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32520 Federal Register / Vol. 84, No. 130 / Monday, July 8, 2019 / Rules and Regulations ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY 40 CFR Part 60 [EPA HQ OAR 2017 0355: FRL 9995 70 OAR] RIN 2060 AT67 Repeal of the Clean Power Plan; Emission Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Existing Electric Utility Generating Units; Revisions to Emission Guidelines Implementing Regulations AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). ACTION: Final rule. SUMMARY: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


pollutant for that rule emissions of any pollutants benefits in the ria state considers the remaining act on the submission facilities at a plant facilities at different plants electric and the sip provide for a source

Sources: IHS Markit

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Priority/ Function Areas:   Business & Industrial
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Profiles:   the object   the provisions   a authority   what definitions   the conditions   the result   this costs   the structure   the parties   a commenters   what sources   a region   g standard   that doctrine   the industry   the analysis   epa estimates   mw unit   the fuel   a number   a value   the requirement   an comments   the basis   the epa114   that guidelines   the scope   an sources   the pressure   the generators   the amount   an commenters   the person   the official   the list   that approach   october section   the standard   the motivation   the principle   ie standards   the operation   the candidate   o provisions   a followup   iiif1b states   whose efficiency   epa prohibition   the nature   this technology   the resource   it meaning   it operation   an technologies   any provision   the factor   the doctrine   the bounds   the burden   a pump   the availability   a degree   a process   the impacts   the preamble   the extent   the record   g limitation   the estimates   the performance   this considerations   any inleakage   the input   the action   o incorporation   the piece   the data   the credit   all standards   the project   the unit   the tribes   the cobenefits   a technology   a pollutant   the flexibilities   the statute   no part   the language   this timing   the determination   epa review   act prevention   detailsid2949 plants   this phrase   the approach   the inference   this regulations   the state   the agency   the benefits   the administrator   the vfd   the rule   portland cement   a cofiring   the process   both concerns   the interpretation   the majority   this definition   any requirement   epa position   all sources   a source   cir citations   this approach   this control   the bser   epa concerns   a egu   the support   that units   the technologies   the preheater   a impact   a reflection   a mover   the cpp   caa section   a control   this direction   that forces   a reduction   any impact   the order   hri estimates   the commenters   a group   all terms   o units   the contents   the collection   a requirement   a requirements   that evaluation   any effect   this years   the citation   the timeline   epa regulations   the regulationdocument   epa authority   the boilers   this subpart   the fan   the rationale   the addition   a finding   this table   this use   such exceedance   a portion   this outer   the fleet   the building   another commenter   i plan   this evaluation   that factors   the public   the age   each state   the step   this section   that use   a owner   the eav   it cases   the nation   you demonstration   the elements   f standards   the limitation   the changes   the development   the factors   the history   the firing   the remedy   that limitations   such demonstration   the steps   a schedule   the concern   that facilities   a submission   the requirements   the discussion   the decision   this strategy   the generation   that requirements   the definition   o official   the meaning   all equipment   usc emphasis   this impact   frm fmt   the mats   its plans   the confidence   o finalization   the notice   the owneroperator   hri training   this interpretation   usc states   that options   the time   a copy   the definitions   yeartoyear variation   the law   this review   that regulations   the construct   at40 6021ae   whose application   the proposal   this technologies   the circumstances   a period   epa action   that technologies   any source   the period   any action   the change   the guidelines   the variation   the comments   the procedure   the paragraphs   the statement   epa obligation   any standards   the establishment   epa criteria   epa judgment   the methodology   each guideline   the pollutant   ie loads   this example   that practices   the circuit   the entity   this determination   the modeling   this version   the rate   epa hours   it application   this provision   the issue   the cessation   the text   g rate   the responsibility   any information   this cost   this cases   this upgrades   the quality   the enactment   any credit   the types   any air   usc administrator   the capital   we function   hri measures   this reasons   the crossreference   an owners   the cost   a consideration   the load   another option   the controller   this buildup   this guidelines   the purpose   the uncertainty   the grounds   dc cir1981   the reliance   this rule   this rulemaking   the improvements   a category   this form   what type   the values   any analysis   each technology   a baseline   that criteria   the phrase   control commenters   the plant   the technology   what systems   the amendments   the seals   this