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Pulse of Fintech H1 2020 September 2020 home.kpmg/fintechpulse Welcome message Welcome to the H1 20 edition of Pulse of Fintech, a biannual report showcasing major activities and trends within the fintech market globally and in key regions around the world. H1 20 was unlike any time period ever seen before. The rapid emergence of COVID-19 was a major black swan event, sending ripples throughout public markets and driving changes in customer and business behaviors on an unprecedented scale. Given


investment in the blockchain services especially in lending firms that use technology kong has many banks technology with the financial investment here in hong singapore s new payment investment by these banks banks and other financial

Sources: KPMG

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Priority/ Function Areas:   Business & Industrial
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Technical & Management Services
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Profiles:   we regulator   global segments   any business   we focus   the changes   no firm   a exit   insurtech investors   the reality   ma activity   the power   all amounts   the mass   the effect   the ability   the fintechs   esg appetite   a shift   the industry   the revolut   the emergence   the information   vc investors   a program   insurtech anyfin   which pitchbook   that fintechs   its security   it estate   the use   that tally   h1 activity   a enabler   both activity   the targets   traditional investors   be segments   the pandemic   the authority   this edition   both investors   the department   its customers   anna segments   we stakeholders   the investors   a consortium   the company   the demand   the divergence   australia paymentstransactions   ruark strategy   any institution   no one   all segments   hadorn head   the business   the share   h1 companies   this people   the future   this distinction   china economy   the innovation   every bank   we ecosystem   armstrong segments   the models   the theme   the environment   a ecosystem   the dataset   pe money   the review   the deals   the total   it support   u investors   this shifts   abbas partner   the state   the challenge   the world   region12 trends   the corporates   rruarkkpmgcom segments   both initiatives   this vision   a report   this information   the scale   this acceleration   the implications   we team   the fintech   the focus   we mission   the lines   we position   the concern   its corporates   the dislocation   the algorithms   the issuance   the sector   fintech segments   the projects   the decline   a lot   the accelerator   the framework   angel spotlight   the team   b deal   sweden dominance   u corporates   the tension   the types   a investment   a practice   h1 banks   the companies   this trend   a event   whose business   the pace   the government   the market   the licenses   you operation   robert strategy   the buy   angelseed pitchbook   the applications   h1 investment   the value   the struggle   the space   the breath   u paymentstransactions   the level   the impact   bancorp payments   the strain   fintechpulse consolidations   the platforms   it mandate   whatever method   the round   the adaptability   vc deal   a story   a merger   we vision   its capabilities   both providers   its decisions   it uncertainty   emea insights   this firms   h2 activity   a raise   the shift   be deal   all rights   what valuations   grab paymentstransactions   kpmg professionals   insurtech companies   this approach   this shift   this initiatives   the activity   israel companies   the acceleration   fintechs vendors   that innovations   the segments   the driver   a platform   the ecosystem   that information   usbased number   robert services   an banks   h1 consortia   the agenda   its investments   both corporates   a roadblock   the region   we clients   whose model   kpmg firms   the priips   you base   the months   a round   its value   the term   the lack   we predictions   the vision   both firms   the banks   ma investors   any firms   the number   that date   the success   the signals   the approach   the economy   the development   the contribution   a number
Goals:   raise raising avidxchange   include licensing regime   drive real dislocation   deliver desired roi   take other regions   include share platforms   target payments space   analyze whole range   acquire provide capabilities   transcend using views   break tax dst   transform cycle times   reserve insights germany   get broad array   issue own tokens   reserve insights emirates   see securing fintechs   reserve insights fintechpulse   make started decisions   play important role   include platforms websites   offer tailored product   see lowest quarter   reimagine future activity   see focusing startups   launch direct ecommerce   change payments space   reserve regional sweden   support helped fintechs   feature spotlight articles   face uncertain models   create given brexithedge   attract funding h2   bring chain partners   see huge uptick   amped technology agenda   build megalithic applications   climate customer engagement   make big play   utilize research methodology   apply intelligence ai   address business needs   meet growing demand   face reduce pressure   