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McKinsey Problem Solving Test Practice Test A 2013 APTMetrics, Inc. 1 McKinsey Problem Solving Test Practice Test Overview and Instructions This practice test has been developed to provide a sample of the actual McKinsey Problem Solving Test used for selection purposes. This test assesses your ability to solve business problems using deductive, inductive, and quantitative reasoning. This practice test contains a total of 26 questions. The actual test contains 26 questions and you will be given 6


hours for their employees transactions in the total transaction value for pilot customers in each quintile growth in a number team or the managing customers whose first transaction year value of customers marcadia c. the average

Sources: McKinsey

Pathway Demo and Download Data

You can download the excel file containing Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions. Please use Lunge App, to try the pathway data.
This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Strategies
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Goals:   underlie new software   discover new measure   use specific examples   predict purchasing behavior   experience economic growth   solve test overview   increase relationship intensity   use blank space   understand purchasing behavior   give appealing look   take fundraising approaches   implement targeted approach   reach highest effectiveness   receive least attention   compare pilot group   find appropriate answer   do executive employees   adopt known behaviors   explore donation potential   establish looks advantage   improve campaign effectiveness   consider presented information   represent calculated capital   read sent emails   total electronics clothingapparel   offer wide range   answer permitted questions   explain declining hours   understand current situation   represent totals capital   solve using problems   use electronic devices   multiply total growth   complete test score   give answer minutes   use answer key   equal option d   use inductive reasoning   determine final instructions   target employee segments   adopt make behaviors   represent large proportion   purchase percentage difference   establish direct link   increase option c   execute pilot d   design marketing pilot   show collected data   investigate average value   complete practice test   build fits brand   address community issues   receive designed email   predict mentioned behavior   inject new source   understand total amount   represent physical capital   target population sizes   prioritize groups c   call campaign cabinet   represent capital d   remind managing director   explain high rates   multiply overall rate   build property value   find rephrased ways
Measures:   great value   big contributor   fundraise approaches   overall impact   follow analyses   age option   large companies   high purchasing   manage director   actual problem   local offices   follow pieces   due rates   campaign cabinet   blue employee   due proportion   scientific research   major innovations   first days   wfgla region   overall rate   current campaigns   computerize information   new development   high rates   direct link   different sizes   intellectual property   helpful information   electronic devices   more people   purchase concepts   practice test   next meeting   most countries   far levels   decline option   pilot group   first columns   direct comparisons   practice overview   wfgla contact   average value   british pounds   onetime donors   wfgla situation   potential donors   weekly periods   high president   collar employees   new customers   certain behaviors   great b   total lift   high effectiveness   current effectiveness   metropolitan area   organizational development   high quintile   growth rates   online store   little contact   music player   near tenth   relevant question   high proportion   bottom corner   total capital   economic measure   different occupations   frequent collar   electronic clothingapparel   new pricing   equal groups   campaign effectiveness   various segments   nonprofit organization   true reflection   many questions   slow growth   small companies   london wfgla   stagnant economies   online channels   last years   various offices   new concepts   first year   great wfgla   community issues   first transaction   great extent   specific examples   wfgla staff   annual sector   percentage difference   growth rate   great growth   poor infrastructure   online concepts   economic downturn   innovation capital   same number   3rd columns   human capital   recent years   donation potential   recent innovations   economic b   great area   test overview   introductory state   5th categories   total b   right corner   score instructions   total hours   employee intensity   require growth   next level   more half   subsequent estimate   least attention   reasonable conclusion   render option   work hours   appeal look   total costs   advance degrees   large economies   small proportion   european countries   frequent contact   first quintiles   employee segments   final score   disposable income   target marketing   answer choices   total goods   political representatives   general public   great employees   follow data   negative growth   shade areas   inductive reasoning   work growth   appropriate answer   transaction value   low way   last year   option c   next quintile   total amount   white collar   new source   high rate   average contribution   communist economies   same time   large proportion   target approach   subsequent