measure   the bill   the challenges   each record   the ability   epa role   the criteria   a pipeline   any standard   this preamble   each report   the emissions   the use   this nonair   the states   each facility   the method   the rates   the differences   any facility   this schemes   the group   u application   a model   the price   this comments   the effect   the authority   the costs   this date   the facility   it submission   the calculation   this commenters   portland plants   the application   the submission   this actions   the court   any regulation   its obligations   the flexibility   a cycles   the section   such standard   this option   any guidelines   no distinction   the maintenance   pm25 deaths   the submittal   the governor   no emphasis   the drives   this data   a agency   its feasibility   such bser   a plan   that rule   the measures   a pollutants   a system   any schedule   et seq   each plan   a standards   the energy   dictionary action   any improvement   this practice   no state   the assumptions   all information   a subpart   the provision   an boilers   the breadth   o factor   the camr   epa list   a state   this changes   the option   this terms   the ranges   both capital   the capacity   a deadlines   epa determination   the committee   such result   the regulation   the fact   i requirements   its promulgation   cc commenters   such interpretation   the act   the staff   this agency   all staff   the copy   this timeline   each standard   this criteria   a standard   a device   a rate   ie units   an measures   the credits   the egu   this standards   the laws   the percentage   neither project   the hris   a unit   a facility   this impacts   this conditions   that provisions   this ranges   a party   the repeal   f actions   pm25 naaqs   an egus   this language   the content   the number   a program   the regulations   the system   the authorities   epa reforms   this list   a operator   the schedules   a coal   the dictionary   both states   the source   the guideline   a egus   the economy   the term   the letter   the effects   the pumps   the baseline   the goal   the terms   the biomass   the programs   a entity   a timeline   the case   epa responsibility   the consideration   any savings   an options   the life   the authorization   the mix   f standard   the output   you plan   a turbine   the question   a boiler   epa evaluation   a revision   you facilities   this methods   the applicability   monday rules   the plan   the degree   all boilers   you state   a sources   a approach   the sector   an states   the applicant   the funding   the version   the upgrade   the equipment   that measures   the world   epa repeal   an utilities   the distinction   this action   this scenario   each unit   any reductions   all rates   the viability   dc repeal   the function   the value   the roles   this units   the level   the tool
Goals:   reflect world considerations   enforce requirements section   monitor measure plans   install particular technology   improve discussed health   present improvement ranges   trigger regulate need   achieve applicable standard   meet emissions guidelines   consider useful life   finalize separate rulemakings   calculate corresponding standard   embrace expansive definition   give necessary information   apply fuel costs   influence emission performance   apply candidate technologies   contain exhaustive list   include wage requirements   describe quantify justify   recordkeep cost estimates   limit serves egu   use existing systems   serve capable generator   track timing requirements   include explicit provision   set emission reductions   issue required cpp   include final action   adopt designated facilities   determine emission reductions   misinterpret statutory elements   apply best technology   perform same calculation   use present value   affect permitting programs   improve executive order   receive nation band   meet relevant conditions   represent reasonable future   repeal reduction requirement   revise implementing regulations   grant great degree   establish remaining life   apply administrative criteria   indicate proposed revisions   pulverize database tool   determine schedule schedules   include scrubbers controls   construct pipeline laterals   plate major difficulty   cover source category   apply implementation approach   use processes equipment   regulate retail market   reflect separate provision   conduct public hearings   establish compliance deadlines   establish candidate technologies   fire reserved 605785a   confirm read conclusion   promulgate regulating rulemakings   revise proposed determination   maintain enforce ability   revisit revisit ability   meet standards areas   use provided information   specify exact date   monitor heat input   reduce excessive torque   choose latter course   offer greatest opportunity   provide discrete calculation   contain allows provision   netl capital costs   facilitate state submission   summarize potential sources   meet adding standards   submit rule report   implement established bser   relate described exercise   meet emission standard   issue including rulemakings   concern designated facility   rulemake coalfired egu   impact overall efficiency   design meet scheme   consider required workload   bar stretch attempt   yield equivalent value   establish specific standards   generate combined unit   mean stationary turbine   follow analytical approach   netl full t   submit negative letter   change emission control   convert heat input   lay treat intent   assume varying levels   apply control techniques   maintain looked naaqs   submit required plan   