review activities fintech   solve biggest problems   support sector growth   see wellpositioned consolidations   see solid amount   follow successful ipo   drive effective institutions   boot strategic ma   observe immediate impact   attract money trust   facilitate offered services   address tax challenges   disburse record sums   lend uses nonbank   reflect growing focus   invest sums activity   gain leader partner   drive major shift   coin term network   provide analytics data   put operating costs   startup creating challenges   encourage financial services   lead major players   drive customer value   generate lending solutions   increase costs regulations   subside investment activity   reflect takes reality   use outsourced platform   broaden service offerings   broaden customer base   analyze sentiment 10k   give visualize ability   reserve featured interview   supply goods services   develop use cases   bind spotlight intelligencedata   examine regulatory release   pose serious threat   accelerate trend partner   get investing funding   feature space articles   implement services act   establish appropriate institutions   blur platform gojek   build consistent approach   keep healthy pace   diminish investment activity   turn financial industry   reserve regional fintechpulse   facilitate management maintenance   offer product managers   spend investment activity   digitize insurance homeowners   improve services authority   reserve regional arabia   attract insurance insurer   prompt wealth managers   promote richer ecosystem   see becoming trend   slow deal pipeline   shift activities purchasing   accelerate adopt move   include aipowered regbot   see customer growth   slow investment activity   adopt payment methods   analyze reports releases   automate offering monitoring   launch pilot projects   launch new regulation   tokenized supporting credit   feature insights articles   find leading indicators   provide head services   raise fund sums   amplify commercial significance   feature institutions articles   offer reimagined credit   make business case   generate financial profiles   keep financings valuations   gain sector growth   include leveraged divestitures   embrace business models   include deal values   improve competitive advantage   support circular economy   develop local fintech   extend market reach   drive geared investment   recognize size matters   expand announcing capabilities   trend due yearoveryear   pick smaller competitors   enhance manage ability   drive investment interest   give growing market   provide excites services   affect including sectors   present manage risks   use pick opportunity   legitimize whole space   gain attractiveness ai   give sudden inability   gain including attention   bring leading innovators   specify insights analysis   cool investment activity   hit cruise industry   make big investments   raise funding round   rethink business models   recommend ranging reforms   expand payments services   meet obligations conclusion   rev collaborated operations   match global total   implement affecting is   evaluate license applications   apply payments services   run incubate programs   anticipate financial needs   augment marketplaces technology   drive significant shift   service present solutions   attract looking interest   highlight unaffected trends   drive services companies   challenge legacy firms   understand client relationships   create initial zones   take impact network   include staff partners   fund venture activity   consider relevant parts   support business strategies   see deal activity   reserve insights americas   increase demand opportunities   review overall approach   define paymentstransactions companies   use cloudbased approach   identify growth opportunities   deliver seamless experience   gain enrich access   raise funding rounds   register trademarks trademarks   solve business challenges   improve liquidity calculations   reflect lead times   afterpay consumer provider   purchase controlling stake   send strong signal   attract investments battle   drive corporate investment   navigate mitigating transformation   use technology platform   asses involved risks   leverage wider range   focus reflected trend   expand own lines   create tax issues   evidence partial buyout   use including technologies   reserve technology service   improve border trade   introduce licensing program   give severe fine   take hoped time   open process ability   consolidate strategic ma   weigh investment opportunities   attract including deals   share insights ideas   boost funding venture   make business decisions   increase efficiency accuracy   gain market share   create new category   get better sense   build cash reserves   shape future regulation   create fuller picture   build go ecosystem   create flexible platforms   support economic stimulus   improve compliance management   attract labs companies   recognize growing importance   give relevant insights   bind member firm   reshape regulatory environment   execute strategic plans   insulate important contributor   provide client services   employ corporate rounds
