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In collaboration with Baker McKenzie The Future of the Corporation Moving from balance sheet to value sheet W H I T E P A P E R J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 1 Contents Preface Introduction 1 The journey to a value-based set of financials 2 Practical considerations for implementing a stakeholder governance framework 3 Reflections on stakeholder governance: catalysing sustainable value creation 4 Legal summary Contributors Acknowledgements Endnotes 3 4 5 9 16 22 25 26 27 2021 World Economic Forum. All righ


impact on their companies ensure that the stakeholder society can use companies companies but with society sustainability into the corporate international and the director strategy of the company stakeholders and the impact purpose to our strategy

Sources: WEF

Pathway Demo and Download Data

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government  People & Society
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Profiles:   u preface   this spotlights   the companies   every investors   the inputs   the appointment   the hope   the future   the market   the chair   the balance   the forum   the tailwinds   the transition   a purpose   japan code   the rights   it shares   the initiative   it framework   the wbcsd   the preponderance   this conversations   this engagement   the company   the planet   the plans   the inequalities   the entities   we principles   the dilemma   a directors   the cisl   what opportunities   the activities   b companies   that executives   a company   the role   its impact   the journey   its stakeholders   the world   its feedback   a culture   we roadmap   such judgement   the ecosystem   the steps   the progress   the network   the governance   all stakeholders   it stakeholders   the capitalism   the ingredients   a landscape   it strategies   the manifestation   a entity   we systems   its value   the megatrends   this ratings   the business   a willingness   a frustration   each company   the need   each group   the targets   the environment   an investors   guti partner   an rules   such plan   what impact   this report   the picture   the duty   the child   the findings   you future   a consensus   the team   the law   this structures   the context   the scale   this question   the talk   the movement   whose needs   u compliance   the code   the challenge   it purpose   the question   a business   the framework   this skills   the government   the reaction   eltobgy head   the information   i views   the system   a board   the chain   the separation   the thing   this journey   a number   all rights   its governance   the depth   the deployment   this stakeholders   the proportions   the board   a car   what role   a director   whose members   a look   another companies   the strategy   the landscape   the commitment   a model   the challenges   preface founder   http link   the impact   u journey   the dividend   the areas   china code   this paper   its proposals   it teams   the insights   its duties   the pandemic   such view   press cannibals   the vision   the interests   that companies   neither longevity   the legislator   any pandemic   the work   the failures   the relationship   ai leadership   the directive   the directors   a deal   the roundtable   a funds   each state   a partnership   the data   the agenda   a deliverable
Goals:   set complete actions   accelerate associated technology   regard improvements effectiveness   achieve similar outcome   promote serves economy   undertake identify assessment   take difficult decision   require fundamental transformation   have positive impact   carry pricked some   announce clear plan   want same companies   grasp offers opportunity   develop governance practices   increase carbon investment   see step change   affect fundamental approach   play important role   retain operate licence   create credible business   manage gives challenges   ensure essential ingredients   ensure board learning   struggle potential shift   experience significant increase   give show opportunity   fit taking actions   create runs world   solve change problem   state business purpose   provide valuable information   make ultimate guardian   create technology challenges   develop education programme   inspire climate strikes   empower oversight toolkit   allow more room   include suppliers employees   provide required flexibility   apply risk management   solve particular problem   create stakeholder committee   take risks progress   require fundamental rethink   thank governance underlies   consider governance improvements   report interesting thing   indicate take intention   change strategic choices   identify aligned those   achieve stakeholder governance   provide legal structures   challenge industries companies   provide board papers   announce new purpose   impose reporting requirements   lead nomination committees   destroy natural world   create genuine shift   lack deep understanding   rsted partner head   ensure responsible use   send positive signals   take proactive stance   support new purpose   assess company impact   require new approach   take single example   make same decisions   enable public scrutiny   solve showing issues   define own aims   retain bring responsibility   view face challenges   amend constitutional documents   undertake own assessment   hold advisers shares   asses needed skills   innovate risks take   move practical considerations   reinforce business case   meet entire board   announce ambitious strategy   set risk appetite   reduce efficiency accountability   announce obtain ambition   drive trade policy   shape world forum   establish corporate culture   owe analogous duties   make looking commitments   support strategy culture   reduce carbon emissions   rebalance global economy   question foundational aspects   decisionmake global trend   undertake stakeholder assessments   identify resilience approach   address led debates   adopt identified measurements   value considering choice   transform business