extend submission date   reflect associated costs   give meaning terms   recognize improved efficiency   putt ordinary use   evaluate illustrative scenario   consider remaining life   implement trading programs   link air pollution   retain existing implementing   require include plans   satisfy hearing requirements   describe term standard   reduce air pollution   include additional increments   interpret statutory authority   perform included runs   disapprove required plan   apply costly technologies   publish draft guideline   play important role   provide requisite predicate   upgrade pump impacts   owe income tax   confirm expressed intent   include required information   switch utility boiler   clean transfer surfaces   mean petroleum coal   utilize particular type   carry current regulations   repeal retain cpp   assure quality requirements   prescribe equipment practice   remain regulated source   meet section obligations   form whole set   use secondary fuel   issue standards nsps   quote overall impact   finalize proposed upgrades   include consider example   limit fuel use   take took position   impose direct requirements   reduce power requirement   cancel public hearing   calculate resulting rate   carry administrator actions   establish vary standards   implement vary standards   impose shorter deadline   apply same standard   repeal revisit authority   carry goes system   impose direct costs   require emission reductions   give develop years   use rate values   discuss government funding   enable emissions reductions   include qualitative assessment   reflect other provisions72   provide full analysis   define existing source   reflect emission limitation   demonstrate employed methods   achieve chosen level   repeal noted cpp   maintain emission limitation   provide requirements timing   heat boiler feedwater   shift applied measures   meet completeness criteria   calculate emission rate   involve inefficient combustion   construct pipeline capacity   address statutory framework   discuss required components   oppose proposed use   revise state plans   maintain gas flow   require pipeline capacity   describe geographic limitations   take shorter period   establish limiting standards   achieve intensity goals   produce same amount   create gasification facility   exceed statutory authority   provide speed control   approve state plan   encompass added reference   reform governing structure   estimate public benefits   apply rate improvements   include meets methods   meet submits revision   request adopted evidence   mirror monthly schedule   indicate effective date   allow trading averaging   determine retaining bser   set permitting guidance   adopt reasonable approach   shift impact analysis   fulfill apply obligation   remove referred metric   require fan capacity   submit paper copy   direct executive departments   impose such requirement   summarize provided explanation   announce day period   extend promulgate timing   publish advanced notice   determine appropriate methodology   provide reconsider mechanism   establish section program   mean existing facility   develop establishing plans   reopen comment period   provide emission reductions   improve overall efficiency   use period rate   eliminate consider need   consider include factors   identify influence factors   meet applicable requirements   consider applicable nsps   require reflect guidelines   reflect major redesign   approve contain plans   support proposed concept   require operators owners   adopt bubble concept   monitor reporting recordkeeping   use static thyristor   contain performance authority   meet combined turbine   report including data   offer substantial improvements   improve unit rate   establish predicated rule   display control number   replace governing board   use believe measures   determine appropriate form   use stationary turbine   submit included reports   redefine supported source   use candidate technologies   concern guiding principles   provide leaving guidelines   develop establish plans   include demonstrating materials   realize full potential   arrange preconstruction permitting   pose significant hindrance   take regarding position   relate emitted mass   provide useful output   include electronic submission   provide authorized role   achieve compliance increments   design monitoring program   specify appropriate form   submit added plan   include described cpp   indicate made changes   specify emissions guidelines   see rebound effect   inform take direction   establish applies standard   apply new requirements   encompass available options   finalize implementing regulations   update submitted information   entail affect improvements   conduct modeling analysis   maintain original rate   meet ambient standard   review sought action   encourage clear authority   address designated facilities   comply compliance mechanism   conduct change gas   offer best results   cost ancillary cobenefits   report legal authority   designate submit authority   fire natural gas   determine appropriate schedule   interpret phrase system   draw ends line   allow same amount   follow sequential process   achieve emission limitation   include following gas   reduce fixed costs   employ fail utilization   realize greatest representative   quantify health impacts   finalize new provision   provide others flexibility   finalize align changes   create new source   contravene plain language   outweigh potential increases   regulate designated facilities   meet emission rate   finalize proposed change   renewablegenerated legal challenges   associate lead policies   order wholesale restructuring   post