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Risk Practice The risks and challenges of the global COVID-19- vaccine rollout A realistic assessment of the heroic effort to administer billions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines to an agonized global population is necessary the stakes could not be higher. This article was a collaborative effort by the global Risk Practice and authors from across the firm, including Gaurav Agrawal, Tara Azimi, Jennifer Heller, Pooja Kumar, Mihir Mysore, Parag Patel, Adam Sabow, Shubham Singhal, and Joseph Truesdale


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Sources: McKinsey

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Type:   Strategies
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Goals:   require larger workforce   build meet collaboration   establish follow plans   meet vaccine demand   vaccinate source centers   reevaluate own management   optimize cold chain   establish new partnerships   execute realistic assessment   produce covid19 vaccine   purify resulting therapeutic   mitigate storage concerns   conduct validation runs   forecast inventory management   ensure effective rollout   pose larger challenge   challenge communications provider   improve labor utilization   transform systems infrastructure   administer help vaccines   need scheduling onboarding   employ technology platforms   have recognizable means   increase lastmile transport   highlight possible areas   take common rawmaterials   administer vaccine doses   establish identify means   grant done needs   accelerate similar timelines   manufacture materials fill   expect dry supply   show many stages   seek approval contracts   meet quality standards   shut entire system   develop administer distribute   devise creative means   enter ancillary supplies   speed quality assure   foster single view   scale risk areas   manage resource allocation   challenge including systems   follow defined plan   rollout realistic assessment   store scheduling preparing   trace learn instances   need emergent logistics   asses perform ability   complete medical experts   produce new class   meet unique demands   prioritization vaccine system   overtake putting consumption   improve spoil likelihood   affect certain segment   create clear map   minimize associated challenges   face including hurdles
Measures:   rapid delivery   production lines   compress gas   devastate pandemic   unique demands   lastmile distribution   current demand   freezer capacity   public adoption   several vaccines   good reliability   possible approaches   sufficient supply   available volumes   vaccine deployment   great diversity   several types   improper refrigeration   manufacture tower   ancillary supplies   herd immunity   qualityassurance challenges   ongoing regulators   many organizations   systematic intervals   medical staff   widespread adoption   local administration   global manufacturers   enormous undertaking   potential failure   epidemiological end   recent period   vital challenges   regular reviews   local teams   base approach   recognizable means   effective rollout   annual vaccination   spin-dry ice   late section   broad populations   medical experts   drug substance   predictable supplier   common requirements   establish guidelines   capable vials   certain segment   additional supplies   historical wariness   national regulators   storage concerns   many instances   cold chain   economic implications   retail pharmacies   2nd dose   possible areas   technical workforce   overall sample   distribution risks   global population   fulltime vaccine   several manufacturers   long run   entire system   add hurdles   upskil centers   cdc vaccine   unprecedented scale   fulltime task   datum locations   great numbers   global practice   large challenge   new facilities   large amounts   second doses   accelerate vaccination   regulatory approval   novel platforms   current level   initial concerns   pointofcare management   realistic assessment   seconddose allotments   initial inventories   postpandemic era   high likelihood   many doses   practical steps   technologytransfer timelines   production levels   relate restrictions   high levels   heroic effort   fast project   emergent logistics   past months   common rawmaterials   agonize population   good technology   global demand   major determinant   local redistribution   compel metrics   administrator number   technology platforms   several approaches   fillfinish materials   acute concern   legacy products   dilute processes   emergent threat   intelligence awareness   dedicate individuals   far losses   many stages   massive deployment   move systems   short term   many experts   common model   national view   strict regulations   source centers   regulatory contracts   query immunization   resilient rawmaterials   massive scale   complex challenges   mrnabased vaccines   ice supply   disruption events   sufficient quantities   develop countries   covidcid1019 vaccines   threat logistics   global constraints   own management   icestylecggetty images   lastmile transport   advance source   qualitative map   many components   vaccine demand   spin-dry supply   run runs   high throughput   short window   central storage   resource allocation   design iis   close coordination   distinct vaccines   healthcare worker   muchexpanded ecosystem   public education   patient utilization   define plan   risk areas   government institutions   individual immunity   second dose   emerge crises   positive tests   administrative sites   new partnerships   local warehouse   adverse events   significant consequences   viral vectors   streamline sites   first doses   vulnerable populations   clear map   highlight areas   lead organizations   previous project   fulltime personnel   general public   public administration   train certification   annual vaccinations   cold storage   manufacture yields   qualify workforce   good practices   vaccine doses   generate yields   onsite storage   administer record   