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Organization Practice Organizing for the future: Nine keys to becoming a future-ready company To better organize for a postpandemic future, leaders should embrace nine imperatives that collectively explain who we are as an organization, how we operate, and how we grow. by Aaron De Smet, Chris Gagnon, and Elizabeth Mygatt January 2021 V_alex/Getty Images The prospect of successful vaccines for COVID-19 has given business leaders everywhere hope that the pandemic may be finally nearing a turning p


employees at us companies companies see that talent companies such as netflix companies have a strategy purpose into their decision company into the future decisions that all future-ready future of the company future for most organizations

Sources: McKinsey

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Strategies
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Profiles:   each participant   the key   mckinsey index   this share   its purpose   the development   this performers   the authors   a manufacturer   taleb concept   the competence   the pandemic   the challenge   this model   a combination   this structures   this work   the executives   the company   a sense   the organization   the decision   another approach   all rights   the crisis   the rise   no organization   the team   that roles   the sources   the results   this kind   this approaches   futureproof companies   you talents   a companies   this organizations   we talent   this relationships   that set   the priority   the winner   each partner   a leaders   a survey   all companies   this examples   this statement   we research   this models   the muscles   the concepts   the teams   the gap   this rationale   a analysis   the bar   that purpose   the calls   a organization   the recognition   this approach   the leaders   the experience   a revolution   a executive   this companies   we colleagues   the others   the model   the answer   the chance   the manufacturer   the notion   mckinsey research   cv choice   this ideas   the chart   its organizations   a insider   the principles   half number   this partners   a line   the antifragile   a company   the world   this activity   no team   this programs   the companies   the environment   the need   the value   it boundaries   the practice
Goals:   embrace explain imperatives   avoid usual baggage   fuel talent engine   achieve strategic priorities   develop helps antifragility   find including pockets   run new york   serve valuable need   carry aspires behaviors   affect bottom line   adopt simplest structure   create centralized programs   identify highlighted imperatives   stay gets same   develop products services   create value agenda   define ways principles   pivote core business   achieve total returns   create best user   see larger opportunity   lease training vans   support innovation growth   determine acting degree   adopt given practice   create virtuous cycle   create robust culture   select top companies   spend content23 netflix   show organization chart   avoid transaction costs   imperative flatten structure   make decide organizations   putt profit chain   rethink talent strategy   unlock value agenda   have clear purpose   tackle complex set   provide resources support   modify old models   achieve speed quality   create empowered workforce   control supply chain   harness vibrant ecosystem   learn studied extent   scale learn ability   offer unique opportunity   recall lies encouragement   sharpen value agenda   make recent survey   employ dedicated opener   offer generation opportunity   examine help ways   take critical operations   achieve former manager   unwind old rules   pilote bold move   empower agenda decisions   build support platforms   create antifragility value   demonstrate power law   undercut mechanistic thinking   foster employee experience   create need ways   support valuable goal   answer question data   create attract cultures   launch lastmile program   create attractive destination   deliver skills companies   represent customer role   select top industries   sharpen use culture   near turning point   learn innovation experimentation   retain best people   inform business choices   reinvent incubating products   mean described essay   reset default mode   compete best companies   report engagement levels   connect stakeholders employees   succeed substantial amount   increase speed rate   leverage user data   share know characteristics   deliver creating value   follow management approach   seize unique opportunity   reenergize exhausted teams   use value agenda   cook own sauce   require allocates system   reread required time   quit business guardian   flex embedding muscles   answer core questions   help weather shocks   grow change pressure   show making degree   visualize matrixed organization   instill growth mindset   upend old thinking   support idiosyncratic approach   create organization plagiarists   take systems view   leaf empty chair   create strong identity
Measures:   increase automation   famous policy   19th centuries   core questions   speed visit   core content   social cohesion   former manager   organizational adrenaline   supply chain   total profit   free market   futureorganizing exhibit   business choices   mutual selection   notable pockets   default mode   ecosystemoriented decisions   tangible ways   dedicate opener   more friction   powerful algorithms   agile teams   fast releaseand   critical role   winnertakesall economy   early days   generation opportunity   mechanistic systems   new products   complicate structures   old models   valid move   large spans   future keys   high levels   coordination hierarchy   secret sauce   perceive lack   recent years   fix plans   scarce decision   beneficial innovation   dynamic teams   main ingredient   latter manager   catchy lines   techenabled marketplaces   homegrow partnerships   small team   value agenda   top companies   first question   build platforms   brilliant model   unexpect ways   contrast structure   market fundamentals   disruptive innovation   few weeks   frontline teams   performance culture   bold action   open systems   clear purpose   valuable goal   many companies   more see   ecosystem view   organizational systems   particular mindsets   cultural bias   intrigue approaches   datum code   symbolic action   longterm path   employee experience   disperse changes   own sauce   talent engine   compel approaches   organizational unlocks   organizational elements   personal growth   organizational structures   perform companies   engagement levels   