Measures:   regional government   individual investors   command positions   open data   own hands   prepay services   new bank   digital behaviors   future regulation   fintech market   mature payments   traditional players   global players   institutional money   control interest   opportunistic investments   legacy firms   structure data   major challenges   invest funding   significant pressures   advisory pulse   les companies   bank ai   strategic acquirers   regulatory environment   operate costs   knockon effects   sector growth   contractual agreements   late stages   global ntech   roboadvisor bento   business strategies   fintech footprint   new license   general nature   few months   fintech activity   esg credit   general fraud   available methodology   commercial perspective   innovative technologies   top trends   underlie data   online brokers   digital currencies   sharp drop   unwelcome surprises   datadriven decisionmaking   many firms   transaction types   consistent approach   certain aspects   increase pressure   exist approach   due uncertainty   manual effort   rival grab   nice explosion   active driver   slow activity   grow importance   indomitable tally   different issues   technology platforms   datum points   artificial intelligencedata   emerge fintechs   cloud capabilities   many institutions   different types   source pulse   chief officer   digital agendas   packman partner   late stage   outside source   apienabled trends   robust data   relative strength   business case   regulatory requirements   payment services   big techs   swiss entity   appropriate advice   big players   positive ecosystem   more consolidation   insurance companies   internal approach   tapandgo limit   new risks   fintech review   opportunistic deals   large fintechs   many years   small enterprises   important distinction   own tokens   license institutions   google ads   predictive insights   uncertain models   seamless experience   many ways   fintech deals   multiple applications   big play   full picture   financial inclusion   offline payments   immediate impact   new ground   tax challenges   leverage divestitures   international leader   global total   overall needs   core needs   uncertain period   corporate investment   first months   market share   rms managers   alternative sources   good way   robust decisions   company avidxchange   israeli companies   online loans   vague guidance   digital transactions   personal data   shahab head   financial crisis   real estate   land zones   future activity   record sums   next months   comparison websites   virtual bank   financial sector   accurate information   mere services   term challenges   long time   volatile conditions   global scale   digital solutions   hot sector   regional hub   interest rates   feature interviews   digital economy   residential estate   different positions   digital renminbi   big partnerships   strategic nature   more financings   more merchants   management maintenance   commercial risk   big expectations   regulatory technology   deal pipeline   realtime movement   insight moves   high rate   sharp relief   leverage buyout   human error   member firm   active dealmakers   establish managers   main drivers   first phase   fund round   digital teams   technology services   small competitors   strong appetite   reality technology   collateralized tokens   average returns   head office   global segments   strong focus   key topic   connect data   regtech projects   low quarter   regtech payments   digital change   third party   license program   large acquisitions   large giants   ongoing updates   global regions   far dst   strong tradition   strong proponent   associate rounds   accelerate pace   new services   full ramifications   obligation conclusion   various forms   international dealmaking   datum integration   familiar expression   current crisis   large share   indiabased insurance   early stage   digital ways   press issue   professional advice   range reforms   broad definitions   principal services   insight institutions   large activity   artificial ai   alternative neobanks   spin-dry pressure   big bets   significant pressure   innovation investment   more investment   macroeconomic considerations   pet insurer   regional pulse   regional totals   fractional investments   core platform   major shift   different governments   fintech investment   strong activity   back space   border trade   big problems   crypto exchanges   last years   les entrepreneurs   midyear investment   open lending   total activity   major dislocation   private nature   such authority   large deals   payment space   flexible platforms   pointofsale software   indepth profiles   typical value   local fintech   singaporebased roboadvisor   round trends   central bank   chinese groups   investor trust   digital identity   alternative data   cross payments   intragroup relationships   global services   significant driver   latestage companies   establish businesses   good position   accelerate change   detective capabilities   physical residents   financial service   key questions   cryptocurrency investment   important contributor   accelerate investments   global pressures   digital innovation   traditional approaches   distribute technology   corporate rounds   financial functions   hungarybased netrisk   innovative solutions   global trends   american title   technology agenda   joint office   ntech deals   key regions   fund rounds   global companies   financial regulations   lowinterest