models   contain including information   treat affects manner   address fiduciary duties   take fresh look   make change commitments   align interests shareholder   inform regarding approach   provide useful pointers   implement practical steps   use resources capabilities   meet company executive   publish consultation paper   http decisionmaking link   safeguard growth customers   require state company   adopt mission model   reinforce articulated view   appoint external boards   identify opportunities risks   maintain operate licence   pose fundamental questions   obtain largest company   appoint nominations committee   satisfy triple line   require risk assessment   take firmer stance   make green transitions   owe direct duties   enhance selection process   improve governance practices   need board support   provide useful point   draw expertise input   encourage made efforts   step advocacy work   implement stakeholder framework   develop new frame   show responsible side   announce parental leave   address climate issue   lack supportive context   invest economic forum   rewire economy framework   establish values strategy   publish enable framework   give disclose flexibility   provide affect solutions   form key part   balance business pressures   owe primary duty   provide real case   produce analysis data   support communities employees   owe legal duties   change stakeholder externalities   include society organizations   require large interest   put financial performance   bring society companies   introduce climate disclosure   enable macroeconomic shifts   achieve better engagement   undertake effectiveness evaluations   move legal summary   treat including structures   support balance sheet   have skill sets   deliver diverse range   transform business model   announce stewardship principlesh   rule reasonable standard   use nations goals   enjoy value creation   demand real test   take reactionary approach   build addresses economy   involve deep analysis   companiesc rethink pressure   engage see trend   bring increased distrust   attend safety environment   nominate board members   require radical rethink   shape operates context   shape similar collaboration   set management theory   endorse purpose share   require traded companies   publish remuneration report   examine governance practices   implement great reset   take stakeholder interests
Measures:   shortterm returns   key enabler   huge displays   integrate company   societal need   more room   regional agendas   urban populations   accurate information   environmental quality   such policies   sustainable economy   disburse environment   chain approach   risk management   purposedriven measures   stakeholder role   creditor employees   deep upheavals   strategic management   business step   unprecedented challenges   eltobgy head   sheet considerations   inspire stories   complete actions   material stakeholders   commercial selfinterest   new countries   clear plan   shortterm basis   stakeholder representatives   corporate success   direct engagement   few esg   strategic implementation   worsen crisis   similar collaboration   thing companies   euregulated markets   different world   good decisionmaking   single example   clear purpose   investment strategy   strategic decisionmaking   suggest considerations   right thing   transferable securities   public relations   positive signals   full decarbonization   climate strikes   open letter   public reports   purpose share   public scrutiny   forbes list   public interest   governance improvements   onesizefitsall approach   large companies   social matters   task force   mandatory reporting   meaningful value   short matters   ethical principles   society organizations   periodic risk   good dynamics   good management   executive director   green strings   executive purpose   such engagement   risk requests   sustainable manner   activist manner   social justice   reliable assurance   scm disclosures   guide star   large interest   macroeconomic shifts   relevant code   more time   current board   macro forces   far jurisdictions   sustainable society   action plan   resource capabilities   political commitment   positive contributions   first country   task management   legal structures   verify performance   false distinction   sustainable development   influential trends   great scrutiny   relevant market   social requirements   proactive stance   annual returns   coalfired plants   araujo head   positive outcomes   positive changes   white paper   foundation2016pdfpage23 link   sustainabilityissuesbecomefinanciallymaterialtocorporationsandtheirinvestors links   real analysis   such impacts   moral burden   common law   corporate codes   particular market   entire industries   special attention   particular groups   climaterelated disclosures   formal appointments   esg risks   private companies   wide approach   longterm creation   scientific evidence   foremost business   sustainable governance   finite resources   member states   decarbonization collaboration   broad stakeholders   influential leadership   coordinate effort   exist inequalities   alternative structures   key stakeholders   broad ambitions   mandatory disclosures   financial reporting   new proposition   deep understanding   shareholder commitment   key topic   sustainable business   good credentials   practical steps   immediate action   great leveller   right skill   certain groups   weak voice   multistakeholder nature   core part   far regulations   global standards   executive officer   quarterly loss   consistent reporting   corporation statusequivalent   many companies   scale scrutiny   overall attributes   sustainable success   additional contributions   economic impact   more women   measure note   collective efforts   technology challenges   stakeholderbased strategies   effectiveness evaluations   personal level   key publicprivate   uptodate training   main critics   good examples   revise principlesh   original companies   new publishers   diminish biodiversity   environmental change   difficult