cybersecurity processes   cyber expertise   physical security   holistic evaluation   relevant laws   critical role   appropriate controls   available category   cybersecurity challenges   investment journey   cybersecurity capacity   entire industries   real risks   sustainable investment   medical service   new technology   technologydriven company   internal capabilities   secure settings   complimentary elements   possible settings   high completion   overall profile   potential answers   private sector   attack chaos   organizational regulations   practical steps   global chain   good security   cybersecurity leadership   framework figure   care responsibilities   most businesses   cybersecurity troels   security framework   specific action   weak points   investor responsibility   partial set   most settings   attackcostnhs92m19000appointmentscancelled link   shift changes   wire https   databased evidence   executive officer   great block   large cyberattacks   ongoing benchmarks   multiple structures   certain threshold   wwwwiredcomstorygoogleplusbug52millionusersdataexposed link   reasonable efforts   investment targets   tolerance threshold   supply chain   economic impact   cyber principles   only party   similar events   cyber defenses   oversight responsibility   relevant regulation   key assets   new space   basic measures   regulatory requirements   cybersecurity practices   robust approach   general training   wwwmodernhealthcarecomtechnologymedicalimagingcompanypay3 link   identify breach   similar report   millionpassportnumbersstolenstarwood link   assessment framework   fourth revolution   cybersecurity law   medical imaging   real impact   cybersecurityrelated developments   technical systems   organizational category   global collaboration   high people   telegraph https   key role   external audits   millionhipaafine link   foreword troels   security features   cyber incident   next company   potential principles   technologydependent assessment   innovation principles   regular basis   complete merger   operational logs   consumer trust   devastate cyberattack   muchneeded leadership   private funds   financial risks   financial return   cyber incidents   legal close   usa principles   low percentage   care principles   product security   overpay result   economic value   daily operations   legal references   reputational liabilities   people processes   longterm success   third figure   digital transformation   high level   software bill   uncontested space   target leadership   unexpect disruption   traditional process   global head   many challenges   monthly leadership   datadriven decisions   potential threat   cyber maturity   detail explanation   external audit   trust future   technologydriven business   breachaffectingmillionsofpassengershacked link   follow questions   relate technologies   desire returns   tangible impact   right questions   adhoc basis   cybersecurity preparedness   uspoliticsfacebookhousingdiscriminationhtml link   target companies   patch complications   express desire   security measures   investor action   financial matters   culture people   overall programme   decision section   responsible link   digital world   potential target   lead thinkers   officer principles   useful dialogue   responsible way   risk exposure   senior executives   secure integration   optimal efforts   risk level   asiapacific cooperation   key personnel   personal protection   more details   organizational categories   cybersecurity incident   singapore law   difficulty complications   target company   global agendas   transparency provenance   cybersecurity innovation   next steps   attractive opportunities   economic forum   organizational section   annual basis   secure contents   multiple industries   whole process   tolerance principle   new value   long way   vital issues   assessment tool   french watchdog   highrisk areas   behavioural change   cybersecurity threats   strategic purposes   security controls   intellectual property   user privacy   regulatory landscape   financial returns   investor understanding   risk appetite   portfolio companies   proactive approach   executive chairman   organizational principles   global governance   pdfagreementtruetime1558448044647 link   international objectives   new models   cybersecurity response   general partner   diverse group   evolve expertise   hillspire principles   exposure practices   active role   regulatory fines   cyber capabilities   economic operation   select employees   meaningful way   fiduciary duty   thirdparty audit   strategic investors   medical device   international organization   good features   global networks   due process   organizational security   negative impact   integrity confidentiality   allimportant information   industry standard   first validators   legal compliance   cybersecurity audit   private investor   large return   specific devices   crashedtheworld link   certain benchmarks   regulatory liabilities   innovative methods   thirdparty assessments   digital worlds   incentive structure   assessment process   general state   private actors   associate plan   cyber domain   share institutions   wwwnytimescom20190328 link   much time   executive leadership   completion percentage   relevant diligence   public sectors   operational liabilities   