proposed plan   heat utility boiler   eliminate systems enclose   limit quantity rate   establish numeric limitation   evaluate individual plan   make identifies determination   hold public hearing   establish acceptable requirements   promulgate emission guidelines   emit designated pollutant   improve emissions rate   designate responsible official   report pollution effects   make based projection   build 50mile pipeline   require specific method   bact statutory definition   identify massbased standards   reduce use need   contravene plain meaning   fulfill reflect obligation   improve heat rate   give clear answer   loweremitting applied designs   repowering coalfired boiler   provide suggesting information   include direct grants   suspend rescind revise   consider anticipated timing   provide take changes   support status documentation   affect heat rate   burn following egus   improve emissions performance   switch coalfired egu   change timing requirements   satisfy emission standard   provide presentation overview   finalize proposed applicability   serve connected generator   impose enforceable duty   identify largest emitters   reflect emission performance   emit air pollutant   receive notable comments   develop include plans   contain provided standards   mean structure facility   interpret term application   develop specific standards   submit required information   promulgate other regulations   consider economic impacts   yield achievable degree   include important categories   treat percent reduction   assume different levels   examine submitted data   encompass located egus   take remaining life   review including plans   implement tracks 111d   set assigned weight   develop establish procedure   experience modest increase   impact unit efficiency   apply same philosophy   submit establishes plan   set allowable rate   burn natural gas   meet particular criterion   implement required hri   extend comment period   advance broad reading   repowering fired boiler   promulgate updated version   provide stated hri   repeal power plan   meet reporting requirements   include title organization   preclude unsupportable reading   include adequate justification   mean set guideline   suggest reasonableness standard   open related issues   construct new plant   preclude state subdivision   see stations inc   report estimated impact   require percent reduction   include monitoring reporting   submit demonstrating documentation   oppose proposed determination   regulate governing body   receive governmental subsidies   find state plan   reflect maximum degree   retain traditional responsibility   exceed generation cost   submit satisfactory plan   use best judgment   contain unfunded mandate   require specific remedy   include relied calculations   affect designated facilities   assure emission reduction   promulgate included regulations   mean recovers device   submit complete plan   discount particular technology   adopt new regulation   implement emission guidelines   issue major rule   omit air group   require greatest degree   require fan power   follow executive b   reduce ghgs emissions   indicate specific intention   provide structured process   evaluate candidate technologies   provide satisfies analysis   forbid openended interpretations   receive challenged comments   receive allow comment   ensure maintenance attainment   consider gas refueling   include described components   establish added process   apply control technologies   consider treats application   improve declined practices   implement new program   affect operating costs   see propose 65424   pursue illustrative scenario   address potential consequences   implement reconsider authority   consist average basis   represent captured opportunities   perform sequential steps   provide reasoned explanation   include must document   offset high costs   impact heat rate   demonstrate state authority   volume leveraging considerations   render statutory language   install new pump   produce same product   use mapping ce   limit compliance timelines   provide output electricity   install use maintain   develop own process   mirror compliance schedule   redefine proposed guidance   consider particular technique   identify fuelfired egus   control expected costs   finalize proposed determination   reflect illustrative analysis   find cofiring measures   specify methods systems   compel intrusion 118   receive public comments   affect generation efficiency   support cofired assertion   use natural gas   generate compliance instruments   ignore statutory directive   underlie new standards   meet compliance obligation   heat feedwater fuel   establish reflect standards   identify available technologies   redefine existing sources   meet statutory terms   comprise final document   use specific modules   satisfy analogous requirement   develop plans table   submit implement plan   contain enumerated items   include related information   apply specific standard   see fertilizer plants   adopt increased generation   require existing sources   receive regarding comments   clarify respective roles   outweigh estimated disbenefits   develop explained methodology   represent applicable collection   protect public interest   achieve emission reductions   affect electricity customer   reproduce state methods   produce substantive effect   comprise simple turbine   burn solid fuel   reserve basing bser   include utilization rate   face present constraints   premising proposed timelines   reduce emission rate   play significant role   support metrics data   define relevant pollution   reflect greatest degree   represent appropriate bser   meet applicability