market   small number   relate counterparties   irish entrepreneurs   late angel   large scale   alternative models   canadian institutions   severe fine   key concern   future models   wealthtech companies   new capabilities   more collaboration   business decisions   big providers   establish institutions   panasian stablecoin   many companies   international segments   online lenders   common languages   control stake   digital sales   establish players   next generation   creditrelated analytics   commercial significance   light data   firm commitment   specify data   regional lead   value partners   single service   international partner   financial profiles   service companies   online channels   more personalization   many fintechs   digital technologies   lengthy times   several years   apifocused plaid   transaction volume7   technologydriven service   australiabased airwallex   roboadvisory firms   traditional banks   strong growth   relationshipbased provision   overall expansion   focus finicity   follow individuals   digital models   critical imperative   lead indicators   female fintech   extrapolate values   increase activity   important role   global crossborder   mentorship program   sector review   differentiate offerings   healthy pace   inform decisions   grow focus   institutional investor   global impact   french ecosystem   partial buyout   indirect services   financial needs   many banks   full carrier   strategic sectors   financial institution   significant focus   immediate questions   increase investment   commercial lending   heighten risks   financial businesses   more certainty   future needs   blockchain use   dominant force   far documentation   corporate players   private equity   global head   total investment   outdate distinction   digital dislocation   homogenous approach   strategic partner   digital acceleration   effective institutions   hot ticket   advance products   early count   digital bank   far financings   many businesses   paymentstransactions companies   hot area   financial instruments   enormous size   more investments   first bank   small firms   bayan pay   several projects   frenzy period   financial positions   seamless services   narrative changes   starling bank   good example   cruise industry   corporate filings   good insights   attractiveness ai   informational protection   accelerateher program   structural costs   strong hub   cloud ads   incumbent players   secondary listings   different models   laszlo head   digital spaces   new channels   optin framework   fintech space   significant amount   lbo divestitures   domestic payments   fintech capabilities   global fintech   large rounds   internal data   initial price   public platforms   lend buyout   enhance scrutiny   low payments   select committee   same time   holistic consideration   smart transactions   establish banks   forward uncertainty   growth opportunities   offshore acquisitions   similar space   digital channels   mature businesses   long times   whole space   additional investment   secondhighest quarter   work capital   continue focus   global work   median venture   increase focus   strategic alliances   corporate investors   major challenge   due yearoveryear   mortgage technology   public investments   fintech opportunities   customerorientated technologies   individual clients   growth advocacy   bank platform   large markets   determine factor   good ways   center stage   strategic activity   technology platform   platform gojek   commercial decisions   real dislocation   first data   circular economy   key focus   tax dst   only investors   top deals   cash reserves   use cases   customer value   wide range   several tranches   available quality   exist changes   digital methods   company status   external data   acquire roboadvisor   venture activity   strong debut   final tranche   grow conclusion   continue pressures   business segments   operational issues   annual reports   several areas   financing valuations   corporate platforms   potential models   mainframe modernization   legal issues   lend solutions   mid stage   critical focus   ancillary areas   human roles   fintech trends   mentor industry   relevant data   first round   credit decisionmaking   tenuous situation   ukbased insurer   public markets   indonesiabased gojek   such applications   emerge industry   credit provider   significant attention   few years   direct exposure   rapid insight   new regulations   emerge signals   technology service   marketplace technology   quick ways   new territories   relate services   new models   decline investment   due fintechs   corporate participation   nordic region   much money   more top   advance analytics   intelligence ai   insight trends   past years   jurisdictionslegal entities   term network   future jurisdictions   new technologies   latestage rounds   big raises   big deals   vibrant fintech   payment licenses   indirect areas   rapid increase   leung head   typical avenues   financial industry   close collaboration   investment battle   regulatory compliance   welcome message   such times   strategic plans   overall venture   next quarters   optin program   young areas   virtual asset   associate shopping   strong signal   service offerings   first license   traditional rails   commercial loans   unstoppable activity   