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Public & Social Sector Practice Preventing future waves of COVID-19 After seven months of responding to the pandemic, we have learned some things. Here are some of the key lessons and how to apply them. by Sarun Charumilind, Matt Craven, Jessica Lamb, and Matt Wilson August 2020 Morsa Images/Getty Images When history books one day recount the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, it may well be a tale of human ingenuity and adaptiveness. Although the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that causes CO


preventing future waves preventing future disease cases disease surveillance disease surveillance testing preventing future waves detecting disease surveillance disease

Sources: McKinsey

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Type:   Strategies
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Measures:   important centers   american jails   early days   wastewate surveillance   manage risk   understand criteria   enough personnel   lead indicator   air replacement   social settings   multiple measures   outsize role   proning patients   more cases   contacttracing programs   perform tests   infect people   rectional facilities   place patients   protective interventions   educational settings   protective equipment   medical community   high level   persontoperson transmission   appreciate lessons   national median   large clusters   contacttracing tools   focus implementation   case numbers   white people   great protection6   conditional use   internal movement   apparent simplicity   many lessons   clinical management   potential outcomes   severe cases   dilute samples   complete bans   public tation   viral concentration   valuable tools   overload systems   future waves   specific nature   uncomplicated cases   most countries   own policies   low transmission   catalyst innovations   various phases   vary levels   new set   rural communities   appropriate uses   important benefits   covid19related mortality   close proximity   healthcare facilities   widespread testing   task forces   pandemic response   new concerns   clear scenario   outsize impact   traditional sources   airexchange rates   effective public   free masks   contact identification   few months   healthsystem preparedness   health systems   big part   poor airflow   effective communication   sport events   frequent washing   asymptomatic people   formal mechanisms   high levels   nonpharmaceutical management   homelessness immigrants   new therapeutics   new therapies   public response   latinx people   epidemiological metrics   face masks   early warning   manage testing   great reductions   great goggles   publichealth information   likely messages   unprecedented disruption   lowincome individuals   series completion   covid19 testing   facility surveillance   multiple reasons   increase risk   likely complexity   more aspects   short term   relative wearer   low levels   transpor tation   elective care   protection goggles   broadbased interventions   public sector   surge systems   high adoption   personal protection   financial resiliency   recovery time   target bans   develop country   high risk   base strategy   monoclonal antibodies   test access   additional support   new behaviors   molecular antigen   tolerable risk   municipal sludge   badly fears   true number   high caseloads   grocery store   dose efficacy   particular geographies   key lessons   many months   early missteps   environmental cleaning   york state   service preparedness   quarantine testing   incremental protection   primary sludge   physicaldistancing measures   attributable deaths   major roles   critical prerequisite   oxygen remdesivir   anonymized tracking   rapid screening   comparable counties   next goggles   social sector   face mask   new sets   mas events   real time   available combinations   vulnerable populations   pool identicid129cation   concid157nement measures   key element   surprise level   whole set   official sources   primary tools   correctional facilities   routine services   normal life   specific situations   mechanical makers   change behaviors   operational challenges   positive examples   false tradeoff   successful response   municipal sampling   silly role   health conditions   good practices   new cases   disproportionate impact   viral increases   vulnerable pandemic   vaccine access   transformative breakthrough   fear measures   mechanical ventilation   mortality vaccines   various states   many cases   more source   case migration   deep understanding   publichealth measures   infect testing   close eye   current waves   most cases   vulnerable groups   different approaches   improve surveillance   many deaths   specific populations   senior citizens   new tools   many others   many companies   facial coverings   personal equipment   international travel   inject corticosteroid   successful vaccine   racialethnic minorities   coronavirus data   large breaks   underlie conditions   specific therapeutics   great risk   social gatherings   socalled superspreaders   hard way   basic questions   large numbers   effective therapies   clinical practice   physical distancing   group dexamethasone   specific geographies   new sources   social interactions   hot spots   town sewers   individual groups   enough times   infectious diseases   new behavior   preliminary report   adequate hospital   