criteria   meet compliance obligations   develop reflect standards   update candidate technology   include following letter   use put use   use air heaters   submit state plan   measure infrastructure proximity   promulgate implementing regulations   identify designated designee   define statutory terms   pump boiler pump   finalize proposed changes   establish appropriate standard   meet final requirements   include based bser   include remaining life   provide guidance aid   revise epaapproved plans   meet recordkeeping requirement   reconsider relevant structure   approve stringent requirements   require separate sets   issue consent agreement   permit defined state   reflect reduction strategies   submit establish plans   bring enormous expansion   use transfer act   promulgate final plan   use fuel oil   contemplate lead measures   include included technologies   take encompasses position   regulate bifurcated sources   improve plant performance   avoid occurring deaths   embody conceivable set   lower condensing temperature   revise timing requirements   establish suitability standards   conduct own analysis   establish similar procedure   know final rule   enable speed control   review determine plan   implement implementing 111d   follow applicable requirements   install control equipment   define limitation standard   regulate fundamental sector   prescribe test methods   include trading averaging   consider factors these   account attributable cost   require subject source   submit requires plan   install boiler pumps   establish defined standards   include demonstrating documentation   display valid number   redefine source concept   improve unit vfds   emissionsreducing technique technology   contain analogous provisions   enable fan performance   hold listening sessions   meet section requirements   grant bring authority   provide same requirements   contain regulatory requirements   use monitoring equipment   develop state plan   define following terms   signale remove intent   develop enforcing implementing   have storage capacity   publish technical amendment   remove remove subpart   take appropriate factors   envision electronic system   authorize local agency   provide step improvements   submit regulating plans   align implementing regulations   degrade boiler efficiency   finalize include determination   include listed information   include time period   develop evaluate plan   include compliance schedule   achieve increased rates   exacerbate asserted issues   reflect states role   advertise date time   preclude trading averaging   impose significant implementation   list converted egus   develop accountable process   provide broad definition   include plain language   direct planning decisions   determine generation mix   provide associated ranges   include go options   include future data   reflect direct benefits   secure corrective actions   apply single technology   include appropriate deadline   identify specific threshold   construct additional load   achieve emission levels   implement more one   determine best system   lack approve authority   invoke background deadline   disapprove final plan   provide considered reasons   shape generation mix   develop used software   require subject object   establish stringent standard   develop satisfactory plan   equal projected change   regulate existing source   repair solid fuel   complete including planning   evaluate associated costs   identify demonstrated systems   develop establishes plan   consider level information   set performance rates   designate states facilities   require compliance assumptions   compare state submission   finalize state plan   bear fixed costs   establish potential categories   identify alternative systems   higheremitting generating units   include projected demonstration   review executive order   satisfy same criteria   take designated facility   replace emission standard   connote entire plant   define stationary source   create own compliance   affect axillary load   supersede implementing use   enforce state plan   evaluate potential impacts   monitor injection space   load temperature humidity   establish applying standards   meet potential standard   add document tsd   include guideline documents   use total benefits   identify evaluate approach   control techniques technologies   use unit cost   determine control technology   average emission rate   provide address authority   mean local publication   submit final plan   perform onsite appraisal   loweremitting gas units   alter fundamental details   assign generation emissions   make additional finding   regulate regulatory provisions   improve minimal cost   enforceable state plan   waive percent requirement   replace existing definition   provide required authorities   prevent conducted litigation   cover different types   achieve meaningful reductions   achieve emissions standards   comprise combustion turbine   revise applicability requirements   misunderstand propose proposal   restructure utility industry   promulgate permit provision   benefit coalfired owners   average designated rate   reflect met limits   give clear system   yield same determination   submit apply plan   trigger promulgate obligation   use sequential process   use 15year factor   take maintain action   include based standards   use model ipm   see permitting guidance   use gas firing   determine demonstrated bser   increase ages improvements   utilize natural gas   submit annual report   authorize based standards   use particular technology   apply consistent standards   establish affirmative grant   support implement ability   promulgate enacted provision   