uncertain world   glamourous areas   regulatory licenses   third theme   credit risk   prove model   philippinesbased payments   financial services   foreseeable jurisdictions   ongoing ramifications   cyber security   particular situation   legacy infrastructure   independent firms   complete transactions   large companies   relevant parts   government interest   new players   financial firms   financial institutions   new payments   mature fintechs   cycle times   current pandemic   equity investments   key opportunity   ecommercepos options   strong investments   open banking   good sense   emerge hub   more value   sudden inability   regional insights   physicalcentric model   increase demand   corporate venture   pivotal activity   bettercapitalized counterparts   significant funds   big focus   secondary public   establish company   enable technologies   little doubt   megalithic applications   different authorities   regional institutions   more time   liquidity calculations   key industry   bill partner   front office   outsourced platform   sustainable growth   additional acquisitions   competitive advantage   cloud path   fintech consolidations   personal finance   more capabilities   advisory strategy   digital banks   initial zones   change initiatives   corporate divestitures   overall approach   digital services   safe bets   reasonable levels   new entrepreneurs   significant vehicle   european challenger   valueadding insight   platformbased technology   peter head   great vehicle   fast decisions   customer engagement   digital deals   major players   many managers   digital trends   brexit activity   many sectors   hadorn leader   vertical fintech   middle offices   digital payments   online product   individual jurisdictions   broad array   fintech investments   longterm success   regulatory release   flow funding   median premoney   underwriter title   earlierstage companies   customer experience   own lines   percent growth   low region   huang partner   cross trade   customer base   online growth   external indicators   fertile soil   blockchaincryptocurrency companies   fintech incubator   additional share   high growth   verticallyintegrated use   strong support   brand perception   more startups   million acquisition   vertical industries   sum activity   payment methods   many investors   lead players   volatile fluid   more ai   internal reorganizations   cybersecurity businesses   traditional model   strong shift   overall investment   efficiency accuracy   new systems   spotlight articles   appropriate institutions   wide reforms   sizeable funding   business needs   international head   kpmg name   digital exchanges   participate investors   strategic areas   deal values   exist points   money movement   million5 payments   key functions   past months   principal strategy   digital experience   global premoney   black swan   increase consolidation   first half   usbased workers   longterm nature   usbased managers   complete deals   remote access   unprecedented scale   meet participants   relate enablers   crypto space   strategic fintech   new hook   international growth   new licenses   more technologies   cybersecurity startups   small fintechs   significant exits   good models   south regions   client services   focus insurer   bundle service   such information   new cases   frenetic months   singaporebased competitor   financial officer   reverse mergers   fintech segments   active space   various regulations   immediate term   round funding   direct solutions   key information   bespeak wording   accelerator programs   subdue level   frothy valuations   corporate capital   exist investments   ultimate goal   global deals   new battle   release state   good development   trend partner   private privatization   rapid rise   longterm implications   niche verticals   rich ecosystem   sector teams   fintech ecosystem   regional analysis   digitization efforts   upward yearoveryear   solution cloud   likely scrutiny   new markets   cyber capabilities   customer growth   public purses   dramatic lemonade   daily participants   new rise   financial technologies   underlie pitchbook   new products   big part   large sums   immediate integrations   korea buyout   more ways   establish companies   whole range   financial software   significant increase   establish arms   more lending   wealth managers   functional components   due opportunities   global investors   regional payments   robust accounting   product managers   increase scale   press challenges   operate models   solid amount   crypto markets   expectation digitalization   different platforms   timely insights   financial processes   nimble organizations   regtech regulators   lead innovators   fair share   reimagine banks   document spreadsheets   cloudbased approach   standalone bank   reimagine credit   relevant insights   new category   tax issues   chain partners   size matters   digital tools   traditional models   irish venture   global leader   desire roi   crypto platforms   costtoincome ratios   many jurisdictions   many clients   regulatory framework   hot topic   essential requirement   license regime   few acquisitions   few quarters   small transactions   next steps   financial technology   paygilant start   client relationships   digitallyenabled activity   international data   