undergraduate essay   old rules   metabolic rate   twopizza rule   senior executives   nimble reallocation   monolithic programs   low levels   parallel lines   pandemicrelated accomplishments   day oversight   long flatlands   small teams   long term   supplychain expertise17   mechanistic thinking   market complexity   winnertakesall world   result grief   strong reason   true coaches   business leaders   long people   low transaction   front lines   bold move   strong cultures   virtuous cycle   business goal   large pool   topperforming employees   inclusive workplace   product services   organizational performance   borrow time   ecosystem perspective   18th centuries   futureready environments   dicid157erent aspirations   close systems   guarantee returns   internal bureaucracy   external interactions   use culture   relate funds   more mobility   mckinsey survey   multifacete service   new research   functionoriented manager   large opportunity   metric moves   tangible elements   strong management   require time   skill companies   exist products   lose bet   futureready companies   clear eye   industrial revolutions   box opener   complex set   ecosystem platforms   specific tasks   golden rules   good health   own businesses   organizational health   broad themes   technology platforms   centralize programs   flexible teams   social impact   historical point   senior levels   organizational imperative   creative applications   bold plans   digital upstarts   right executives   critical voices   final imperative   crosscut decisions   idiosyncratic approach   key capabilities   racialethnic diversity   devops skills   interrelate trends   new approaches   question data   muchanticipated transition   bold actions   unbeatable advantage   clear management   fast highquality   power law   corporate purpose   longlast organization   exist barriers   decision spectators   relationship models   longterm strength   possible structure   quarterly survey   attractive destination   long history   expert interviews   mechanistic one   global platform   separate organizations   strong identity   transaction costs   electric vehicles   organizational innovation   futureready organizations   turn point   obvious things   diverse perspectives   strong culture   traditional bosses   current structures   redesign processes   bold moves   associate partner   right response9   empower workforce   convolute matrix   small ratios   specific skills   finance practice   corporate finance   competitive advantage   such examples   cloudbased technology   organization chart   hierarchy barriers   critical operations   such connections   competitive strength   past present   massive reskilling   economic profit   intellectual property   heighten connectivity   future talent   growth mindset   cohesive organization   aboveaverage profitability   frontline staff   futureready leaders   such programs   hierarchical mindsets   culture plagiarists   static systems   emotional response9   empower teams   organizational barriers   good companies   modern skills   career aspirations   blur boundaries   strategic priorities   great opportunity   burgeon ecosystem   separate lines   valuable need   traditional boundaries   top percent   organizational complexity   new aspirations   matrixed organization   top quartile   traditional hierarchies   premeeting time   traditional structure   same moves   outsize value   considerable value   datarich platforms   user data   average profit   penguin group   meaningful action   unfreeze opportunity   new form   social point   economic dislocation   scarce resource   new ways   nimble adaptation   share success   different groups   many cases   more leadership   futureready makers   single category   unique opportunity   usual baggage   more impact   good people   constant interaction   tobacco products   great majority   hierarchical structure   hardwire decisions   economic engine   fragile lines   total returns   chinabased maker   possible levels   imperative platforms   pivote support   decision organizations   empty chair   central initiatives   traditional understandings   executive level   good management   tech platforms   winnertakesall environment   high industries   uncertain landscape   profit chain   integral part   tangible choices   young generations   unique affirmation   interconnect systems   scalable technology   antifragile things   average t   slow makers   tailor interventions   percent rule   corporate boundaries   business objectives   middle management   high returns   management approach   top quintile   unique sauce   specialize group   capability manager   memo time   top industries   transactional win   futureready exhibit   many organizations   future performance   bold exhibit   more time   clear agenda   good way   good user   substantial amount   organizational practices   empty motto   operational discipline   new systems   scarce processes   own ideas   weather shocks   please customers   virtual environments   porous boundaries   information bypasses   right talent   wrong people   important moments   robust culture   shift demographics   inclusive employee   innovative approaches   differentiate factor   lead organizations   rise connectivity   futureready company   fundamental skill   most leaders   delivery program   next decade   intentional learning   flatten structure   new services   partner shocks   retail grocery   simple structure   speed rate   top initiatives   great acceleration   organizational imperatives   economic procid2   unprecedented automation   more variety   clear lines   dynamic systems   system view   real time   core business   good ideas   big trends   career path   external participants   decisions6 purpose   seminal essay   exponential rates   adequate performers   exhaust teams   successful vaccines   digital technology   bottom line   independent microenterprises   several times   continuous learning   recent survey   respective goals   great opportunities   emotional point   techrelated roles   mutual dependence   why purpose   creativity speed   more connectivity   multinational maker   new startups   telltale signs   most organizations   talent strategy   old thinking   emergent teams   collective mindset   imperative culture   senior partner   wide range   new hypothesis   work responsibilities   own growth   successful culture   crossfunctional skills   evolve companies   give practice   own research   increase organizations   top talent   vibrant ecosystem   treat talent   lastmile program   explosive growth