inflict permissible effects   enclose processes systems   asses potential impacts   apply new regulations   mean fluid mixture   provide sufficient explanation   establish application result   include averaging trading   finalize affordable ace   improve thermal performance   recover year period222   reduce targeted pollutant   approve state plans   define term standard   increase recovery factor   offer broader set   preheat incoming air   establish submitted standards   monitor transfer performance   establish outputbased standards   accompany power plan   exceed allowed emissions   see memorandum usage   constitute significant contribution   issue permit order   consider practical considerations   make policy choices   provide estimated costs   construe establish direction   identify particular measure   install specific factors   provide direction clarity   apply specific technology   implement agency agency   install speed drives   regulationslawsandexecutiveorders executive order   provide contact number   ignore applicable definition   fire rate net   improve emission rates   provide necessary funds   conduct onsite c   read term system   assure reduction standards   analyze asserted concern   establish compliance schedule   find quality impacts   accompany stated cpp   identify designated facilities   repeal proposed cpp   use combustion turbine   use coalfired egus   develop relied procedures   consider public comments   provide listing table   control marks citation   approve designed procedures   change basic unit   adopt same requirements   establish reflects standards   meet applicability requirements   consider including factors   meet statutory requirements   identify salient distinction   pay technical applicability   do organized scheme   consume large fraction   represent confidence interval   reflect achievable degree   pay initial construction   update implementing regulations   draw bright line   see issues https   include work practice   avoid encumber burdens   rebuild feed pump   install cost ranges   deadline regulatory background
Measures:   governmental subsidies   consistent mechanisms   federal plan   old turbine   section plans   combustion air   myriad improvements   gross generation   overall rate   federal agency   individual characteristics   sourcespecific factors   industrial process   offsite attributes   continuous standards   regenerative air   bser measures   improve practices   adequate capacity   individual rate   interpretative question   load rating   coalfired boilers   verifiable implementation   declaration letter   leverage considerations   applicable monitoring   summary b   propose standards   many egus   compliance increments   particular technique   consistent procedures   submit portions   sourcespecific determinations   naaqs range   cpp litigation   demonstrate bser   great capacity   induce fans   liquid fuel   level information   affect units   boiler feedwater   uniform type   indian governments   precise measures   recordkeep burden   consistent standard   exist standards   certain amounts   economic value   local agency   capture technologies   continuous operation   propose rule   new capacity   second principle   consistent definition   define term   statutory elements   statutory states   sufficient explanation   term application   unique characteristics   improve efficiency   administrative efficiency   plain language   decrease generation   major modification   ga flow   certain circumstances291   brightline test   costeffective supplies   same terminology   acceptable requirements   variable performance   general information   fine levels   estimate disbenefits   prime example   coalfired range   underlie variability   air pollutant   jurisdictional scheme   solid units   national standards   additional load   bioenergy guidance   statutory order   co2 emissions   exact duplicate   analogous requirement   distinct roles   same grouping   particular sources   multiple acronyms   qualitative assessment   increase demand   result production   public docket   equivalent value   new subpart   ipm scenarios   ghg emissions   individual egu   stringent standard   significant generation   substantive review   different types   sulfur dioxide   lbmwh net   appropriate circumstances   state plans   large size   subsequent action   particular unit   necessary steps   navigable waters   additional generation   possible extent   certain sources   long timelines   propose change   fan capacity   local state   correspond guidelines   such provisions   rule report   propose changes   substantial improvements   new sources   ghgs emissions   contact number   high health   air pollution   future coal   read system   openended interpretations   applicable 6027ac   multiple rulemakings   wholesale restructuring   approve activities   new life   wide range   ratebased approach   give year   oral argument   full capture   adequate information   act section   practical matter   physical limitations   average price   interest party   single egu   standard foot   average factor   same determination   such authority   designate identification   central part   fundamental details   such standards   regulatory review   111a1 criteria   nonforest biomass   major rules   large percentage   approve plan   technological improvements   stringency issue   emission guidelines   particular guideline   affect tribes   variable factors   register version   cc equipment   aggregate amount   notable comments   generation mix   potential reductions   environmental justice   reasonable time   modele runs   swanson policies   formal comments   complex set   associate counsel   