latestage segments   digital platforms   huge uptick   significant shift   increase interest   available information   appropriate involvement   key element   numerous companies   indonesiabased provider   gojek labs   nearrecord tally   critical resources   financial risk   digital finance   many investments   venturebacked startups   global insights   digital ecosystem   more insights   prepay head   increase appetite   online transactions   regional corporates   big investments   manage services   pandemic concerns   consideration engagement   holistic solution   regulatory trends   traditional services   digital banking   normal rise   singapore paymentstransactions   traditional institutions   major activities   obvious case   rise concerns   social sentiment   next years   good technologies   subject services   license applications   new strategy   regulatory pressures   new regulation   confident response   new approach9   significant implications   native technologies   more attention   regulate entities   due diligence   fuel uniforms   fintech growth   widespread efforts   disconnect sources   big offerings   follow month   accelerate trends   investment patterns   unprecedented environment   large payments   ongoing monitoring   operational resilience   annual activity   global venture   relate area   major opportunity   safe deals   aipowered regbot   specific regions   holistic needs   open regime   investment activity   beps project   private investments   impact network   new earlystage   traditional firms   second lease   widespread investment   phase approach   global coleader   principal protection   key jurisdictions   low fees   local governments   big priorities   indirect leader   ukbased fintechs   economic ramifications   business models   broad solutions   big moves   insurtech challengers   digital applications   drive activity   topline revenue   select acquirers   virtual reality   long term   innovative channels   corporate tax   spin-dry powder   tailor product   hybrid physicaldigital   fintech hubs   scalable models   major event   sophisticate technologies   investment opportunities   remote work   global platforms   apienabled monitoring   second half   singlecounterparty views   real value   shift needs   third parties   pilot projects   medium term   next innovations   late pulse   big platforms   significant investments   digital game   current environment   deal activity   bank industry   wealthtech consolidations   bank license   framework release   more passwordless   open regimes   wellpositioned companies   solid investments   strategic deals   grow demand   particular individual   fintech interest   shock contrast   feature interview   converge data   reserve spotlight   digital space   global analysis   overall strategy   smart analytics   les assets   fintech blockchaincryptocurrency   lead methodology   individual angel   cost regulations   electronic trading   global activity   ensue ramifications   soft activity   innovative companies   digital operations   structural cost   same month   major providers   liquid assets   median valuations   national leader   thorough examination   economic stimulus   interview articles   new types   various sectors   personalize services   strong governance   global investment   serious threat   irish banks   positive driver   more growth   more positions   regional source   lead times   postcovid lens   regulatory authority   bank companies   consumer provider   grow market   regulatory sandbox   internal model   digital exchange   cryptocurrency ledgers   market reach   hot region   remote onboarding   various countries   acquire insurtechs
Actions:   process information   gain attractiveness   test offerings   raise competitiveness   adopt methods   facilitate maintenance   see trends   evidence buyout   reduce costs   set sights   weigh opportunities   entitle which   bring investment   augment capabilities   see head   broaden base   present risks   suffer cost   set themselves   navigate consideration   launch sandbox   bind intelligencedata   reflect reality   automate processes   match it   aggregate acquisition   include regime   leverage data   assume change   sustain them   show signs   define companies   tokenized investments   ai application   offer product   reach record   expand lines   blend dlt   plummet investment   push tally   attract companies   deliver roi   analyze 10k   enhance ability   drive interest   navigate impact   improve ratios   participate investors   raise avidxchange   see uptick   amass that   disburse sums   acquire capabilities   gain ai   consummate kpmg   solve challenges   coin network   respond coleader   prompt uk   encourage hive   accelerate partner   combine that   put costs   keep track   generate insight   attract covid19   improve quality   grow https   open door   break it   reserve blockchaincryptocurrency   issue licenses   integrate insurtechs   gain access   attract insurer   improve operations   see lots   view fintechs   fund expansions   own data   acquire moka   reduce friction   encounter surprises   lead players   host things   drive value   lose some   introduce program   make play   evolve regtech   achieve synergies   see surge   announce review   shift industry   develop cases   close investment   see quarter   need exposures   