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December 2020 Emerging stronger, fitter, faster: The rise of the Asian corporation Leading CEOs in Asia explain how COVID-19 has accelerated five business trends in the region and why they re confident that unprecedented opportunities lie ahead. by Faridun Dotiwala, Jatin Pant, and Joydeep Sengupta The best time to plant a tree, a Chinese proverb reminds us, was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. The lesson resonates today in Asia. Leading companies are turning pandemic-driven changes in


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Sources: McKinsey

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This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.
Type:   Strategies
This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.
Goals:   provide support quantitative   embrace inclusion diversity   speed clear statement   cement stable future   build allowed platforms   galvanize wider community   play key role   refine company technologies   design measure system   grow global presence   serve savvy consumers   do significant amount   navigate crisis ayala   enjoy total returns   play critical role   lead described trends   bhp payment terms   s need percent   figure exact role   cultivate sustain roots   keep processing manufacturing   bring strengthen idea   consolidate global champions   access backoffice functions   give become chance   digitize entire process   erode financial performance   implement bolder moves   gain deeper understanding   have similar realization   remember said things   describe play initiatives   implement programmatic approach   save working hours   keep close watch   flatten organizational structure   reduce operations team   describe threepronged role   scale need attributes   move value chain   include grocery services   solve pain points   reexamine supply chains   create virtuous cycle   bring new technology   promote putting environments   offer doctor platform   see massive shift   address health crisis   reach top quartile   accelerate business trends   leverage reach network   outpace other parts   develop developed countries   define clear vision   find investment capacity   do leaders ceos   mention populated countries   accelerate seeing dynamics   create interesting dynamic   design supply chains
Measures:   virtuous cycle   global branding   reasonable price   key markets   consolidate platform   public goods   business trends   humancentered approach   great value   broad responsibility   ready ceos   global share   expectation shareholders   renew conviction   full functions   environmental issues   balance act   large bank   improve terms   comprehensive partnership   consumer journeys   pandemic purpose   digital economy   productivity gains   telemedicine platform   personal level   strong fitter   regional head   economic profit   use cars   single platform   increase adaptability   global presence   hard work   past decade   biopharmaceutical company   asian company   vice chairperson   offline platforms   market dynamics   longerterm mindset   global champions   possible aspect   local touch   investment capacity   artificial ai   front lines   pandemicdriven changes   maximum effect   lead companies   unpredictability ceos   such growth   particular market   mobile app   public company   asian investment   representative director   medium term   asian cities   similar dynamics   constant reviews   postpandemic era   digital ecosystems   flexible workforce   grow power   machinelearning technologies   critical role   many companies   fundamental change   digital ecosystem   many partnerships   bold moves   rapid purchase   direct investment   large pact   small enterprises   stable future   similar realization   seismic shifts   short run   green infrastructure   good period   close watch   digital transfers   first trend   global capital   single country   exist trends   youthful population   private partnerships   run dynamics   synergistic way   supply chains   backoffice functions   digital capabilities   endure creation   health crisis   asian powerhouse   different way   private companies   short term   low levels   exact role   zerobased principles   whole range   public sectors   much mindset   datum analytics   new champions   behavioral change   private opportunities   top quartile   online channels   regional governments   threepronged role   regional partnership   more value   difficult situation   robust partnerships   last impact   design compressors   payment terms   valuable work   work hours   asian countries   great returns   significant amount   process automation   new technologies   diverse cultures   endtoend process   daily activities   enough equity   big moves   nextnormal model   cumulative capital   businesstobusiness platform   financial performance   unify statement   real time   long run   middle class   sustainable value   economic value   digital companies   successful ceos   different groups   asian economies   online consultations   geopolitical shifts   retire chair   substantial ments   economic partnership   dualsourcing strategy   unique strengths   populate countries   nationwide platform   vpnoutfitted laptops   executive chairperson   last year   common purpose   public partnerships   foreign investment   robotic process   australian company   digital services   value chain   profound ways   qualitative support   microscopic perspective   huge share   most sectors   total returns   good doctor   digital technology   generic drugs   private cooperation   extra capacity   local communities   large numbers   clear statement   most tech   senior partners   different conversation   local tastes   social expectations   private sector   different stages   savvy consumers   ceutical company   bottom line   multiple muscles   digital offerings   furlough workers   asian ceos   datum literacy   difficult period   