decision   permanent feature   same time   several jurisdictions   shortterm return   associate opportunities   good companies   new form   inclusive restorative   european deal   significant influence   critical roles   remuneration schemes   alternative metrics   relate policies   fundamental questions   certain companies   expert support   relevant stakeholders   new metrics   stakeholder committee   advisory boards   macro megatrends   ambitious strategy   legal capacity   direct return   old habits   human rights   stakeholder impact   key constituents   supplier communities   global economy   global trend   different sets   stakeholder framework   environmentalsocialandgovernancerelatedrisks link   good engagement   social media   scm reporting   measure capitalism   normal feature   economic forum   value strategy   expertise input   business models   racial shifts   rise expectations   fundamental transformation   full sense   incentive transparency   sustainabilityfocused concepts   improve value   change problem   fair society   fiduciary duties   nongovernmental organizations   technological advances   key aspects   corporate culture   reckless experiment   useful pointers   postcovid headwinds   change context   societal implications   exist standards   relevant companies   relate disclosures   longterm success   trust people   development programme   external support   disproportionate effect   like practice   risk progress   annual vote   artificial intelligence   only group   certain stakeholders   responsible ownership   sheet acknowledgements   old norms   esg analysis   detail targets   political systems   financial sense   21st century   effective governance   corp certification   rapid deployment   exist ones   stringent requirements   new approaches   longterm value   multinational companies   own journey   powerful individuals   common metrics   past years   bespeak solutions   public corporation   executive support   certain markets   thirdparty assurance   real test   green deal   individual leadership   sectoral level   positive impact   fundamental approach   measure paper   value creation   differ traditions   social contract   complex problem   lead businesses   much risk   resilience approach   corporate reporting   large cities   economic institution   ultimate guardian   impact assessments   strategic choices   same day   company actions   key associations   significant flexibility   financial frame   important collaboration   green energy   stakeholder practices   follow matters   integrate business   change nature   consumer suppliers   loud voice   right values   great reset   stewardship principlesh   french law   executive considerations   prosperous society   esg credentials   current consultation   legal section   macro threats   imagesolaserinside future   list companies   global agendas   mandatory disclosure   change world   several others   certain information   more subjects   social attributes   comprehensive information   valuebased set   enterprise management   great levels   periodic evaluations   public demand   above questions   total assets   small businesses   climate issue   dramatic development   positive signs   deep analysis   profound change   many ways   urgent report   stakeholder improvements   legal background   certain thresholds   vital decarbonize   expertexternal boards   smart grid   chief officers   former officer   relevant guidelines   harsh critics   orient practices   business purpose   same companies   clean skies   courageous leadership   good practice   unprecedented change   reasonable standard   risk appetite   longerterm horizon   management theory   capitalist system   executive chairman   transformative change   short ambitions   key indicators   few decades   key trends   meaningful way   corporate code   governance challenges   sharebased pay   economic health   such issues   disclosure standards   bonus outcomes   conflict theories   active employees   broad effort   negative impact   sciencebased targets   critical questions   sustainable conditions   regular papers   bank insurers   oversight toolkit   urgency society   netzero emissions   meaningful engagement   international organization   work data   additional requirement   crossfunctional teams   social injustice   scale speed   future generations   business leaders   back foot   collective conscience   new concept   complex collaboration   robust state   valuable information   certain interest   voluntary basis   bare fissures   encourage sign   board learning   appropriate structures   nonfinancial directive   interest thing   difficult discussions   black lives   legislative reforms   few requirements   fossil fuels   survey jurisdictions   great priority   publicprivate collaboration   primary duty   worldwide certification   supportive context   indicator kpis   early visionaries   sustainable transformation   economic disparities   certain issues   senior management   maha head   nonfinancial statement   financial disclosures   stakeholder governance   key part   executive committee   longterm environment   true context   climaterelated aims   current practices   inclusive boards   many jurisdictions   strong proponent   report requirements   nomination committee   corporate sector   business model   nonfinancial ones   more conversations   list company   then competence   develop policies   pandemic business   social service   exist models   global interconnectedness   various stakeholders   european companies   adverse effect   political uncertainty   seniority ethnicity   centre stage   associate challenges   critical matter   first step   endure impact   various interests   external expertise   strong commitment   global stewardship   good interests   business pressures1   les traffic   respective codes   severe challenges   strategic suppliers   crowdcounting experts   fiscal support   firm stance   full implications   work environment   strong commitments   new position   individual members   economic challenges   appropriate budgets   mostused standards   ambitious aims   