global risks   technical knowhow   executive committee   consumer value   positive rewards   possible investors   cyber readiness   foundational security   secure products   cybersecurity governance   holistic view   significant consequences   early stage   cyber preparedness   rigorous assessment   recent years   typical journey   corporate governance   financial downside   risk profile   service organization   wwwnytimescom20170221technologyverizonwillpay350millionlessforyahoohtml link   new ways   action plans   digital future   brand name   everyday devices   many instances   robust security   expectation benchmarks   business operations   posttransaction surprises   certain requirements   same rigour   own capabilities   single point   cyberattack surface   device makers   current status   internal controls   ongoing basis   adequate consideration   good understanding   potential companies   wwwoecdorgstiieconomyoecd_privacy_frameworkpdf link   cybersecurity expectations   level mechanism   cyber defence   asset list   adequate considerations   malware chaos   market incentives   narrow group   regulatory compliance   good consideration   good way   security results   robust strategy   cyberrelated laws   innovation figure   sufficient measures   cyber security   expand operations   full picture   same language   regular intervals   important part   innovation principle   increase connectivity   digital cybersecurity   potential resilience   insight report   political business   manage head   responsible innovation   cybersecurity services   full advantage   control investors   innovation contents   proprietary software   cybersecurity training   regular briefings   technological vulnerabilities   bestknown standard   due diligence   malicious actors   leadership calls   financial penalty   incidentresponse plan   friendly settings   significant exposure   cybersecurity forum   cybersecurity process   short time   latestage investors   good practices   private investors   incident history   cyber breach   great detail   technological challenge   inherent element   sustainable technology   requisite expertise   important mechanism   high levels   secure innovation   additional resources   taylorcreditcardshtml link   cyber risk   thoughtful commentary   cybersecurity incidents   datum breaches   current legislation   financial officer   economic cooperation   systemic cybersecurity   cybersecurity means   industrial framework   chief officer   untold story   investable capital   adversary capabilities   cyber experts   standard set   biopsy tables   cyber resilience   relative tolerance   rapid development   major company   decision valuation   investment target   extensive creation   cybersecurity benchmarks   critical information   integrity authentication   diligence framework   unnecessary innovation   regular technology   overnight structures   systematic plans   technological age   cybersecurity investors   overall process   financial liabilities   detail questions   new approach   organizational appendix   civil society   long term   report structure   cyber tolerance   enhance categories   cybersecurity developments   potential investments   internal stakeholders   important role   foster integrity   assessment categories   overall investors   overall portfolio   equal importance   recent acquisition   image tables   international framework   systematic cyberattacks   everrising interconnectedness   identify gaps   response plans   hyperconnected company   technological innovation   overall understanding   key questions   interview investors   share future   thirdparty audits   base journey   necessary history   current threats   algorithmic provenance   softwares chain   gdpr framework   risk tolerance   general regulation   overall trust   past incident   portfolio tolerance   third party   overall risks   china wwwscmpcomnewshongkongpolitics   armourowned app   main barriers   confidentiality integrity   public investment   key aspect   resilience principles   cybersecurity incidentresponse   necessary capital   network institutions   overall level   policybased matters   http link   cybersecurity responsibilities   grow demand   cybersecurity capabilities   come months   know incident   careful consideration   cybersecurity incentives   evergreater importance   right structure   past incidents   company development   owasp principles   due section   executive compensation   innovative strategy   internal policies   next organization   digital innovation   responsible innovationprinciples   response plan   downside principles   stable returns   organizational assessment   secure principles   different leaders   physical actions   contribute partners   cybersecurity assessment   relevant questions   cybersecurity requirements   nancial liabilities   new risks   particular investment   http wwwscmpcomnewshongkongpolitics   external experts   international standards   unique opportunities   legal obligations   new technologies   comprehensive set   cybersecurity culture   time pressure   secure structure   significant way   dual purpose   adequate level   target development   late developments   new blunder   important assets   comprehensive development   work group   wwwreuterscomarticleusyahoomaverizon link   cyberrisk threshold   