japanese pharmaceutical   operation team   integrate platform   local listener   market share   deep understanding   digital channels   financial services   front line   substantial contribution   topperforming companies   percent growth   digital platforms   more nationalism   challenge future   new technology   right time   recent past   operate models   unpredictability range   socioeconomic challenges   customer suppliers   public cooperation   fast size   short horizon   entire process   online shopping   western ones   chief maker   21st century   western world   online transfers   big companies   finance services   remote work   nimble balance   big trends   core assumptions   develop countries   great interdependency   smart city   asian nations   digital tools   global stature   different issues   open environments   long haul   good time   successful company   organizational structure   massive shift   most parts   sd employee   cite concern   new capabilities   strategic moves   postpandemic world   asian leader   wide community   korean firm   new capital   purpose statement   high returns   emerge countries   large company   long term   future value   new markets   geopolitical uncertainty   daily needs   weekslong frames   operate model   asian economy   thrive ecosystems   programmatic approach   next year   government initiatives   interest dynamic   new market   key role   abrupt trend   asian companies   deep integration   rise class   critical supplies   guide principles   clear vision
Actions:   reimagining kind   lose opportunity   embrace technologies   understand value   redefine model   rethink assumptions   build analytics   give direction   do work   envisage what   demonstrate traits   comprise countries   keep facilities   imagine whatever   prepare employees   find capacity   equip staff   buy car   surge eightfold   look what   scale s   leverage network   reallocate percent   put objective   deepen leaders   need balance   mention countries   offer services   heighten sensitivity   analyze evolution   set aspirations   describe initiatives   augur integration   support communities   enable workforce   observe zobel   bring companies   recapitalize numbers   keep manufacturing   put it   use period   lead business   consolidate power   use telescopes   incorporate it   deploy analytics   launch product   bring technology   s employees   need app   realize potential   s suppliers   cement future   boost companies   navigate ayala   know customers   cite example   implement decisions   comprise coalition   grow it   scale attributes   give chance   bring us   serve sector   keep watch   face bottlenecks   remember things   reach quartile   access services   execute shifts   flex muscles   acquire capabilities   see nationalism   anticipate disruptions   play that   underestimate effect   think more   implement work   serve employees   create resilience   understand importance   give rise   energize them   build value   address crisis   s percent   perceive governments   serve consumers   maintain consistency   weather it   achieve what   alter models   accelerate economy   distance themselves   include services   bring issues   offer platform   keep eyes   do ceos   say wonpyo   parse nuances   boost odds   turn employee   serve investors   plant tree   shift dynamics   enjoy growth   tide them   incorporate automation   keep employees   work kind   take lesson   test decisions   respond size   steer company   accelerate investment   withstand temperatures   launch platform   emerge rise   give stipends   bring idea   push decision   accelerate dynamics   cite success   develop countries   teach us   add users   lead companies   achieve that   solve points   sustain ability   act bolder   emerge fitter   lead ceos   pool resources   connect purpose   have realization   promoterled companies   establish itself   build platforms   increase number   turn changes   provide quantitative   valueadding formation   create value   attract billion   bring that   multiply fourfold   interview leaders   cultivate roots   erode performance   replace work   keep portfolios   widen gap   refine technologies   access functions   reimagining organizations   define vision   buy business   take action   design chains   see shift   grow presence   challenge leaders   measure productivity   take what   gain understanding   bring gains   expand services   ping incorporated   design system   refresh portfolios   flatten structure   say hong   shift mindsets   lose percent   share trends   serve suppliers   take 7   do amount   build companies   explain henry   transform journeys   destroy value   promote environments   launch initiatives   make use   create cycle   lead trends   keep innovation   play role   accelerate engagement   reduce team   create ecosystem   secure place   save hours   eye shifts   reexamine chains   accelerate trends   consolidate champions   increase reliance   embrace diversity   create dynamic   get most   outpace parts   generate volume   design companies   bhp terms   occur ceos   shape future   deepen understanding   speed statement   exceed shareholders   improve employees   strengthen ties   focus organization   accelerate digitization   remind us   boost performance   overestimate effect   implement moves   make most   analyze weekly   enjoy returns   enable asia   consolidate strategy   amp productivity   adopt telescopic   putt values   do what   create opportunities   provide principles   describe role   ping tan   weather crisis   engage board   serve leader   improve agility   make purchase   know themselves   discern adapt   galvanize community   improve literacy   determine future   implement approach   walk tightrope   create sense   say butschek   balance chains   move chain   digitize process   figure role   choose sides   keep people   play it   provide million   stub toes   reserve 9
This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.