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McKinsey Problem Solving Test Practice Test C 2006 APTMetrics, Inc. 1 McKinsey Problem Solving Test Practice Test Overview and Instructions This practice test has been developed to provide a sample of the actual McKinsey Problem Solving Test used for selection purposes. This test assesses your ability to solve business problems using deductive, inductive, and quantitative reasoning. This practice test contains a total of 26 questions. The actual test contains 26 questions and you will be given 6


average in these months cost for the orlando items by the total brokers in each class businesses are of ngi test contains a total week in which christmas class and the average garbage from both ngi

Sources: McKinsey

Pathway Demo and Download Data

You can download the excel file containing Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions. Please use Lunge App, to try the pathway data.
This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Strategies
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Goals:   operate sorting office   answer permitted questions   divide paid hours   use electronic devices   use total pay   solve test overview   protect theft liability   reduce paid hours   consider presented information   cover future claims   celebrate extended period   find appropriate answer   represent total items   use machines flow   reduce overall risk   calculate total number   read done code   reconcile lower profitability   increase response d   take other costs   complete test score   gather following information   use ink mark   examine total number   handle lower rate   exhibit premium distribution   answer solving problem   investigate best cities   offer consulting service   inform quantities team   exhibit performance breakdown   divide total number   represent lower proportion   place premium policies   require staffing levels   represent worked hours   show important data   process mail d   handle paid hours   sort put mail   employ large number   use answer key   take high proportion   use inductive reasoning   collect landfill fee   employ weekly cost   employ environmental specialists   sort similar yields   provide direct argument   determine key causes   calculate average number   determine average items   send urgent mail   investigate possible reasons   compare average data   use disposal services   approximate weekly r   sort placed mail   analyse average profitability   offer wide range   examine related factors   generate big portion   approximate employee cost   hold insurance policies   approximate average amount   maintain current relationships   reflect staff productivity   use blank space   sort sorted mail   find following facts   see highest proportion   charge garbage trucks   realize profit improvement   collect stamped mail   solve using problems   give answer minutes   read address code   experience underwriting loss   have consulting business   represent smallest number   maintain relationships inco   complete practice test   provide premium policies   increase paid hours   perform final calculation
Measures:   profit improvement   great revenues   follow equations   average flow   latter part   total waste   average fuel   inappropriate size   average ratio   premium policies   only response   datum points   large amounts   follow events   large portion   average margin   follow quantities   postal services   current customers   average data   small businesses   total tons   automate stamping   follow facts   actual problem   different offices   weak markets   premium distribution   great profit   various cities   most risks   regular payments   direct argument   fraudulent reuse   productive response   low proportion   serious consequences   indicate c   postal service   key causes   low volume   national garbage   current relationships   high proportion   busy time   individual policies   many staff   electronic devices   average income   remedial measures   average pay   manual cancellation   nonngi trucks   overall spending   premium income   own company   staff productivity   practice overview   address code   response b   much mail   lose revenue   high revenue   underperform cities   significant decrease   relax atmosphere   strong arguments   various businesses   average cost   give office   process mail   machinereadable mail   small policy   daily amount   hourly rate   considerable variation   differ levels   broker relationships   many brokers   landfill sites   productive b   net margin   major cities   additional profits   average claims   final calculation   christian country   unnecessary time   more items   personal customers   main activity   handle fees   sort offices   high levels   hourly staff   last years   claim cost   new ceo   average hours   machine mail   small disposal   such site   practice test   service response   large business   many questions   different cities   red lasers   red envelopes   environmental regulations   premium number   designate address   greeting cards   small policies   work b   good approximation   mutual benefits   average price   main stages   personal mail   own facilities   break line   average fee   overall profit   urgent mail   pay hours   theft liability   weekly r   total premium   general sales   second row   retail fees   full year   small business   insurance policies   large clients   follow formulae   total cost   large sums   test overview   more holidays   small broker   profit margin   low rate   follow points   individual values   revenue r   landfill revenue   various factors   old friends   average items   ngi services   large number   key measure   first response   total hours   potential claims   financial data   mckinsey team   great levels   additional work   perform cities   landfill fee   christmas day   typical truck   many companies   few years   underperform brokers   manual process   possible measures   considerable benefits   current resources   net margins   total flow   more staff   income distribution   large customers   shade areas   inductive reasoning   ideal measure   appropriate answer   average amount   select businesses   total pay   environmental specialist   large businesses   weekly run   additional revenue   total income   great proportion   large cards   unable mail   hourly b   low revenue   practice problem   associate costs   last year   stamp mail   independent agents   select routes   potential reason   low rates   last week   follow information   environmental specialists   office mail   underwrit loss   permanent employees   greet messages   summary data   disposal facilities   cold weather   great income   premium expectations   appropriate area   