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2020 A year of shocks that tested resilience 12 highlights from McKinsey Global Institute 2020 research In the year of the pandemic, it became more important than ever to see risks clearly and respond to them vigorously. Since its founding 30 years ago, the McKinsey Global Institute has explored key trends shaping business and the economy. In 2020, COVID(cid:31)19 paused some of those trends, accelerated others, and added a new set of risks and challenges but also new opportunities. This infogra


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Type:   Strategies
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Measures:   automotive mining   economy societies   manufacture hubs   postpandemic economy   long breakdown   real estate   healthcare services   past decade   technological leapfrogging   full recovery   next decades   potential share   disease burden   participation increase   overall share   global economy   past years   old adults   answer telephones   global temperatures   key technology   global pandemic   income gains   maledominated jobs   economic impact   select categories   les share   intellectual property   evolve contract   global employment   many goods   world science   visible pipeline   good impact   discretionary goods   large share   global population   mobile internet   unintended consequences   new users   healthy years   unpaid care   wide bankruptcies   late technology   exist networks   economic outcomes   competitive hubs   damage recovery   many prices   selfreinforcing dynamics   shift contract   economic policies   economic damage   present value   policy responses   high potential   recession dynamics   high levels   localize increases   direct calls   global disease   health crisis   patrol properties   regional share   recovery levels   female share   robust growth   global source   next years   badly control   computer hardware   electronic data   coronavirus uncertainty   physical science   average temperature   surgical course   weak links   skill course   datum backup   growth rebound   global growth   medical devices   short term   teach coaching   change vulnerabilities   broad application   move objects   corporate defaults   economic crisis   biological science   ecid29ectiveness activities   ecid28ective interventions   dirty dishes   global risks   future growth   new opportunities   commercial mining   hybrid models   global gdp   material failure   next decade   regressive ecid31ect   online seminar   inter relationships   key trends   develop world   publichealth response   spread response   highproductivity opportunities   annual rate   advance economies   business strategies   circle size   business opportunities   certain groups   measure products   demographic groups   economic agenda   potential value   physical prototypes   nearterm growth   internet users   process surroundings   public administration   strong presence   global crisis   improve health   large overlap   early deaths   new ways   slow growth   direct impact   several days   equipment source   erode prices   monitor conditions   connect population   operate source   small number   global average   cargo hazards   virus impact   signicid28cant ecid29ect   economic value   rise levels   ecid31ective control   legal proceedings   new trends   annual impact   more jobs   recessionary dynamics   delay rebound   dynamic cities   administrative activities   market conditions   cid29nancial year   biologyrelated source   shift geography   low longterm   major sectors   net value   few conditions   female jobs   rapid growth   digital services   socioeconomic impacts   adverse impact   physical risks   many locations   digital access   modern retail   average source   big unlock   know interventions   total average   unconnected population   estate size   initial response   global value   general prices   regional recurrence   major company   21st century   electrical equipment   foreseeable recovery   corporate presence   recur impact   good source   total jobs   social contract   productive cities   preindustrial climate   corporate value   potential gdp   broad potential   remote work   cash registers   considerable potential   rise cost   overall losses   pandemicrelated losses   next generation   connect world   acute hazards   dominate jobs   public health   ecid28ective responses   longterm growth   european employment   biological means   strong rebound   potential crisis   structural recovery   mechanical equipment   severe temperatures   social work   physical hazards   ecid31ective response   slow longterm   expect losses   wholesale trade   increase connectivity   human health   far failure   nonfarm jobs   highlight changes   global hubs   same level   technological capabilities   delay levels   global debate   ecosystem services   personal relationships   average temperatures   average share   many trends   rapid rebound   physical inputs   control machines
Actions:   interact potential   unleash scenarios   collect source   expand increase   increase burden   contain virus   operate registers   incid31uencing others   publish changes   exceed event   control impact   save lives   contain growth   include individuals   cancontribute trillion   create trillions   provide assistance   transform 60   deliver impact   add years   boost economy   guide colleagues   build capabilities   prevent recovery   avoid levels   inspect hazards   heighten debate   boost gdp   transform pipeline   use means   take ecid29orts   spread response   empower them   absorb gains   transform sectors   explore trends   focus spotlight   collect dishes   maintain control   care machines   bring users   require failure   increase gdp   use internet   establish relationships   create backup   achieve level   improve health   train properties   cancontribute automation   update knowledge   accelerate trend   include impact   monitor surroundings   do task   bring share   serve ways   improve prospect   include singapore   perform activities   increase degrees   transform economies   impact share   create jobs   manufacture size   include administration   lose activities   eat what   work hubs   test highlights   prioritize prescription   shape business   selfreinforcing dynamics   bind uncertainty   attend course   develop others   livelihood imperative   develop telephones   think creatively   serve india   add trillion   accelerate jobs   supplychain value   build science   deliver growth   analyze risks   use evolution   change crisis   use world   boost access   make percent   create prototypes   contain rebound   exacerbate inequalities   accelerate adoption   mitigate dynamics   acid29ected thousands   rise hazards   lose percent   contain insucid28cient   boost growth   open trends   transform societies   account share   include progress   accelerate trends   intensify impact   supplychain disruptions   attend seminar   prevent levels   pose threat   set hardware   prioritize health   crush uncertainty   impact jobs   accelerate others   wear what   span opportunities   minimize impact   spur growth   discuss strategies   kick responses   boost health   interpret information   see risks
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.