verizonyahooagreetolowered448billiondealfollowingcyberattacksiduskbn1601ek link   securely teams   cybersecurity mistake   unencrypted numbers   effective capabilities   cyber practices   small enterprises   cybersecurity risk   secure figure   innovation troels   crucial role   organizational data   medical devices   clear plans   standard approach   technological product   adequate principle   investment decisions   key challenge   very beginning   diligence assessment   recent work   principlesbased approach   cybersecurity awareness   security risks   corporate investment   awareness culture   internal evaluation   management action   cybersecurity diligence   late stage   set intervals   global impact   special publication   flag areas   necessary technology   cybersecurity practice   industrial revolution   independent assessments   smart investment   downstream exposure   due care   overall processes   past years5   businessrelevant assessment   guide questions   digital domain   relevant reports   expose weakness   digital data   cybersecurity assessments   acquisition price   embed cybersecurity   common dimensions   responsible party
Actions:   empower oversight   require audit   incentivizing contents   submit payment   bring leaders   ensure authentication   indicate appetite   reduce time   facilitate investment   develop capabilities   occur what   meetingexceeding expectations   protect organization   invest partners   develop mechanisms   asses value   provide capital   secure future   ask leadership   mature businesses   influence tolerance   prioritize action   use that   reduce surface   provide categories   embrace 3   conduct tests   propose questions   present 2   understand responsibilities   evaluate targets   operate landscape   comprise knowhow   asses level   lead company   disclose breaches   present set   vary merger   exploit points   buy more   involve evaluation   slow cyberattacks   provide investors   reduce impact   prevent surprises   pay link   enable transition   expose data   exercise oversight   evaluate challenges   provide direction   present challenge   understand requirements   improve development   enable action   pay less   lower deal   acquire company   guide responsibility   earn returns   review capabilities   disincentivize insecurity   facilitate dialogue   mitigate risks   find solutions   purchase decription   encourage collaboration   increase operations   incentivize security   give consideration   involve experts   manage category   build security   overarch principle   attache that   increase awareness   close gaps   identify gaps   support category   assess capabilities   integrate target   create technologies   disincentivize examples   asses capabilities   shape agendas   understand these   recommend list   succeed way   conduct diligence   describe measures   facilitate collaboration   increase potential   consider responsibilities   prioritize cybersecurity   have it   convey importance   affect accounts   affect million   consist categories   rate level   oerting roads   incentivizing innovationprinciples   ensure technology   reward transformation   develop ways   incentivizing principle   mitigate it   incentivizing purpose   emphasize percentage   fine 385000   understand exposure   develop that   provide investor   lead centre   develop define   develop policies   obtain audits   improve capabilities   perform investment   provide expertise   maintain integrity   take role   assess preparedness   identify incident   implement way   conduct process   take variety   kill everybody   recognize role   receive level   conduct interviews   affect computers   introduce technologies   upgrade security   include cybersecurity   ensure security   compromise 19   reduce availability   take cybersecurity   foster culture   evaluate preparedness   govern cybersecurity   close transaction   quantify risk   extract value   influence interconnectedness   incorporate framework   balance rewards   decrease costs   see text   impact chain   iot devices   involve processes   incorporate assessment   contribute partners   monitor adherence   cancel link   evaluate target   protect privacy   find breach   ruck craig   understand level   offer input   prioritize readiness   improve practices   guide questions   reduce likelihood   affect millions   minimize exposure   unlock opportunities   provide questions   invest framework   improve resilience   adjust extent   invest 7   share incentives   take approach   maintain list   involve complications   fine record   advance culture   advance principles   include assets   contain sections   develop assessment   disrupt operations   conduct investors   make priorities   incentivizing figure   authorize assessments   define success   incorporate principle   incentivizing innovation   reserve part   ensure durability   provide what   improve companies   evaluate companies   guide entrepreneurs   account https   asses incentives   face exposure   influence behaviours   incur investors   take diligence   inform section   guide companies   introduce mechanisms   confirm demand   validate preparedness   fit profile   build capacity   reach market   guide action   transform devices   experience that   provide information   grow optimize   implement principles   convey questions   make decisions   