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IHS MARKIT PURCHASE ORDER TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. GENERAL: (a) This Purchase Order ( Order ) is placed subject only to the Terms and Conditions included in this Order and any reference herein to any proposal or other documentation and/or documentation from Vendor is solely for the purpose of specifying basic information concerning price, the description of item(s), quantities, terms of payment, and delivery and then only as such terms are consistent with the terms and conditions herein. Any othe

term of this agreement   information from the disclosing   party under this purchase   terms of the order   work under this order   party to this agreement   vendor under this purchase   ihs under this purchase   order if the vendor  

Sources: IHS Markit

Pathway Classification

This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.

Priority/ Function Areas:   Business & Industrial |
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.

Goals:   protect including interests   violate property rights   handle complete package   give disclosing notice   deliver internal purposes   ih nonexclusive license   ih irrevocable license   hold customers ihs   specify concerning information   register copyright patent   protect own disclosure   export import reexport   undertake required remediation   take actions any   require applicable law   disclose relating information   validate control structure   prevent loss access   procure continue right   execute necessary documentation   maintain authenticated inspection   deliver appropriate licenses   set different items   report occurring damages   receive actions bribes   enclose packing memorandum   perform described work   limit other rights   use technical measures   request confidential information   contain following information   identify containing package   use vendor software   use internal purposes   deduct owed monies   obtain lowest rates   direct transportation costs   change waiver approval   return confidential copies   limit available remedies   provide party software   complete injury liability   provide acknowledging services   include obtained information   receive confidential information   cancel part all   report terminated termination   ship providing goods   ih confidential secrets   contest legal process   affect other provisions   indemnify hold defend   use work product   enforce other provision   mean payment gift   perform order vendor   ih party agreements   use owned property   complete materials items   exceed charged prices   examine pertinent books   provide own defense
Measures:   very nature   invoicespayment invoices   corrupt actions   independent contractor   appropriate licenses   register receipt   such products   corrupt practices   order vendor   write notice   third software   effective date   incidental damages   ih markit   public accountants   herein markit   party licenses   sole remedy   appropriate regulations   primary policies   such termination   party rights   equivalent vendor   bind commencement   creative approaches   available remedies   complete package   such laws   far notice   own purposes   work product   party agreements   last date   authenticate inspection   such work   proper delivery   reasonable assistance   independent contractors   worldwide license   independent performance   accurate records   security measures   certain information   right title   receive party   adequate inspection   necessary documentation   property rights   excess costs   same articles   own disclosure   such records   write order   such compliance   information copies   minimum limits   respective kinds   such materials   insure provision   developmental effort   respective obligations   contract number   vendor software   unauthorized access   decorative designs   such licenses   prepay charges   such proposals   satisfactory materials   nonconform goods   foreign country   prior consent   experimental effort   merchantable quality   exclusive jurisdiction   personal injury   own defense   such manner   applicable schedules   sole ownership   confidential secrets   excess liability   consistent currency   intellectual property   actual costs   damage claims   applicable law   such insignia   right waiver   commercial practices   basic information   legal process   royaltyfree license   sole discretion   applicable sow   good faith   contract liability   facsimile number   perpetual license   different items   applicable order   license agreements   waiver approval   right hereunder   such supplies   copyright patent   indirect damages   such provision   pack memorandum   statutory dues   such adjustment   technical information   special tooling   net days   final payment   standard separation   invalid number   material obligation   control structure   work papers   applicable samples   follow information   separate agreements   similar clause   facsimile notices   such information   allege omission   good condition   concept expression   confidential disclosure   mechanical device   unfinished versions   confidential copies   kind nature   applicable regulation   overnight delivery   extend totals   raw materials   transportation costs   original supplies   own operations   internal policies   nonexclusive license   foreign practices   physical measures   transferable license   relate work   unauthorized destruction   statutory coveragec   sole property   state part   certify mail   valid order   advance notice   breach party   such product   herein title   third party   individual sows   applicable form   premium charges   pertinent details   remain paymentsor   information disclosure   internal purposes   such inspections   exclusive property   independent accountants   disclose notice   former rejection   same extent   disclose party   public disclosure   appropriate coverage   additional payments   such breach   suitable grade   right protection   schedule markit   standard warranty   reject supplies   forego requirements   applicable coveragec   insurance markit   necessary information   statutory limits   general scope   applicable laws   normal hours   such terminationb   write consent   party software   technical measures   conspicuous legend   confidential information   expedite routing   sound practices   exclusive vendor   transportation rates   same party   sole cost   harmless markit   hereunder vendor   such process   reasonable times   anti corruption   irrevocable license   next day   schedule date   prorate portion   proprietary information   markit name   necessary tools   request delivery   low rates   special damages   pertinent books   accurate markit   common shipments   authorize extensiond   nonbreaching partys   order number   payment gift   certify accountants   lift information   assign licensees   reasonable facilities   reasonable measures   fund order
Actions:   make changes   complete liability   request information   withhold paymentsor   provide markit   receive information   require vendor   register patent   perform services   use i   constitute acceptance   undertake obligations   enforce provision   write number   involve transactions   specify description   protect vendor   ih invention   mark number   modify same   maintain inspection   use sows   relieve vendor   contain information   quantity terms   enclose memorandum   place goods   affect s   hold ihs   include effort   release vendor   ship goods   mark dates   obtain licenses   assign proceeds   contain memorandum   show compliance   mean gift   return goods   protect disclosure   remedy breach   take limitation   use purposes   terminate agreement   transfer title   acknowledge receipt   limit remedies   give rise   remedy failure   handle package   report damages   bear expense   reject them   retain advantage   comply c   give details   cover liability   maintain limits   use measures   take place   complete work   indemnify defend   confer benefit   affect obligation   obtain product   require law   markit successor   exceed prices   cause increase   waive right   assist ihs   apply survival   terminate whole   involve property   keep materials   complete items   cure markit   change approval   withhold portion   survive termination   cost claims   use product   use products   survive rights   conduct represents   deliver andor   monitor defense   receive hereunder   accept quantity   specify markit   receive bribes   use markit   use property   provide software   receive party   complete materials   cancel all   report termination   ih agreements   carry that   hold markit   cover vendor   return copies   deliver purposes   execute documentation   affect provisions   deduct monies   vest ownership   perform work   ih license   remove debris   specify information   pursue them   procure right   exclude charges   export reexport   specify herein   keep records   violate rights   give notice   take any   contest process   undertake remediation   complete us1000000   promise give   use information   mark container   meet markit   include information   notify markit   conduct audits   purchase title   require insurance   advertise market   use name   provide assistance   reveal disseminate   convey ownership   exceed portion   obtain rates   enter premises   protect interests   validate structure   provide vendor   disclose information   deliver services   limit rights   meet all   provide defense   direct costs   specify number   ih secrets   require markit   disclose party   pay vendor   direct routing   use software   utilize any   reimburse markit   own expense   provide services   prevent access   examine books   supply tools   include access   perform vendor   deliver licenses   identify package   supply markit   deliver a   deliver goods   retain counsel   meet requirements   obtain patent   set items   provide facilities   withhold payment   make delivery   identify it

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.