financial performance   general meetings   meaningful change   scientific experts   increase society   knockon effect   intergenerational mobility   recent commitment   economic stress   oversight role   structure packages   entire board   ongoing basis   climaterelated standards   racial diversity   prominent example   more transparency   practical guidance   significant increase   new purpose   cultural aims   nonfinancial performance   foundational aspects   full backing   next frontier   daily commutes   useful point   les pollution   governance considerations   initial steps   esg requirements   social risks   corporate behaviour   step change   intermediary levels   next decades   concrete actions   essential pillars   local communities   available quality   additional nuances   increase value   present shareholders   great number   decisionmake link   principal risks   periodic assessments   carbon emissions   profound inequalities   comprehensive requirements   natural world   netzero commitments   diverse range   criminal misuse   particular consideration   board papers   economy framework   corporate governance   political business   eurlexeuropaeulegalcontententxturicelex3a32014l0095 link   financial institutions   partner head   necessary assessments   external boards   social aims   entire corporation   short time   full support   embed sustainability   stakeholder focus   environmental provisions   responsible wbcsd   reduce hierarchies   same circumstances   engagement practices   societal expectations   board support   andor opportunities   free fall   improve practices   executive review   selection process   new future   international headwinds   own operations   solar technology   embed set   productivity increase   cultural stakeholder   seminal theories   many years   nonfinancial contribution   societal stakeholders   structural change   effective disclosures   longerterm value   economic paper   fundamental rethink   global companies   normal part   individual liberties   responsible side   own assessment   power plants   direct emissions   vest interest   imagesipopbathe future   intelligent way   relevant group   mckenzie head   good performance   past months   second category   legal framework   low transition   stakeholder engagement   classagnostic analysis   collective interests   bespeak structures   renew focus   chief officer   continuous improvement   green transitions   high return   most jurisdictions   business case   year experience   senior positions   low investment   social traditions   few investors   powerful womend   update collaboration   esgorientated portfolio   similar outcome   exist structures   effective decisionmaking   existential threats   external stakeholders   central activity   stakeholder capitalism   stakeholderoriented practices   similar party   systemic change   bottom line   social systems   independent director   environmental attributes   own aims   deep polarizations   particular investors   recent paper   societal aspirations   background summary   governance practices   particular problem   connect outcomes   horizon approach   test case   direct line   short business   nascent conversation   clear change   clear link   longterm view   new approach   real significance   wide interests   first wars   getty future   long term   big ownership   civil society   first company   least power   broad allocation   strong engagement   big issues   information networking   same decisions   underlie trends   effective oversight   ultimate goals   positive way   responsible use   strategy culture   more opportunities   main market   esg standards   public benefit   stakeholder assessments   unique moment   emerge challenges   philosophical theories   inherent consequences   meaningful measures   profitable solutions   full harmonization   important role   strong selfinterest   international company   profitmaking function   easy conversation   sustainable approach   indepth work   stretch targets   platform lead   practical considerations   essential success   influential boards   first companies   implementation incentives   expect impact   nonfinancial reporting   constitutional documents   change environment   human side   environmental matters   board approval   social uncertainty   nonfinancial information   senior associate   financial crisis   preferential treatments   consultation paper   most aspects   mission model   virtual ways   new lines   stakeholder pressures   nonfinancial measures   certain amount   board decisions   third party   develop leadership   trade companies   reactionary approach   stakeholder voices   renewable space   perspective conversations   environmental challenges   parental leave   company executive   real determination   circular economy   annual report   http link   corporate form   good governance   gradual process   resilience look   sexual orientation   compete pressures   valuebusinessdecisionmakingenterpriseriskmanagementresourcesapplyingenterpriseriskmanagementto link   social challenges   wwwwbcsdorgprogramsredefining link   corporate managers   skill sets   relevant information   governance framework   business pressures   development goals   ethic ownership   start point   nonprofit company   increase need   baker head   stakeholder interests   top suppliers   sectoral effects   formal codes   bind vote   public pressure   safety environment   fresh look   sustainable value   civil law   sustainability frame   essential ingredients   significant resources   inherent data   compel evidence   climate change   sparkadobecompage3memzh5eproxj link   public commitments   credible business   longerterm creation   long management   executive tone   structural pressures   potential shift   onerous requirements   beatriz head   real case   international standards   new technologies   few years   unprecedented problem   remuneration report   corporate disclosures   modern investment   executive officers   increase distrust   academic director   existential level   different markets   local level   regulate market   most