offset activity   obtain partner   record 256b   announce creation   guide decisions   boost 30   target verticals   consolidate ma   drive institutions   feature articles   blur gojek   record 46b   draw attention   transform businesses   bring innovators   track economy   exceed investment   introduce requirements   give licenses   reserve trends   bring industry   turn industry   take account   get sense   support innovation   digitize homeowners   reinvent core   decrease rates   contact us   reserve consolidations   see collaboration   send ripples   grow revenue   raise rounds   run programs   spend activity   face challenges   mitigate threats   automate monitoring   propose creation   implement is   purchase interest   go paper   meet demand   see consolidations   reopen submissions   mandate governments   present activity   break ground   use approach   manage funding   learn technologies   open banking   run business   attract trust   evolve regulations   spur acceleration   address number   receive 81b   call ourselves   solve worlds   use it   highlight trends   initiate trial   achieve levels   manage spend   improve compliance   see bundling   launch partnership   move speed   come quantum   get campuses   rethink risk   provide transfer   observe impact   gain traction   review fintech   bring ads   drive changes   catalyze interest   execute plans   raise sums   provide coverage   help institutions   improve perception   acquire bank   shape regulation   force banks   provide funds   finance investors   slow activity   state earlystage   provide offerings   rev operations   generate profiles   play that   see dip   create framework   divest investments   rest mastercard   affect sector   reward challengers   see what   create picture   feature 5   legitimize space   address challenges   deliver head   anticipate needs   diminish activity   affect sectors   lead ecosystem   onesizefitsall banking   require technologies   provide data   break dst   keep investment   register trademarks   issue number   amplify significance   enter markets   observe downturn   broaden offerings   empower people   make moves   conduct projects   describe ecosystem   blur lines   take growth   finance status   use cloud   find indicators   amped agenda   accelerate move   accentuate need   provide support   include firms   gain ground   add totals   see activity   keep consumers   do what   insulate contributor   create platforms   provide personalization   accelerate development   analyze releases   discuss modernization   identify data   enable employees   drive companies   asses value   give fine   examine release   improve performance   lend payments   contain virus   manage compliance   allocate funds   create this   take priority   help businesses   manage transition   win t   support stimulus   offer credit   highlight validity   support economy   reserve emirates   help fintechs   harness power   launch projects   pay etc   see interest   reserve 60   improve management   include rounds   push fintech   hit industry   improve paths   reserve fintechpulse   service solutions   change regulations   inform decisionmaking   build reserves   bring best   instruct transfer   accelerate trends   see demand   enhance capabilities   work partners   provide opportunities   pull investment   utilize methodology   grow number   get array   grow valuations   reimagine future   create brexithedge   buck expectations   affect region   position m   discuss trends   foster investments   build analysis   define financings   invest activity   augment technology   include subsectors   drive advancement   spur fintechs   join klarna   include websites   launch ecommerce   keep valuations   drive growth   create zones   lend nonbank   provide capabilities   create patchwork   acquire quadpay   invest themselves   support them   analyze range   raise funding   take risk   stabilize half   acquire payments   affect segments   give insights   reserve adgm   help executives   highlight efforts   find ways   establish program   enhance confidence   start that   enhance points   reserve name   transform lending   increase regulations   develop languages   improve calculations   go m   increase limit   consider what   implement data   employ rounds   make decisions   give market   enable companies   increase accuracy   gain share   build applications   create footprint   give inability   feature buyout   bring firms   embrace integration   expand offerings   streamline compliance   use platform   promote ecosystem   manage costs   extend reach   implement act   see slowdown   connect data   enhance options   accelerate interest   make deals   encourage services   announce acquisition   meet conclusion   see amount   put spotlight   climate engagement   asses customers   make case   tokenized assets   buy shares   send signal   utilize technology   reach billion   meet customer   transcend views   support fintechs   reduce cost   support plan   target space   see startups   gather data   drive expansion   release reports   increase opportunities   drive economies   go path   challenge firms   address circumstances   use technology   bring capabilities   manage data   get funding   mature https   increase volume7   acquire bento   boost venture   foster growth   support development   build capabilities   excite