equipment tions   last stage   deleterious effects   result rate   nonfossil fuel   stringent time   presentation overview   intensive fuel   low temperature   major facility   various ways   appropriate state   estimate costs   such programs   health impacts   ga firing   net sequestration   high rate   regulatory provisions   fuelfired source   alone units   same term   such modifications   illustrative way   primary standards   economical level   broad assumptions   bser states   plan definitions   vary frequency   operate characteristics   appropriate target   available information   implement regulations   affordable ace   equipment standards   seasonal deratings   update requirement   textual commandment   plan revisions   appropriate component   net standard   own compliance   monitor devices   several ways   small entities   own needs   ancillary cobenefits   emit process   emission reductions   single source   compatible interpretation   net increase   significant subsidies   implement use   govern structure   les heat   fuelfired generators   carbon intensity   effective program   negligible reduction   pipeline capacity   different facilities   monitor modeling   regulatory target   maximum technology   maintenance schedules   initial construction   awareness training   statutory term   designate plans   trade programs   statutory definitions   ash buildup   achievable degree   degrade quality   current commenters   such periods   intermittent strategies   maintenance history   standardize conditions   substantial evidence   allocate steam   subbituminous coal   maximum point   permissible scope   remain fleet   compatible format   stringent sources   whole demonstration   processespractices designs   new provisions   associate degree   prior guidelines   nuclear steam   eastern time   average generation   particular pollutant   new provision   fuelfired power   derive gas   achievable estimates   nitric plants   caa amendments   far evidence   same standard   pertinent information   naaqs standards   explicit authority   retail market   subject object   exist range   egus range   structure process   thermal unit   relevant factors   gross output   project change   critical elements   expansive definition   massbased standard   federal data   electricity customer   sour gas   negative benefits   health cobenefits   separate notification   subpart adoption   significant number   acceptable options   instantaneous response   equivalent eav   emerge technology   consolidate cases   wholesale sales   incomplete identification   federal version   more fuel   gasfired boiler   limit set   new timelines   hard copy   plant efficiency   111d1 plan   workshop prevention   consistent reasons   exist equipment   specific definitions   associate plans   environmental impacts   6028a revisions   separate limits   exist guidelines   impact tribes   annual input   unitlevel standards   cool requirements   reason explanation   executive b   generate units   submit revision   more mass   uniform definition   affirmative determination   good system   feed pumps   incremental periods   numerous comments   new section   minimum criteria   candidate technologies   time considerations   draft guideline   gaseous state   consistent fuel   follow reasons   confidence interval   sourcespecific basis   purport limitations   date time   economic competitiveness   state plan   enhance monitoring   condition temperatures   clean power   anticipate variation   combine facility   variable drives   enforceable duty   reduce costs   exist definition   renewable sources   intermittent controls   available opportunities   monitor characteristics   undue burden   solid unit   need cost   net rate   employ measures   prior section   derive forest   such facilities   electric energy   same process   original efficiency   old turbines   require reporting   similar criteria   certain source   only applications   epa claims   fix costs   allowable emissions   small governments   particular technologies   designate pollutants   applicable provision   innate performance   efficient performance   high content   market implications   same time   ancillary health   such revision   emerge technologies   notable absence   standard set   improve performance   benefit cobenefits   appropriate official   integrate equipment   fan power   emission limits   world considerations   same category   economic attributes   illustrative analysis   designate output   integrate science   due costs   solid fuel   constant basis   additional capacity   preamble equipment   average ozone   distillate fuel   statutory link   future guidelines   commercial applications   rate performance   submit state   generationshifting measures   significant hindrance   operational history   monetize estimates   inefficient combustion   total emissions   stateled evaluation   affordable background   reduction requirement   precise question   vast resources   individual candidate   consistent facility   original promulgation   several reasons   oral testimony   sip context   current regulations   generation efficiency   policy scenario   expect life   consistent sources   typical conditions   such phrasing   applicable standard   specific threshold   http wwwnetldoegovenergyanalysis   high costs   combine cycle   specific commenters   such revisions   many plans   cc system   direct load   new version   netelectric sales   steam temperatures   particular candidate   exist revisions   anticipate timing   allowance systems   applicable guidelines   stationary source   such consideration   final documents   nonoperating status   national level   eelated review   follow section   