countries   economic studies   sheet introduction   analogous duties   shareholder rights   new strategy   ethical capitalism   european jurisdictions   longterm sustainability   short pressures   new challenges   more flexibility   socalled law   technical adviser   positive affects   effective learning   female suffrage   esg information   legal summary   advocacy work   complex considerations   whole monitor   local market   renewable energy   triple line   advisory vote   external context   large company   equal leave   carbon investment   strong scores   operate context   new frame   societal activism   esg issues   partner creditors   sufficient independence   board members   climate disclosure   medium ambitions   clear roles   deep megatrends   come years   associate technology   top deliverable   balance sheet   independent verification   bestdesigned algorithms   genuine shift   direct duties   recent principles   fiscal measures   past couple   large corporates   purpose considerations   global strikes   social change   engagement activities   ambitious targets   sustainable creation   different nuances   human wellbeing   radical rethink   legal duties   towardscommonmetricsandconsistentreportingofsustainablevaluecreation link   maximum returns
Actions:   prepare papers   reimagining purpose   amplify ones   maintain licence   create returns   address diversity   undertake assessment   apply management   control transparency   implement strategies   decisionmake november   announce leave   rebalance nature   report not   address strategy   ensure delivery   require states   address impact   have impact   create challenges   increase interest   test resilience   accelerate shift   have influence   provide point   build environment   create requests   drive efficiency   survey mexico   create level   invest 25   put it   make transitions   involve analysis   report thing   do work   give reflections   take stance   shape future   take company   support sheet   promote success   owe duties   change statement   introduce requirement   balance one   enjoy creation   demand change   support purpose   define aims   strike first   set appetite   draw input   deliver value   favour myriad   see step   take time   report loss   establish spotlight   oversee delivery   bring risk   transform itself   put items   turn talk   set targets   review aspect   rebuild trust   endorse importance   make recommendations   owe duty   need that   give flexibility   bring voices   transform model   require company   voice endorsement   leverage support   report same   do companies   tcfdaligned disclosures   entrench ambition   provide https   show side   restore nature   sweep world   examine practices   meet challenge   include etc   create shift   push iasb   promote economy   give order   reinforce case   appoint committee   drive policy   disclose issues   provide structures   innovate allocate   focus minds   develop metrics   implement policy   attend environment   help deal   deliver stakeholders   navigate scale   safeguard employees   inform approach   serve outcome   support zero   set theory   comment role   view challenges   lay fissures   identify gaps   communicate differences   address subjects   thank them   treat structures   rule standard   encourage leaders   increase investment   benefit society   shape context   change choices   progress governance   include workforce   esg kpis   expand scope   hold management   develop practices   decarbonize future   make list   need focus   accelerate technology   evolve data   address issue   undergo changes   balance pressures1   halve dividend   rebalance company   offer guidance   manage risks   provide networking   align resources   create benefit   provide incentives   establish rules   comprise experts   take lives   apply jurisdictions   demand transparency   retain sense   send signals   bring planet   represent progress   reimagining energy   pose questions   develop programme   ask companies   align shareholder   serve whom   extract returns   take view   move considerations   produce data   require them   reach milestone   seek decisions   prepare narrative   affect capitalism   use companies   adopt approach   build value   treat suppliers   reinforce view   focus questions   establish culture   help sustainability   acknowledgement forum   report standards   enforce requirements   include shift   present risks   discuss impact   identify risks   require approval   present leaders   announce ambition   support understanding   thank chairpersons   bridge gap   retain licence   transition company   accelerate that   set kpis   lead committees   prick conscience   shape solutions   set actions   state purpose   affect approach   tell us   formulate strategy   improve practices   ensure use   implement steps   serve americans   reduce accountability   identify ecosystem   influence rise   recommend steps   consider improvements   invest forum   integrate measures   align themselves   show leadership   manage challenges   support proponents   struggle shift   ask itself   drive decarbonization   support future   make uncertainties   provide that   take approach   achieve emissions   experience increase   catalyse mckenzie   undertake assessments   ensure success   have regard   communicate initiatives   enable alignment   help businesses   reward executives   meet board   regard issues   http https   rely algorithms   begin journey   obtain company   enable change   enter family   disclose information   take it   escalate voice   put commitment   explain basis   face term   grasp opportunity   nominate members   promote rights   asses skills   include those   connect outcomes   establish strategy   require interest   adopt statusequivalent   bring distrust   set strategy   put response   invest future   drive strategy   announce plan   solve problems   commit company   constitute performance   rebalance economy   favour improvements   take interests   reserve part   achieve objectives3   shape forum   bring companies   undertake evaluations   meet demand   