me   invest finance   tokenized credit   cut costs   give mix   record quarter   advance loans   include makers   rethink models   integrate data   characterize relationships   provide experience   raise chime   reduce time   shift views   affect fintechs   pose threat   accelerate initiatives   attract five   sprout hubs   bind international   rethink valuations   reimagine activity   slow pipeline   wellcapitalized fintechs   afterpay provider   scale fintechs   service customers   drive advocacy   change space   use technologies   raise money   shape future   bind firm   support clients   see consolidation   identify ways   reserve americas   showcase activities   provide theme   raise round   solve clients   help them   promote diversity   focus trend   show itself   commence operations   present information   obtain licenses   understand relationships   take regions   encourage diversity   tap card   establish labcftc   create offerings   embrace fintech   fund insights   accelerate activity   exceed record   ally banks   attract battle   affect investment   use cryptocurrency   develop storage   open data   reshape environment   provide services   reserve interview   issue license   target trends   take time   drive banks   recognize matters   develop fintech   tell us   involve offering   use apis   facilitate services   take route   embrace regulators   intensify shift   build ecosystem   gain attention   develop technology   feature interviews   lend credit   increase fees   make acquisitions   feature analysis   articulate story   attract funding   view space   see fintechs   show lot   meet criteria   secure ledgers   discuss any   launch regulation   reach 129b   create opportunities   look what   utilize capabilities   include values   define ma   create issues   see pullback   move agendas   fill gaps   use cash   implement systems   recommend reforms   boost investment   reflect times   include requirements   attract attention   shift purchasing   encourage segments   support growth   limit effort   evolve digitalization   support trends   evaluate applications   face pressure   reach endconsumer   consider parts   raise d   spur investments   identify opportunities   diligence companies   up game   fund activity   attract deals   tax services   give ability   support use   digital need   see growth   gain partner   backoffice cases   do lot   help ecosystem   reap rewards   attract interest   raise million   match total   establish initiative   recover lot   spur innovation   accelerate agendas   revitalize partner   boot ma   provide service   move technology   bring partners   support strategies   keep pace   realize nature   approve licenses   mean what   gain growth   improve authority   cool activity   skew medians   attract collaboration   enhance inclusion   leverage range   put uncertainty   drive investment   gain exposure   improve back   offer managers   necessitate revisiting   see rise   expand capabilities   improve advantage   identify supports   acquire title   subside activity   purchase stake   emulate movement   asses size   prompt managers   see fintech   face models   pick competitors   provide assurance   focus tink   reserve arabia   open ability   reserve fintech   afterpay purchases   do banking   use data   incubate companies   make investments   review approach   reserve sweden   bring value   generate solutions   get lease   reign activity   hold consultation   call what   create category   see investment   create incubator   transform times   apply services   use opportunity   issue tokens   asses picture   accelerate acceptance   provide number   include companies   secure raises   target launch   mitigate impact   lead some   increase investment   drive dislocation   lead insurtech   overlook tax   follow ipo   accelerate focus   include divestitures   play role   reduce disbursement   increase availability   deliver experience   gain trust   supply services   place pressure   lend money   manage risk   build approach   raise deals   guide activities   reflect maturity   take activity   provide insights   reserve service   identify fintech   fund types   navigate transformation   service requirements   boost 0   attract h2   sell portions   specify analysis   enhance investment   enhance interest   hold listings   reflect focus   develop facilitation   draw plenty   revitalize space   look uncertainty   include partners   manage this   revolut me   increase investments   drive shift   apply ai   solve problems   invest rounds   include spreadsheets   inform actions   predict needs   offer number   improve trade   attract investment   s lot   expand services   make name   startup challenges   provide alternatives   face pressures   include investments   enrich understanding   make it   take network   spur investment   see deals   elevate capabilities   put damper   share ideas   encourage development   take friction   include regbot   include platforms   establish institutions   create scale   reflect patterns   increase return   address needs   embrace models   get returns   trend yearoveryear   consolidate books   asses risks   recognize importance   reserve germany   purchase activities   visit homekpmgfintech   provide information   raise billion   see trend   make connections
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.