certain technologies   additional power   update version   increase generation   discretionary step   propose guidance   federal dioxide   central relevance   propose upgrades   impactful upgrades   plan preparers   final revisions   construct unit   far review   intermittent techniques   monetize b   such sources281   same document   fossilfuelfired generating   historic practice   energy resources   low part   follow terms   social cost   standard timing   emit facility   reliable supply   regional considerations   final issuance   clean development   such regulation   follow description   attributable reductions   pollution effects   municipal landfills   federal mandate   continuous basis   electric sector   compliance role   regulate pollutant   same day   necessary rules   grand scale   co2 rates   designate pollutant   emission combustion   fossil fuels   such value   typical unit   broad latitude   compliance assumptions   affect state   technological innovation   domestic climate   combine technology   enforceable permit   individual sources   tribal governments   strict level   previous section   applicable portions   designate rate   associate information   plan obligations   several scenarios   liquid form   additional technologies   standard block   analogous circumstances   ambient humidity   affect facilities   ordinary meaning34   retrofit tool   111d obligations   minimal cost   applicable nsps   large part   discrete calculation   public reading   federal oversight   increase gas   recordbased findings   potential range   primary source   substantial percentage   several cases   hri training   material contact   additional measures   requirement usage   broad reading   considerable viability   new standards   large set   generate turbine   public comments   such category   same vein   federal funding   temperature humidity   thermal performance   illustrative scenario   structure facility   total input   individual unit   sourcespecific characteristics   epidemiological studies   true impacts   future date   available systems   applicable 111b   significant increases   approve section   new pumps   typical coal   incidental effect   designate owners   see section   propose revisions   same period   due egu   industrial grouping   target co2   complicate considerations   such factors   federal document   proximity reliability   indian community   co2 reductions   neutral carbon   current conditions   explicit provision   clear authority   non sources   same meaning   considerable flexibilities   potential costs   additional reasons   guide principles   environmental group   climate benefits   specific requirements   compliance timelines   direct exposure   epa action   wheeler administrator   logical end   geographical location   specific set   cap level   phrase system   longlived gases   statutory authority   anticipate characteristics   standardsetting provisions   base bser   few deaths   technical amendment   incinerator units   follow degree   incremental increase   alone input   adequate justification   legal interpretation   detail information   review process   individual facilities   specific changes   executive summary   tribal officials   cwa section   overall costs   increase rates   propose plan   down assessment   numeric limitation   projection data   new definition   significant implementation   intelligent sootblowers   substantial number   additional systems   statutory framework   cofiring requirements   integrate gasification   significant implications   exist systems   advance technology   emission performance   neural network   bituminous pc   average input   additional discussion   underutilized units   achievable bser   organizational affiliations   copyrighted material   additional increments   accompany limitation   large investments   designate commenters   actual input   ancillary provisions   fossil sources   transparent implementation   enforceable plan   appropriate section   final plan   economic sense   affect unit   consistent years   such degree   specific egu   such parade   aggregate emissions   partial capture   electronic procedures   good technology   new equipment   remain costs   original section   low levels   applicable plan   pmrelated risks   due recovery   electric units   similar characteristics   final point   final requirements   utility boiler   british unit   emit sources   statutory construction   wholesale prices   bact guidance   new program   great rating   such improvements   operational efficiency   great ability   same stringency   relevant explanation   due increase   operational technologies   common control   statutory interpretations   pipeline laterals   stationary turbine   production constrain   legislative history   overall scheme   compliance instruments   limit principle   monitor reporting   steam generators   auxiliary equipment   active operations   compliance deadline   electronic system   specific plan   flue control   old remedies   incidental impact   stationary combustion   deplete fields   low rate   appropriate temperatures   require reductions   cold status   attributable cost   individual situation   final submission   nationwide basis   mas emissions   energyrelated emissions   calorific value   egus commenters   shutdown date   allowancebased systems   technical standards   regulation use   own analysis   unsupportable reading   broad scale   present plans   thermal energy   intermittent systems   electronic version   simple turbine   jurisdictional limitations   such pollutants   unitlevel rate   high table   second step   approve level   revise 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