question aspects   consider adequacy   evaluate practices   shape law   identify stakeholders   value sheetjanuary   allow room   take companies   set orientation   rewire framework   have sets   have oversight   http link   address inequality   retain trust   amend documents   affect move   provide value   implement reset   indicate intention   fit actions   urge companies   accelerate path   support disclosures   rebuild bp   release set   retain responsibility   require determination   interview director   balance profit   take hold   make progress   report activities   touch emotions   make commitments   undertake exercise   treat manner   have affects   set teams   adopt targets   publish paper   s something   include head   put performance   implement reflections   answer questions   address change   seek certification   oversee effectiveness   use goals   shock system   provide opportunity   shape collaboration   serve citizens   create look   provide papers   require visionaries   increase accountability   progress capitalism   rsted head   permeate each   address theories   step work   force leaders   support creation   reach emissions   include insurers   value future   enable dividends   endorse share   bring purpose   assist them   make decisions   ensure ingredients   regard climate   change reporting   bring issues   invest member   establish purpose   value choice   advance capitalism   lack understanding   wish business   assess impact   give mandate   appoint representatives   require approach   require directors   bring fil   present opportunities   enable boards   require investors   need support   identify those   establish standards   change externalities   rebuild people   implement governance   encourage strategies   make changes   make force   owe 2   build bridge   lose touch   change schemes   publish future   improve state   face starkly   enable them   ask questions   identify expertise   enable board   admit japan   enable prosperity   do enough   meet executive   take look   report assurance   put recommendations   provide information   ensure decisionmaking   create business   require attention   take role   create world   provide oversight   take account   require measures   discuss plans   build trust   contain information   support chairboard   deliver return   use capabilities   transform models   build economy   serve who   reveal some   define contract   regard effectiveness   address duties   attract capital   pose future   innovate take   companiesc pressure   implement framework   take decision   learn change   take ownership   restrict 6   engage business   appoint boards   see change   produce statement   exercise leadership   embed conditions   set model   provide comments   include employees   respect plans   achieve engagement   include 27   contribute much   consider data   draft purpose   provide solutions   decisionmake trend   exercise duty   achieve governance   enable conversations   affect stakeholders   establish itself   destroy world   announce strategy   include statement   entrench focus   announce principlesh   enable creation   accelerate actions   use standards   support employees   reach staff   treat people   affect planet   satisfy range   balance pressures   ensure learning   take example   introduce reporting   position company   take that   bring some   obtain certification   lack context   deliver range   break it   introduce disclosure   enable speed   deliver solutions   want companies   underline need   regard ethnicity   reimagine energy   take responsibility   identify approach   announce purpose   achieve outcome   take employees   align ai   emphasize significance   achieve oversight   produce resources   take progress   see compression   regain trust   give opportunity   include information   provide case   emphasize disparities   tcfd these   develop frame   build credibility   impose requirements   use learnings   address debates   solve issues   give bp   discuss introduction   take action   enforce directors   reduce emissions   unfold extent   use strings   enable realtime   carry some   exercise duties   adopt measurements   move summary   enable shifts   empower leadership   set plans   support culture   play role   account benchmarking   hold shares   compel us   enable scrutiny   drive engagement   take broader   take risks   safeguard customers   set purpose   rsted officer   seek support   leave associations   invest lead   fulfil objective   implement future   publish report   keep eye   satisfy line   make sense   define strategy   facilitate exercise8   adopt model   prioritize stakeholders   offer solutions   double level   require companies   seek views   make guardian   create committee   deliver outcomes   create value   drive change   inspire strikes   challenge companies   measure capitalism   engage trend   change purpose   form part   require rethink   provide pointers   empower toolkit   support incentives   require transformation   attach provisions   deliver change   create plans   use ability   retain support   link purpose   require assessment   encourage efforts   restrict scope   provide flexibility   serve stakeholders   enhance analysis   support reporting   explain approach   guide companiesc   catalyse creation   affect ability   reinforce realization   hold businesses   implement legislation   understand expectations   give vision   provide definition   invest acknowledgements   solve problem   felt constraint   begin letter   reflect fact   provide set   thank underlies   address issues   inspire proliferation   pay attention   bring voice   engage stakeholders   deliver profits   need ethics   ensure programme   consult head   increase quality   publish framework   rethink capitalism   identify who   prepare scm   incorporate insights   include organizations   change rhetoric   amend future   balance interests   enhance process   acknowledgement endnotes   use structures   perform duty   face challenges   understand needs   demand test   reflect disruption
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.