ultracold ice   vaccine consumption   much needs   last year   patient onboarding   diplomatic challenges   overall challenges   validation runs   immunity manufacturers   critical areas   use authorization   final site   new forms   same time   major data   operational challenge   limit resources   critical importance   common path   risk reviews   global collaboration   requirement transport   second appointments   emergent storage   manufacture recertification   import management   ancillary product   vaccine administration   specific characteristics   global deployment   inventory management   global capacity   global rollout   logistic transport   massive volumes   several partnerships   new assurance   new standards   dose appointments   critical risks   longterm storage   schedule dose   supplier plans   track system   streamline site   current facilities   high demand   increase cooperation   relevant organizations   new means   various locations   healthcare workers   associate risks   cold assignment   material vaccine   pointofcare facilities   emerge risks   add period   functional reviews   such vaccines   coldchain requirements   vulnerable countries   national allocation   cold chains   quality standards   les access   creative means   key materials   new class   future capacity   ongoing engagement   critical need   global exhibit   devastate effects   current immunity   biomedical source   administer events   large workforce   regulatory use   first dose   wastage risks   similar timelines   manufacture substance   labor capacities   potential impact   optimistic dream   approval contracts   road map   risk assessment   precautionary period   possible storage   manufacture vaccine   senior partner   patient privacy   authorization approval   coldchain challenges   future success   schedule onboarding   additional volumes   long term   pointofcare storage   same wariness   divert workers   necessary loops   global suppliers   receive site   inherent means   critical roles   sufficient capacity   great strategies   adverse event   large sites   single view   labor utilization   associate partner   certain places   clear roles   short months   critical supplies   great emphasis   popular confidence   raw materials   national institutions   open communication   human resources
Actions:   upgrade systems   restock coolers   manufacture fill   avoid overstockpiling   reevaluate management   maintain levels   scale production   require vaccines   optimize chain   facilitate adoption   administer access   receive vaccines   delay production   identify points   reach immunity   build confidence   reach market   administer billions   expand capacity   take rawmaterials   reserve 10   prevent immunity   speed assure   manage allocation   share awareness   challenge track   optimize utilization   reduce risk   challenge systems   deploy vaccines   outline approaches   monitor spoilage   monitor deployment   conduct reviews   establish partnerships   meet demands   shatter record   trace instances   complete experts   build accountability   rollout assessment   require workforce   establish plans   establish means   meet standards   accelerate timelines   build scenarios   spoil institutions   involve regulators   divert allotments   avoid losses   need onboarding   protect privacy   ramp capacity   demonstrate manufacturers   manage risks   build collaboration   manage each   develop standards   asses likelihood   reserve risks   produce vials   identify systems   prevent risks   use approach   vaccinate patients   streamline administration   use types   produce class   shut system   need vaccine   release them   administer 34   load mrna   seek 3   putt emphasis   face hurdles   capture supplychain   increase transport   store preparing   pave way   asses progress   commission systems   hold doses1   ramp production   establish practices   grant needs   vaccinate centers   await dose   include number   affect segment   reduce spoilage   overtake consumption   balance need   purify therapeutic   hold doses   administer doses   scale areas   prioritize capacity   bring volumes   get time   arrange childcare   seek approval   prioritization system   spend hours   conduct runs   minimize challenges   mitigate risks   improve management   express confidence   represent worker   seek contracts   discuss each   reach sites   direct allocations   pose challenge   create timelines   experience immunity   receive dose   distribute recording   supplement percent   have means   improve utilization   provide details   manage issues   receive authorization   prepare vaccines   prioritize efforts   mitigate each   demonstrate immunity   devise means   coldchain logistics   ensure maintenance   expect supply   accelerate operations   see light   challenge provider   increase resilience   attend appointments   establish standards   track locations   synchronize immunization   execute assessment   strain capacities   meet demand   cause contractual   replenish ice   play role   develop distribute   asses ability   increase number   pose challenges   manage deployment   reduce likelihood   employ platforms   refine practices   understand throughput   enhance speed   test responses   capture events   boost levels   maintain requirements   highlight areas   seek opportunities   follow plan   require volumes   optimize lines   end pandemic   set cascade   deliver vaccines   improve likelihood   prevent shortages   administer vaccines   scale access   require forms   foster view   follow regulations   create map   forecast management   require training   receive doses   show stages   target reuters   produce vaccine   need logistics   delay challenges   refine certification   transform infrastructure   create redundancies   scale manufacturing   give cause   supplement administration   ensure rollout   provide exhibit   adapt operations   mitigate concerns   stockpile goods   cause downtime   require number   enter supplies   demonstrate complexity
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.