future claims   dot increases   investment profit   les hours   good cities   les businesses   employee cost   small consulting   slow response   valid conclusion   total d   follow statements   response d   business risk   key data   blank space   final score   sort machines   personal customer   size businesses   vary intensity   first row   manual mail   list values   stamp cancellation   possible reasons   different costs   small proportion   recent survey   correct answers   require speed   different companies   positive impact   different levels   few items   mail flow   collection services   first meeting   sick days   cancel group   entire base   various routes   monthly basis   follow reasons   average offices   big portion   potential impact   total revenue   disposal services   first points   benefit gain   few businesses   consult business   several policies   important data   staff levels   domestic mail   strong argument   average month   much waste   mailit offices   local competition   waste levels   deductive reasoning   ink mark   customary tradition   total number   total claims   weekly cost   weekly fee   business operations   designate offices   true productivity   valid gain   designate boxes   actual administration   garbage trucks   postal fees   extend period   handwritten addresses   follow values   average volume   low profitability   average profitability   oversize mail   total items   far revenue   follow ideas   overall risk   wide range   great rate   new income   different classes   small number   average employee   more mail   answer key   sort office   mckinsey problem   likely response   accurate response   les mail   exist policies   more business   combine impact   average number   indirect benefits   performance breakdown   holiday period   sort flow   business problems   only site   follow questions   commercial company   red laser
Actions:   invest money   use lasers   discuss topic   approximate points   represent items   s offices   examine one   generate revenue   handle staff   change that   increase premiums   bring mail   divide number   realise benefits   make difference   investigate cities   receive payments   articulate gain   conclude response   suggest measures   contain total   employ specialists   provide sample   determine items   find facts   handle mailit   cancel step   show measures   examine s   reflect productivity   manage key   provide policies   exhibit breakdown   place policies   bury it   overburden employees   spend b   discourage production   ask team   employ number   show flow   use reasoning   collect mail   operate days   collect garbage   offer policies   analyse results   reduce risk   handle millions   tell team   fall 12   generate profit   outweigh risks   include that   make profits   examine operations   give difference   bring profit   classify brokers   discuss exhibit   analyse profitability   cost decrease   cover increase   gather information   run service   encourage manufacturers   prepay postage   build recommendations   create cards   contain questions   hold policies   influence decision   offer service   chart levels   sort number   divide revenue   maintain inco   know pricing   stop process   charge trucks   consider information   take costs   impact margin   deposit majority   represent 83   use stamping   run services   run data   reconcile profitability   score answers   take mail   improve profits   send letter   work hours   response a   improve profit   offer range   examine factors   consider services   know codes   add staff   represent number   give minutes   approximate r   take time   increase hours   take all   cost c   increase income   send messages   inform you   approximate garbage   contain day   add number   hold sums   receive levels   employ people   investigate h   inform team   require equation   work response   survey those   generate revenues   earn fees   make profit   approximate amount   arrive tons   run sites   maintain relationships   experience loss   operate office   consider group   descend premium   divide hours   employ cost   spend hours   own that   examine staffing   draw responses   require levels   examine tracks   process d   bury operation   analyse book   represent answers   make d   take place   determine causes   provide argument   charge fee   solve overview   generate waste   match number   satisfy regulations   generate portion   do reason   explain increase   assist you   cancel stamps   use pay   answer problem   show data   ask questions   provide areas   select answer   impact step   read code   ensure collections   handle rate   perform calculations   compare data   transport it   see proportion   send mail   conclude b   use response   satisfy this   have business   represent proportion   use services   exhibit distribution   offer 33   receive garbage   summarize concerns   investigate reasons   weigh tons   use space   add instructions   determine answer   represent hours   examine number   indicate this   perform review   reduce hours   use those   yield difference   include claims   deliver mail   operate cost   stop cancellation   sell majority   protect liability   solve problem   cover claims   solve problems   improve profitability   provide types   mailit team   lose revenue   assume group   investigate profitability   address number   ask mckinsey   solve test   produce 68   leaf choice   present results   handle hours   investigate ways   record notes   take proportion   operate services   give y   write address   determine test   arrive c   arrive hours   exhibit premium   yield figure   address differences   use key   mailit themselves   sort mail   complete test   follow underwriting   use devices   markete difference   calculate number   provide cover   perform calculation   contain policies   receive c   produce m   ask you   follow 1   conclude that   collect fee   develop faults   handle answers   operate service   conclude c   sort rate   use flow   complete score   leave money   handle waste   own sites   answer questions   bury s   arrive increase   charge fees   sort yields   mailit 7   make sense   sort offices   increase number   use ngi   explain differences   provide one   inform sender   approximate cost   cost 2000   depend weight   move business   use combination   represent 20   run fleet   divide row   operate ngi   indicate b   request reimbursement   indicate work   impact awareness   increase d   contain weeks   make revenue   celebrate period   take gain   find answer   increase pay   impact a   realize improvement   use information   use s   sort wonders   hurt inco   calculate revenue   follow fees   sort ceo   use mark
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.