Actions:   focus efforts   oversee path   replace them   function takeaway   answer questions   accelerate learning   sell products   achieve quality   reserve 14   feel everything   visualize organization   reinvent products   serve need   develop services   propel success   urge them   select industries   need talent   learn journeys   go test   launch program   rightsize number   seize opportunity   empower decisions   reread time   seek ideas   discover unlocks   pursue one   run york   work practices   tap benefits   answer question   review rules   may techcrunchcom   support goal   reenergize people   manage backlog   achieve companies   use purpose   provide support   s approach   meet priorities   set company   grow platforms   correct mistakes   prove pockets   evaporate bureaucracy   achieve growth   mean essay   improve odds   make decisions   make organizations   create agenda   reimagine identity   fear what   seize ability   require system   leverage data   outperform peers   unlock agenda   create platforms   create value   provide lines   link talent   form heart   employ gizmodo   entail interaction   attract talent   lie opportunity   avoid vision   establish networks   comprise imperatives   discuss present   create z   feature boundaries   remove spectators   keep them   embody everything   set purpose   match skills   report levels   make survey   pilote move   deliver companies   waste influences   give leaders   use agenda   follow approach   create ways   take it   select companies   prioritize decisions   compete companies   attract it   evaluate application   learn leadership   create matrix   create cultures   encourage companies   tackle set   quit guardian   incubate units   conduct practice   separate companies   inspire commitment   underpin them   reallocate people   undercut thinking   see it   rally itself   make that   take data   upend thinking   learn experimentation   crack code   create systems   unlock value   create plagiarists   lease vans   lose ground   represent role   upend life   retrain people   set priorities   flatten organization   provide oversight   leaf chair   limit number   demonstrate law   inspire everyone   reallocate talent   hear it   flex muscles   mirror changes   learn extent   focus time   require models   inform choices   stir debate   view partners   enforce rule   learn what   take view   make inc   scale ability   grow build   report relationships14   enable network   solve complexity   shift resources   prioritize visit   stand what   remove perspectives   have purpose   increase quality   make worth   bring skills   disaggregate ambitions   develop bias   see alibaba   decrease odds   sharpen culture   thank steele   take percent   believe organizations   allocate decisions   prepare students   define principles   waste means   include leaders   consider moves   see future   create recommendation   cut it   create infrastructure   charge stations   reinforce objectives   make rise   examine ways   lay groundwork   employ one   embrace fundamentals   near point   putt chain   write resists   differentiate them   achieve returns   expect variety   solve answer   view discipline   build kind   show degree   achieve manager   support vehicles   open elicits   avoid costs   freemoving bypasses   lose models   run things   structure themselves   adopt practice   provide services   take stance   stay same   give employees   describe it   encourage formation   connect employees   leverage clarity   join organization   modify models   accomplish this   achieve it   carry behaviors   operate structure   reset mode   encourage teams   achieve work   conduct interviews   visualize hierarchy   imperative structure   offer employees   succeed amount   find pockets   unwind rules   promote mindset   rethink strategy   disappear era   selfpaced development   offer transition   offer opportunity   attend that   ask executives   decode customers   create products   take time   drive impact   harness ecosystem   create culture   cook sauce   encourage employees   develop antifragility   offer seed   topperforming companies   prioritize what   putt itself   sharpen agenda   present friction   retrain fortune   update products   give time   transform units   create workforce   lead companies   offer hints   support this   strengthen identity   embrace imperatives   bridge gap   support people   require skills   reinvent themselves   open patents   understand barriers   adopt view   reimagining organization   reenergize teams   will zero   promote this   decide top   instill mindset   answer data   empower staff   fuel innovation   try approaches   validate it   inform priorities   imperative 2   win mckinseycom   achieve priorities   avoid confusions   establish percent   decode forbes   affect line   take group   need it   help people   see opportunity   concentrate efforts   offer 10k   avoid baggage   create destination   galvanize identity   embrace that   don t   spend netflix   foster experience   pivote business   anchor effort   groundbreak research   establish ecosystems   deliver value   live purpose   share characteristics   support others   harness purpose   shift mindset   grow pressure   recall encouragement   show chart   fuel engine   experiment fail   instill curiosity26   use property   turbocharge making   achieve scale   take perspective   rethink structure   support growth   win returns   seek approaches   embrace fluidity   resist shocks   employ opener   take examples   share code   develop relationships   keep powerpoint   make speed   prioritize speed   create user   instill sense   hold employees   make priority   turn job   eradicate hierarchy   share value   create value8   manage talent   support 20   learn innovate   create identity   control chain   take actions   lie vocation   explore imperatives   counsel performers   require steps   increase rate   gain leverage   waste talent   see making   support approach   create programs   open source   identify imperatives   replicate consider   create approaches   take action   create cycle   keep shelves   offer services   achieve purpose   underscore urgency   include things   help shocks   know it   sustain outperformance   unlock goal   distinguish themselves   represent vanguard   spend time   force companies   see pressman   have stars   leverage expertise17   adopt structure   create interventions   connect them   crosscut decisions   make talent   view them   start process   declare victory   feed rule   accelerate making   open box   determine degree   build platforms   retain people   synthesize lessons   take operations   view themselves
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.