b   different approaches   true exhibit   physical capital   population sizes   similar segments   past campaigns   past experience   manual work   past research   same reasons   average number   observe exhibit   knowledge capital   donation c   private sector   minimum growth   total instructions   low margin   total d   blank space   new music   blue collar   valuable customers   blue employees   introductory option   follow statements   far transactions   second proportion   many emails   total column   correct answers   important topic   rapid growth   great flexibility   renew growth   relationship intensity   purchase behaviors   followon advantages   final instructions   actual work   new way   good idea   new measure   key innovation   small medium   total growth   average column   prior behavior   high value   markete pilot   current situation   great impact   innovationrelated assets   annual growth   new software   total value   public awareness   educational activity   state aim   medium company   press issues   important consideration   calculate effectiveness   great difference   correct option   deductive reasoning   economic growth   least growth   mckinsey problem   current contact   frequent group   average growth   total revenue   positive impact   external thought   more c   total innovation   wide range   overall growth   entire industry   same company   executive employees   option d   more option   more data   design email   answer key   computerize development   medium companies   slow sales   average revenue   different segments   aaugust wwwmckinseycomcareers   wfgla campaigns   regular donors   business problems   individual abilities   decline hours   great detail   introductory paragraphs   ipod player   right approach   purchase behavior   potential opportunity   actual administration   white employees
Actions:   present results   total clothingapparel   identify segments   solicit donations   determine effectiveness   implement approach   provide sample   contain total   represent capital   represent 10   convince group   gather data   give 50   pool efforts   total total   determine impact   take approaches   multiply each   add number   discuss issues   educate population   encourage more   offer range   relate categories   sign d   make donations   exhibit average   understand size   introduce concept   represent trillion   use reasoning   present option   answer a   execute d   execute customers   target comparisons   exhibit lift   contain questions   set capital   analyze purchasing   determine potential   update her   region e   explain rates   spend refers   describe reason   represent any   adopt behaviors   receive email   build abilities   underlie development   donate this   show lift   target segments   explore potential   build value   consider information   donate amount   underlie software   increase donation   total trillion   prioritize c   give minutes   build brand   illustrate advantages   study analysis   exit countries   read emails   target donors   comprise g8   equal d   engage a   reach effectiveness   prioritize segments   need help   include employees   produce productivity   collect which   identify ways   divide ranking   give that   multiply rate   investigate impact   answer 16   understand amount   give 500   determine instructions   donate b   address countries   use player   examine changes   give indication   increase choices   calculate difference   represent 232   establish advantage   inject source   spend option   score answers   design pilot   represent employees   illustrate types   discover measure   define types   spend c   prepare report   make transaction   understand execution   equal b   solve overview   equal customers   predict behavior   assist you   bounce breakdown   encourage customers   answer problem   build analysis   purchase difference   cost 381   represent proportion   drive changes   give 50000   show data   drive growth   perform calculations   reflect advantage   define which   experience growth   decide prioritization   sign number   determine test   make purchases   drive c   use examples   increase b   understand situation   represent half   read them   call meeting   solve problem   explain importance   do employees   engage mckinsey   contradict statement   determine answer   solve problems   address issues   increase opportunity   target sizes   establish improvements   purchase electronics   make transactions   identify that   record notes   explain data   impact option   find ways   solve test   compare group   use space   select answer   include staff   present challenge   have contact   show advantage   introduce it   ask you   complete score   build awareness   make purchase   answer questions   send emails   base area   investigate value   drive purchasing   call cabinet   illustrate estimate   see growth   build property   increase intensity   impact results   establish link   increase c   receive emails   divide revenue   understand behavior   improve effectiveness   tell team   remind director   use key   illustrate analysis   identify customers   give 150000   fundraise campaigns   improve execution   explain hours   represent d   solve wwwmckinseycomcareers   surround city   use information   calculate average   find answer   enter b   encourage purchasing   give look   increase donations   illustrate beliefs   answer amount   use devices   complete test   multiply growth   answer answers   target people   set hours   consist wfgla   allow distribution   receive attention
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.