confinement measures   traditional cluster   accurate testing   ground principles   human ingenuity   potential efficacy   dicid10erence source   initial focus   promise candidates   target interventions   antibody testing   specific management   numerous countries   digital tools   public buyin   diagnostic tests   important advances   basic kit   indoor events   pool testing   additional populations   medical practitioners   capacity systems   logistical challenges   latestage development   senior partner   specific considerations   exponential onslaught   effective programs   different types   political messages   regional hubs   datacentric approach   covid19related deaths   global response   multiple vaccine   chorus rehearsals   significant resistance   only10 remdesivir   workforce readiness   essential services   such changes   underutilized tool   infect individuals   individual privacy   inconsistent messaging   exist people   such monitoring   vaccine hesitancy   prevent cases   convert hotels   various points   hospitalize patients   great replacement   severe problems   evidencebased information   care centers   financial resiliency9   nuance assessments   physical distance   vulnerable web   populationwide use   covid19related communications   datum platforms   physical proximity   idle societies   consistent criteria   general distancing   local patterns   expand testing   crisis response
Actions:   mandate masks   obviate need   amplify messages   create systems   cease care   witness strain   save lives   reserve 10   reopen economies   thank bruce   suffer deaths   protect groups   wear masks   access surveillance   understand efficacy   design interventions   increase risk   expand testing   combine testing   learn way   decrease considerations   keep eye   hand them   see which   interact minorities   recommend rates   expand access   perform testing   develop strategy   adapt practices   set forces   combine measures   see resistance   pas opportunity   protect wearer   detect increases   deploy one   support therapies   test sewers   provide goggles   face challenges   change behaviors   segment populations   manage surges   reduce number   expand roles   improve effectiveness   combine data   provide protection6   isolate programs   canceling transmission   decrease transmission   make difference   maintain levels   take approaches   provide protection   convince numbers   track covid19   limit dexamethasone   prevent ability   save world   recognize range   pas understanding   covid19related deaths   highlight secondorder   work healthcare   use approach   restrict movement   shorten personnel   reduce friction   look role   collect analyze   experience department   access sources   implement cases   emerge diseases   bring set   target ones   understand ability   restrict 30   save millions   yield advances   spread centers   apply them   incorporate sources   anticipate plan   work upstream   restrict importation   take comfort   make risk   control virus   detect cases   include carrots   do some   learn much   flush data   focus measures   understand patterns   contract covid19   arrive travelers   provide guidance   prevent cases   restart aspects   prevent transmission   highlight lessons   thank kumar   apply insights   win study   accelerate identification   describe considerations   implement interventions   grant use   earn wages   ramp capacity   vaccinate everyone   limit cases   ask questions   prepare systems   experience immigrants   reexamine readiness   restrict indoors   contract testing   change pockets   protect privacy   boost capacity   integrate platforms   reduce transmission   reduce cases   address inequities   persist vaccine   prioritize access   learn things   deemphasize those   discover response   reduce risk   include people   stick store   enlist help   modele behavior   manage replacement   limit vaccines   maintain preparedness   repurposing drugs   bring information   limit mortality   address hesitancy   enable distancing   take approach   improve quality   reduce interventions   improve operations   datacrunching horsepower   pas disease   infect people   control pandemic   include systems   navigate pandemic   provide level   make use   mandate lack   detain persons   interpret data   track impact   shorten time   canceling events   track those   show symptoms   make source   implement measures   design systems   decrease it   cause covid19   put them   take what   support distancing   accelerate adoption   reduce need   apply dexamethasone   detect disease   slow spread   implement policies   incarcerateddetained persons   isolate those   take response   play roles   perform state   wear mask   tailore messages   take that   apply lessons   provide benefits   reduce opportunity   administer vaccines   undertake testing   control sars   increase chance   reduce mortality   support use   provide support   protect me   target communications   accelerate application   reveal importance   reassess needs   leave 800000   offer levels   reduce migration   recognize jurisdiction   reduce time   ensure completion   prevent waves   protect populations   prevent modalities   control cov2   limit numbers   need resources   learn more   require remdesivir   cause disruption   identify facilities   restrict capacity   require ventilation   keep numbers   trace sewage   keep threat
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.