provide set   contribute 3   train personnel   provide explanation   understand plans   bring https   improve governance   understand preparedness   request document   use framework   steal https   evaluate history   secure innovation   conduct 5   http link   blast wwwscmpcomnewshongkongpolitics   diminish surface   incentivizing structure   foster people   infect industries   facilitate selfassessment   identify oceans   affect link   assess company   communicate expectations   asses resilience   strengthen capabilities   reduce risks   provide mechanism   reduce number   span integration   concern stakeholders   include training   need tool   enable implementation   secure networks   receive briefings   improve security   feed innovation   conduct business   answer questions   tie compensation   shape incentives   offer guidance   occur history   achieve goals   make efforts   acquire starwood   incentivizing 21   comprise process   speak language   deploy capital   reduce price   undermine trust   limit downside   address principles   invest that   develop products   publish resources   bring stakeholders   ask questions   define benchmarks   engage business   detect weaknesses   set bar   offer standard   evaluate principles   incentivizing troels   manage risk   present that   unlock demand   consider relevance   present opportunities   increase returns   propose tools   scherf s   assess security   improve state   provide leadership   face that   reveal software   oerting chairman   incentivizing organization   integrate companies   provide requirements   incentivizing control   raise level   provide prioritization   evaluate 5   asses risk   kill security   devote time   require answers   asses category   start work   process technology   wire link   mitigate risk   agree issues   implement practices   influence decisions   gather information   understand context   secure processes   provide oversight   examine factors   cover methodology   achieve returns   lead companies   grow capabilities   conduct reviews   provide bill   provide thanks   support work   involve assessment   build trust   continue operations   mitigate resilience   incentivizing journey   support it   cause damage   reduce vulnerabilities   execising principles   take advantage   conduct assessment   recommendation law   serve one   prevent this   implement measures   fulfill requirements   lead change   implement programme   incentivizing anddevelopmentcyber   incentivizing 24   offer that   emphasize need   fuse worlds   provide principles   serve purpose   incorporate principles   fulfil responsibilities   represent groups   hack https   fine m   develop approach   include calls   inform 17   share practices   prioritize security   address cybersecurity   employ ability   practice plan   assess processes   asses readiness   recover files   evaluate processes   establish plans   incorporate cybersecurity   express need   push makers   challenge ideas   play role   showcase impact   measure capabilities   prioritize results   defend institutions   perform assessment   minimize number   highlight means   include assessment   steal link   define support   urge investors   influence change   employ algorithms   understand importance   complete training   tailor principles   have incentives   tailor commitment   include briefings   require merger   implement them   protect investor   incorporate incentives   use measures   reduce risk   reap returns   face pressure   exercise responsibilities   impact return   adjust 23   iot principles   exercise cyber   incorporate tolerance   safeguard cybersecurity   maintain trust   verify that   affect integrity   require integration   request audits   strengthen name   evaluate security   share information   evaluate policies   develop figure   increase surface   guarantee efforts   ensure level   obtain levels   audit chain   midstage latestage   follow plans   provide guidance   allow adjustment   strike balance   enable protection   inform valuation   focus capital   share challenges   pay 22   raise significance   enable understanding   enhance importance   interview leadership   mean what   ensure return   see page   identify vulnerabilities14   evaluate https   smuggle documents   pose risks   integrate investment   originate ability   create value   provide opportunity   maintain functions   address areas   drive innovation   present figure   cancel https   require consideration   identify areas   increase value   halt operations   ask manufacturers   create return   acquire what   waste time   invest role   request reviews   increase likelihood   prioritize investors   develop framework   reflect results   prescribe action   product security   provide that   incentivizing principles   apply organization   bring innovation   encounter that   pay more   attache robustness   base evaluation   provide visibility   experience this   find balance   include features   have threshold   integrate principles   conduct audit   enable investors   develop plan   improve defence   algorithm provenance   support investors   question 1   highlight need   determine principle   guide startups   demand it   run products   ensure enforceability   enforce investors   constitute point   assess risk   figure extent
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.