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auto-generated 31-Jan-2021

Economic Preview: Week of 11 January 2021 Publication date: 8 January 2021 Week Ahead Economic Preview China s fourth quarter GDP US industrial production and retail sales UK monthly GDP plus Eurozone industrial production Special Reports Global economy: IHS Markit s PMI surveys showed the pace of global economic growth slowing for a second successive month in December amid further waves of COVID-19 infections, with worse likely to coming in the early New Year (page 6) With COVID-19 infections r

data for the eurozone   growth in the apac   gdp for the september   eurozone and uk industrial   production and to global   production in many apac   india and the eurozone   gdp and the pmi   markit global electronics pmi  

Sources: IHS Markit

Pathway Classification

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Priority/ Function Areas:   Business & Industrial |
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

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Measures:   sizeable populations   manufacture orders   steep falls   social contact   ih markit   positive momentum   considerable risks   final months   recent months   official figures   important steers   central case   quarterly contraction   new restrictions   fall activity   german recovery   chain constraints   electronic pmi   demand conditions   economic releases   beige book   global crisis   most nations   far week   diary events   official data   critical role   full year   due slowdown   considerable uncertainties   economic release   different countries   regular basis   official releases   asian crisis   temporary boost   close data   crucial base   robust growth   moderate contraction   major economies   international tourism   monthly surplus   additional restrictions   great burdens   economic projections   severe disruptions   important releases   register trademark   expect commencement   economic commentary   high surplus   relate disruptions   rise concerns   major upsurge   near decade   tight restrictions   late round   strong increases   asian sectors   central bank   new upsurge   recent expansion   increase demand   positive number   negative shock   final month   economic growth   large size   far clues   significant improvement   more information   fourth quarter   slow pace   late managers   total tourism   japanese economy   indian recovery   high frequency   unauthorised use   technical recession   timelier frequency   vast challenge   new strains   japanese orders   economic forecasting   steep contraction   mas dump   significant impact   jobless claims   protract shutdown   asian economies   industrial recovery   intermediate parts   fix asset   production data   whole factor   rise numbers   datum dump   challenge conditions   datum releases   estimate year   nearby prefectures   adjust markit   indian watchers   encourage news   incidental damages   slowdown output   limit markit   average growth   sector expansions   large supplies   strong recovery   strong expansion   substantial increases   final data   intellectual property   gdp growth   sufficient orders   global gdp   first estimate   domestic activity   decent recovery   current account   buoyant exports   boost activity   neutral threshold   annual growth   recent spot   estimate pace   economic performance   demand optimism   progressive rollout   mark improvement   rapid growth   different countriespage   likely waves   high level   economic rebound   bright spot   release data   many recovery   growth momentum   overall growth   trade surplus   various vaccines   global output   key events   social distancing   low yeartodate   third quarter   renew measures   composite activity   dependent growth   monthly statistics   global pmi   final pmis   strong data   global expansion   solution section   cyclical rate   strong trade   rapid rollout   industrial growth   financial crisis   european goods   economic outlook   far information   asiapacific recovery   consistent figure   vaccine doses   negative impact   wide growth   expect rebound   disposable incomes   japanese exports   more pmi   major impediment   second month   large share   global survey   global employment   detail data   retail production   annual expansion   same click   fifth month   open week   update data   unprecedented downturn   industrial data   positive growth   global sector   come week   economic rate   regain levels   recent data   special damages   release calendar   straight month   many economies   broad consolidation   badly month   global electronics   industrial expenditure   good quarter   economic output   key vaccines   first wave   favorable outlook   come weeks   normal activity   fiscal stimulus   economic preview   substantial rise   economic week   usual dump   new year   challenge month   strong rebound   significant rebound   final quarter   pandemic cases   rise infections   global service   sharp slowdown   significant recovery   manufacture exports   dampen activity   future optimism   same time   strong demand   severe shock   manufacture data   asian production   improve conditions   mobile parts   mobile phone   particular interest   new business   populous countries   essential closures   market trends   severe restrictions   large extent   global pandemic   rise cases   second quarter   slow start   important contribution   key markets   initial lockdowns   economic numbers   recent news   special focus   imminent commencement   japanese growth   dependent sectors   domestic consumption   supplychain issues   immunization programs   new policymakers   industrial economies   cross flows   global index   buoyant growth   positive expansion   export demand   tight lockdowns   far waves   seventeenth month   positive lockdowns   adverse impact   industrial production   economic activity   quick improvement   presidential inauguration   foreign investment   asian nations   important advantage   global markets   many nations   vaccination program   first half   first quarter   advance economies   international visitors   slow expansion   fiscal year   preview week   private sector   national lockdown   reliant nations   manufacture pmi   recent uplift   pandemicrelated lockdowns   regional production   renew virus   retail sales   industrial base   second state   asiapacific economies   economic momentum   critical threshold   limit production   second half   price hikes   rapid recovery   many markets   pmi releases   global growth   sharp rise   fourth month   many factors   next week   global economy   weak rise   adjust week   broad sector   many countries   successive contraction   interest rates   special outlook   different economies   late trends   critical unknown   global exports   intensify concerns   economics markit   similar trends   full extent   key factor   meaningful momentum   direct investment   global demand   significant progress   third lockdown   pandemicrelated restrictions   liability duty   monthly data   new measures   global goods   launch week   considerable challenges   several prefectures   unknown duration   strong surge   pmi data   manufacture industry   expect rollout   important part   fresh drop   second contraction   severe impact   export orders   high decade   steep downturn   prior consent   oneandahalf year   modest rise   important supplier   new package   successive month   exportdriven economies   net increases   increase sales   oxfordastrazeneca vaccine   economic recovery   nochange threshold   gradual recovery   relative outperformance   gradual normalization   severe recession   past decade   equivalent rate   border flows   new orders   high year
Actions:   make contribution   largescale programs   add weight   bolster week   give details   top calendar   show expansion   interpret numbers   face much   see start   register rise   show continuation   license markit   add insight   come look   recover momentum   copy distributing   bolster figures   show recovery   see releases   markit pmi   set data   signal contraction   control spread   provide dump   give clues   clarify trends   reflect loosening   license use   face challenge   step data   give insight   capture extent   stabilise rate   indicate rise   follow figures   bolster industry   signal rise   see levels   face wave   manufacture doses   commence program   expand rate   show improvement   indicate slowdown   cost burdens   play role   suffer shock   hit year   track decline   see data   stymie growth   make progress   restrict issues   hit optimism   report increases   suffer recession   push surplus   run pmi   email economicsihsmarkitcom   signal pmi   provide steers   underpin rebound   enter lockdown   impose state   exceed 6000   show more   support orders   supply constraints   foresee threat   report downturn   continue recorded   inoculate population   relate data   signale rebound   lead bill   experience recession   reflect recovery   rise rise   strengthen demand   prove month   take toll   show exports   account outperformance   outstrip that   affect sentiment   drive gains   contain pandemic   issue estimate   experience recovery   vaccinate population   fight waves   development dent   add layer   intensify expansion   create conditions   push s   record lockdowns   distribute transmitting   step fight   support growth   reach threshold   reflect expansions   track flows   show resilience   help recovery   curtail activity   show growth   manufacture yy   reinforce expectations   engulf countries   signal growth   provide boost   face challenges   assess impact   set rates   reflect restrictions   boost sales   record growth   receive report   show rebound   bring pandemic   absorb hikes   visit section   lead expansion   sell prices   fuel base   virusfighting restrictions   reflect concerns

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.